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Are Blogs/Soundcloud/YouTube Channels Making Money Off Your Music?

time February 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Dear Producers,

You should NEVER let anyone brand your music. I will admit that I’ve done it in the past and had Exclusives but back then Soundcloud and YouTube worked very differently. This is not to say that don’t let others repost your music but noticed how I use the work repost vs brand your music.

If you actually use marketing or advertising techniques (high recommend) you’ll lose all that data and information from people who listen or play your music. There are TONS of analytics that you should be looking at OR have a marketing/advertising person monitoring. When you hand over permission for someone to upload or use your music via their outlet, all of that is gone. You’re ultimately letting them capture your audience and even give them the power to advertise to these people and make money from your audience.

How could you leverage other networks to support you via their Soundcloud, YouTube, Blog, etc… You make sure they SHARE/Re-POST your soundcloud tracks or videos. The major issue is Soundcloud and YouTube. You lose the plays on your account and the opportunity to have the new listeners find you on other social media outlets that you can leverage by pointing them to which ever you want (Facebook Like to Download). If the channel SHARES your track anyone who Follows or Like’s their channel will STILL see it and they are leveraging their audience for YOU not THEM.

There are also advanced strategies that allow anyone who hits their page/channel and plays your track to be added to their list versus yours. All this can be prevented if you simply require them to point to YOUR track or website. YouTube channels are a big culprate of this. I can’t tell you enough how bad it has gotten on Soundcloud. Websites and networks should be building GROUPS not profiles. If they are posting a track on a blog post make sure they are using YOUR account or profile versus theirs.

Don’t be a fool and think that they are helping YOU vs them when pushing your music for you. They are ultimately using your music to help themselves. Just look for banners, ads, sponsored links, etc… All that traffic they are getting for your name and music is making them money. I’ve been running this blog for three plus years now and always made it a point to not advertise or take money for post. I might be running banners for festival events but assure you that all I receive in return is a ticket to cover the event.

I just want to make sure producers are aware of this and it’s a very real thing that’s happening. Times are changing and you deserve the gains versus others. If they are really out to help you they’ll use your links and mediums versus theirs and share it properly to help you not them.

Let me close this rant off with introducing you something that you might of considered… If you’re a moderately successful producer and want to take it to the next level you might want to consider bringing in someone who specializes in Marketing or Advertising. It’s a common practice to have an agent or manager but their roles and skill set usually and almost never in building your market share. PR people help out with this but deal more with keeping your name in the media but not DIRECTLY reaching people. Think about it like this if any business wants to grow or reach more people they invest in public relations, marketing or advertising. This is why I’m building an agency with a talented artist manager to address these issues and make sure artist aren’t taken advantage of.


* Note: The old Soundcloud does not have the SHARE feature. The new Soundcloud allows you to SHARE someone elses track and appears on their feed so anyone who Follows the profile will see that they shared the original track from the Producers profile.

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New Glitch and Bass Tracks / EA’s Picks

time March 15th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We get a ton of quality submissions to the website and unfortunately we often don’t have time to give them all a proper a write up with our full time day jobs, DJing gigs, and other various projects. I wanted to take the time to share just a few of the tracks that have come through that I’ve been enjoying as of late.  Make sure to check out their other sick tracks on too!

Sick drumstep track from Hirshee! I haven’t heard a bad song from this producer yet:

New Remix from Eskmo:

New glitch-hop track from Cory O from the upcoming SpaceWork EP:

Every track that “A Girl and a Gun” is featured on is straight up fire!

New track from Profesher (Billy Blacklight):

Massive dubstep remix from Hot Mess:

If you’re into chill electronic music, def grab the new ep from Stumbleine featuring this beautiful track:

This new remix from Quartus Saul is a banger!

NastyNasty just released this face melter for free download:

This track from Shower Beer Graveyard is def a baby making remix, ha!

The Polish Ambassador has been bangin out sick glitch-hop remixes left and right!

Sick new track from Fractal Sky!

New one from Robokop!

The drop on this FEED ME  remix is redonculous!

Funky new track from the one and only Jobot:

Grab this new free track from Goldrush featuring the vocal stylings of Anneka:

Love this downtempo/glitch “Radiohead” remix from The Polish Ambassador:

Some dope futuristic luvstep right here courtesy of Nicoluminous:

Nice melodic dubstep remix from Carly-D:

This track is bonkers! The samples they used are clutch!

Some sexy spanish vocals on this one!

New track from Minnesota!

Another nice melodic dubstep remix from Akira Kiteshi:

Here’s a nice melodic glitchy track from producer, 1990:

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Hot New Tracks / EA’s Picks

time January 3rd by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just wanted to share a few new tracks that I’m feeling.  I think you’ll dig em too 🙂

TKO (Toppsy Krett + Cory O) – God Can’t Save You From Me!

Bossasaurus-Light Pollution

Root – Kush

MODESELKTOR – Let Your Love Grow (Minnesota Remix)

Butch Clancy Dubstep – Electro Flex

Elfkowitz – Golden Fur

Freddy Todd – Grip Platter

Jobot – The After After Party

Profesher (Billy Blacklight) – Psyentific Eyedealism


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Nit Grit | Malfunction | Million Plays Give Away

time December 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Nit Grit celebrates his one millionth play on Soundcloud by giving away his Malfunction tune exclusively to blogs to post. Danny has been riding one of the biggest waves in the community. He has become to poster child for success via an online site like Soundcloud. His popularity continues to grow and people are noticing. He has been getting booked all over the States and is one hot act to be picking up now.

Nit Grits style is so unique with an influence of his early days in IDM production mixed in with heavy bass lines and hard hitting beats. There’s a reason he has a million plays… it’s cause it’s quality. His sound continues to evolve and develop more and more. Expect many upcoming tunes to emerge from Nit Grit this year. His Love & Light Know Us remix has been slaying crowds. I know everytime I drop it the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Tonight I share with you another tune that shines! Be sure to keep up with this guy because I don’t care who you are anyone with a million plays on Soundcloud is someone that you should know about as a music lover.

Much respect and love to you Danny.
Hopefully we’ll get to chill soon =)

DOWNLOAD: Nit Grit – Malfunction

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Glitchhop / Dubstep Tracks from Soundcloud

time November 15th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , has become my addiction as of late with their dashboard. Every time I log in, there’s fresh new tracks from producers I’m following in my inbox and I can see what they’re listening to, commenting on, and which tracks are their favorites too. I get wrapped up in this for hours every night, needing and wanting more and more. Here’s some solid ones I’ve come across this week. Enjoy and check back to on the regular cause we find the good stuff!


Nit Grit- This Old Heart

Project Aspect-Put This World on Hold

Minnesota-One Love

Sugarpill-Shine On

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin – Elfkowitz Remix

Who Cares – Fan vs. Man (Love and Light Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)


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