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Dubstep | My take on Dubstep today in 2010

time November 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

I’ve been following the music called dubstep for quite some time now. I’ll be frank with you, I’m nobody. I’m just observing what I see and telling you how I personally feel. This is from someone who has been listening to the music, going to shows for the past 3-4 years, and ultimately my take on what’s going on right now.

I was actually introduced to the music from listening to the West Coast producers. One of the first dubstep tracks I heard was from White Boi. Considering when I find something I like I need to know everything about it and master it. The bass wobble and sounds are what captured me. I dug so deep and discovered everything I could find. I listened to Mary Anne Hobbs Dubwars show at least 30 times when it came out and Benga’s essential mix. Burial hypnotized me like he did to the rest of the world. I keep diving in deeper and deeper. I made sure to never miss a Plastician show on and chat it up with them on MSN asking for track names and following every label and release. It consumed me finding dubs and names of upcoming producers.

Fast-forward 3 years now and honestly I try to stay away from playing any dubstep. I definitely do and there’s no question that I’ll probably never stop but its different now. Money and greed have entered the picture.

The average person who uses the term dubstep is most likely into what is really filth, aggressive, dirty, bro, etc… dubstep. Everyone thinks it’s some sort of joke when the term Brostep is used. Yeah laugh it up because it’s true. Point your gun fingers, drink the cheap beer, dance around insane, rage, and create mosh pits of madness. Take a step back and you’re looking at frat house breeding ground. We all like to have fun but this isn’t where it was when the music first got coined dubstep. People can’t stand labels but they MUST exist. How is it that you expect everything to fall under one name? Don’t take offense to subgenres even if it’s called filth or brostep because that is the perfect word for it and it becomes the name for the subgenre. People don’t want it to stick because they don’t want to admit to themselves they part of the trend and doing/playing what everyone else is into. After all God forbid it not be underground or indie. All you who doubt it go to a Borgore or Rusko and look around at the crowd and you think about all this.

Future bass, post step, deep, etc… Are all these new names any different from when it first started?! Names need to be made so when I’m talking to someone about a particular sound they know a general idea of similar artist. If I use dubstep people think Datsik, Excision, Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Nero, etc… What if I’m talking about Mala, Horsepower Productions, Pinch, etc…? See what I’m talking about. Dubstep has evolved into many other categories and that’s very GOOD.

Evolution needs to happen.
Now why am I writing this all? It’s because the genre of dubstep has blown up! Rusko’s involvement with Britney Spears on her name album will escalate everything to a new mark in time. The mainstream is catching on. I’m begging you people stay in this for the LOVE of the music. Dance around, enjoy yourself, spread the love, support your local artist and djs, & most of all don’t give into the bullshit. There are many people who are going to try to make a buck off all of this. Stay true to the music and don’t do it because you want to be famous, popular, or make money. I see it more and more susceptible to all this. If you’re going to get involved set yourself apart and do something different. To make this bigger and better it means bring your own take not want everyone else is doing. Be original.

I use to be so bitter about the whole community. I’ve let out my frustrations but figure it would be best that they be documented. At the end of the day I want to see more passion and genuine people looking to get involved because they just want to help further along the evolution of everything not because they see the money and fame behind it. We all want to be rockstars but seriously the real ones never made it long term if that’s what their focus became.

What’s my take on Dubstep? Evolve already!
Bring more originality to the table. It’s dying to be recreated.

Ps: One last thing. If things haven’t changed than why is that I have yet to see a brostep set on all vinyl… quality control people. quality control.

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Plastician Dubstep Mix – Sound That Speaks Volumes – 2010

time June 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


The Plastician is back with his yearly May mix. This man never lets down. Talk about a DJ for the people! These mixes are always top notch and has become my favorite series from any DJ. I’ll be honest I’ve sort of put dubstep on hold for awhile now but this is a breathe of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong there are some tracks on here that I wish I never heard again but honestly if anyone can play them and pull it off it’s Plastician. This is the 5th year he has put out an annual mix and he still ceases to dissappoint. Thank you Plastician for making all these years of listening to dubstep something to remember with these mixes.

1. Youthman & Luce – Brother Don’t Cry
2. Redlight – MDMA
3. D Double E – Woo Riddim
4. Flux Pavillion – Got To Know
5. Boogaloo Crew – Days Go By
6. Skream – Raw Dogz
7. Joker – Tron (Kromestar Remix)
8. Chew Lips – Salt Air (Plastician Remix)
9. Trolley Snatcha – We Rock The Forest
10. G Tank – Electronic Era
[Tempa T – Boy Off Da Ting Acapella]
11. Rude Kid – Electric
12. Plastician & 12th Planet – West Croydon
13. 12th Planet Feat. Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)
14. D Double E – Streetfighter
15. Joker & TC – It Aint Got A Name
16. Om Unit – Searching
17. Benga – Transform
18. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R U Ready (Dubstep Mix)
19. Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
20. Doctor P – Sweet Shop
21. P Money – Left The Room (Skreamix)
22. Teddy & G Tank – Ghanaian Fire
23. Distance – No Warning
24. Paul Harris – I Want You (Bar9 Remix)
25. Flux Pavillion – Normalize
26. Stinkahbell – Stalker
27. Mr Virgo – Cinema
28. Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Remix)
29. Om Unit – The Corridor

I did the internet the favor and uploaded the mix and the separate split tracks version to my server. I’ll keep it hosted on my site since many links I’ve found were dead or moved.

Plastician Sound That Speaks 2010 Mp3Zip

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Dubplate Culture

time March 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

There is one reason and one reason alone that we should love a DJ, and it’s because of the music he or she plays! Most electronic music has always been fairly exclusive and the era of Dubplate culture is still amongst us. The Dubplate culture refers to producers and record labels releasing an acetate record versus a full vinyl release. The acetate disk is almost a beta of the final version and is limited to certain amount of plays. These copies of the track are very limited and given to a select few. Although records are not commonly used today by DJs a dubplate also refers to a unreleased track that is held by only a select few DJs.

Ultimately what has happened is that big producers make a tune but don’t release it right away and give to a small group of DJs they chose to play the record. This builds hype for the track and good indicator of how much of the vinyl release should be pressed.

It is never a bad idea to test a product or service out on a select audience before releasing it to the general public. That way you know what works, what doesn’t, what to improve or change. Most companies do this, whether they deal in beats, betting party bets, beauty or basketball. Once you feel what you’re offering is as good as it can be, then you can almost guarantee success when you put it out there.

A lot of people have different views on this dubplate culture. On one side you have the people who love this because it makes the song more memorable when you hear a certain DJ drop one of your favorite track and then there’s the argument that music should be freely available. No matter what stance your take on this is it does give a certain aura about tracks and DJs. I can’t tell you countless nights where I’ll be out raving and an exclusive dubplate gets dropped and the place goes WILD because everyone knows it’s an unreleased tune.

This gives DJs power yet almost creates an elitism some say when it comes to music. At the same time some DJs make a living out of playing out and certain dubplates they have are the reason they get booked all over. This is predominate with DJs who play Drum & Bass and Dubstep today.

Now all the hype for this dubplate has gotten has faded once everyone gets their hands on it. This results in certain tracks being played out. It becomes a bit discouraging also as a follower of music and knowing you can’t purchase one of your favorite tunes at the moment especially when you know it won’t be out for months since you first heard it. The flipside is you will search and search for a specific song and have no luck but when you do get a hold of it; it’s this unexplainable feeling to finally have in your possession.

Today in a digital world you don’t see much of acetate records being made because of cost but you will see white label and promo copies floating around on very limited pressings before an official release. CDJs and Serato are so popular now that it has become about who you know and if you’re on that secret mailing list for certain producers.

All things considered now chose wisely on what parties and DJs you go check out this year at WMC. There are some tracks that I’ll never forget hearing last year at WMC events solely because it was something so rare to hear at the time on a big system. One that stands out to me right away was hearing Joker & Ginz’s Purple City dropped by Plastician at London Bass at Black Sheep months before that tune got an official release.

Hate it or love dubplates create a special moment for us all when we hear music played live. It’s what can make a lasting memory of the night hearing a certain song with hundreds of people around us loosing control to what is to be one of the hottest songs of the year.

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WMC 2010 March 23rd – March 27th – Miami

time October 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

WMC Miami

WMC 2010 Dates are Official, Tuesday March 23rd to Saturday March 27th.

I have such a great feeling about the upcoming events. I know lots of people here have already started making arrangements. Looks like I’ll also be involved in an event if all goes well. Recently been quite active in the Glitch community and they might be trying to throw a party. Right now it’s being discussed so we’ll have to see what the future holds.

WMC is one of the biggest events that goes on in the city of Miami when it comes to electronic music. The infamous Ultra Music Festival is a massive event that people from all over the world come into town for. The week is full of madness and parties non-stop.

If 2010’s WMC is anything close to WMC 2009 I’ll die happy, probably will die considering don’t know how I survived work or sleep deprivation.

Last year I was lucky enough to catch: Plastician, Skream, Benga, Shy FX, 12th Planet, Mala, Rusko, Kutz, Juan Basshead, & many more.

The most exciting part of this upcoming WMC is the fact that Glitch will be present. I don’t care if we have to setup a party in the park or small venue, it will happen.

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