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Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival 2014

time April 9th by Molly authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Proud to present the Afro Monk press release on Emissions Festival 2014!


Emissions is one of our favorite festivals here at Afro Monk. Check out what Tara had to say about last year’s event here! AND We love Emission so much, we’re also giving out TWO free tickets! Check HERE for more information on the contest!

Camp ? has graced the West Coast with so many amazing parties and events over the years, not to mention five legendary Emissions and some seriously epic Burning Man camps. I am super grateful for what they have contributed to the community and love to support them in any way. Their brainchild, Emissions, is a one of a kind festival that I look forward to every year. It’s relatively small in number, keeping it quite intimate; it’s casual, yet well organized; and it’s high energy, heavy hitting array of bass music is unmatchable. The family vibe is strong, seen and felt in abundant smiles, laughs, and hugs; the music is fresh and poppin all day; and the PK rig, BANGIN, to say the least.

It is being held for it’s second year at the lovely Belden Town, an adorable mini town nestled in the Feather River Canyon in Northern California. Belden is an excellent host for festivals with it’s shady camping and flowing river.  The beach stage is an awesome space and I can’t wait be to kickin it there listening to bomb music in what’s sure to be gorgeous weather. Mmmm….perfection.

Emissions’ lineup this year has shaped up to be, in my opinion, their best ever. I love and admire Camp ?’s dedication to bass music. They’re not trying to be overly trendy or #toofuture4you, nor are they adhering to what seems to be the standardized festival lineup we have become oh too familiar with on the west coast. They’ve instead done what hardly anybody else has been able to really grasp thus far this summer and created, simply, a solid lineup of high quality producers and DJ’s that are killing it right now. Let’s look closer at some of those artists:

Doshy: Long before I became a writer for Afro Monk, I was an avid reader of the blog. JM (Afro Monk)’s posts introduced me to a ton of music in 2010-2011, but by far the best discovery I ever made from the blog was the introduction to bass music producer Doshy. Hailing from Germany, this is Doshy’s first ever U.S. appearance! This a huge deal to me, being a crazy fan of Doshy since JM’s article in 2011, and I was starting to think I would never catch him live in the U.S. I’m sure there’s a grip of other Doshy fans feeling the same way. Sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

Deltron 3030: A man who needs no introduction, Bay Area native, Deltron, is the perfect headliner for this event. The influence of hip hop on bass music is evident in the work of essentially everyone on this bill, so I think it’s definitely crucial to have such a prominent and incredible rapper headlining. His most recent album has a super fun, higher energy feel throughout so I’m sure his set will be super tight(of course I’m hoping he’ll play hella from Deltron 3030 though!)

NastyNasty: A bay area bass music scene legend and one of my favorite producers of all time, NastyNasty sets have been a consistently amazing part of my experience within the west coast electronic music scene for 4+ years now. A cultivator of science fiction influenced sound design and polyrythmic soulfuness, his unique take on bass music is always on that next level tip. His live sets are flawless and always a great time. Can’t wait for his set!

G Jones: Anyone who reads Afro Monk regularly is well versed in the work of G Jones. I consider him to be at the forefront of the West Coast bass music sound, killing it harder than pretty much anyone right now.  I love his music and am always impressed with new releases. His performance is sure to be one of the best of the weekends and you can catch him a second time alongside Minnesota.

Starkey + Dev79: What can I even say about Starkey?? His signature Street Bass sound defines everything I love about future bass music and his live sets have been some of the hardest I’ve danced in my life. I’m super stoked to see him alongside Dev79, who I have yet to see live. Unmissable for sure!

DJ Pound: Another proprietor of the “street bass” sound, DJ Pound is sure to be a seriously epic set. I’m really stoked on this booking and to get to catch some of DJ Pound’s monstrous tunes played by the creator himself on a PK system. Associated with some of the most forward thinking and respectable labels in the game, Seclusiasis and Saturate , DJ Pound has been making moves this last year and his music speaks for itself.

Perkulat0r: I was just recently introduced to the sounds of  Perkulat0r when he played a show in Seattle and I can assure you he’s not to be slept on. I would consider him to be one of the most exciting up and comers in the scene, rockin an already highly developed sound, reminiscent of the type of glitch hop I used to really love but don’t hear as much anymore. Don’t miss this one!

Quarry: Dark, dreary, beautiful Quarry. I frequently go through phases where I lean towards darker sounds and Quarry’s post-sad aesthetic fits in perfectly with my current obsession with that feel. I was stoked to see him on this lineup and can’t wait to get catch his set!

Some more artists I look forward to seeing are The Widdler, Bleep Bloop, Boats, Cestladore, J:Kenzo, Guttstar, Hypha, Smashletooth, The Pirate, Pressha, Intellitard, VNDMG, Yheti, Son of Kick, Bogl…realistically I could go on and on, as the talent is rich this year and the lineup is nothing short of stacked! And as usual, the Bay Area and Northern California are being represented in their fullest majestic form by everyone from the headliners to the local favorites. Big ups West Coast artists and everyone else coming through for the event. And huge ups to Camp ? on their epic choice in lineup.

This is sure to be one for the books! Tickets available now but selling fast! First and Second tier already sold out, so get on the third ASAP.  You can buy tickets here and follow the Emissions Event Page for information and updates on the event. And as mentioned before, don’t forget we are doing a contest for two tickets! This festival is not too be missed and entering only takes a sec! ENTER HERE!
Can’t wait to see everyone on the dancefloor!!

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Chris B | Whats Your Fantasy

time March 1st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Chris B is one of the hardest working producers out there. He is extremely tedious with every little sound. He’s not one of those guys who bangs out tracks and doesn’t invest that extra time. I’ve had pleasure of playing Def Con with him in Vegas and getting to hang out with him last time he was in Texas.

Not only does his dedication impress me about Chris but his attitude is one of the best out there. He’s on the right path and has this new release on Simplify Records that speaks loud and clear! Whats Your Fantasy! I spend endless hours a day searching for something melodic with sexy synths but will keep the crowds grooving. I talk to popular producers and drilling them when they start moving to an aggressive sound and ask who they know who’s doing the chill stuff now.

Chris B is the answer and this, Whats Your Fantasy, release is just what I have been looking for. Imagine the sounds of Sugarpill melting into Mimosa and having something entirely new come out. The title track is one of the best tunes I’ve heard in a long time. On The Grind brings a sexy new twist to the Glitch-hop sound with some ill vocal samples sprinkled all over it. Don’t even get me started on the track with Luvstep’s legend, Gladkill.

Be sure to pick up this release on Additech when it hits the store this Friday!
Much respect and love to my homie Chris B!
Thank you for keeping it real!

PREVIEW: Chris B – Whats Your Fantasy

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time February 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

I’m consistently who my favorite producers are on a regular basis. I can usually drop a few names quite quickly but if ever asked who is my favorite DJ… That’s easy, MiHKaL! MiHKaL put out a new mix called Snuglife and been rocking the hell out of it. His Symbiosis live set from 08 is still one of my all time mixes so this was a real treat. This post is long overdue and realized that the downloads ran out for the soundcloud widget. I figured this is the perfect time to host the mix on the server so you could download a copy =)

MiHKaL is one of the few DJs out there that I consider to have some of the best track selection. If there anyone that I’d say resembles a lot of what I play it’s him. Never bringing any of that super filthy stuff but a nice groove and sexy vibe in every track. I’m really hoping to catch one of his live sets this summer somewhere. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him also and seems like his live sets contain some of the freshest dubs from the elite Cali producers we’ve all come to love.

I’d usually make this a Fire Friday Mix but I had to post this. It’s just too good to not post once I saw the downloads ran out. Just want to say to MiHKaL personally that we might not know each other well and usually only write about homies but man seriously amazing job. What you are doing deserves more credit than you can imagine. It’s great to see someone consistently putting out mixes like this.

1. Rigzin & Knowa Knowone ~ Dedication
2. Telepopmusik ~ Breathe (MiMOSA Remix)
3. Phaeleh ~ Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
4. Eastern Sun & Oscure ~ Third Eye High (R/D Remix)
5. MiMOSA vs. PANTyRAiD vs. Widdler vs. Art of Noise ~ Fine Day On That Kryptonite (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
6. Sharps ~ The Growth
7. Joker & TC ~ It Ain’t Got A Name
8. NiT GRiT ~ Grit Shifter
9. Chris B. ~ Redshift
10. Guttstar ~ Lunar Stick Shift
11. MiMOSA ~ Your Love
12. Massive Attack ~ Teardrop (Knight Riderz Remix)
13. Gladkill ~ That Girl Is Trouble
14. MIA ~ Caps Lock (MiHKAL REMiXXX)
15. Portishead + PANTyRAiD + Glitch Mob + Marty Party + Emalkay + Bassnectar ~ Enter The Whateva (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
16. Mix n’ Blend ft. Rayelle ~ First Light
17. John Lennon ~ Imagine (NiCo LuMinouS Remix)


Check out his recent MIA remix featured in the mix & on the GruntWorthy Comp posted awhile back.

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Guttstar | Double Healix EP

time February 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Guttstar releases a FREE EP to start off 2011 and Valentines Day! A fellow SEO brother and great friend unleashes this stunning piece of purple luvstep. Every track has such beautiful purple synth lines that Gladkill would say “reaches out and gives you hug”. Guttstar has such a unique sound that mashes some of your favorite producers into something new and fresh. If you’re a fan of the Joker, Mimosa, or Gladkill you’ll absolutely love these tracks. There a female vocal samples sprinkled all over the place that give it that extra sexy vibe.

This release is absolutely FREE but keep in mind it is being self released on his Bandcamp so don’t expect it to be free to grab for very long as this will get some serious traction once people hear this work. Quality spreads quickly in todays world now. Expect to hear some of this stuff when you catch me live. Talking about playing live be on the look out for Guttstar’s first appearance on the west coast in March.

Much respect to him and thank him by throwing a little donation for these quality tracks. The fact that they are offered for free is such a treat. Support your bass community!

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+verb | luv u (extended mix)

time January 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

+verb is probably in my top 3 producer list right now. His sound is so unique and fits perfectly into any set I play. Awhile back he put this track ‘luv u’ on his soundcloud which was only a minute and half long. I completely fell in LOVE! I knew it would blow up and be one of the best tracks. I cried for hours and finally received a copy! The track was originally made for his lovely wife Marissa. Ever since I got a copy I’ve been dropping it non-stop and it makes the ladies go nuts!

Now it is a great pleasure for me to hand this tune over to you! Apparently Mimosa has been dropping it in his sets as well so you know this tune has a stamp approval. Dominic has TONS more from where this came from. There are so many releases due out in 2011. There’s going to be a remix EP called “Cough” out with Muti on Feb 1st,. After that another  4 track EP out with Simplify Records shortly after. Ohh it keeps going… A 4 track + remixes EP out in April via Vermin Street label out of Boston. The one I’m super excited for Dominic for is his EP that is being put together for the Robox Neotech label later this year.

Needless to say you’ll be hearing the name +verb quite some bit in 2011. Also get ready for his upcoming tour later on this year. I’m looking forward to that as Dominic is such a great friend and only have communicated with him via the internet. Going to be great to finally shake the hand of one of my favorite artist out there. As Dominic says laserz n bass n bounce!

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MartyParty | Interview

time November 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

MartyParty is one of the most known producers in the glitch-hop, purple, dubstep,etc… game right now. I had the pleasure of seeing him come out to Austin, TX for a show. I put some questions together for him. Unfortunately I was unable to do the interview in person but his team was helpful enough to get them back to me. Austin is wild and something going on every night so didn’t get to say whats up to him but he’ll be back!

Marty takes us into his world in this interview. There’s a lot of things ahead. The man is truly going to revolutionize the whole purple sound. There will be more information about his next upcoming Skukuza EP later today on the site. I really want to thank Marty for taking the time to get back to me with these answers. I can’t wait to catch him again when he returns to Texas.

MartyParty Interview:

When did you start producing music at what age and what sort of medium did you use at that time and how has it evolved into what you do today?

I started producing my music in 2005 – I downloaded Ableton Live evaluation and picked it up fast – I bought Live a week later and produced my first digital album in 6 weeks – I havn’t looked back . I still use Ableton Live, however my tooling has evolved to include all the latest and greatest VST and Audio Unit plugins, synthesizers, filters, effects and volumes of drum one shot samples. My approach has evolved considerably and Im able to complete a track, mastered for release in an 8 hour day. This is through the invention of various “formulas” for developing the musical evolution of a basic chord transition and melody. Id love to talk more about it but its top secret 😉

You have been hard at work with tour and just wrapped up a tour with The Glitch Mob. Can you tell us a little bit about tour life.

Touring is pretty new to me – The Glitch Mob tour was my first “every day” tour – Ive had been doing fly ins up until then. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I went from that tour onto the Mimosa/EOTO tour and that was also amazing. In 3 months I played in every major city in the US and Canada which is where touring really makes sense – you just make so many fans on the road. Having a good tour manager is the most important lesson I learned. I’m on PANTyRAiD tour currently and then onto Monsters of Bass tour with Freq Nasty and Opiuo for 35 dates across the whole country again in February and March. I plan to do my first MartyParty tour in Summer 2011 and am starting to plan that – I’m going to get to take the purple opera to a whole next level with some production budget. I will also be playing my preferred 3 hours sets on my own tour. That lets me really take the audience through the various flavors of MartyParty Music.

Clearly you have lots of tracks to date but are there any that stick out to you the most while you were producing them and do you feel a certain vibe when you create music?

When a hit comes along you feel it early – its just the way the instruments and tones of the layers sit in the mix with the beat, and the way the original intention flows through the whole piece. It just makes a magic feeling. I have several of these on the releases planned late 2010 through 2011. I write two kinds of music – 80-90bpm sexy pretty music or more Acid Crunky music – for that I try make sure to create a specific dance which I imagine a sexy woman would do to the track, and then purple music, which is 140bpm dance music which is just about losing your mind and jumping around the studio. If I feel those vibes in the tracks I know I’m on to something. Lately its been hitting quite a bit, on the upcoming EP Skukuza, the Los Angeles and Its Complicated tracks really illustrate the intention of MartyParty. On the next releases there are several standouts. Take a listen to – I dump every song I write very early on onto my website to stream and I have over 2000 listeners a day on there. Its become a bit of a radio station. See if there are any you think will stand out when mastered and released.

Honestly – when I make a beat that I just know will make the fans go WILD or make my wife run into the room – that is when I know its a goody -its a feeling you get as a producer/DJ – u know what the people want to hear, and you can make just that.

What do you have planned for 2011? Can you tell us about any new releases you working on?

I currently have 2 EP’s going out on The Confluence label in early December, then I have 3 full length albums of material I’m releasing in early 2011 – still working out how to package them – but they are all the tunes from my 2010 DJ set. I spent the last 2 months slowly mastering them whenever I return home to my studio. I will start writing the 2011 set in December and want to develop a pattern of a month in the studio, then touring the content of that month for 2 months, and so on through the year – then releasing the entire set each year.

Where do you think music today will be say 5years from now? Do you feel the day and age of vinyl will be lost? What do you currently use to preform?

Hopefully in the mainstream! Gosh. Yes vinyl is thankfully gone. I couldn’t do what I do with only two decks. I use Ableton Live and prepare a very unique DJ set made up of my tracks, and then acapellas, one shots and effects which I trigger using a MIDI pad controller in the live show. I use a M-Audio TriggerFinger still as all the newer controllers break and don’t travel well. I found the Triggerfinger to be the toughest – I hit those pads very hard in the middle of a flying leap and often spill my beer and sweat on my equipment. I mix 3-6 channels at once which is what really makes my set unique. Its the purple opera. It cannot be done with turntables/Serato/CDJs etc. Those are legacy tools now. I travel with a very high quality audio interface and my tracks are rendered as 48000 24bit resolution files (80MB each) – the result is a very high quality A to D conversion and outstanding sound quality. Another MartyParty differentiator, because I make all the music I play – its the highest possible quality – no mp3’s in my set 🙂 I also never pre define a set – my set is like a game of Mahjong – I have probably 70 tracks in a set and try and navigate through them differently each time, attempting to clear them all by the set end. Obv. this is not possible in 60-90 min sets, but lately in my 3 hour MartyParty headline shows Ive got through almost all of them. Its a huge victory for me when that happens and it was seamless.

Traveling so much city to city how do you manage keeping it fun and building connections versus it strictly business?

Practice – its a job and is not as glamorous as one might think. From the start of the set to the end of the set is the easy part – the hard part is the logistics of traveling – often driving from one gig to another with no sleep, or dealing with airport security and layovers. Its tough, but I love my job. Once I’m at the venue and the fans come in it all becomes worth it again. My fans are amazing and loyal and make me feel at home anywhere I travel, and it keeps building to a point where I have relationships with groups of fans in each city I play. Its an amazing organism.

Are there any interest you have besides music that totally captivate you? Is there something else you do to take a break from music. What are other things in the world that makes you smile?

My wife Mary and dog Mackie are my life away from music. But I spend way too much time in my studio and sound design, arrangement and all the various crafts in the process of original music production have addicted me beyond explanation. It is an unbelievably rewarding art, where the feedback from your efforts is immediately felt and the possibilities are endless. I spend my days inventing new sounds and music styles. What a life! I don’t want to miss a second of it. OBSESSED YES!!!

You’re originally from South Africa and moved to the States but are there any other place or city that you’d absolutely love to call your home or visit for a short time? Feel free to make a place up and describe it.

I moved from Johannesburg South Africa in 1995 and settled in San Francisco, I since moved to New York where I have lived for 2 years. I love NY!!!!! Couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. However I have a special place in my heart for Amsterdam , Berlin, Cape Town and Malpais, Costa Rica where I surf and worship the sun.

If you had to describe love or what you feel as a human drives you to be complete content what would it be for you?

We encounter people, things and experiences on our journey through life which just make us feel more complete, and we miss them when they are gone. This is the love zone and the more incomplete you feel without something or someone, the more you love it. I am currently madly in love with purple music and the evolution of electronic music as it enters the mainstream to challenge contemporary music genre’s in a whole new way. I love music and could not live without it. If I don’t create a new song after a few days I get depressed and frustrated. I am addicted to creation. I cant imagine life without art anymore and don’t know what I did before to find contentment.

Biggest influence, person you respect the most, and can call a friend in music?

Its a draw between Josh (Ooah) and Tigran (Mimosa) – I consider them the best pure musical talents Ive ever encountered. We are all very close friends and whenever we hang out we make amazing music together. I would be nowhere without those two guys.

Who is your top musical influences that really hit you with emotion that you’d like to share?

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin really made we look deeper into musical composition. They both taught me what a song was – I very soon learned the difference between a beat and a song after I got to know their music. Bob Marley and Dr Dre influenced my intention a lot. Currently Mimosa influences me as I’m a huge fan of his overall intention and tonal quality.

Anything you want to say to anyone or message you want to conclude with for your final words?

If you havn’t seen or heard the purple opera – you don’t know what you missing. Music is back and its prouder and louder than ever. Catch my show – you will be an instant fan. Its just that fun.

Here are some of Marty’s latest tunes! Seriously purple opera on big system is mind blowing.

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Mimosa | Silver Lining LP 2010

time August 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Mimosa just released a two track masterpiece, Love EP. He has just announced another release to be put out by Muti, Silver Lining LP! Two tracks have been put on his soundcloud to preview. The first done is absolutely stunning and has such a grooving sexy vibe that we’ve all come to love from Tigran. The second tune has a bit more aggresive style that we haven’t heard from him. These two tunes completely balance each other extremely well though. I can’t wait to see if another tracks will appear on his release. Enjoy the FREE Nelly Country Grammar remix as well from Tigran above!

Sexy new vibe!

Bringing the filfth!

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Mimosa | Your Love EP

time July 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


Mimosa is BACK! Time to get hyped because one of the biggest bass rockstars is coming out with a new release, Your Love. A couple hours ago Tigran posted two tracks on his Soundcloud and announced that it’s coming soon. Two tracks are available to preview. It sounds lovely and what you’d expect from the superstar at the moment. Make sure you catch him rocking out at a festival this summer. He absolutely brought fourth some of the most energy out of the Light in a Bottle crowd this year. Who knows what Tigran has been hiding in his computer that he is releasing for this EP.

Respect for the tunes that he has been giving away. Thank you sir for doing what you do and the sound you’re pushing out. Make sure to catch him live whenever you can. It’s pure madness and some of freshest dubs you’ll only hear and be playing the waiting game till it’s put out.

Update: Mimosa – Your Love EP is out NOW!

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Mimosa – False Idols Mix

time February 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Mimosa is at it again bringing heavy original joints into solid mixing. After releasing more of a dubstep chill vibe on recent EP release he shows us all he still got the bass flowing out with his signature glitchy highs and booming bass.

This man is soaring to the top of the list. I’ll never forget when first heard his tracks over year ago now and thinking wow I want to see this guy live! This mix is a prime example of what I want to be doing in the future. Be able to just play all tracks that I’ve done and just rock out yet have emotions attached no matter how low the freq go.

Mimosa – False Idols Mix

Track List:
1. MiM0SA – iN Search of Beauty
2. PantyRaid vs. MiM0SA – Chaos Control
3. MiM0SA – Days Go By (ReMiXx)
4. MartyParty vs. MiM0SA – The Perfect Flaw
5. MiM0SA – Looking Back
6. MiM0SA – California Rude Boy
7. MiM0SA – LSD Excursions
8. NastyNasty – Python Kiss (MiM0SA ReMiXxx)
9. MiM0SA – Money to Blow (ReMiXxx)
10. MiM0SA – Bamboo
11. MiM0SA – Ride The Snake

Big up Mimosa!
Keep it fresh and don’t let the fame get to you.

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Mimosa – Psychedelic Stereo

time February 22nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: Mimosa
Title: Psychedelic Stereo
Cat # Muti052
UPC # 705105139401
1. Psychedelic Stereo    3:37
2. Pandora                     3:18
3. Keys To The City        3:28
4. Julia’s Labyrinth         3:03

Mimosa is one of my favorite artists on Muti Music for sure. But I really don’t know what to think about this one. I can’t say it’s bad but it’s not the Mimosa that I’m used to hear. Mimosa has focused less on the bass this time and implemented a more sound a bit more influenced from ordinary Dub music.

“Psychedelic Stereo” is by no means a bad record but I don’t get the same wicked feeling that I got from the last output “Flux for Life”, but that one on the other hand was one of my absolute favorites when it comes to this kind of music. I assume that “Flux for Life” was such a bomb that my expectations for this one was somewhat to high.

We get four new tracks; the titel track, “Pandora”, “The Keys to the City” and “Julia’s Labyrith”.
All and all a good release from Mimosa and Muti but not the as good as I had hoped for.

Mimosa @ Myspace
Muti Music

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