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Spring is in the Air | Mr. Ed

time April 1st by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

Mix I put together yesterday while enjoying a day off from the mountains.  Things are really changing down here in the valley.  Spring is beginning to be in full swing.  Going to embrace it!

Hope you enjoy the mix.

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Mr. Ed’s 2011 Mix

time December 31st by Mr Ed authorTags:

Decided to put a quick mix together of a bunch of the tunes I have been digging lately.  Bit different feel then previous mixes I have put up on soundcloud so Id love some feedback!  I have only been mixing for about a year now and play gigs here and there during that time.  My motivation is purely for the enjoyment of the music.  I have played stringed instruments for years and felt like it was time to try something new.  So here is my 2011 Mix,  No fancy tricks, Just solid tunes mixed in Traktor with the S4.  Hope you enjoy!

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Mr. Ed |A Sunny Day in October Mix

time October 9th by Mr Ed authorTags:

Hello new friends.   This post has two purposes.  First to introduce myself to all of you.  My name is Ed, and I have been writing for Afromonk for the last 2 weeks.  This is something I have wanted to do for some time now.  Ask JM, have bugged him for months.  Personally, I really enjoy not only the Music, but the community that surrounds it.  There is some amazing people involved with this scene, and I feel honored to be apart of it and help promote some of those people who bring so much joy to my life with the music they create.  That being said, I want your hear what your working on so I can get it posted up here!!!  Got a finished Album, Ep, Tune, or mix , I want to hear it,  Send it to

The 2ed part of this post is to kick off a few weeks of posting mixes from some of my favorite DJ’s in the  Northwest!  I live outside of Seattle for only 1 more month so I want to say thanks to these people who gave me many a good night of fun.    So to kick it off I’m posting a mix of my own.  Im no pro,  but this was really fun to record.  It was recorded live at a party last week on Traktor with the S4, and no sync!  Hope you enjoy!

Run For Cover-Tipper
Rolling In The Deep-Griz rmx
Lost In Bass-Supervision
Pure Gasoline-SUN:MONX
Learning is Remembering-Tipper
Vision Of Happiness-GriZ
Olympus Egg-Blunt Instrument
Robobooty-Opium Alias n Benson rmx
BlackWater-Doobie Brothers(Love and Light rmx)
Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous
Ride-Ciara&Ludacris(LoBounce rmx)
Sleaze Me VibeSquaD

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