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420 Remixes / Happy Holidaze

time April 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hey, what’s up! It’s EA.  I’m a lil late on posting this as I was celebrating a bit too hard last night, haha.  But, check out these 420 inspired tracks from some of my fave producers. All of em are free downloads!

StylesP Method Man Red Man Bob Marley are all Chillin at Mochipet’s House for 420 with Freda Payne

Dr. Dre-Let Me Ride (SplataLighT RemiX) Splatinum and Love and Light

Warren G featuring Nate Dogg – Regulate (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Afroman – Because I Got High (Elfkowitz Remix)

Download: Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (Paper Diamond Remix)

Much love!

-EA (

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Mochipet | Hottub Four Loko Remix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Mochipet is at it again with another crushing remix this time with purple drank style… Four Loko! This tune is one of the crunkest tunes out right now hahaha. Big ups to Dave on this and bringing in such a unique style to music. I assure you at the right time this tune will get the club hypeeeed. Talking about Mochipet slaying crowds… At the end of January getting to join Mochi in Dallas for a show at The Lizard Lounge. It’s always a blast and tons of random occurrences playing with Dave. Be sure to grab your copy of this tune. Trust me. lol.

DOWNLOAD: Mochipet & Hottub – Four Loko Purple Drank Remix

Right now Mochipet is all over the place and expect to see a lot more of him in 2011. He’s prepping a new album, Rawr Means I Love You. His label Daly City has been hard at work this past year and expect some major releases from them in 2011. Dave is truly one of a kind. He makes absolutely remarkable and original music, runs one of the most recognizable labels in my opinion, tours all around the world, and overall amazing guy. If there one person I’d say I have the utmost respect for it’s Mochi. He’s a big role model for me and has been a great friend. Everyone has this fixation on Deadmau5 but straight up wait till you get a taste of what Mochipet throws down. Here is a small taste of what’s coming in early 2011.

Mochipet Contest!

I’m proud to announce the album art contest for Mochipet’s new album, Rawr Means I Love You! For more info on the Mochipet contest details.  Peppermill a small netlabel that is helping put the release out through Daly City Records for the release and they are the ones you’ll want to get ahold of for entering. What’s the prize? You have three options:

1. Mochipet will come over and cook you dinner.
2. Mochipet will go to your house and DJ your party.
3. Mochipet will send you a purple custom made dino suit.

Straight up I think I’m going to enter for this. LOL.
Best of luck to everyone and remember it can be in any style, it just has to drop some jaws.

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Mochipet | Shutterbug Remix & more

time December 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Mochipet aka Dave is one of the biggest names in the community. He might not realize it but that’s cause he’s the man. The first show I ever organized and threw headlined him. It’s always a pleasure working with him. What a lot of people don’t realize is how long he’s been doing this and how much work he does. Mochi runs Daly City Records which is home to some of the most talented producers around. If anyone ask me what labels I recommend contacting Daly City is always on the list.

Mochi has been on a hot streak with some of the biggest remixes around! He has recently put out a remix for the Big Boi tune, Shutterbug. It’s a true example of Glitch Hop. Everyone constantly ask me what glitch-hop is or thinks it’s just anything The Glitch Mob has done but what people don’t realize is that there’s much more out there and Mochipet is a prime example of some banging glitch-hop in many of his recent tunes. Be sure to pick up this tune and rock it out!

I have the pleasure of opening up for Dave when he comes out here to Dallas. Look out for 2011 tour. He’s working on a new full length that is sure to cause quite a shock through the community. Last I spoke with him, he was saying he doing something totally new and fresh. There’s so much unexplored in the electronic genre and if anyone is going to bring something new to the table it’s Mochi. If you want a small taste of what goes on when he plays out live check out this live mix recorded with the infamous Joey Mousepad & turntablist Freddy Future.

Much love to you Dave and all of Daly City! Can’t wait to rock it in January. Look out for Mochi in a city near you & let your local promoters know Mochipet is doing an album release tour!

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ill esha | Circadian Rhythms Preview

time November 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

ill-esha’s forthcoming release, Circadian Rhythms, is available on Addictech November 20th for pre-release and everywhere else December 20th! There isn’t a doubt in my mind that ill-esha is the Queen of Glitch Hop! Although all her music might not be considered glitch-hop she is one of the main players in the community. She helps run and a mod for the Glitch Hop Forum. She’s a vetern when it comes to underground sounds with over a ten years of  releasing music as a vocalist & producer. She’s been on labels such as Breakbeat Science, BluSaphir, Muti Music and Haunted Audio. She is no stranger to the game and has been banging out tunes in all various styles from Drum and Bass to Glitch.

Out of all the people I’ve met in 2010 she has to be the most positive person out of everyone. She has a huge smile and unbelievable heart. It was a pleasure to have her come out for my 25th birthday party and play an amazing set in my living room. I will never forget my quarter century mark thanks to her and the awesome time I had with her.

This release is just another moment for people to acknowledge a leading star in the community. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that she will only grow into a more recognized face of this era of music. She’s recently relocated from Canada to the Bay area so be sure to jump on the chance to see her live where she hypnotizes the world with her voice and sullen beats.

If in the Bay area check out the Record Release Party on 11/20. It will be held at Public Works and includes performances by: ill-esha, Mochipet, Glitchy and Scratch, B Bravo, Joe Mousepad, and The Slayers Club.

I can’t wait to see her next and give her a big hug because this work is a complete masterpiece! Pick up a FREE remix of one of her latest tunes and check out the preview clips of the upcoming release. It will be out with a special edition thumbdrive version with video and other goodies!

DOWNLOAD: ill-esha – Smoke & Mirrors (Ample Mammal remix)

01) Smoke & Mirrors
02) Cold Hands
03) Sullen Sultry
04) Hunting Season
05) Bedbug
06) Stutterfly
07) Cold Hands (Jay Wikid Remix)
08) Sullen Sultry (Samples Remix)

Kraddy (Alpha Pup, Muti)
“She’s got some great production and is one of the few women I know of making beats!”

Shilo Urban (Dancefever5000)
” ill-esha is one of my favorite producers, DJs and vocalists out there. Her recent mix blew the hinges off my mind & pissed off my neighbors.. holding down the far Pacific Northwest with mountains of bass and a forest of talent”

Ben Samples (Daly City, Muti, Fresh2Death, Denver Bass Squad)
” ill-esha’s music just does it for me, she combines the raw power of bass with the sweatiness and sexiness of beautiful melodic leads to make the whole package in dubstep and glitch… and she’s the sexiest producer that isn’t Ben Samples.”

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Monday MUST Listens / Buy!

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve put together a list of tunes on one single post. There are so many homies of mine that I want to help promote and get their names out there but I’m insanely busy and like to feature everyone with a specific post but you know what there’s too many tracks right now that it’s just best I give respect to the homies like this.

Stephan Jacobs & +verb (one of the biggest tunes right now)

Freddy Todd – His new album is going to BLOW UP when it comes out!

Elfkowitz – This homie is one of the dopest producers and chillest cats. His tunes always put me in a daze.

ill-esha – elysha is the sweetest person I’ve met all year. you can’t help but be happy around her and her music has the same affect =)

Samples – it’s mother effin Ben Samples. enough said.

Mochipet – This dinosaur is destroying it all over the land. This new tune will blast your face off.

MartyParty – Ummm if you don’t know about him I feel sorry for you. New tease from upcoming album.

Minnesota – This guy is going to BLOW up. Take my word for it.

Billy Blacklight – This guy is my favorite producer right now. Give him another couple of months and some more experience and I think he’s going to be huge.

NastyNasty – This man hold my favorite tunes at the moment and I don’t even know what they are called. His unreleased material is SEXY.

The Human Experience – This is the one producer which incorporates what I’m hoping to do when I begin production. Amazing.

BMF Productions – This tune is so big! I dropped this the other night and WOW! Big things ahead.

iONik – This guy right here has some serious love for the community and one hell of a producer. Looking forward to working with him in future!

+verb – this guy is an absolute champion and one of the realest around. he’s going to turn some serious heads. looking forward to seeing him play out finally in 2011!

Sugarpill – This guy is the man period. He’s one of my main mentors and always there for me when I got some questions. Ableton guru & amazing friend.

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What is Glitch Hop?

time July 1st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
glitch hop

Glitch Hop

What is Glitch Hop?

I’ll be honest I don’t think there is a correct answer to this question nor is there for any genre of music. At the end of the day music is music despite the label or genre. There have been many names for “Glitch Hop” such as lazer bass, crunk bass, etc… The question you probably want to know is what defines a track as glitch hop.

The beauty of Glitch Hop is that it’s not really a genre with specific rules or BPM. I like to consider Glitch Hop the type of music that incorporates glitchy effects like beat repeaters and sweeps. The tempo of the music doesn’t really matter at all. The genre of Glitch is where it falls into because of this. When Hip-Hop/Crunk samples are added with all these effects the result is… Glitch Hop! Yup that’s basically it.

Glitch Hop has really started to take off within the past year or two. The Glitch Hop Forum has appeared and helps unite the community of fans, producers, and Djs. was started and specializes in this sound. Acts like Pretty Lights and The Glitch Mob are headlining festivals all around the world.

I don’t think it has been documented where the term was actually phrased but it most likely has ties to Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Funkstorung, or edIT. Glitch and IDM had been around a good while before Glitch Hop started to appear. It was around 2001 where the sound really started to take shape with the early works of Prefuse 73 on Warp Records. 2004 was when things really took off when Conartist turned into edIT and released Crying Over Pros For No Reason.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about Glitch Hop is that it’s for the most part it’s played Live. This means that most people who play this music use controllers and actually manipulate and create these sounds on the fly. Essentially technology has allowed us to use all sorts of fun toys to create these live glitch remixes. There are many producers and DJs who actually create songs as they play with extended amounts of loops they’ve created before hand. There’s more of a performance element when it comes to glitch hop.

I’ve asked some people who play a major role directly or indirectly with the sound of Glitch / Glitch Hop what they thought Glitch Hop is. These are direct replies when I asked them “What is Glitch Hop”

“It’s bigger than just a music genre it’s an artform, yourself as the beat maker is turning digital sound techniques such as clicks / bleeps / bit crush reduction and many more methods into music.”

–          Mussck

(Pioneer in the Glitch sound)

“To me Glitch Hop is just another term for the latest form of evolved hip hop.  Glitch Hop seems to be regionalized to the west coast of North America, and it is also quite popular in Australia.  Other geographical locations have their own take on the sound.  In England & LA they call it Wonky, In Scandinavia they call it Skweee, etc.  Really it’s all just music, by labeling it we make it more accessible to those who don’t know about it.  If a new artist emerges with a new sound that doesn’t quite fit in any existing (sub) genre, a journalist will come up with a name for it in their attempt to describe it.  This is the same way the term Glitch Hop came about, as well as most genre titles from Rock to Dubstep.”

–          Dewey Db

(Founder of Glitch Hop Forum)

“Glitch hop get its roots from hip hop, obviously looking at its name. It’s a kid or a man- not a rap star or his ego- doing whatever the fuck they want with a what-would-be hip-hop beat. It’s taking the swagger of a rap beat and glitching / stuttering / repeating the shit out of it in an intelligent OR unintelligent way. It’s taking hiphop vocals and mashing them through a blender. It’s NOT tailoring a specific beat for kanye or jayZ, rather to embrace a dancefloor, impress your friends, or just for your own 2010 glitchy satisfaction. And oh yeah, it’s also about the bass. :)”

–          Freddy Todd

(Up and coming Glitch Hop Producer)

“‘glitch hop’ seems to be the most common name for a genre of music which involves electronic production, loud synthetic bass, a hiphop/crunk feel and often (but not necessarily) includes edgy music production techniques which are normally heard in IDM.

although predominantly heard at festivals and underground parties on the west coast of North America it has been gaining popularity in Europe, Australia and Asia lately.”

–          ill gates

(Master Glitch Hop Producer)

“Glitch is taking what most people would consider an error or a mistake and working it into something great sounding.  Like distortion is to an electric guitar, glitch is to electronic production.”

–          Kraddy

(Master Glitch Hop Producer / Former member of The Glitch Mob)

“In a very narrow sense, the term “glitch-hop” could be interpreted as ‘mid-tempo, twisted hip-hop beat with distorted, heavy bass and acapellas’, but I rather see it as a tentative name which somehow stuck and is now wide-spread (relatively at least). It is rather directed outwards to encompass various music styles sometimes also referred to as: acquacrunk, turbo crunk, lazer bass, future blap, future beatz, street bass, heavy bass, wonky, hyphy, usually falling within the broader categories of IDM, EDM and recently, quite often flirting with dubstep”

–          Docktor Krank

(Runs highly respected Glitch Hop Blog)

“Glitch-Hop is like Hip Hop stuck into a blender whipped and then poured over layers of Bass lasagna and topped with a good heaping of Rave Synth Sauce and some 8-bit samples of Chucky Cheese Parmesan”

–          Mochipet

(Producer / Founder of Daly City Records)

“Glitch hop is hip hop based IDM, music heavy with bass and rich in provocative melodic contortions, chopped up samples and artfully designed combinations of ancient drum beats and futuristic sounds. Largely rejecting traditional instrumentation for erroneously produced noises not found in nature, glitch hop is the brash back-talking ethos of HELL YES, I’m pushing buttons- and look what it does to my dance floor. It is the musical representation of the post-modern void of a world in which we live that could end any second with the press of another kind of button. Glitch hop symbolizes the failure of technology and the debunking of the myth of progress. Progress will not save us- but dancing just might.”

–           Shilo

(Runs one of the most well known Glitch Hop/West Coast blogs on the web)

“I think glitch-hop in the most basic sense is just a geeky take on hip hop… splash some slowed down IDM patterns on some bass and add some weird sounds that someone might bob their head to and you’ve pretty much there.”

–          Sugarpill

(Up and coming Glitch Hop Producer)

“It’s slutty imo” “Well I’m drunk at some ho’s house. Write that down” “Glitch hop is about banging groupies till sunrise”

–          Ben Samples

(Up and coming Crunk Producer)

“I think Glitch-Hop is definitely more than just “bass” music by the very fact that it’s prefaced by the term “Glitch.” To me this genre has taken influence from a sort of “Glitch Design Philosphy,” which I interpret to be the act of exploiting any technology available for artistic gain; usually in ways different from the intended use of a particular technology being used. By virtue of the fact that this genre is explicitly influenced by Hip-Hop music, it is then only natural that it is also bass music.

For example, today I was browsing some tutorials from Tom Cosm that one of our bloggers, Binary Ally, had posted about how to make really fast rhythmically-sequenced pseudo-random fx automations. Even though Tom was accomplishing this through Ableton, I would say the techniques he used were clearly hacks in the sense that he exploited several routing/chaining features in a highly inventive way. He didn’t just go in and automate everything by hand, which would have probably taken on the order of days to accomplish, but instead accomplished this similar effect on the order of minutes. It’s truly boundary pushing stuff.”

–          Scott Novich (Great Scott)

(Founder of

Here are some clear examples of what Glitch Hop sounds like. BOOM!

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Miami Glitch + WMC 2010

time May 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This past WMC Munkz and I together formed Miami Glitch and threw our first party!
We had tons of special guest in town and raged all week!

Here are some small clips from the week!

Many Thanks:
Shilo, Ben Samples, Fisk, HipGnosis, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Mochipet, Siren, Pressha, Mindelixer, Epcot, Stutterfly, JSB, & special thanks to Gooddroid!

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Mix n Blend & Narch – I Got…

time April 20th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , , ,


Artist: Mix n Blend & Narch
Title: Acid Crunk EP 6 : I Got …
Cat # Muti059
UPC # 705105139906

1. I Got … (Original Mix) 3:27
2. I Got … (An-ten-nae Remix) 3:38
3. I Got … (Beats Antique Remix) 4:12
4. I Got … (Dov Remix) 4:20
5. I Got … (Random Rab Remix) 3:30
6. I Got … (Mochipet Remix) 3:08

The Acid Crunk series continues, this time with two South Africans namely Mix n Blend & Narch.

On this EP we get the original mix and 5 remixes from some of the hottest names right now, An-Ten-Nae (of course), Beats Antique, Dov (nice too see his name again), Random Rab and the ever so popular Mochipet.

The original mix is a quite nice story, mixing Dupstep and Glitch Hop into a most decent track, take a listen to it here down below. Buy it at your usual place, I know that at least Beatport got it!

I Got.. with Narch (from P.H. Fat) by mixnblend

Mix n Blend
Mix n Bled @ Myspace

Muti Music

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Splatinum – Meat off the Bone – The New Law Remix

time April 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,


I recently was contacted by one of the talented members of Splatinum, Andrew Luck. They had some big news to announce! Most of all of you have heard the killer remix Mochipet did for them. Now they are releasing a full length with all remixes by some of the biggest names in the game right now!!! 4/20 is the official release of WE ARE SPLATINUM, 9 track digital release on Daly City Records. They will also put a physical release on Daly City Records, Der Schplatzl 2010. It’s a 16 track compact disc which 7 tracks are unavailable digitally.

It is an honor to have them reach out to me and give me a preview of the remix album. I’ve hand selected one of the tracks from the release to be featured here on to be downloaded for FREE! It was quite a difficult task to pick one out of so many powerful tracks. My final choice was Meat off the Bone (The New Law Remix). Out of all the tracks it had the glitchest vibe and solid bass lines that will have anyone moving to the beat.

I’m not too familiar with The New Law but I dug up some info. They are a downtempo and instrument hip hop duo from Seattle, rising quickly in popularity.  Their live show features heart stopping bass and improvisational sequencing accompanied by live keyboard and saxamaphone. It’s great to see such a big collaboration between Splatinum and The New Law. It’s a perfect blend for the new waves of Glitch Hop.

There will be a special release party for Splatinum’s work in Seattle, WA. The event is FREE!!! It’s an outdoor release party in the middle of downtown Seattle called the Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party on April 20th, from 6-9PM. Splatinum will be playing and so will Knowa KnowOne, Michael Manahan, and Gel Sol. Be sure to check out more info at Splatinum’s site!

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Sub Swara Podcast!

time February 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Sub Swara is at it again bring some serious whomp!
He just released a new podcast and features tons of hot tracks right now.
Glad to see some Mochi, Heyoka, and Joker put together all in one mix.
This is quite a diverse set and can’t be more thrilled about mixes like this.
It’s become a time where you’ve got to throw in all sorts of genres into the pot.
Being a DJ you should be able to throw a little of everything.
Massive respect out to you Sub Swara!

Track List
1. Kraddy – Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
2. Heyoka – Micron
3. ??- Fair and Lovely Riddim
4. South Rakkas Crew – Holiday (Titles Riddim)
5. Mochipet – Alien Crunk Dub – (Audiovoid Remix)
6. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (Sub Swara Remix)
7. Breakage – Higher
8. Nuphlo – Homeland Insecurity
9. Joker – City Hopper
10. XI – Superwhatever
11. Starkey – Ok Luv
12. D1 – Jus Business
13. Syndaesia – Walk Away (Widdler Remix)

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