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Ben Samples | Adele – Rolling in the Deep Remix

time February 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Ben Samples dishes out another bootleg glitch-hop banger. Right after pushing out the fresh new release Skyscraper he keeps us all on our toes with this Adele remix. Ben now has the full release on Made in Glitch & just put out another full release on Simplify Records in less than a year. That doesn’t even count I think 2 or 3 free EPs that are filled with ridiculous remixes. That in itself is probably all has been put out in less than a year.

What if I were to tell you there’s more?! Yeah I wouldn’t be shocked that by the end of the summer we’ll be bumping to some new stuff from him. I’m actually looking forward to this one the most as it seems like it’s getting a new take a luvstep crunk one. I’ve heard one of the tunes off of it and wow does it slay and have that sexy appeal to it. If I had to guess it’ll be called Malbec. Keep your ears out for this one because I’m hoping its going to be a lot like the one tune I’ve heard. Never ever think Ben will stop and when you think theirs a break he’ll slap you up with some new ish!

Now here is that free tune plus another bonus! =)

DOWNLOAD: Ben Samples – Adele – Rolling in the Deep Remix

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Stylust Beats / Afro Monk Exclusive

time February 16th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Stylust Beats is a producer out of Vancouver BC that has absolutely been crushing it lately. He noticed my post the other day about my fave tracks of the month which included his remix of “Mattafix-Big City Life” and he has decided to offer it up as an exclusive track for the readers of Seriously, you need to grab this track while it’s hot.


Mattafix – Big City Life (Stylust Beats Remix) Exclusive!

His lookout ep was released in August which includes this dynamite track:

And most recently, his remix of the track “Know Us by Love & Light Featuring Jillian Ann” was featured on their remix ep. ┬áNo doubt you’ve heard this ep already as it’s one of the hottest releases of 2011.

Here’s a few other tracks of his you need to check out:

He’s also working on a new “Thugstep” mixtape and his 2nd ep which he hopes will be released in March.

Check out his soundcloud for a bunch of other killer tracks, his upcoming shows, and links to buy his releases: Stylust Beats Soundcloud.

Make sure to follow him on facebook too: Stylust Beats Facebook

Much respect!  Keep the sick tracks comin!

-EA (

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Freddy Todd | Winter Soulstice

time December 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Freddy Todd graces us with a special gift celebrating the change to Winter! There was a lovely lunar eclipse this past Winter Solstice I hope you all got to see. Good friend of mine Freddy released a FREE EP via bandcamp to celebrate and bring some new tunes into the world! Freddy is one of those producers that you just sit back and think damn! He’s an extremely talented drummer and can put together these tracks that absolutely explode. This EP has such a great variety of styles all lumped into a 3 track tease of what is to come. The first tune roars through memory lane and is such a banging glitch-hop track. The second tune makes this great transition into the third and favorite tune off this EP. It’s good to see another amazing friend of mine Elfkowitz on the last tune. Not long ago he told me Freddy was coming to visit and was going to bring sexy back with Freddy. It really came together nicely.

Freddy will be finally unleashing his major release through Simplify on Jan 14th! I’m beyond excited to hear the final list of tunes on it. It seems to have evolved quite a bit ever since I first heard it. If there one producer out there that straight up throws down and does some fun stuff it’s Freddy Todd! Much respect and love to you man! Sure we’ll run into each again soon!

Freddy Todd – Winter Soulstice
Freddy Todd – It’s so cold in the D remix
Freddy Todd, Elfkowitz, & – Fluttered

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