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Rusko | Brostep

time January 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

I have been known to be quite the advocate of anti-Brostep. Recently I was interviewed by a local music blog here in Dallas and was asked if I were to ever play Rusko and my thoughts on the whole brostep thing. The response in the online text clearly says No I’ll never play it. I want to clear things up on that. I’ll never play Rusko because it generally is music most people have heard. Why play a Rusko track if everyone in the crowd has probably heard it and every other DJ rinse the crap out of the tune. If Rusko wants to send me some dubs then sure I’ll consider it when I do want to take it to a hype level.

I never had anything against the guy more so that I had something against the DJ and people who would play Brostep ALL through their set. It’s as if going out was a competition to see who could play the dirtiest set in the night. Yeah sure crowds love to get wild and go crazy. He even describes that the music isn’t really heavy metal which I referenced in my interview as well yet there are guys like Borgore who are saying fuck it why not throw some metal into a set and break the club out into a pit. Yeah sure it’s fun but please when every DJ is doing that all night it’s a bit aggravating.

When I do actually go out to a bar/club it’s for the music and there use to be a time where dubstep didn’t mean brostep and their wasn’t such an emphasis on melting peoples faces off. I cringe every time I hear “melt face” in some sort of way. Variety is key. My only concern is how this take on playing more melodic stuff is a major trend. It’s as if melodic is the word of the time now just as deep was for awhile. Even in a recent interview I saw Datsik do with the homies in Seattle, Splatinum, said how he is starting to do a lot more stuff with melodies and making it more ‘melodic’. Don’t be a cop out now and only play melodic stuff or deep stuff. Give the journey of music different landscapes. Hell throw in a little ghetto crunk in there sometimes to ha.

Much respect to Rusko for this even though it seems like it’s a bit overdue haha but we all knew that even one of the Brostep kings couldn’t possibly be that bro. Despite being one of the kings of Brostep the issue is what he and the sound has amassed in the American DJs who do this all the time.

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Splatinum – Der Schplatzl 2010

time April 16th by Pierre authorTags: , ,


Der Schplatzl 2010
Daly City Records

”Der Schplatl is the serum that binds the DNA of Lil Jon and Daft Punk into a swirling mutation of bass lines and radiant harmonic crescendos.” With a presentation that starts like that how can you go wrong?

Splatinum deleivers a great album with dance friendly bass music. The physical release includes 16 tracks including two remixes from Mochipet and one from Sleepy Eyes of Death.

I get a real good vibe from this album it’s both funky and bassy. As I quoted above a Daft Punk for the bass underground scene!

Daly City Rec @ Myspace

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Splatinum – Meat off the Bone – The New Law Remix

time April 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,


I recently was contacted by one of the talented members of Splatinum, Andrew Luck. They had some big news to announce! Most of all of you have heard the killer remix Mochipet did for them. Now they are releasing a full length with all remixes by some of the biggest names in the game right now!!! 4/20 is the official release of WE ARE SPLATINUM, 9 track digital release on Daly City Records. They will also put a physical release on Daly City Records, Der Schplatzl 2010. It’s a 16 track compact disc which 7 tracks are unavailable digitally.

It is an honor to have them reach out to me and give me a preview of the remix album. I’ve hand selected one of the tracks from the release to be featured here on to be downloaded for FREE! It was quite a difficult task to pick one out of so many powerful tracks. My final choice was Meat off the Bone (The New Law Remix). Out of all the tracks it had the glitchest vibe and solid bass lines that will have anyone moving to the beat.

I’m not too familiar with The New Law but I dug up some info. They are a downtempo and instrument hip hop duo from Seattle, rising quickly in popularity.  Their live show features heart stopping bass and improvisational sequencing accompanied by live keyboard and saxamaphone. It’s great to see such a big collaboration between Splatinum and The New Law. It’s a perfect blend for the new waves of Glitch Hop.

There will be a special release party for Splatinum’s work in Seattle, WA. The event is FREE!!! It’s an outdoor release party in the middle of downtown Seattle called the Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party on April 20th, from 6-9PM. Splatinum will be playing and so will Knowa KnowOne, Michael Manahan, and Gel Sol. Be sure to check out more info at Splatinum’s site!

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