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Mesak – School of Mesak

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Artist: Mesak
Album: School of Mesak
Label: Harmönia Records

Mesak has been putting out music since early 2000 but sadly enough I haven’t been much into the Finnish electronic music scene since a year or two when I got familiar with the genre Skweee which Mesak belongs to. Mesak is also one of the two persons behind the Skweee label Harmönia Records (the other one being “Randy Barracuda”) which has release stuff since 2006.

School of Mesak is from what I’ve understood Mesak’s first full length album and it contains 8 really good tracks. As his fellow Skweee colleges Mesak’s sound is a bit dirty, mid paced and funky. The album was release in January 2010 so it might be a bit old but I still think there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t heard it yet.

All and all a really good album that I encourage you all to take a listen to.
Listen to the teaser here below:

School of Mesak – teaser – ALBUM OUT NOW! by Mesak

Mesak @ Myspace
Harmönia @ Myspace

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