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Bass Mtn Festival | September 13-16 | Stone Bear River Camps

time September 11th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Bass Mtn Festival, held September 13-16 on the Yuba River outside of Truckee, CA, is exactly what everyone needs to wind down after the Burn yet stay funky and get down. If you weren’t at Burning Man… well, all the more reason to get that much needed bass fix with the fam! Bass Mtn is an intimate gathering designed to cultivate deep seeded friendships old and new. Rather than purchasing a ticket as a commodity like most festivals, participants get memberships for a tribe or family like arrangement that thrives on community and nurturing vibes. In its third year, this festival is going to knock everyone’s socks off with its attention to detail and unparalleled ambiance. Prepare for mind warping psychedelic bass and visuals, elaborate stage design, thought-provoking workshops, unbelievable art (both live and gallery), rejuvenating yoga, organic and delicious food, holistic soothing healing, and a soul-warming tea lounge. What more could you ask for out of a weekend in the stunning tree groves and crystal clear waters of the Sierra Nevadas? Nothing, if you ask me! It’s a weekend that is set up perfectly for pure bliss and connection…. All you have to do is show up with an open heart and mind.

Among the countless nooks there will be two stages, the Reflection Stage nestled in the pines and Crunk Creek Stage down by the undeniably refreshing waters of the Yuba River. Both will provide music blessing our eardrums with some of the best music I can think of, period. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down; add the overall atmosphere that will be Bass Mtn and we will be howling at the moon in exuberance! Love and Light have always been favorites of mine (and they’re just so damn loveable) and I can’t wait to get down to their bubbly womps. David Starfire has blown me away multiple times (the one that always comes to mind is BM 2012 when he played an incredible Beatles remix set at Fractal Nation). Knight Riderz will bring the dirty gangster bass that is sure to please. Andreilien will melt our pineal glands with his twisted bass lines. I’m always stoked to see Stephan Jacobs with his percussive dirty bass that is impossible to stand still to (check out his newest tunes on his Soundcloud…. I am DIGGIN’). Sugarpill will always be in my top 5… I can never get enough of his futuristic party bass and enjoyable demeanor. I might be most excited to see the ever-rising Digital Rust, whose productions are flawless and put me into a trance. Lately I’ve been so into the effervescent gangster bass that The Originalz have been putting out (and they’re the best peoples!). The homie Zeb always throws down super badass reggae infused bass sets that get you moving.  I could go on forever about how stoked I am on this stacked lineup that also includes a plethora of local talent, all such good peoples that deserve only the best.

Big ups to the Mindful Massive crew for working so diligently to make this event as beautiful as I know it will be. These guys are based out of South Lake Tahoe and have been killing it for three years; they started from just a seed that has been cared for with love and just the right amount of water to grow from a seedling and bloom brilliantly. If you’re ever in South Lake Tahoe on a Tuesday do not miss their Massive Tuesday event… they are constantly bringing in awesome talent and providing vibes and frequencies that will make you go home feeling better than ever before.

Check out the Bass Mtn website for information about the extremely reasonable memberships (note – memberships at the door are cash donation only, no ATM or cards accepted), music, directions, preparations, and more. See you in the woods… surround yourself with love and frequencies at Bass Mtn this weekend!


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Stephan Jacobs | Self Titled Album

time October 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Stephan Jacobs is one of those artist that I’ve been following for quite some time now. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a decent amount of time around the guy now. With all that said I can say that this is one of my favorite releases by him.

He recently just finished up IDfest tour which was a major accomplishment as he joined the likes of Nosia, Doctor P, Nero, Excision, etc… He also joined Pretty Lights on his tour for a few dates. All the hard work he has put in seems to be paying off playing large festivals and hanging with the big boys.

The summer is over and he’s ready to release all the tracks he has been holding on too. I’ll be honest I was a bit concerned about this release not aligning with my current taste due to the exposure and evolution of electronic music getting much large in scale with hardstyle, house, aggro bass, etc… Stephan even told me while playing IDfest on my birthday that in a way you have to make that sort of music to see the large numbers and fan base. It really disappointed me and concerned me but when I got a copy of this album a few weeks ago, it took me by surprise.

This album resembles and sounds a lot like the early Stephan Jacobs I’ve always known. Despite all the hype around heavy aggro hardstyle this album is quite melodic and groovy. You can really get that west coast bass vibe from it.

What’s next for Stephan? Well he’s about to join ill Gates on his massive Church of Bass tour. I don’t want to give too much away but I will have a bit more details about it in a future post for Dylan. I will say that tour is going to be incredible! Stephan also has a Grassroots California hat due out that you should all look into especially if you’ve never checked out GRC before.

Overall I’m really happy to push this release as there’s always that initial concern of am I going to like the new material or not but this album totally is a diverse collection of the quality solo production that we’ve come to love about Stephan Jacobs.

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Stephan Jacobs | Mad Era & In the Vortex: Remixed

time February 2nd by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

When I first heard that pioneer of bass Stephan Jacobs was putting together a remix album of Mad Era and In the Vortex I was beyond stoked; those two EPs bring back some of my favorite music memories of 2011. Then when I saw the list of producers behind the remixes I became even more pumped! The compilation includes banger tracks from the likes of Mr. Bill, jOBOT, Freddy Todd, Psymbionic, Ruff Hauser, Jupit3r, Knowa Knowone, and more. The album did not disappoint – these remixes are hot and I will definitely be bangin’ them in my headphones for quite a while. I have been following Stephan Jacobs’ music for years and it is a pleasure to hear some of my other favorites throw a spin on his already excellent tunes. The 12-track album starts off with a bang with One4All’s remix of Tatter which is also my favorite of the release. It’s upbeat, catchy, and melodious with just the right amount of bass, providing every component necessary for a memorable track. Another favorite is ChrisB.’s remix of Izzo feat. Smash LeFunk… it has some very nice brass instrumentals paired with crunk samples and a nice steady beat. Although I haven’t heard much about Dubvirus, I also found his remix to pop out to me; it’s beautiful in an odd and heavy way. Stephan Jacobs certainly provided an expressive and agreeable canvas for the remixers to work with!

Seeing Stephan live is an awe-inspiring experience that I recommend to all. His set at Lightning in a Bottle 2011 was legendary and I would say one of the best of the entire weekend. He also crushed it at SnowGlobe 2011. He has never let me down during a live set; his contagious energy and sincere passion for bass music are undeniable and compelling. He will be playing at SnowBall in CO in the beginning of March so be sure to catch him play if you’re there! I know that he is a huge influence on many other electronic musicians as he is a master of his craft, and I’m always looking forward to hearing more from the man!

Grab Stephan Jacobs – Mad Era & In the Vortex: Remixed on Addictech. It will come out on February 29th on all other mediums.


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Disciples of Headtron Vol 1

time December 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Disciples of Headtron is a compilation made up by some of the members of the Headtron Agency. The roster includes: Sugarpill, Gladkill, Chris B, +verb, Russ Liquid, Goldrush, Stephan Jacobs, Jobot & Jupit3r. This past week they have recently just added a new member to the family, Griz!

The collection of artist that make up this team is lead by Alex Becket one of the best agents in the business. Headtron has only been around for merely two years or more and they’ve made such an impact in such a small amount of time that I can only imagine how busy Alex has been. The entire roster in some sort of fashion have played some of the biggest festivals and events in 2011. There isn’t a major event that you can’t find at least one or two members representing the Headtron family.

This compilation is a prime example of why they are such a driving force in the EDM community. There are even a few surprises that caught me off guard, Swordfight! I’ve heard much talk about this over the course of time but here is their debut! Another surprise is to find more Jobot tunes, especially one that features ill-esha! =O It’s great to have something unified and put together and this is only the beginning as this is Volume 1. I’m looking forward to Vol 2 already which I hope features more from them in particular More Champagne & Griz.

My favorites you ask? Sugarpill stole this one from everyone in my opinion with A Gift To. There is no question that tune is perfect to open up the release. It’s one of those moving tracks that you can listen to in any state of emotion. Russ Liquid’s Pars Lunae also blew me away. Chris B stepped up his game big time and only look forward to see what he and Boris have been cooking up. Also do I need to bring up how I’ve been dying for Jobot’s debut album?!

All in all I can’t wait for 2012 because this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more where this came from. Also big ups to Muti Music and Dov for putting this out. Be sure to grab it on release date Jaunary 2nd, 2012! Be on the look out for any of the Headtron members this year. I’ve had the pleasure of booking many of them in Texas and man do they deliver <3

Much Love & Respect to the Headtron Family!

1. Sugarpill – A Gift To
2. Swordfight – We Will Never Know
3. jOBOT & ill-esha – Fossils
4. +verb – Mileage
5. Gladkill – Insomnia
6. Stephan Jacobs – Groove Around You
7. Jupit3r – Shark Bark
8. jOBOT – Bottle Of Bumpy
9. ChrisB – It’s All Good
10. Russ Liquid – Pars Lunae
11. Goldrush – Katura

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Stephan Jacobs | Mad Era EP

time October 3rd by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

Stephan Jacobs latest release brings an eclectic mix of music genres to the table.   He seems to have found the best elements of electric music and woven them together into a bass filled crowd pleaser.

I was driving over the Cascades this weekend for Decimal with this rocking my sound system, and I really noticed how well constructed each tune was.  The synths were crisp and complimented the driving deep bass and drums that sit at the heart of Stephan’s songs.  With a nice addition of some sweet vocal flow this truly delivers to the masses.

Trippin has a much deeper sound then I have heard in previous tracks, but I really like how the elements flow together.

Stephan Jacobs & GriZ team up on this Glitched up Crowd killer!

Beatport has the exclusive on this one, Grab it here

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Ghetto Sexuual | Tainted Love Remix

time May 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Ghetto Sexuual is Lo Bounce & Stratus and if this is the first time you’ve heard the names before than get ready cause it’s about to get sexyyyyy! I’ll never forget when I was hanging out with Stephan Jacobs and homie Tote and they were raving about Ghetto Sexuual and thought damn never heard of him. Looked into it and realized it was a collab project and couldn’t find much about them but I’ve been talking to Lo Bounce recently and he hooked it up with some tunes.

The first track he sent me totally took me for a ride. The infamous Tainted Love track we are so familiar with but with a sick sexy dubstep remix. This track absolutely wrecks the dance floor!!! I dropped it at my monthly residency last week and it erupted the place! Everyone singing and just getting down!

This is just a tease for all you all for the next upcoming Ghetto Sexuual tunes. It’s been a pleasure getting to exchange e-mails with such talented people. I assure you this is not the last you’ve heard of this project.

DOWNLOAD: Ghetto Sexuual – Tainted Love Remix

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Stephan Jacobs | Emancipator Remix

time April 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Stephan Jacobs is interesting in his fans to help him out a bit. He is getting ready a lot of shows ahead and his laptop is on verge of dying due to all the changes. After talking to him a bit he told me that as he is gearing up a whole new live setup with some new toys and now running solely WAVs instead of Mp3s and his laptop is starting to give up.

Stephan decided that he’d put some of his work hard work up for sale to help raise the money for a new laptop. He is selling some of his NI Massive patches that he has built. Any starting producer or even experienced one could get a lot of value out of this $15 package. This is a way to help a fellow musician out as well as gain some knowledge on what one of the rising stars has been doing.

Not only has he decided to sell this product he put together but he’s also giving away his Emancipator – When I Go remix as a sign of good faith. This track explodes and has such great depth to it.

Be sure to be on the look out for Stephan as he embarks on some exciting shows such as Coachella next week and Lightning in a Bottle at the end of May. I’m looking forward to catching up with him as it seems like awhile now. Also word on the street is he has been working closely with Love and Light on some tunes… Who knows what’s ahead with that… A collab EP, tour, etc… ? The world may never know but expect something…

BUY: Stephan Jacobs Massive Patches

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Bass From Above / Glitchdrop / Subsynthesis

time March 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and, two of our fave blog friends, released their debut compilation album today, “Bass From Above.” The album features new and unreleased tracks from some of our favorite artists in the glitch/bass scene. In order to make the album as high quality as possible they recruited the professional mastering services of Bil Bless (Bless Records) who did a fantastic job in making the album sound full, vibrant and cohesive. Bass From Above is a must have for your collection. You can stream and download all of the tracks for free from Bass From Above BandCamp. PLEASE consider donating for the download, as all proceeds will be given directly to the Japanese Red Cross to support our disaster relief efforts there and to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami throughout the Pacific. This is an extraordinarily charitable and generous cause and I hope everyone that enjoys the album will consider helping with the dire situation in Japan!

Track Listing

1. Protohype – Tetra Disaster
2. Pairadimez (iONik + r.e.g.) – Chinatown
3. The Candyman – Blue Dream (Feat. Chron Paul)
4. Elfkowitz – Candy Man
5. Wyatt Lamond – While Away
6. Billy Blacklight – Drop Synthesis
7. iONik – Droid
8. Robotic Pirate Monkey– Fritty
9. Richard Sweat – Fut The Wank
10. Omega– Bedtime Stories
11. Frequent C– Give a Little Back (Feat. Matty C.)
12. Sugarpill– Heart of Gold (Voc. Trina Ft. Ludacris)
13. Cloud-D – Paper Bass
14. Slim Thugz(Frequent C + The CandyMan) – Primitive
15. Stephan Jacobs – Look Into My Eyes
16. Freddy Todd– Lazer Tag
17. Unlimited Gravity– 2000ml
18. Project Aspect– Rage Til Ya Face Gone (Feat. Kruza Kid)
19. +Verb – Skyward Flying Beetle
20. GriZ (Formerly GK) – Taz-Bandana
21. Mimi Page – Black Valentine
22. Gladkill– In Two

And here’s a promo mix of tracks from the album mixed by Cory O.  Make sure to pick up his latest release, SpaceWork EP, via on March 28th.

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Stephan Jacobs | In the Vortex EP

time March 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Stephan Jacobs is no stranger to He’s a great friend and amazingly talented producer. Today his new release is out on Beatport! This release has been put out by Simplify Recordings which has put out some of the best releases in 2011 in my opinion. Last week was the launch of Chris B’s debut and before that Sugarpill tore it up! These three have become some of the staple names in glitch-hop and glitchy dubstep. Things have come a long way since we first met and glad to be sharing another release! Stephan is extremely driven and hardworking. His music shows emotion and leaves plenty of room for rocking out on the dance floor.

He recently was just added to the Lightning in a Bottle 2011 line up I just posted about earlier. Last year I got to meet him there for the first time and got to see him preform at the renegade tent setup by the main stage. This year he will be playing at one of the official stages.

This release features some of my favorite tunes by him especially Closer. I remember hearing it when it was first posted and had to have a copy! Now fast forward to today and the world will get to experience Closer whenever they’d like and enjoy plenty of other tracks.

Thank you Stephan for sharing your music with us all! It is truly a honor to post about this release because honestly it’s great to see others find out a friends music. He isn’t just some other name out there, he’s a homie! Stephan Jacobs is a man with a mission and I assure you that you will only continue to hear his name more and more!

In the Vortex Tracklist
1) In The Vortex
2) Closer (feat Binah D’Amour)
3) Hold it together (feat Shay Faded)
4) Hyperion
5) Radiant Light (feat Sarah Brewer)
6) Wub

BUY: Stephan Jacobs – In the Vortex EP

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Wubber Stumpper | Hot Dubstep & Glitch-Hop Picks!

time February 12th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , ,

Here are my favorite tracks for the week on Soundcloud. Except frequent post as often as I can showcasing my latest finds on the internet.

Distrikt’s new E.P.

RSK Dubstep remix of Heartbreak – Arroz Con Pollo

Minotaur (Stephan Jacobs remix)

Heart by Love and Light

My favorite of the week: The Bass Whisper by Shizloh

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