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Psymbionic – “Parallels EP” – Part 1: “Storm” (Gravitas Recordings)

time February 25th by Sofia authorTags: , , , ,

Bass Master, Psymbionic, is back with a brand new spankin’ creation, deep music composition, a masterpiece of smooth and futuristic basslines filled with collaborations. This new full length album entitled “Parallels”, featuring the artwork of Joyce Su Design, is being released in a dual sense: Part 1 “Storm” and Part 2 “Eye”; this split release showcases two different parallel sound structures and is set for different release dates. Today, February 25th marks the release of Part 1 “Storm” and is out on Austin, TX’s own Gravitas Recordings, and, as always, is available for their motto vision: “free/pay-what-you-want” deal on bandcamp.

Part 1 of “Parallels” incorporates a super funky style meshed with rich heavy and distinct melodic basslines. Psymbionic’s 5-track release is an original creation and features the collaborative effort of like-minded hip-hop artists and producers/visionaries. The tracks are entitled: “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh, “Slither”, “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany, “Facade” ft. ONE4ALL (Gravitas), and a remixed version of “Slither” by the legendary VibeSquaD. I know it may be Winter still, but if you give your ear pineals a treat and listen to Psymbionic’s magic bass, you’ll be sure to warm up – each track is brilliant…talk about a unique and creative explosion- the perfect “Storm”.

John Burcham is definitely on his game and you’re able to feel his dedication/passion for music in this release…a year in the making, well worth the wait. I really dig how he continues to expand himself as a producer by incorporating different elements into his composition. For example, both the tracks “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh and “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany expose rhythmical lyrics of well-respected hip-hop artists which blend wonderfully with Psymbionic’s production style, giving it an overall sense of accomplishment. The collaboration of “Facade” with Gravitas producer, ONE4ALL, is full of futuristic bass sounds and gives off a soothing dreamy upbeat vibe. “Slither” has a more heavy and whompy vibe to it making it an adventurous excursion- a bass blast off into space! The 5th track is legendary VibeSquaD’s remix of “Slither” and it’s definitely a heater- very trippy influenced vibes with a smooth, yet drippy melodic structure.

I honestly can’t wait until the release of Part 2: “Eye” of “Parallels” in April, which will feature a downtempo aspect. I’ve been listening to John’s music since 2011 and it’s sweet watching him grow, he definitely has developed a unique sound. He’s very dedicated to his music, is a very creative individual, and will continue to explore different musical elements. This Thursday, Ascension Shows in Austin, TX is hosting his album release party at The Parish (dual album release party with Ill-esha’s latest album, Open Heart Surgery), a show not to be missed if you’re in the ATX area.

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The Digital Connection | Too Close

time October 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

The Digital Connection aka Ricky Shine is one of the most legit producers and humans I’ve met. We’ve become good friends due to and talking via chat.

The thing that stands out too me about Ricky is his diverse sound. You can get some banging glitch-hop, fresh remix, trap beat, and even the sexy downtempo track from him.

There’s a lot going on right now with him with another full release coming up as well as a collab release with Texas producer, ONE4ALL. I wanted to give you all a heads up on this guy as I haven’t seen as much hype as I’d expect from such a talented guy. You can be sure to find him in Denver if you’re from there. He reps it proper out there with all the cool cats.

This track Too Close is the track I’ve decided to feature because it’s so similar to what I’d like to accomplish one day. This track is beautiful! It’s nothing crazy intense or complex but actually very chill. Tracks like these give me faith especially after playing last night in between heavy drum and bass aggro DJs. I’ve been doubting myself ever since I played last night but hear music like this reminds me to stay focused. Tracks like these are not easy to come by and hope you enjoy. There is even talk of Ricky and I doing some work together on a track after this one. I’ve played around with making beats before but it’d be great to work with someone who understand the soundscape that I’d like to reach.

Sit back and relax while you enjoy this one!

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ONE4ALL | Anna Love – Skip A Beat (ONE4ALL Remix) | Exclusive

time June 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

ONE4ALL is one of Texas’ best-kept secrets. Augustine lives in Austin and is ready to start turning heads. He caught my attention awhile back before I even moved to Texas with his Lil Wayne Deuces remix. During the time I lived in Texas I got to spend quite a large amount of time with him and also rage a few shows together. He’s a great guy and his music just keeps getting better and better.

Augustine has been hustling the past few months releasing tons of new material and just put out a single with Sugarpill that crushes. Not to mention his Beat King’s Crush remix absolutely makes a crowd explode. I just got back from Wakarusa and while watching the homie Wizard throw down he dropped Augustine’s Crush remix and it totally set the tone for the rest of the set. I’m happy to share another new fresh beat by ONE4ALL. This is a remix of another Texas resident Anna Love. This remix is super chill and adds a great vibe during any set. Augustine totally warped the original into something sweet and melodic. I’ve been using this one quite a bit since I heard it and happy to share with you all.

ONE4ALL is one of the hardest working guys online to me. He is a Mod in my room and always previewing his new material in the room or playing originals. He deserves your attention and worth scooping out more of his music. Don’t be surprised to be hearing more of his name especially with his upcoming EP and collaboration (Connect4) with The Digital Connection out of Colorado. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of the music they’ve written together and know that you’ll all love it as much as I do. I only wish the best for Augustine and know he’s headed on the right track to the top.

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One4All | History of Things to Come

time October 25th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Hailing from Austin, Texas, producer One4All (Augustine Verrengia) has tremendous passion for electronic music, the feelings it emotes, and its ability to bring people together. This is manifested in his latest album, History of Things to Come, which he released for free last week after reaching 1,111 Facebook likes. The album offers a diverse range of sounds that showcase his unique talent and ability to produce an array of electronic grooves. I particularly love the smooth, dubby feel of “Calling Out”.

Augustine also helped launch Gravitas Recordings, a creative collective involving an array of talent – the likes of Cryptex, Blunt Instrument, The Digital Connection, and Brede. Gravitas Recordings will be releasing a compilation album this week that will showcase the label.

Make sure to grab One4All’s album History of Things to Come. Don’t hesitate to chip in for his efforts so he can continue to bless your eardrums with audio delights! I am excited to hear more from One4All as he clearly has a lot of potential.
Also if you’re in the Austin area, he’ll be opening at 10:00pm on November 11 for Paper Diamond and Run DMT at The Parish; this is guaranteed to be a great show!


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