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Nico Luminous | Unearth the Diamond

time March 1st by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

One of my favorite Bass Innovators Nico Luminous is providing a new audible treat with releasing his 3ed Ep entitled “Unearth the Diamond.”  Personally, I only got turned on to the LA, based producer last year from JM the creator of, but he has become part of my constant rotation, his tracks finding their way into my dj sets and mixes.  Don’t get me wrong, just because I was late to the scene, Nico Luminous is a longtime member of the Bass community sharing the stage with some of the greats including, Vibesquad, Dave Tipper, and Heyoka.  Hopefuly, I will have my first pleasure of hearing a live performance at the up and coming Lucidity Festival!  The specific sounds that set Nico Luminous ahead of the pack in my mind is how he makes electronic music sexy.  He stretches the limits of his software and pulls together elements of the bass genre into one seamless package that is a pure sex.  Catch a show this spring and hear for yourself, Nico has a busy touring schedule taking him from Coasta Rica to Texas, Cali, Nevada, Utah and Washington. I hope to catch up to this talented individual this spring and enjoy the positivity his music brings to our community and the larger galaxy.  In Nico Luminous words,  ”Music is nourishment for the soul, a bridge to unseen worlds.  I’m grateful to have dedicated my life to something that brings people together in Love and Peace.”

Pickup your copy of this Masterpiece and support one of the true Innovators of our Bass Community at his Bandcamp page.

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Nico Luminous | Sunrize in LA

time March 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Every once in awhile a release will come out and totally blow me away. This time the amazingly talented and amazing friend Elysha hit me up about the upcoming Nico Luminous EP, Sunrize in LA. She sent it over to me personalized stating that it was some Luvstep that she knew I would love. She was absolutely correct and have been so backed up on reviews but had to write about it after clearing up some messages in my inbox. Elysha has been helping out with the Street Ritual label and man they are putting out some quality work.

Sunrize in LA has some of my favorite tracks on it right now. It’s an absolutely sexy release and has the loveliest female vocals on top of some of these tunes. I’m playing a show soon where it’s strictly sexy beats and can’t wait to make the dance floor get down to a few of these tracks. There’s also a really fun IDM/8-bit tune in there that will make you all giddy after hearing the sample. Nico Luminous has really shown off his talent on this one especially considering this is his second release on Street Ritual.

Be sure to check out the album and BUY the set!

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Nico Luminous – Bass Muze

time June 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Nico Luminous Bass Muze

ARTIST: Nicoluminous
TITLE: Bass Muze
LABEL: Street Ritual
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05/29/2010

The hip hop and beat boxing of Nicoluminous has taken form in
synthesizers and drum machines for his second official release, Bass
Muze. Beats and bass dive through the sonic landscape in glorious
pristine west coast flavor, shined up like some hundred spoke 13″ gold
wire rims on an amphibious moon buggy. Nico’s got the juice, the
fiyah, the dirty girdy if you will. Don’t sleep on the super belly
bass bizzle. It’s for rizzle…all inspired by the low end, just in
time for you favorite speaker freakin’ summer festival.

1) Bass Muze
2) Belly Funk
3) Bass Bizzle
4) Souljah Crunk
5) Battery Juice
6) Dirty Girdy
7) Carpet Ride
8) Keep the FiYa!!!
9) Toki Dub
10) Sinewaves for Mermaids

Download one of the tracks off this release, Me Against the World Souljah Crunk.
Pick up the full release Bass Muze

Nico Luminous is located in Oregon and be on the look out because this dude is a total sleeper. It may seem at first that he is just another beat boxer but then you realize the mans skill as he creates loops on the fly and incorporate all mixed sounds in a full live performance. These are some tracks put down by him. Check out this video where he has taken the time to show you how a live performance can really go deep with using Ableton Live. It’ll makes you wonder what really all is possible when you see someone out there.

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