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Daedelus | Bespoke

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Daedelus returns with a full LP on Ninjatune later this month. April 26th marks the official release date for this amazing album, Bespoke. This LP is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. It doesn’t follow the bass heavy music that you would usually expect. This has traditional classy beats you’d hope to get from Daedelus. Bespoke features some of the finest vocalist and collabs I’ve seen in a long time. Whens the last time you heard a tune with the infamous Milosh?! Well Tailor-Made is beyond sexy and so is the Tokimosta remix. The track Slowercase D has been on repeat since I got a promo copy of this. Another stellar track that I love is Overwhelmed featuring Bilal as well as In Tatters.

Overall the best way I can describe this whole album by saying I felt like getting dressed up proper and popping a few bottles of wine and jamming out. It has such a classy polished sound with hints of bass on a few tracks.

Right now Daedelus is on his third Magical Property Tour with Tokimonsta and Shlohmo. The real highlight of this tour is the brand spanking new Archimedes visual show! I can not say that I’ve ever seen such an amazing light show in my life. I don’t want to ruin it but just imagine lots of mirrors, two projectors, and tons of spotlights hitting you at different angles. I was at the first show where it was debuted and WOW. Never have I been so impressed. It works perfectly with his style of play and energy. If you’ve been a fan of Daedelus and have only listened to his albums get ready!!! His live sets are completely different from his LPs. He rocks the monome hard and brings heavy grimey beats arranged in constant loops. It’s pure bass loops with high energy that keeps you move and wanting more. You do NOT want to miss out on this tour! I’ve seen the past two tours and this one they’ve outdone themselves.

Don’t forget to pick up the Bespoke LP on Ninjatune in late April!
It’s fascinating to see such a contrast in his album and the live show.

1. Tailor-Made (feat. Milosh)
2. Sew, Darn, Mend
3. Penny Loafers (feat. Inara George)
4. One and Lonely (feat. Young Dad)
5. Suit Yourself
6. What Can You Do? (feat. Busdriver)
7. French Cuffs (feat. Baths)
8. In Tatters (feat. Kelela Mizanekristos)
9. Slowercase D
10. Overwhelmed (feat. Bilal)
11. Nightcap

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Pretty Lights – Making Up A Changing Mind EP

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Instead of Fire Friday Mix… Here is a Fire Friday EP!
Hott damn why did I sleep so much on this EP and not post it. The man himself, Derek Smith, has put out a new release that is absolutely stunning. Pretty Lights is truly something special if you haven’t heard them.

It’s a perfect fuse of hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, and funk! Not to mention this guy is a preformer using a Monome & MPD! Lets not forget Cory who plays drums live during some preformances.

Probably one of the best things about Pretty Lights is that he releases all his music for FREE!!! How amazing is that. You can tell he does it for the love and makes up for it while getting HUGE bookings.

This new EP is the first of a trilogy he plans to release. He has obviously put some serious thought into this. Making Up A Changing Mind is well thought out EP from each beat to every little sample.

I applaud everything this dou does. Fortunately had the oppertunity to see them a few months back. Hopefully if things go well I’ll get to catch his set at Ultra.

You can get all of their releases on their website.

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Pretty Lights – Vagabond Miami – November 4th 2009

time October 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,


Pretty Lights is a SHOW. When I mean show I mean these guys are one of those few names in the business that do their sets live. He’s not just a DJ he rocks mad hardware and shows off literally pretty lights as he preforms with laptop, MPD, & Monome. Pretty Lights also consist of live drums. The full combo is Derek Smith & Cory Eberhard on drums. These guys go all out and bring a light show if they can.


I’m a huge follower of the Glitch Hop scene and these guys are bringing it hard. I’m so excited to know that they’ll be in Miami this Wednesday at Vagabond hopefully in the main room rocking the Funktion1 Sound System! It’s going to be the first time to experience this style on a BIG BIG system.

Check out Derek rocking the Monome and showing how it’s done when doing LIVE work!

Expect pure energy! This tour has already sold out some venues. Hopefully Vagabond will be popping and people will come show their respects by getting down! This event is big and can’t wait to see and hopefully meet people who are actually into these guys. It’s been a hella crazy week for Miami with event after event! Glad to be in this city and Thank you for whoever booked these guys!

This is what happens when Pretty Lights goes on Tour!

One of the biggest things I have to give them credit for is that they release all their music for FREE. That’s right FREE! You can download their latest album that came out early October at their website. Passing By Behind Your Eyes, is such a great album that most people will enjoy as long as you got groove and feel that bass. Their two other albums are also available for download there as well.

Get ready Miami because PRETTY LIGHTS is almost here. Get ready for some serious bass and grooving! Miami time for visual and audio journey brought to you by pretty lights.

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