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Electric Dandelion – Metamorphosis [Muti Music]

time August 22nd by Sofia authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Electric Dandelion releases Metamorphosis on Muti Music [San Francisco] earlier this Summer, and it’s a deep sacred dub experience, an examination of the higher self, a psychedelic experience, an entrance to the portal of your spirit’s origin.  Alan Joseph, both a producer and designer, resides and holds a residency in L.A., California, called BurnLA.  I discovered Electric Dandelion at this year’s Sonic Bloom while wandering by the booths, when I spotted a booth full of recognizable beautiful and warm hoods of rich designs.  It was then when I had a flash back to the previous summer [2013] here in Austin, TX when someone had passed along his info on his hoods at a (Pre Burning Man Gathering, called Frabjous, for the unveiling of the Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic). Soon after, we chatted as I held my newly purchased and comforting hood that was to keep me warm the rest of the weekend in South Park, CO.  He mentioned that he was performing at the Dome that Saturday.  It is then when I discovered his exquisite dub and bass soundscapes, a first time live experience, a discovery of new sounds.  With more than 10 years experience behind him with music production, Electric Dandelion can be seen as a versatile producer of many styles.  From bass-filled journeys, to psychedelic melodic feels, all in a dub and downtempo atmosphere, he will hypnotize, elevate, inspire, and twist you into a luminous dimension.

Metamorphosis consists of 9 dub wonders full of dubs within dubs: Slither, Enchanted Memories, Ignite, Eclipse, Al, Whole Lotta Dopeness, Nathayan, Sacradelic, & Adea.  Slither has a mysterious downtempo vibe to it, an electric slither of dubstep feels, attached with bass growls, and deep hitting bass lines will open up blockages.  A crescendo soon follows and reveals a mixture of dub accelerations and fast forwarding glitch.  “Could You know…” is sporadically heard throughout the track.. Enchanted Memories is a heavenly synth of initial snare strikes.  A dub feel with trippy vocalizations can be heard.  Hard-hitting bass lines create a rhythmic floor and will captivate the mind.  It’s as if the memories are spoken of through sound, a story of realizations made possible through laser beams and otherworldly sound effects and composition.  Ignite is an enchanting cast of melodic bass growls and 808 dubs.  He really does a good job of twirling your imagination and wrapping it against a never ending glitch escape.  Beats so fresh, beats so fresh.

Alan Joseph

Eclipse is a luscious synth exploration as it initially reveals a groovy flow and break down beat.  The beat and vocals are ethereal throughout the entire song, as the second half is consistent with deep bass howls – an enchantment.  Al has deep feels with the  combination of dubstep and chilltrap on a midtempo beat.  Crescendos are highlighted in this track, a very fresh outlook.  Whole Lotta Dopeness is indeed a whole lotta dopeness. A dubstep flow is present with Hip-Hop vocalizations saying “There’s a whole lotta dopeness“, which is tied with sleek bass lines and sexy drops of glitch candy swirls.  Midway through the track, there’s a glitch uplift, rather than a “drop”, brilliant.  Nathayan  is glitch downtempo with repetitive beat that is invigorating. A release of energy is felt through high semioccasional vocals.   Sacradelic is a minimal trip hop illumination of synth hums and drones blended within. As the track progresses, ascending bass fixtures add their own eerie vibe as it perfectly syncs up with other elements.  Adea is a downtempo fuse of intricate obscure elements, a bewitching sounding chant is fused in between giving it more of a spiral twist.  Glitch bass lines create a slow motion dance as ascensions will take you back to phase 1.

Electric Dandelion is a deep spiritual guide filled with visible and audible expertise, a unique story of emergence made possible through his trip-hop and psychedelic love.  This multi-instrumentalist has a unique vibe to him, both style and sound, he will continue to weave and create from the soulful entity within him.  Metamorphosis is a cerebral journey felt through the heart of the composer and listener, it’s a deep meditation that will open up channels of new energy healing.  It is a transformation of light and energy, it reveals possibility beyond Earth, it illuminates the importance of change and direction.  In order to grow, we expose ourself to change, by either stepping out of our comfort zone, or eliminating a blockage in order to enter a new phase, Electric Dandelion has done that through dub sound.  From having played at several festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Lucidity, Enchanted Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, and Burning Man, he will continue to push his creativity so be on the look out for him.  If you’re a fan of Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, and Living Light, you will dig Alan’s sound world which is rooted in psychedelic dub influences that will immerse you into a deeper understanding of meaning.


 LISTEN TO Metamorphosis:

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ill-esha | Imaginary Friends

time October 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: ,

Elysha’s back with another release on Muti! This one is called Imaginary Friends. I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile and glad to finally see this one with a proper release. It’s a fun collection of tracks that she has put together. The one thing about ill-esha is that she has so much dynamic range. You can never know what to expect what she’ll do next. This time there’s a little sample of midtempo, glitch, funk, trap, glitch-hop, jazz, and soul. It’s all in there with a hint of her voice here and there. The overall sound of the release is warm. Its got those pretty synth lines and bass lines you can expect from her previous releases.

I’m a HUGE fan of Mood Swings and The Only Cure. The rest of the tracks are actually quite exciting but there’s no question which are my favorites. I totally love the name she gave this release. All the names of the tracks are well thought out and pair up quite nicely. I always think to myself how the internet has totally bred all these imaginary friends in a way. You network and meet all these people over the internet but never really hang out with them in person. It’s always interesting when you do. Thankfully whenever I’ve had the luck to kick it with her she’s been absolutely amazing. It’s always great when you get to share your friends music on here. It’s so amazing to have such talented friends all around the world like Elysha. Overall I’m a fan of this release and her music go grab it when it’s released.

If you’re in Sebastopol, CA be sure to check out the release party on November 1st. I highly recommend checking her out live if you get the chance. She’s a true performer and can find her singing live vocals in her sets. It’s always a treat to see her sing!

Here are some sample tracks to hold you over. They bring a LOT more heat than the album but will be sure to fit in nicely in your DJ sets…

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Hypha | Whispers

time October 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Hypha has to be one of most talented producers I know that deserves way more credit than he gets. I’m happy to do a blog post on his new release Whispers! This release is out on Muti Music which makes me happy due to the name recognition of the label. Hopefully a lot more people will take notice to his work.

Aaron is an artist that has always impressed me with his music whether it be an original, remix, or edit. We’ve become solid online friends and can’t wait to meet him in person. Following him on Facebook has been a pleasure since he spent a good amount of time in Spain and traveling all around Europe. His pictures are breathe taking and always cool to see someone making some post in Spanish.

Whispers is a great introduction to Hypha’s work if you haven’t checked it out before. It’s a collection of tracks that vary from a variety of bass music. The first time I heard the track Rosita I was sold on this release. I absolutely love all the tracks that have vocals on them. This release is something I highly recommend grabbing!

Preview/BUY: Hypha – Whispers

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Disciples of Headtron Vol 1

time December 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Disciples of Headtron is a compilation made up by some of the members of the Headtron Agency. The roster includes: Sugarpill, Gladkill, Chris B, +verb, Russ Liquid, Goldrush, Stephan Jacobs, Jobot & Jupit3r. This past week they have recently just added a new member to the family, Griz!

The collection of artist that make up this team is lead by Alex Becket one of the best agents in the business. Headtron has only been around for merely two years or more and they’ve made such an impact in such a small amount of time that I can only imagine how busy Alex has been. The entire roster in some sort of fashion have played some of the biggest festivals and events in 2011. There isn’t a major event that you can’t find at least one or two members representing the Headtron family.

This compilation is a prime example of why they are such a driving force in the EDM community. There are even a few surprises that caught me off guard, Swordfight! I’ve heard much talk about this over the course of time but here is their debut! Another surprise is to find more Jobot tunes, especially one that features ill-esha! =O It’s great to have something unified and put together and this is only the beginning as this is Volume 1. I’m looking forward to Vol 2 already which I hope features more from them in particular More Champagne & Griz.

My favorites you ask? Sugarpill stole this one from everyone in my opinion with A Gift To. There is no question that tune is perfect to open up the release. It’s one of those moving tracks that you can listen to in any state of emotion. Russ Liquid’s Pars Lunae also blew me away. Chris B stepped up his game big time and only look forward to see what he and Boris have been cooking up. Also do I need to bring up how I’ve been dying for Jobot’s debut album?!

All in all I can’t wait for 2012 because this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more where this came from. Also big ups to Muti Music and Dov for putting this out. Be sure to grab it on release date Jaunary 2nd, 2012! Be on the look out for any of the Headtron members this year. I’ve had the pleasure of booking many of them in Texas and man do they deliver <3

Much Love & Respect to the Headtron Family!

1. Sugarpill – A Gift To
2. Swordfight – We Will Never Know
3. jOBOT & ill-esha – Fossils
4. +verb – Mileage
5. Gladkill – Insomnia
6. Stephan Jacobs – Groove Around You
7. Jupit3r – Shark Bark
8. jOBOT – Bottle Of Bumpy
9. ChrisB – It’s All Good
10. Russ Liquid – Pars Lunae
11. Goldrush – Katura

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ill gates | The ill. Methodology

time September 23rd by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

Ill Gates has been in is lab for many years working on the epic slammer of a release, The ill. Methodology.  The wait is finnally over!  On October 3ed, he will drop this dynamic collaboration which is a who’s who of the EDM scene.  MUTI Music’s 100th release is destined for greatness with collaborations with Ben Samples, Ana Sia, Mimosa, Datsik, Opiuo, Masia One, Filastine, Dov, D. Schaerf, and more.

He has decided to treat us all to a free download with a track called Open Your Eyes that was co-produced with Captain Hook.  They didn’t hold back anything producing this dubstep Gem.  It comes out swinging with hard hitting kicks and continues right into a driving bassline.  I’m sure we will hear this one killing the dance floor!

My personal favorite track on the album right now, is Thrillogy co-produced with Opiou & Vent.  It has that classic Opiou sound we love to get down with, but the Ill Gates influence drives it over the top.  Just when you think your feeling its groove, the break drops tempo and pounds the track home.  Sure winner!

Grab “Open Your Eye”s here!

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Level Attack | Sugarpill & Stephan Jacobs ft Naada

time December 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Level Attack by Sugarpill and Stephan Jacobs featuring Naada is FINALLY due out on Addictech December 6th via Muti.

I don’t think there is any bigger release to date for 2010 that compares to this tune. The first time I met Sugarpill in person I drove up to Sarasota to catch his workshop. It took 3 hours to get there and you know what it was totally worth it because I got to met Evan in person obviously but I also got to hear Level Attack for the first time. We were driving over to the workshop and he pulls out his ipod and plays some tune and immediately I knew that it was an instant classic. The vocals by Naada are so clean and don’t take away from the beat. Everything about this tune is absolutely stunning. It’s easily my favorite track of ALL of 2010. EASY. There isn’t a time that I don’t get goosebumps every time I get to hear it dropped in one of the twos sets.

Hope to see this tune take my close friends to the next level. They definitely deserve it. Rumor has it they have a live version of this track in the works for shows together. You’ll definitely want to jump on that.

Along with the single expect banging remixes from other big names in the community including Ben Samples, Great Scott, Willy Whompa, & Chris B. Level Attack is due out in Addictech December 6th! You’ll def want this tune in your arsenal along with the remixes.

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New albums from both Heyoka & Timonkey.

time June 22nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , ,



Artist: Heyoka
Title: Cosmic Boogie
Cat # Muti066
UPC # 705105140209
File Under:
Glitch Hop / IDM / DnB / Electronica
In loving memory of Victor Olenev
01 Mowdery Pildew    3:03
02 Cabin Fever    4:37
03 Chaos Theory    5:22
04 Noises        4:55
05 Broken Bits        3:35
06 Fractalcore        5:31
07 Amenhostep    3:20
08 Mourning Would    4:13
09 Shlomsky        4:59
10 Slippery        3:31
11 Thingiemabob    3:29
12 Plasma        5:01

Buy at Addictech

Artist: Timonkey
Title: Future Perfect
Cat # Muti063
UPC # 705105140902
File under: Dubstep / Chillout
01. Be Humble    3:43
02. The Future    5:46
03. Dreamstep    5:37
04. Never Get Enough    3:29
05. Panther Beach 1    5:12
06. Open Road    4:52
07. Quantum Echo    4:18
08. Golden Throne    4:10
09. The Day Fungus Took Over    5:04
10. Let’s Get Surreal    3:18
11. Heavy Rain    3:39
12. The Fog Lifts    4:06
13. Hold Them Close    3:47

Buy at Addictech

Heyoka is keeping Muti Music busy just spittin’ out one release after the other. Where the last album “Marklar” went a bit much in the Dubstep direction for my taste this album comes out more diverse! Heyoka is mixing Breakbeats, Dubstep, Drum n Bass into a nice mix.

Timonkey’s “Future Perfect” is sadly way to much “ordinary” Dubstep for me to really enjoy it even if it’s mixed up with some Chill out tunes, thirteen track is a bit to much for me. But if you’re into Dubstep this might be the album for you!

Heyoka – Shlomsky by Muti Music

Heyoka @ Myspace
Timonkey @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Siren – Jingletown

time June 16th by Pierre authorTags: , , ,


Artist: Siren
Title: Jingletown
Cat # Muti064
UPC # 705105140605

1. Summertime In Oakland   4:39
2. Law & Disorder  3:59
3. Stunna  4:22
4. Negative Ion  3:54
5. Burst 4:11

The debut EP from Siren is still one of my favorite releases from Muti Music so I was really exited when I saw that Brandon was about to release a new EP.

“Jingletown” is perhaps not as bassy as the first EP but this is just as good or perhaps a bit better even, I feel that the sound has become a bit “warmer” since “Spawn”.

Take a listen to the first track here below:

Buy the EP at Addictech
Siren @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Kemek – Sine Language

time May 27th by Pierre authorTags: , , ,

Sine Language_2

Artist: Kemek
Title: Sine Language
Cat # Muti062
UPC # 705105140308

1. Sine Language 4:46
2. Road To Somewhere (Remix) 4:47
3. Ignorant Dub 4:10
4. Vitamin Drumming 5:30

Kemek was the first artist to be released on Muti Music and now he’s back on the said label for a new EP. I haven’t heard the 12” that was released on Muti back in 2002 so I can’t say much about that but let me fill you in on what goin’ on with Kemek 2010.

Sine Language feature 4 minimal Dubstep tunes and to be honest I find this EP quite boring, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Track one & three are deconstructed Dubstep and they just float by and nothing stucks in your brain. Track two & four are a tad better, track two features some chimes which I find and the forth tracks has some chiptunes/bitpop influences which makes the song listenable.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to review “old school Dubstep” ’cause I grew tired of it back in 2006 but for me this is one of the weakest release from Muti Music, but be you own judge and take a listen to it, perhaps you’ll like it more than yours truly.

Kemek @ Myspace
Muti Music

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The Realist – Hate Speech

time May 18th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: The Realist
Title: Hate Speech
Cat # Muti060 & Muti061
UPC # 705105140001 – vocal
UPC # 705105140100 – instrumental

Muti060 – Hate Speech
1. Decay In Daisy’s 4:08
2. The Taktikal Torture Skroll 5:22
3. 5 & A Half Steps (feat. Ben Sharpa) 3:44
4. His Hypocritical Ways (feat. Gambino) 4:25
5. The Ass Track 2:50

Muti061 – Hate Speech (Instrumentals)
1. Decay In Daisyʼs (Instrumental) 4:11
2. The Ass Track (Instrumental) 2:50
3. 5 & A Half Steps (Instrumental) 3:45
4. The Taktikal Torture Skroll (Instrumental) 5:24
5. His Hypocritical Ways (Instrumental) 4:25

The Realist is a hip hop project from South Africa featuring the producer T.O.B. who has previously released two great EP’s on Muti.

I’m sorry to say but this might be the first time that I will complain about a Muti release, it’s nothing wrong with the beats cause T.O.B. know what he’s doing, to bad you can’t say that about the rapper.

The rap is so dry and uninspiring that I want to switch to the instrumental version as soon as he open his mouth. It was a smart move from Muti to release two verions of the EP, one with vocals and one instrumental.

Buy the instrumetal version and enjoy some real good beats and stay away from the vocal version.

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