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The Energy of WMC… Winter Music Conference vibes and music!

time March 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Winter Music Conference brings Miami to life. As an avid partier throughout the year I look forward to WMC every year, despite knowing that driving and parking will be a bitch.

Growing up and being raised in Miami, the Conference is one of the most prized weeks of the year. Most locals don’t even realize how large the WMC really is until they go out and remember that Ultra isn’t the only thing that is going on.

WMC isn’t only about the music; it’s about the energy. Hate to say it, but sometimes not every night out brings that driving force and inspiration. Every event in Miami rakes in a crowd; after all it seems that people like to be sleep deprived in this city. What makes WMC different is the energy of EVERYONE from all over the world coming together. There is so much excitement, dancing, and music to be shared.

You can go out every night of the year and pray to get one night to be like a typical WMC party. If you even get close, it’s an instant win. I take pride in being in front of every stage and dancing till it hurts. I always can gauge the night based on a simple look behind me and see if there are people moving. It’s all about the energy and crowd. Let yourself go in the sea of strangers and bouncing up and down with a drink in one hand and the other in the air.

Go out there this year and put your passion into the music and dance! DJs feed off of this and sometimes you’ll be surprised how many people in the crowd will join you after you started dancing. Who cares how you look or how off beat you feel. Let the music and energy take over. Just go out and have fun!

Make this experience worth every second as it makes it better for everyone.

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