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AHAB | Black Market Pharmacy | Artist Spotlight

time October 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Ahab is 1/3 of Black Market Pharmacy. They recently put out an EP on Simplify Recordings featuring a few solo tunes from Ahab and a few as Black Market Pharmacy. Last year I moved to Dallas, Texas due to the company I was working for relocating. The people who welcomed me into the city with open arms and becoming my best friends in Texas was the Black Market Pharmacy crew. The group consist of Ahab (Adam), Randy (Panacea), and Eric. Their setup reminds me a lot of early The Glitch Mob. They have a handful of controllers in their setup and always tweaking out tracks with crazy glitch efx. Randy put together his own monome that glows bright green and one of my favorite customs I’ve seen. Eric is the developer behind the project. He is the person who actually customized a lot of the DJ template that I use.

They are a great group of talented artist and happy to finally do a proper write up for them. I really miss those guys and hope to visit Texas soon. Expect a lot more from these guys as they are starting to gain lots of momentum in Dallas, Texas.

BUY: AHAB vs Black Market Pharmacy – Aura Borealis

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Blunt Instrument | The Pocket EP

time February 18th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Luke with Blunt Instrument sent over their new release “The Pocket” over a week ago and it has been my nonstop soundtrack for all my mountain adventures this week.  I was feeling guilty that I couldn’t get to town sooner to get a post up about these killer tunes.  These guys are coming out swinging and can backup the noise they are creating.  Dropping their first release in over a year on Simplify Recordings, Blunt Instrument worked hard in the lab to bring some fresh tight productions to the table.  Each tune is polished and ready to destroy some dance floors.  I can tell you from personal experience that these tunes put your brain in a perfect mindset for playing in the powder slopes!    My favorite tune on the Ep is the title track, the pocket, with its driving beats and its energy filled bass, but I’m just a ski bum with a music addiction.  Don’t take my word check this release out for yourselves.

Must admit if I had to pick 3 acts that I would be really excited to watch perform this summer, Blunt Instrument, would be on that list.  Hopefully they will make it stateside.    Make sure to keep up with with their plans and any new tunes they release on their facebook page. Http://

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K Theory

time January 22nd by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

K Theory kills it with this huge mid-tempo release due out January 25th on Simplify Recordings.  Teaming up with Blunt Instrument for two tunes combines the  talents of these producers to bring us some fantastic sounds.  Dylan and Dustin have been hard at work making some fantastic remixes and they plan to bring us lots more from their workshop this year.  Strange how I was just struggling to find new tunes that I enjoyed and now K Theory brings me the 3ed release this week that has gotten me excited about music.  Both tracks on this release are excelent, but my favorite was “Good and Gone”  because of the blend of funky blues with the future sounds of glitch.  I’m a sucker for the mixture of old and new.  Check out the teaser now.

Just last week K Theory dropped  a remix of Modest Mouse’s track Float on that I have already pictured going over huge at parties around my home in the northwest.  Great remix of a old favorite.   Grab a free download from the Simplify Recordings website!

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iONik | Sexy Shapes

time January 6th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

iONik’s debut EP “Sexy Shapes” on Simplify recordings melds many diverse musical flavors together into one complex groove that is all win.  I heard his mini mix a few days ago and was dying to get my hands on this release which Ian was nice enough to send my way today.  Sexy Shapes quickly became the soundtrack to my day off from the mountains.  What grabbed my attention first was the beats.  He must have had funk on his mind when designing these beats because they are all types of sexy.  The synths are layered all over with crazy complexity and detail, but keeps a clean sound without all the excess busyness.  My favorite song on this release was Slightly Digital which is a straight up party destroyer.  I only listened to this through headphones, but I can imagine it rocking a large sound-system with quite a punch!  Pick up this release from additech.

Sexy Shapes EP MiniMix

iOnik ft. Charlie P and Dan Cox-The Tears

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Simplify Mix Sessions Volume 9 | Pressha

time November 14th by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

Pressha drops a long awaited Simplify mix today that is sure to be a ear pleaser!  In my first post with Afromonk, I promised to bring some DJ’s from the Northwest to the blog.  Pressha has always been friends to this blog and he was one of the first of the artists I contacted to bring a Mix.  Super excited!  With out further to do. Here is DJ Pressha’s brand new mix, ” Simplify Mix Sessions Volume 9″

Pressha Simplify Mix Sessions #9

1.) Did it on em- Nicki Minaj (Lobounce Remix) (Bandcamp)
2.) Trouble Blind-Sugarpill (Subsynthesis)
3.) Money Talks-Deathstar (Bandcamp)
4.) Sun Burst-Minnesota (Tyco Records)
5.) Let me Love You-Stephan Jacobs & Love and Light (Muti Music)
6.) Lucid-Ruff Hauser (Muti Music)
7.) Pretty Boy-Stephan Jacobs & GRiZ (Simplify)
8.) Driving- Sugarpill (Simplify)
9.) Doebd-Sugarpill (Chris B Remix) (Simplify)
10.) Where’s the Love-GRiZ (Soundcloud)
11.) Jewel St-Mimosa (False Idol Muzik)
12.) Dream On- Aerosmith (Griz Remix) (Soundcloud)
13.) Hold up-Minnesota (Mallabel)
14.) Longest Road-Morgan Page ft Lissie (Papa Skunk Remix) (Soundcloud)
15.) Sexy Shapes-iONiK (Simplify)
16.) Activated-Signal Path (Bandcamp)
17) Scheme-STS9 (Polish Ambassador Remix) (Bandcamp)
18.) Fireflies Remax-Lokid (Bandcamp)
18.) Lost in Bass-SuperVison (Pretty Lights Music)
19.) Crunch Pleazer-Freddy Todd (Simplify)
20.) Simmer Gently-Blunt Instrument (Bran Richards Remix) (Simplify)
21.) Phresh- Love and Light (Simplify)
22.) Lightning and Rain- Love and Light (Simplify)
23.) Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous (Subsynthesis)
24.) Rock This-Dj DLG (Lazor Music)
25.) Zingy- Ak’sent (Jantsen and Dirtmonkey’s Boombahton Remix) (Unsigned)
26.) Jump-Kriss Kross (TBMA Remix) (Play Me)
27.) A Bad Place-Mimi Page (Carrier Remix) (Simplify)

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Love and Light | Galactic Booty Activation

time November 4th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

Love and Light’s freshest release positively lives up to its name, Galactic Booty Activation. You can’t listen to this funky composition from Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson without feeling the need to shake that ass! While you can clearly sense their signature sound shining throughout the release, they blend in an assortment of other musical flavors. The album effortlessly integrates crunky, glitched-out beats with wubby bass, tasteful samples, and instrumentals, making for a vibrant and compelling listen. My favorite tracks are Ninja Brothas Motha and their collaborations with Samuel Wexler (Structural Liberation – I love the buildups & instrumentals) and Zebuel Early (Making Waves – I enjoy the rock influences).  Zeb is a fellow Tahoe local and proponent of the bass scene here so I was stoked to see his name on the album. This is without a doubt Love and Light’s most solid release yet! Let Love and Light empower you with the sensation of pure bliss; grab the Simplify Recordings album here at Addictech.

Matt and Ryan have made it their goal to transmit their genuine compassion for humanity via uplifting, genre-paving music. People are catching on so the pair is deservedly blowing up – they have been touring the nation and popping up on coveted lineups. That being said, if you have the chance to catch these two live, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. The energetic duo originates from Reno, NV; as I am native to the Lake Tahoe region I have been fortunate enough to see, or rather experience, countless Love & Light sets. I can honestly say that of the multitude of shows that I have attended, Love and Light offers the most consistently astounding live experience – I have yet to be disappointed. They never seem to suffer from “off-nights” as most DJs do every once in a while. It’s not only the duo’s spine-tingling music that triggers the masses into motion, but also their undeniable energy and passion for creating a sense of togetherness. While they are undoubtedly stirring up emotion in their listeners, you can tell that the audience is having the same effect on them. You can FEEL the music and the soul that they devote to it. Check out Love and Light and get that galactic booty activated!

Might as well say what’s up to all you Afro Monk readers and introduce myself. I’m Tara, also widely known as Taradactyl. I’m passionate about bass music and the community that surrounds it so I’m honored to become part of this project 🙂
I promote and attend most of the countless shows in the Tahoe/Reno area and also make it to many CA festivals. Come say what’s up!


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Stephan Jacobs | Mad Era EP

time October 3rd by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

Stephan Jacobs latest release brings an eclectic mix of music genres to the table.   He seems to have found the best elements of electric music and woven them together into a bass filled crowd pleaser.

I was driving over the Cascades this weekend for Decimal with this rocking my sound system, and I really noticed how well constructed each tune was.  The synths were crisp and complimented the driving deep bass and drums that sit at the heart of Stephan’s songs.  With a nice addition of some sweet vocal flow this truly delivers to the masses.

Trippin has a much deeper sound then I have heard in previous tracks, but I really like how the elements flow together.

Stephan Jacobs & GriZ team up on this Glitched up Crowd killer!

Beatport has the exclusive on this one, Grab it here

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Love & Light | The Light We Bring

time March 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Love and Light are back with a new release on Simplify Recordings. Ryan and Matt have been hard at work with this new release and have put together quite a tour of the States. This release shows off some of their new styles and techniques as they mature their sound. It’s great to see a release where most of the tunes have that whompy bass feel that reminds me a lot of Heyoka. The best part is that this arsenal of bass bombs are at a sweet sexy 200 bpm. It’s always great to have a good amount of variety in the bpm ranges.

I’m really looking forward to playing the two Texas shows in Austin and Dallas with them. Matt and Ryan truly have so much great energy online and always have been there to support me in anything. Excited to finally kick it with them in person. The videos and responses I’ve seen on this tour is unbelievable. It seems just like yesterday when they put out their first tune together. Get ready because they are just getting started and this dynamic duo has quite the future ahead of them.

Be sure to grab this release.
BUY: Love & Light – The Light We Bring

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Sugarpill – Mind Machine EP

time March 15th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Sugarpill is a glitch/bass producer out of Los Angeles. I’ve been bumping his latest release “Mind Machine EP” in my car a lot lately.

My fave track off the ep is “Peeing on the Seat” which opens at a slow burn, combining 808 snare rolls, a glitched out Hammond, and a deep bass line before the drop where party moves into full throttle with heavy lazer bass, soaring synths, and one of the more colorful hiphop vocal samples used in recent memory. Here’s previews of the tracks from the release:

You can grab a copy of his debut ep for Simplify Recordings through Mind Machine ep

He also has just posted this dope track which is coming out March 20th on the Bass from Above compilation through and  I highly recommend you grab this free release which features brand new tracks from some of the best glitch/bass producers on the scene right now.  Straight up fire! Grab it here: Bass From Above

If you want to know more about this talented producer, check out the interview Kate did with Evan (aka Sugarpill) last month: Sugarpill Interview

-EA (

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+verb | luv u (extended mix)

time January 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

+verb is probably in my top 3 producer list right now. His sound is so unique and fits perfectly into any set I play. Awhile back he put this track ‘luv u’ on his soundcloud which was only a minute and half long. I completely fell in LOVE! I knew it would blow up and be one of the best tracks. I cried for hours and finally received a copy! The track was originally made for his lovely wife Marissa. Ever since I got a copy I’ve been dropping it non-stop and it makes the ladies go nuts!

Now it is a great pleasure for me to hand this tune over to you! Apparently Mimosa has been dropping it in his sets as well so you know this tune has a stamp approval. Dominic has TONS more from where this came from. There are so many releases due out in 2011. There’s going to be a remix EP called “Cough” out with Muti on Feb 1st,. After that another  4 track EP out with Simplify Records shortly after. Ohh it keeps going… A 4 track + remixes EP out in April via Vermin Street label out of Boston. The one I’m super excited for Dominic for is his EP that is being put together for the Robox Neotech label later this year.

Needless to say you’ll be hearing the name +verb quite some bit in 2011. Also get ready for his upcoming tour later on this year. I’m looking forward to that as Dominic is such a great friend and only have communicated with him via the internet. Going to be great to finally shake the hand of one of my favorite artist out there. As Dominic says laserz n bass n bounce!

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