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Psymbionic | Parallels Part 2 – Eye [Gravitas Recordings]

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Psymbionic releases Part 2 of “Parallels” [Eye], on Gravitas Recordings on July 1st, 2014. This second part of “Parallels” explores a parallel genre to that of a heavier bass influenced feel for Part 1. It revels an atmospheric creation of downtempo/chill feels, an experiment that illustrates Psymbionic’s versatility, a dive into another realm – a pull into the Eye of the Storm. The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones, and through sounds, John Burchman, expresses a deep meditation of fulfilling low tempo frequencies, a whirlwind of cloud hypnotization. Clear and light sounding extraterrestrial communication reveals futuristic visions of new-world change, enlightened transformations, and exploration of versatility.  Versatility of production is rare, and when a product of rarity is illuminated, full-depth creativity is expressed giving the creator a sense of forward thinking and acceptance of change as important factor in culture in many fields of life- Psymbionic has done that with Eye.

Eye consists of 5 auditory chill out portals: “One Thing” ft Cristina Soto,”How Am I Not Myself” ft. Govinda, “S ilkscreen” ft. Soulular, “Sonder” ft. The Digital Connection, & “Silkscreen ( ill-esha remix ). One Thing ft. Cristina Soto is downtempo galore, a future chill trap experience ready to sooth your ear pineals.  Psymbionic’s rhythmic future bass composition and fluidity blends passionately with Cristina Soto’s mesmerizing vocals as she touches your heart chakra with her deeply thought lyrics, an angelic escapade.  How Am I Not Myself ft. Govinda is initiated by Govinda’s sensual frequencies resonating from string instrumentation of the violin.  High-pitched synthesizer and a lively melodic tempo on Psymbionic’s behalf symmetrically syncs up in addition, and a spacey future garage atmosphere is present.  This tune calmly sooth your present state of mind and will unblock passages of a forgotten memory.

Silkscreen ft. Soulular is a co-production between the two, a chill-step portal, a swim into infinity, a closer pull into the eye of the storm.  Souluar’s organic sound composition and spacey sounding downtempo dubs mesh well with Psymbionic’s signature melodic uplifts and glitch/bass exposure, this is the creation of two soulful producers joining forces.  Sonder ft. The Digital Connection is a spacey chill tale into the unknown, an epiphany within an epiphany.  This is a future bass mystery waiting to be revealed and is felt within electronica ambience.  Psymbionic’s signature sounds can be heard sporadically thoughout the tune, and a deep rhythmic glitch fusion of The Digital Connection follows through creating a liquid groove.  Silkscreen remixed by ill-esha is a glitch masterpiece full of limitless synth frequencies and melodies.  She produces a re-occurring glitch pattern which gives it a mind of its own, it’s a distinction of rarity illuminating the original production, an aftermath of chills down your spine.

Submerge into the eye of the storm and prepare for a lift-off into explorations of the sounds and tempos of the universe and beyond.  Psymbionic reveals a downtempo/chill side to his music production in variation and style.  Not only does he create variety in Part 2 of “Parallels”, but also a variety of styles  and collaborations of accomplished vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers.  John Burcham is a driven force of light that isn’t afraid to explore other dimensions of sound frequencies, a creative and fresh outlook.  Like a thread weaving together with other threads, and like sacred geometrical patters coming together, a flowing towards a creation of warmth is revealed as Psymbionic weaves sounds, textures, and rhythms together. This results in the creation of pulsating and radiating sounds meant to trigger brainwaves, and therefore release and cleanse energies, a fresh feel of relief.  The fact that this was written, mixed, AND mastered by John himself amazes me. As AfroMonk himself likes to put it, Keep it Fresh.

Join the Gravitas crew this Saturday, July 5th at‘s “Just A Chill Room” for Psymbionic’s DIGITAL album release party & Q&A! 

Listen/Download “Eye”: Parallels (Part 2: Eye) by Psymbionic


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Psymbionic – “Parallels EP” – Part 1: “Storm” (Gravitas Recordings)

time February 25th by Sofia authorTags: , , , ,

Bass Master, Psymbionic, is back with a brand new spankin’ creation, deep music composition, a masterpiece of smooth and futuristic basslines filled with collaborations. This new full length album entitled “Parallels”, featuring the artwork of Joyce Su Design, is being released in a dual sense: Part 1 “Storm” and Part 2 “Eye”; this split release showcases two different parallel sound structures and is set for different release dates. Today, February 25th marks the release of Part 1 “Storm” and is out on Austin, TX’s own Gravitas Recordings, and, as always, is available for their motto vision: “free/pay-what-you-want” deal on bandcamp.

Part 1 of “Parallels” incorporates a super funky style meshed with rich heavy and distinct melodic basslines. Psymbionic’s 5-track release is an original creation and features the collaborative effort of like-minded hip-hop artists and producers/visionaries. The tracks are entitled: “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh, “Slither”, “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany, “Facade” ft. ONE4ALL (Gravitas), and a remixed version of “Slither” by the legendary VibeSquaD. I know it may be Winter still, but if you give your ear pineals a treat and listen to Psymbionic’s magic bass, you’ll be sure to warm up – each track is brilliant…talk about a unique and creative explosion- the perfect “Storm”.

John Burcham is definitely on his game and you’re able to feel his dedication/passion for music in this release…a year in the making, well worth the wait. I really dig how he continues to expand himself as a producer by incorporating different elements into his composition. For example, both the tracks “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh and “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany expose rhythmical lyrics of well-respected hip-hop artists which blend wonderfully with Psymbionic’s production style, giving it an overall sense of accomplishment. The collaboration of “Facade” with Gravitas producer, ONE4ALL, is full of futuristic bass sounds and gives off a soothing dreamy upbeat vibe. “Slither” has a more heavy and whompy vibe to it making it an adventurous excursion- a bass blast off into space! The 5th track is legendary VibeSquaD’s remix of “Slither” and it’s definitely a heater- very trippy influenced vibes with a smooth, yet drippy melodic structure.

I honestly can’t wait until the release of Part 2: “Eye” of “Parallels” in April, which will feature a downtempo aspect. I’ve been listening to John’s music since 2011 and it’s sweet watching him grow, he definitely has developed a unique sound. He’s very dedicated to his music, is a very creative individual, and will continue to explore different musical elements. This Thursday, Ascension Shows in Austin, TX is hosting his album release party at The Parish (dual album release party with Ill-esha’s latest album, Open Heart Surgery), a show not to be missed if you’re in the ATX area.

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Emissions Festival | May 17-19, 2013

time April 25th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Emissions! I can’t contain myself with excitement for this all-around extraordinary festival. The vibes that you feel while at any Camp ? and/or Irie Cartel event are unparalleled. These guys are on the forefront of West Coast Bass Culture and they’re passionate about making it happen, and making it happen right! The crew welcomes any and all creative exploration, collaboration, participation, synchronization. So it’s no wonder that their gatherings are all-sensory interactive experiences.

My first Emissions was in 2011 in beautiful Tuolumne, CA… we came, we partied and howled at the moon, we got snowed out, and we conquered that shit. It was actually magnificent feeling the forces of nature make themselves known to us; it went from pleasantly sizzling hot to torrential blizzard in a matter of two days. But the point is, we came together under the snowfall and continued to have a blast! Not many groups of people can collectively do that. Then last year, Emissions was held in the sweeping valleys and timber-laden forest of Angels Camp. It was magical! There was a sense of pure bliss and beauty in the air that you couldn’t resist noticing and soaking in. This year, I can’t tell you how I’m excited that the gathering will be held in my all-time favorite venue of Belden Town, which is nestled in the stunning Feather River Canyon in the Sierra Nevadas. We’ll soon be shaking our booties in the sun, some floating in the refreshing water, some swaying in hammocks…. Perfection!

Let’s get to the music. DJ Shadow, at a festival?! Double yes. I can’t wait to see his All Basses Covered DJ Set; I feel that it will be completely different than when I last saw him in his awe-inspiring Shadowsphere. The Polish Ambassador always brightens my day with his retro sound that at times is reminiscent of old-school video game sounds. Lately he’s been exploring some lusher, earthy sounds that I love with Ecozoic. And there’s really no denying that he is the funkiest of diplomats with his bright onzies! We’ve got Ill.Gates, guaranteed to blow your mind with heavy bass frequencies. Minnesota will always be one of my favorites, I can never get enough of his textured tunes and his live performances are top-notch! I can’t wait to get weird in the paint with NastyNasty, his sets are always exciting and playful. G Jones has been killing it lately and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table at Emissions. I am always brought to another dimension, one of elation, while experiencing Phutureprimitive live, so I am thrilled about his appearance on the bill. Other acts that I’m absolutely stoked on are M!NT (CO homie), Guttstar, Trevor Kelly (got the chance to kick it with him last weekend during Bicycle Day and had a great time and loved his sets),  Bedrockk (also CO homies), Psymbionic, MiHKAL, Hypha, Zapper & Datgirl, Smasheltooth, Foobz (also had the pleasure of chilling with him last weekend), Zebuel (friend and pioneer of the Tahoe bass scene here), Boggan (awesome friend from Reno), and Benito.

So what are you waiting for, grab your ticket and come join us in the woods for Emissions! It is an insanely reasonable gathering and you will return home a new person. Time to feel the music. Get your Emissions tickets here! See you there 🙂

Also, stay tuned for a ticket giveaway!


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Charity: Water

time October 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

September Campaign 2012 Trailer: Rwanda from charity: water on Vimeo.

I wanted to post about this awhile ago but I have no idea why I neglected it too be honest. Today it’s my friends John’s birthday. He recently put together a fundraiser called Neurovation through the Gravitas label. He wanted everyone to donate to this for his birthday. It is an amazing cause which proves 100% of your donations towards helping provide water for those in need in Rwanda. I invite you all to check out the video above. This campaign started in September and has nearly reached its goal of $150k and is only $3k shy right now.

The Neurovation campaign is over but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about this. The recent disaster in the North East has caused great devastation and is a reminder about how insane life can be. My prayers go out to all those who have suffered due to Hurricane Sandy. I only hope someone follows in John and Gravitas footsteps and puts something together for those who need help after Hurricane Sandy.

If I hear of anything I’ll be sure to post this. Remember we are blessed to have the lives we have. Give back to the world as it has provided for you in many ways.

DONATE to Charity: Water

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Emissions Festival | May 13th – 15th 2011

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Emissions 2011

Camp Questions Mark & Irie Cartel present EMISSIONS! It’s not very often I post about events on the site but ohh man this ONE is truly worth covering. Emissions is on it’s 3rd year and wow this years line up is mind blowing. This festival is approximately two hours outside of San Francisco. There will be camping at the beautiful location for all three days.

Now lets get straight to the punch, MUSIC! The line up for this festival is one of the diverse line ups I have seen compared to all the major festivals. Diversity doesn’t mean that there’s only some medium grade level headliners mixed in with some local talent. This truly means that some of the biggest names in all spectrum’s of bass music. It is still taking me back how I will be playing at this event as well. This will be the first time I’ll be in San Francisco and couldn’t have asked to play a better event for my first visit. I think the best part of this festival as well is the unity that will take place at this event. There are so many names on the line up that I’ve worked with directly, have booked myself, communicated on regular online, and/or close friends with already. This past year at SXSW it was a dream to be part of the crew that we were rolling around with and I feel this will be no different. At the end of the day we all are here to share the music but what makes this community so special is how closely networked and friendly everyone is. There so many people on here that are playing that I haven’t met in person and looking forward to finally giving a good amount of people some big hugs.  Can’t wait to kick it with all the homies out in Cali!

Now let’s list the two rounds of artist announced. I have bolded some of my recommendations for this. To be fair it’ll probably be quite bias to my personal taste and close friends of mine. Hey I was honest at least right?! Got to support the homies!

Line Up

ill Gates
J Rabbit
The Widdler
The Flying Skulls
Ben Samples

Abstract Rude
Carrier fmly NTRLD
Minnesota ft. PRFMR
The Pirate of DubPirates
Smasheltooth and Thee Bad Bitch Brigade
Johnny 5
Ro Knew
El Diablo
Mycho Pan Cocoa
Zombie J
Fresh Young Minds
Love & Light
Willy Whompa

Adsum (Porkchop & Mikey Fisher)
Afro Monk
Free Crush (Konekta & Devi)
Carly D
Dr. Knobz

K Theory
Fire Lieber
Dr. Dylon
The Glitch Report
Energy Alchemist

Erin Jale
Grizzly J
Digital Bill
Rich DDT
Jai Solei
Mr. Kitt
Ananda G
John Holiday
My Pet Monster
Swaggersaurus Rex
& More!

Please shoot me a message if you’ll be attending this event! I’m always interested in meeting new people. It’s such a blessing to be able to share the music to you all. I hope you all could make it! Be sure to grab your tickets now! Apparently there might be a limited amount of tickets. The price you’re paying for this line up is an insane deal! Not to mention there are still more artist to be announced! WHAT?! Yeah I know right…

More Info

2 Full Stages, 3 Day Camping, Chill/Alt. Area, Massive Sound, Gorgeous NEW Venue (w/water, tree shade, level campgrounds & easy paved entry road), Unique Lineup (new fresh music not @ every other festie…yet) , Art Installations, Artist Walk, Daytime Workshops, & so much more!

Limited Pre-Sale – $95. (Limited 200 available or until May 10th)
Pre-Sale – $110. ( available until May 10/Last Chance to Guarantee Entry))
At the Gate – $130.
*Special Limited Family Packs*-10 for $75.each (LIMITED/get asap if interested)*
RV & BUS Parking Pass – $40.


18+/ Please No Dogs/ Leave No Trace/ No Bad Attitudes

Sound: By the Wobble Factory & more
Art Deco: Jeremiah Allen Welch
Flyer Design/Image: By Sparkuhl
Stage Deco: RageStageDesign
Fire-safety by Fire University
Fire-breathing by Aries

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Trillbass | Made in Glitch Mix

time February 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

This weeks Fire Friday Mix comes from Trillbass the heavy artillery bass squad! Swytch and 2Sense have been holding it down and working hard in the studio. They’ve had some massive stuff coming out. They’ve teamed up with one of my favorite labels Made in Glitch on their latest podcast series.

The mix has some of the freshest tunes out there in the genre. It’s great to see Trillbass banging out the Glitch-hop business. Not to mention tons of talent showcased as well.  It’s great to see ill-esha and Psymbionic on this mix. Seriously do yourself a favor and look them up. They are straight up some of the most amazing people to work with and be around.

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for some serous BASS!
Be sure to also keep up to date with Made in Glitch’s podcast series!

01. Trillbass – Rorth
02. Trillbass – Standard Shit (Chicken Head Mashup)
03. 911 – (TRiLL Mashup)
04. Elevation (Gucci – Yella Wolf Party Mashup)
05. Trillbass & Dbutts – Elroy
06. Bassnectar – Basshead (TRiLLBASS Rmx feat. Patrick Wallace)
07. Trillbass – Gangsta
08. Trillbass & Your Dirty Habit – Rap Game
09. Trillbass – Scarnival
10. Trillbass – Origiflex
11. ill-esha – Pulling Faces (TRiLLBASS & Etubbs RMX)
12. Tron – Purple Legacy (ill-ehsa RMX)
13. Trillbass – Chief Rocka (Psymbionic Rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Trillbass – Made in Glitch Podcast 16

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Ben Samples | Return of the Mack Remix

time January 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Ben Samples is a baller. I’ve gotten the chance to check out some of Ben’s new tunes and lets just say he’s getting on the sexy tip. He’s given his new bootleg remix of Mark Morrison’s classic Return of the Mack as exclusive downloads for & Bwomp Beats!

Today marked the release of his 2010 hit anthem Drop Bomb remix pack. I’ll be sure to be posting all the info on that tomorrow. It’s amazing how much music is constantely coming out now. This year seems like it’s going to be a monumental year for many people in the community. I know Samples has another release coming out in the near future and a blethera more to come after that. This man doesn’t stop!

Now enjoy this exclusive tune from Ben Samples, Psymbionic, and I!

DOWNLOAD: Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack (Ben Samples Remix)

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Psymbionic | Bwomp Beats Mixtape 002

time November 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

John Burcham is one hell of a man. That is how I’ll start this Fire Friday Mix post. Psymbionic is one of John’s persona that spread music with us. He’s damn good at it too. He I believe has the first weekly glitch-hop night going in Austin, Texas. He is definitely on top of his game. This mix right here is probably one of the best pictures of where this community is going. The people we share experiences with, share stages with for that one night, communicate not only as fellow DJs & Producers but friends.

This mix is an instant classic you just don’t know it yet. The amount of freshness this mix has is stunning. I know many of these guys and Psymbionic lets each tune have its glory as it all blends together into one hell of a journey. A key piece to this entire mix is the way John works his own music enter. Showing his take on certain songs he has remixed and share not only his take but others as well making sure not to take all the glory of his own.

Be sure to catch this man while he does a mini tour of the west coast. He has some major stops in LA, SF, Reno, Arcata, Portland, and Seattle. Be sure to catch him if you can. He’s truly one of the nicest guys around. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him a couple week-ends now and genuine dude. Just make sure you remember homie’s a veggie!

Can’t talk enough about how great John has been. Tremendously knowledgeable and professional dude. He’s be a great friend ever since I relocated to Texas. Much respect and safe travels brother!

1. Gladkill – Lucky Me vs. KnowSleep – ElectroDub
2. Sub Swara – Nectar ft. Kendra Foster
3. Mimosa – Silver Lining
4. Eskmo – Starships
5. Sugarpill – Tehslidebass
6. +verb – Empty Hearted
7. ONE4ALL – Disclosure
8. NastyNasty-Melting You
9. Starkey – Rain City
10. Salva – Blue
11. Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy (Wolf-e-Wolf Remix) vs. NastyNasty – No Names
12. Metranohm – Stegosaurus
13. Richard Sweat – Flying Taxi
14. Stephan Jacobs & +verb – Blind Dreams
15. Black Sabbath – Change (Siren Remix)
16. Love and Light & Stephan Jacobs – Sound a da Bass ft. Naada
17. Subvert – Speaker Humpin’ (Knight Riderz Remix) vs. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
18. Subvert – Speaker Humpin’ (Opiuo Remix) vs. Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (Kraddy Remix)
19. Heyoka – Incendia
20. Vibesquad & Ill.Gates – The Fire Man vs. Ill.Gates – Irma Vep ft. Masia One
21. Love and Light – Squish City
22. The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Psymbionic Remix)
23. The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Callan Maart Remix) vs. Bassnectar – Leprechauns Arise ft. Sunru Skywalker
24. Nosia and Spor – Falling Through vs. Bassnectar – The 808 Track
25. Ben Samples – Georgia House of Mirrors
26. Amp Live – Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix)
27. Sharps – Bad Sister (Drumstep vs. Dubstep Mashup)
28. Ben Samples – Drop Bombs (Psymbionic Remix)
29. NastyNasty – Out Here [Unreleased]
30. Builder and DU3 – Spiritual Machines
31. Rob Sparx & John Maveric – Widescreen Snipa (Propa Tingz Remix)
32. SPL – Stick’Em
33. Nit Grit – The Fourth Dimension vs. edIT – Crunk de Gaulle
34. Laid Back – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
35. Flux Pavillion – Lines in Wax ft. Foreign Beggars
36. Skism – Rave Review
37. Mindelixir – Dubfunk (Psymbionic Remix) [Unreleased – Forthcoming on Abstract Logic Recordings]
38. Pink Floyd – Brain Damage (Omega Remix)

DOWNLOAD:  Pymbionic Presents Bwomp Beats Mixtape 002

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Art Outside 2010 | Texas Festival

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Art Outside is a festival outside of Austin, TX. This year will be its 6th year going. The easiest way to describe Art Outside is a miniature Texas Burning Man. It’s a 3 day camping festival with tons of creative inspiring people. This year the event features over 300 artists, musicians, performers, and workshops. It’s large collection of people just coming together to share what they have to offer to the world.

There are world class performances, magical art installations, and unique artist from all around. Guests are encouraged to interact and share their passion and creativity for all that we call art.

This will be the first year I attend as I have just moved to Dallas, Texas in the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking this adventure. It seems like a great place to meet likeminded artist and inspiring people. I took a trip to Austin to meet the infamous Psymbionic who runs the only Glitch-Hop weekly in all of Texas probably. He will be doing a set at Art Outside and has welcomed me to join his friends at his camp. I’m looking forward to seeing the Octophonic sound stage featuring a eight speakers & 360 degree sound stage.

Another random thing that I’m curious to see is the life size mouse trap. It apparently is a huge replica of the board game. There is also a 2 ton acme-esque safe dropping from a 30 foot crane which is probably a sight to see.

Other random things to know about the festival are that there will be food vendors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will be vegan/raw friendly. There will be free filtered water areas. If you drink it’s a BYOB event so bring your own!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 22 – 24, 2010
Where: Apache Pass, 9112 N. FM 908, Rockdale, TX
How: $80 3-day Pass including Camping.

Music Highlights: Blockhead, Random Rab, Heyoka, Psymbionic, Brede, God-Des and She, Spoonfed Tribe, Brownout!, and more. Full lineup

Visual Artist Highlights: Jennifer Chenowith, George Kraus, Casey Warr, The Sound Cave Roadshow, Art of Such-N-Such, MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Michael Christian and Joe Santandrea. Full lineup

Here is a promo video for the event to give you a small taste of what is in store. It seems like Texas has quite the special event going on here. I can’t think of anything like this back home in Florida.

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Sub Swara | Shutterbug Remix | Triggers Teaser

time October 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Sub Swara is prepping their 2nd release, Triggers. The group has evolved a bit and now only consist of Dhruva and Dave Sharma. Haj and Sunder have officially left for personal projects and family life. This is a highly anticipated release since their first release in 2008 which took the bass scene by storm. They have release their first single Bend You via major music blogs and free to download below.

**removed** Not supporting Top Spin
They have actually made a video on how the album cover was put together. It’s a fun little watch and worth checking out. It’s great to see extra content like this being made to share with everyone out there.
**removed** Not supporting Top Spin
Sub Swara’s Tiggers is due out November 9th and they’ve already shared with us the first single but Dhruva just hit me up with a new promo track which is absolutely banging! One of the summers biggest hits Shutterbug by Big Boi remix! Expect to hear this one in tons of my sets. Nothing like a solid  98bpm glitch hop tune!
Big Boi Shutterbug Sub Swara Remix
Be on the look out for Sub Swara near you. They are going to be touring quite a bit now to help promote the new release. I just found out I’ll be missing the TX show on the 30th of October with Jantsen & Psymbionic. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing them sometime though.
Big up to Sub Swara and connecting with everyone! It’s always great to deal with artist directly. Much respect!

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