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The Untz Festival [ 1st Annual Extravaganza ]

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The Untz Festival is here.  The creators of an underground and fresh web-magazine, The Untz (founded in 2009), are hosting their first annual “The Untz Festival” at the Mariposa Fairgrounds in Mariposa, California from June 2nd – 4th, 2016.  Built on a foundation on connecting, they align the electronic music community of fans, artists, and promoters.  A collaborative experience and interactive approach with their artists and promoters, they allow them to add information and music to be discovered and heard!   Being an avid reader for years now, I am happy to see a new vision, extension, and real life experience has arrived .  All ticketing include walk-in-camping upgrades, so be sure to arrive early to take on this opportunity! The Untz Festival.

Experience a dope, fresh, and underground experience in soothing temperature’s of 80’s during daylight and 50’s at night, an in-depth uplift is approaching.  A stellar lineup has been announced, I am eager to see The Untz Festival continue to inject ideas in the industry and expand underground visions into the mainstream.


Dope lineup.  Legends such as Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution, The Desert Dwellers, Mr. Bill, Merkaba, Kaminanda, Treavor Moontribe, Amani, & Illenium will be gracing transcending soundscapes and providing fresh sets as they always create a vivid and ever-growing experience.  Rising artists such as Marvel Years, Tribone, Dynohunter, Sixis, Blunt Force, CharlesTheFirst, Outersect, LabRat, and more will be revealing fresh feels throughout the weekend.  I dig that the lineup is diverse in style and genres, you have everything from electronic to live expeditions in realms of psytrance, bass, dubstep, word music, glitch, glitch hop, live electronica, downtempo, and future funk!

The Untz is also hosting The Untz Challenge:  two winners of the Untz Challenge VII will be playing at 7 major music festivals across five months!  Those festivals include Summer Camp Music Festival, The Untz Festival, SONIC BLOOM, Electric Forest, ARISE Festival, Imagine Music Festival, and Backwoods Music Festival! ORIGINAL tracks can be submitted beginning February 29th, and we will continue to accept submissions until March 18th at 11:59 pm PST. MORE INFO CLICK HERE


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Mr. Bill | Focus

time April 30th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Aussie Mr. Bill’s latest album “Focus” pretty much knocks my socks off. It is so masterfully thought out and crafted. This album embraces a variety of deep yet glitchy, swaggy yet moving, complex yet simple, and aesthetically-pleasing yet entirely unique sounds. I always had Mr. Bill on my radar to an extent, but since hearing this album I am without a doubt interested in what else he has to express through his production.

On a Monday back at work after a raging weekend in the sun, I can definitely say that I could use some cheering up, and this album did it for me. Focus is elaborate and beautiful and allowed me to clear my mind. The album guides listeners through sundry soundscapes with marvelous blips and tasty melodies; it truly pushes the envelope.

I am now kicking myself for passing up the chance to see Mr. Bill live in Nevada City last month where he also hosted an Ableton Live workshop. No doubt that both events would have been inspirational. I’m not sure how many other times I’ll have the opportunity to catch Mr. Bill, but if I do I will not surpass it!

Grab Mr. Bill’s album “Focus” here on Addictech.

Also, there will be [Re-Focused Part 1] & [Re-Focused Part 2] coming soon – with remixes from Kalya Scintilla, Circuit Bent, Blatwax, Whitebear, Kursa, and more. Pretty psyched for that!


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