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Afro’s In Miami Bitch! | Thugstep/Glitch-Hop Mix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

It hasn’t been a secret on here that I’ve relocated back to my hometown Miami. Truth is I haven’t really made it a point to tell anyone except my close friends. The music community is so vastly different here and knew I was giving up a lot moving back to this market. It’s not meant to be taken in a negative sense. Unfortunately the music I’ve been playing/pushing doesn’t really have much presence here. We all know the meccas are Colorado & California.

I was lucky enough to discover a market in Texas that allowed me to do what I’ve always wanted to do… Play glitch-hop. I became extremely involved in Texas and turned my life focus on music for the most part. I’d go out every night and actually network/talk to people. I’ve always been shy and moved to Texas only knowing my roommate. Texas was a scary move but once I got there it took me for one of the best rides of my life. I was only in Texas for a year but it feels like I was there for over five years. The amount of talented artist is overwhelming! The festival crowd is full force and plenty of homegrown events.

Now that I’m back in Miami I’ve started an entirely new lifestyle. I know that bass music popularity has reached a new height but it has also left me much to be desired. I don’t want to become that bitter old man complaining non-stop. I’ve decided to put this mix out there to target the Miami audience and nightlife but at the same time tip my hat goodbye to this sort of style. It’s fun, party, dance, and rave out music but truth is I’m burnt out and have been for some time now I’m sure. If you follow me on FB and Twitter you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m a mid range bass hater. Yes, I admit it.

It’s time to focus on a positive new attitude and something different that will brighten my spirits. 2012 will be the start of many new things. As I said my lifestyle is quite different now. I don’t go out anymore and I’m going back to my anti-social recluse ways. My nights consist of me laying around my dream apartment on the beach listening to chill out lounge music and playing video games. My roots are in trip-hop/downtempo/lounge. I’ve decided to focus on that for 2012 and create a sister site that will built around that vibe. Expect a soft beta launch around Feb 2012.

This doesn’t mean this site will be executed!!! Ed and Tara have been doing an incredible job and I’ll still be writing post but come to understand I won’t be as active. It’s time to expand the market. I’ll still be around at all the events but keep in mind Miami doesn’t offer acts that I’ve been spoiled with while living in Texas. The bass scene is very alive here but it’s very brostep/moombah oriented which truthfully I can’t vibe with. Along with the sister site launch there will be a new weekly event that will be created to support the new movement here. I’m super excited to see how this pans out.

Now about this mix. It was designed on the fly to get you moving and sing along. There are times where I need to get motivated to go out to the club or bar and these tunes get me all hyped. They are mostly top 40 remixes with me giving them an extra umphhh to them and adding my glitches live. It’s been over a month since I’ve played or even mixed since I’ve been so busy with the move. Not to mention like I said I’ve kept myself isolated in Miami so not looking actively to play out. It was fun to rock out in my new studio to this. Anxious to see what the reception of this mix will be.

I hope you enjoy and have a happy new year!!!


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Slippery Slopes – Miami Glitch –

time June 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Miami Glitch host a weekly radio show on Every Monday from 11pm-1am EST we meet up and play a two hour show. Munkz, Claro, and I play Dubstep, Glitch, Glitch Hop, Crunk, Bass, etc… We also host special guest Miami Djs or who ever is in-town. We generally record our mixes every week. These mixes are done completely live and NOT edited in any way. Keep in mind we usually are kicking it drinking beers and hanging out so don’t be so harsh on our mixing =P

I plan on building a separate category that will provide you with a set of download links to our previous shows. Right now things are a bit unorganized but I’ll eventually get to this. I hope you enjoy the music!

Munkz & Afro Monk – June 14th 2010- E3 Mix –

Claro, Munkz, & Afro Monk – June 21st 2010 – Summer Solstice –

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Slippery Slopes on May 24th – Trip Sessions

time June 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


May 24th, 2010 we were live on for our weekly Slippery Slopes radioshow. It’s been awhile since I post one of our mixes. This show features Munkz vs Claro for the first hour. The second hour consist of special guest Gooddroid for 35mins and myself, Afro Monk, for the last 25min. I didn’t expect to play but ended up jumping on the APC40 last minute, was feeling real gooood.

You can check out our show every Monday from 11pm-1am EST on
Brought to you by: Miami Glitch

Afro Monk – Munkz – Claro

Slippery Slopes – May Trip Sessions

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Get Low – Machine Drum, Romulo, Afro Monk, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, & Bunnyfuzz

time May 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Get Low Machine Drum Afro MonkGet Low Machine Drum Afro Monk Flyer

Machine Drum once a Florida resident comes back to show people what’s up with the funk, boogie, and dance grooves. Expect hella dope set from him that will leave you wanting more. It’s always a pleasure to see a live DJ with pads dropping live beats and samples over tracks. Be sure to check out his event he host in NY, cassettenyc!

I’m beyond excited to share a stage with such a prolific producer. Also on the bill is Romulo from Soul Oddity. I can’t wait to relive the set I caught during WMC. This man is a pioneer for electronic music in Miami. One of the founders of Schematic records which has put Miami on the map for many around the world. Pay your respects to this man because he has done a lot for the music scene here. He is one of the people I look up to and consider a role model of what I’m doing myself here in Miami.

Lets get this out here in the public. I promise to bring you some fresh new sounds. My motto of this site is “Keep it Fresh!” and that is what I plan to do this Thursday at Vagabond. The set I plan on dropping will have a heavy glitchy bass feel with popular tracks we all have heard remixed with some big drops. I’m calling this my Glitchy Bass Set. Majority of it will be dubstep but with an added glitch feel sprinkled with some Glitch Hop.

Be sure to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gooddroid and Munkz!
Now for all the details of the event!

SHAKE joins up with BassHead Music to GET LOW once again at Vagabond! MACHINE DRUM is flying down from New York to bring a fresh new sound to your favorite monthly bass party.

Machine Drum (Normrex/Merck/NYC)
Romulo (Schematic/Phoenecia/Soul Oddity)
Afro Monk (Miami Glitch/
Juan Basshead (BassHead Music)
Gooddroid (Down)
Bunnyfuzz (Smut+Bass/WVUM)

Visuals by VJ MUNKZ

MCs Jumanji + Nome

FUNKTION1 Sound System to fill your BASS needs!

Resident DJs DS, A-Train, Alex Caso + The Whisper keep the SHAKE soundsystem going in the other two rooms.

Ladies Free before Midnight.

No Cover all night with your GET LOW Tshirt! If you don’t have one yet, hit up
RSVP to for No Cover before 11pm.

$1 Colt 45 til 11pm, $5 Cuba Libre all night!

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Slippery – Miami’s Glitch Night! Fridays at Club Cinema

time April 15th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,


Miami Glitch presents the return of Slippery! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our WMC event, Slippery. We’ve teamed up with the crew who does DOWN at Club Cinema for a monthly event!

DOWN was a weekly event on Sundays at Cinema but officially switches to every Friday now. They will remain downstairs bringing you the best in Dubstep. Every last Friday of the month Slippery will be taking over the upstairs area for some banging Glitch Hop, IDM, and BASS!

April 30th 2010 marks the beginning of all these upcoming changes.

DOWN will be bringing in Richie August from Chicago. He has been doing some big things and has teamed up with Claw to form Hulk. It will be a special treat for Miami. The full line up downstairs includes: Richie August, Gooddroid, The Reazin, Grey Ghost, Ashworth, Chuck Nasty, Somejerk, & Bunnyfuzz.

Slippery will be treating Miami with a Dub Hop duo residing in Phoenix, Protohype. Protohype brings a sound that mixes typical dubstep with some glitchy crunk hop hop beats. They will not disappoint! Mr. Feathers will also be doing a special set for the night. He is excited to take up the challenge of doing Glitch Hop something he has never played before. The full line up includes: Protohype, Mr.Feathers, Afro Monk, Claro, The Munkz, El Topo, and C85.

Upstairs will also feature live art from Miami’s own Kazilla! She has been causing quite a stir with her lovely painting skills. Don’t miss out on this special event!

Hopefully this will mark a special time where Miami will have a new restructured weekly spot to check out all sorts of fresh new bass music. When Slippery isn’t upstairs doing the glitch-hop stuff Miami Glitch will also be running a unique lounge night. We hope to bring you a chill laid back groove while we play some hip hop, trip-hop, downtempo, and many artist from the infamous Ninjatune label. Our mission is to bring something new and different. Starting a lounge trip-hop night has always been a goal of mine and hope we can bring you a fresh new weekly hang out spot.

Here is a short 10min mini mix put together by Claro to show you all what type of sound you can expect to hear at the event!

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SPECTRE – WMC Promo Mix 2008

time January 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,


This week’s Fire Friday Mix comes from S.P.E.C.T.R.E!!!
This mix was put together as WMC 2008 Promo Mix.
All I have to say is get ready for WMC 2010 because it’s going be BIG!
I’ve been working with and contacting talent.
Right now we just are waiting for an official date.
Lets just say you’ll be hearing a LOT of stuff like this from us.

Big up to Spectre!
Looking forward to meeting up with him whenever he hits up Miami.

Miami Glitch 2010′

Glitch Mashup Phil Collins Dubstep
WMC 2008 Promo Mix

1. Michael Fakesch – Don’t Stop
2. Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight
3. Sebastian – HAL
4. An Ten Nae – Looking Out The Window
>Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (acapella)
5. AMB – Theory
>Busta Rhymes w/ Missy Elliot – How We Do It Over Here (acapella loop)
6. Lawgivers – LAM
>50 Cent w/ Justin Timberlake & Timbaland – Ayo Technology (acapella loop)
7. Gold Digger – Kraddy Remix
8. Future Prophecies – The Roof Is On Fire (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. remix)
9. Keak Da Sneak – 4 Freaks
10. Jantsen – Sideshow rmxxx
11. Mochipet – Justin Timberlakecore
12. Tipper – Swipe
>Birdman w/ Lil Wayne – Pop Bottles (acapella)
13. Trillbass – Bring It Live
>TI – What You Know (acapella)
14. Don Goliath & Nemo – Hips, Lips, Tits & Ass

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Glitchmas Party!

time December 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Glitchmas Party

I was asked awhile back by my amazing new friend, Adam aka Munkz, if I wanted to DJ a house party. It would have to be a glitch hop funk oriented set similar to Pretty Lights show we had recently been to. I Agreed.

Women are silly creatures and turns out party was a no go at their place. I let Adam know that I have no problem moving the event to my house. I’ve been working on this parties set for awhile and had tons of friends asking if they could attend this event. He said forsure and December 18th is my first small glitch event. I’ve been hard at work and in a matter of less than a month I’ve picked up Ableton and APC40. It’s going to be the start of something BIG!

The party is a few days away now and feel fairly comfortable and ready for this. Instead of recording a live mix for December I plan on recording my set at this party and releasing it as my December mix.

Get ready Miami I’m going to try my best to bring this glitch sound to the mainstream as much as I can. Makes me sad when I see the events that go on the other side of the States. Miami, I believe in you and hope you embrace this.

Expect a more IDM Glitch mix for January. December has been more oriented to the glitch-hop and going to start 2010 with more of a mellow IDM feel of glitch.

After I record this mix on Friday hopefully it’ll be the last piece of my resume for Glitch.FM. This might get me the radioshow I’ve always wanted and goal for 2009 reached.

Big things popping in 2010!

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Glitch FM – Featured Djs – Sugarpill & .Spec

time September 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


The past two month or so I’ve sort of moved on a bit from Dubstep. Don’t get me wrong I love the music but I wanted something new and fresh. It almost seems like the dubstep bug is fading in me. I’ve always known about Glitch but never really followed it more than the typical artist like The Glitch Mob. After digging a bit deeper into Glitch and what it has to offer I fell in love with the Glitch Hop sound. It’s exotic yet so familiar.

After finding out all the latest and biggest stars in Glitch Hop I wanted more. I found Glitch FM recently and haven’t looked back. This community of people running Glitch FM is the real deal. They have been extremely friendly and open. Recently have been trying to get invovled and push this further. It’s hard when the Glitch Hop movement is predominately in the East Coast but I hope to change that with time. I’ve recently talked to many people active in the Glitch FM community. I’ve had small discussions with two of the DJs that have a weekly on the show, Sugarpill & .Spec.


The first night I ended up tuning into Glitch FM it so happened to be right during a live radio show done by Sugarpill. The mix was heavy and just piled high with exclusives and unreleased tracks. I’ll never forget that set and specific tracks in the set. Later found out during the set that Sugarpill use to live in FL but recently relocated to CA. Mentioned was in Miami and BAMMM one of Otto’s tracks comes on. Great to hear a FL DJ represent! Looking forward to tuning into his next set on Thursday night. Here is a mix I’ve uploaded… If you haven’t heard much Glitch Hop this is a great introduction. This mix is a big inspiration for me and what I want to do. Don’t sleep on this mix because its BIGGG! Check out Sugarpill online.

Sugarpill’s Whompsticle Mix!


Another DJ I met was .Spec online. I didn’t get to catch his set live but did chat with him for a bit. He even gave me some DJ tips and real cool guy. He’s over there in Seattle for Decibel Festival. Talked about some of the different styles of mixing and DJs out there. Overall real good insight into somethings. I checked out some of his mixes online that he provided me with. Even jamming to one of them as I type this up. Definitely digging his style and no crazy bass just solid tracks blended perfectly together. You can catch his show on Saturday nights. You can also pick up some of his mixes on his site .Spec907

Check out .Spec’s Rev4.2.1 Galatea Mix

I’ve recently discussed starting a night of just glitch here in Miami. It’s a bit of a long shot but would love to be part of something new here in Miami. This is such a large metropolitan city and if I’m in it right now, there is no reason to start something that would invovled with music. I’m a huge believer that this style of music could be extremely welcomed here and no reason to be West Coast exclusive. For now I’ll just keep practicing and hope to improve my skills to maybe even spin some of this music so people can hear it out. Got to bring something different to the table as a DJ so you are remembered as a good friend put it…

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