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Sounduo | I Would Do Anything | Exclusive!

time December 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Sounduo, is the greatest act I know in the Florida region. I can say that with tremendous confidence. I was lucky enough to interview them a few months ago when I lived in Dallas and thrilled to hear of such an act had finally appeared in the Miami area.

Now that I’ve moved back to Miami everyone has been asking me how things are out here. The truth is I knew I was signing my death note for my music career moving out here. The Miami bass scene targets more of the mainstream dubstep fans and not so much of the glitch-hop west coast scene. Don’t get me wrong Miami Dubstep is alive and thriving but it’s quite different from what I’d consider myself part of. The first week-end I was in town I heard about Archnemesis playing a show, which totally blew me away because I had never heard of anyone like Archnemesis coming into town since I left the city. Turns out that Sounduo was opening for them for a few dates in FL. I was thrilled to finally hear and see these guys play live.

WOW. These guys are incredible performers and have their own unique sound which mixes their dub, reggae, and bass roots together into a great package. Zach absolutely crushes it on drums live and Will is behind many controllers playing live keys during many of their songs. They play all originals and can expect them to glitch it up just how we all love and even some massive bass drops. Needless to say I was impressed and consider them one of the best live acts with a drummer in the game.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to become friends with these guys and man they’re totally legit. They’ve got a lot ahead of them and have a great outlook on everything all around. I’m honored anytime they come over to jam out or play live on my show. They truly give me hope for the Miami local scene in regards to what I’d consider myself part of. The Archnemesis show showed me some light for this city. There was a super chill crowd and even could pick out about 5-6 Grassroots California hats in the crowd which usually is a good sign.

Overall these are guys you want to keep your eye out for. Their debut release is due out on Made in Glitch which makes me really happy to hear. I assure you everyone who fancies most of the music we post on here will love their upcoming release. Now for the real treat. They contacted me recently that they were working on a tune specifically for the site. It has been awesome getting to know them and playing beside them in my studio and we’ve gotten to discuss what sort of sound I enjoy and am trying to accomplish. The track they send over totally took me by surprise. It’s EPIC. A 7min long tune that sends chills down my body just because after hanging out with them they’ve created something so perfect that fits exactly what I would want to represent

I’ll also be working on some new stuff with them in near future, which makes me scream with excitement.

Much love to Will and Zach!
Expect that Made in Glitch release soon!

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Sounduo | Artist Spotlight

time May 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Sounduo is a collaboration of Zach and Will which brings a live element to what many of us call dubstep or dub hop. Zach plays drums live while Will is behind the computer and guitar. Right now they are located in Miami where they met at The U (University of Miami). Will is originally from DC and Zach from Orlando. They are revolutionizing the game in Miami and proud to give them some light.

These two are bringing to life a new sound to Miami and can’t be happier to hear about them. As I was born and raised in Miami starting a DJ career there can be tough. The market there is one of the toughest and cliche out there. You’ll find your typical big names out there that everyone knows but extremely difficult to find something new and cutting edge in the moment out there. When Sounduo was brought to my attention it gave me hope for the future of Miami. Incorporating live instruments into the dubstep game isn’t a new thing but for Miami this is leaps and bounds compared to what is going on there. You’ll be lucky to find a dubstep producer out there who plays their own material let alone one or two of their tracks when I last was there. After watching a few videos and tracks on soundcloud I had to write about them. These guys are easily the best producers I’ve heard who reside in Miami.

Sounduo plays all originals and would be described as digital dub. They are heavily influenced by dub music and reggae. Now add the electronic vibe of dubstep, throw in some hip-hop beats, add some live musicians, and you’ve got yourself the formula of Sounduo. They are not the only ones doing the live thing as Miami has been curating some other live bands which seem to be uniting, Afrobeta, organicArma, and Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions.

The thing that got me most excited about Sounduo is that this only means more is to come and the East coast is starting to catch up. I can not tell you how big the contrast is in music compared to the both. Having live electronic groups appearing is just the start but I believe after talking to Zach and Will there is a lot ahead.

Sounduo will be planning a Florida tour in July and expect to hear a lot more from these two. I can’t wait to go back home to Miami to visit and get to kick it with them. After talking to them for awhile over Skype it makes me so happy to have an act like that to support in Miami. I can totally see these guys on the festie circuit real soon.

Much respect goes out to Zach and Will!

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Dubporn Records | Gooddroid & Gray Ghost Mixes

time February 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Dubporn Records is getting ready to launch! Founded by the infamous Gooddroid! Adrianna is originally from Brooklyn New York and been in Miami for about 9 years now. She has made such a major impact on the EDM community in Florida. Gooddroid could most likely be credited to be the first DJ to ever play Dubstep in Florida. She started a bi-weekly event called DOWN which is the longest going Deep Dubstep night in Miami. Don’t expect any Rusko or Datsik played on her nights. DOWN has featured some of the biggest names in Dubstep such as Joe Nice, Faulty DL, Headhunter, and Scuba. Not only does Adrianna run that ongoing event but she also is a major player in many of the other events that goes on in Miami. Many of the major acts such as Distance, Hulk, Matty G, Nick Argon, etc have come into town thanks to her. She is also a resident DJ for the massive Get Low party that brings some of the biggest heavy hitting brostep DJs from all over the world. Adrianna has no genre limits and can do it all. She’ll drop one of the sexiest sets early in the night and then dash over to play along side people like Borgore when he’s in town. Chances are if you’re remotely into Dubstep in Miami you’ve seen her play more than a handful of times as I call her the “Queen of Miami Dubstep”.  LOL She’s going to kill me for writing that!

Adrianna is now starting her new project, Dubporn Records. She is bringing together a collection of good friends together to launch a new label that features some of the future bass sounds to the table. Expect quality releases in the near future from this labels as Adrianna has made many friends along the way of her music career. Expect one of the first releases from Miami raised Gray Ghost. Brandon is one of my favorite people in Miami and always has such a great attitude when it comes to music. Also in the works are releases from Chismosa and Munkz. Get ready fans of deep dubstep and funky juke vibes.

Here is a special mix Gooddroid put together to give everyone a taste of what she really loves. Expect vibes like these to be the theme of Dubporn. This mix is perfect for any mood. I’ve listened to it a few times already and have to say its one of my favorite mixes of this year in this style of music.

1. Grimelock- My Balance
2. Objekt- The Goose That Got Away
3. C.R.S.T.- The Bells (girl unit remix)
4. DZ- My Moon My Dub
5. George Fitzgerald- Don’t You
6. Jamie Grind- Now You Know
7. KG- I’m feeling funky
8. Mortem- Reversed Motion
9. Royal-T- The Whistle Song
10. Amerie- One Thing (French Fries Remix)
11. Boddika- When I Dip
12. Julio Bashmore- Ask Yourself
13. Kode9- Black Sun (Chismosa’s real lumidee edit)
14. Rachet- Electrical Bass Sweep
15. Unknown- LFO
16. Egyptrixx- The Only Way Up (Ikonika Remix)
17. Sepalcure- No Think
18. Unknown Shapes- If I should Die
19. Maddslinky- Further Away

Also pick up this fresh mix from Dubporn artist Gray Ghost!

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Afro Monk | Interview

time December 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

I had the honor of being interviewed for a blog filled with some extremely talented people who are making things happen in the music community. I figure some of you might want to know little bit about one of the people behind this site. I’m beyond blessed to have such a following. The past couple of months of my life have been unreal. Texas has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Have to thank all the people I’ve met here and all the people who support me online. It’s a pleasure to share all this music with you all. I just hope you all remember to stay true to yourself. Do everything because you Love it.

Thank you again to Elena for the interview. Glad to see how much coverage everyone is getting. Believe and go out there and things will make its way around. I wish I could respond to everyone but I never imagined for this to become what it was. Thank you to all the artist out there expressing themselves. It’s truly a honor to have people share so much with me.

Be sure to check out my recent mix to get a small idea of what comes about all the music my friends send me. Going to be posting a new mix once I hit 1,000 followers for Winter! Hope you all enjoyed the amazing show in the sky for the Winter Solstice! Thank you again to everyone who has come to visit this site.

Happy Holidays! Will be seeing my top 5 for 2010 soon!

INTERVIEW: Afro Monk Interview

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Get Low | Miami Dubstep | Hatcha

time July 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Miami Dubstep is back with its biggest monthly, Get Low! This is one of the biggest Get Low events and celebrating it’s 15th addition with none other than Hatch! One of the original founders of the Dubstep sound is coming to Miami.

I’m happy to announce this one as well because home boy Munkz is making his Get Low debut! Spent some time with him and heard some of the tracks from his recent pool, damn. Looking forward to his set, he’s totally going to bring it. Other djs playing are resident Juan Basshead and supporting DJs bringing you the latest in dubstep are FTG of Partnerz N Grime, Gizmatix,and DS.

Get Low is as always at Vagabond in Downtown, 30 NE 14th St.
RSVP to for Reduced Cover before 11pm.

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Get Low – Machine Drum, Romulo, Afro Monk, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, & Bunnyfuzz

time May 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Get Low Machine Drum Afro MonkGet Low Machine Drum Afro Monk Flyer

Machine Drum once a Florida resident comes back to show people what’s up with the funk, boogie, and dance grooves. Expect hella dope set from him that will leave you wanting more. It’s always a pleasure to see a live DJ with pads dropping live beats and samples over tracks. Be sure to check out his event he host in NY, cassettenyc!

I’m beyond excited to share a stage with such a prolific producer. Also on the bill is Romulo from Soul Oddity. I can’t wait to relive the set I caught during WMC. This man is a pioneer for electronic music in Miami. One of the founders of Schematic records which has put Miami on the map for many around the world. Pay your respects to this man because he has done a lot for the music scene here. He is one of the people I look up to and consider a role model of what I’m doing myself here in Miami.

Lets get this out here in the public. I promise to bring you some fresh new sounds. My motto of this site is “Keep it Fresh!” and that is what I plan to do this Thursday at Vagabond. The set I plan on dropping will have a heavy glitchy bass feel with popular tracks we all have heard remixed with some big drops. I’m calling this my Glitchy Bass Set. Majority of it will be dubstep but with an added glitch feel sprinkled with some Glitch Hop.

Be sure to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gooddroid and Munkz!
Now for all the details of the event!

SHAKE joins up with BassHead Music to GET LOW once again at Vagabond! MACHINE DRUM is flying down from New York to bring a fresh new sound to your favorite monthly bass party.

Machine Drum (Normrex/Merck/NYC)
Romulo (Schematic/Phoenecia/Soul Oddity)
Afro Monk (Miami Glitch/
Juan Basshead (BassHead Music)
Gooddroid (Down)
Bunnyfuzz (Smut+Bass/WVUM)

Visuals by VJ MUNKZ

MCs Jumanji + Nome

FUNKTION1 Sound System to fill your BASS needs!

Resident DJs DS, A-Train, Alex Caso + The Whisper keep the SHAKE soundsystem going in the other two rooms.

Ladies Free before Midnight.

No Cover all night with your GET LOW Tshirt! If you don’t have one yet, hit up
RSVP to for No Cover before 11pm.

$1 Colt 45 til 11pm, $5 Cuba Libre all night!

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Miami Dubstep Events

time October 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Dubstep is gaining some groups all over the world. I am fortunate enough to be in a solid location for Dubstep. Miami has become a common place for electronic DJs from all over the world to visit since the Winter Music Conference (WMC) is held here.

For the past couple of years we’ve had the pleasure to see someone of the greatest and pioneers in Dubstep visit us. We have to thank all the promoters and investors because we’ve become quite spoiled.

With the success of these events more parties have been able to happen. At the current time there is a chance you can hit up a solid party with the underground sounds of Drum & Bass and Dubstep every week. If you live in Miami or just a visitor be sure to check out any of these events.

Get Low at Vagabond
This is the big party everyone waits for. It always has a promising line up.  Never have gone to one of these events and not had a great time. Not to mention Vagabond sports a sick Funktion One sound system and never disappoints.

Upcoming artist: Borgore, Joker with Nomad, & Noah D (maybe?)

Arcade at White Room (Saturday’s)
This is a brand new night that has big promises all over it. My major concern is the setup for some of these big DJs. I have yet to go to an event there where there was no issue with sound or technical difficulties. I’m sure they’ll have it in control with all these big names passing through.

Upcoming artist: Bassnectar, Klever, Drop the Lime, & Rusko

Dubbed Out at Hulas (Thursday’s)
This has more of an underground feel from even stepping into the venue. Construction isn’t done but they’ve agreed to keep the party going on. Tons of old sounds of Drum & Bass with some Dubstep and Reggae

Stank Love at Jazid (Last Saturday of Month)
I’ve gone to a couple of these and got to love the feel of this event. It’s at Jazid which is a great venue for these parties. Upstairs the bass is pumping and just enough room to dance around. Even features live artist at times.

Takeover at Maracas (second Saturday of month)
I’ve yet to check this event out but from what I’ve heard its a smasher. Can’t go wrong mixing Tacos and Bass. You’ll be sure to find some dubstep in the wide variety of sounds going on there with the Digital Felon crew.

Digital:Insight at Fat Cats (ever first Monday of month)
This is another event I have yet to show up for. I have been to Fat Cats and it’s a chill bar. Have great memories of the last time I went out to Fat Cats. One of best nights of the year =)

Drum and Dub at The Living Room (Wednesday’s)
I’ve yet to go to this location ever. The line up is always solid with some of the favorite local Dubstep DJs. This is another event I need to make some time for during the week.

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Miami Dubstep – Arcade Saturdays at White Room

time October 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

bassnectar whiteroom

Miami Dubstep – There’s a new weekly night in town starting October 17th, Arcade at White Room. This is going to be another big event every week to add to the dubstep scene here in Miami. The first night to kick off brings in legendary DJ Bassnectar back to Miami. Bassnectar is one of the biggest acts around that brings the bass and energy levels to new heights. He headlined one of the nights at Lollapalooza this year and there’s unbelievable footage of it on the net that you should check out.

The week after that on October 24th they have Drop the Lime stopping by. I know a lot of people are anticipating checking that night. I’m sure you’ll see a large diverse group of people that night. Drop the Lime has made quite a name for himself running the Trouble & Bass label. He sounds take from all sorts of roots and blends it into this trendy bass loving sound that people have come to love.

Halloween lands on a Saturday so you know what that means… Halloween party and a special guest, 12th Planet. As of now I don’t have set plans for Halloween but this might be a consideration for the night. 12th Planet aka Infiltra comes all the way from the West Coast to rock it. I caught him a WMC party at White Room and he plays some fresh cuts. Let’s see what my Halloween brings me…

November 7th right now is listed as Mixhell on the bill. While to be completely honest I’ve never heard of the Mixhell project I’m sure it might be something work checking out considering it’s a husband and wife dou. From reading up quite a bit about them it seems like they are quite diverse in their sound. Igor Cavalera, was the drummer for Sepultura and has tons of projects he works on. This might be something different and going to see what happens that night. I’ve seen Caspa’s name come up for this same night so we’ll see what happens.

November 14th brings Klever. This one I’m quite excited about. I’m hoping that Craze joins him for this set. Klever is one of the best turntablist right now in my opinion and when he teams up with Craze it gets WILD. This is a show I definitely plan on attending and really hope they have the setup where you can actually catch him scratching. This should be a great night if there are no issues with the decks or needle bouncing.

That is quite a line up for a new weekly event. Saturday’s definitely seem to have gotten a lot better here in Miami for bass lovers. After Nov 14th there is an empty gap that I’m sure will get filled up but we do know that Rusko is coming into town December 19th. Rusko absolutely murders dance floors. I’ll never forget the night I first saw him live at WMC. He is one of the coolest nicest guys out there.

If there any event I’m looking forward too its Bassnectar and definitely Rusko!
I’m sure this is only the start of more good things to come to Miami.

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Miami Dubstep DJs

time October 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,

miami dubstep

Miami Dubstep is alive and recently made a post highlighting the glorious Get Low event at Vagabond and all the big acts that have come through Miami. What I didn’t get into was the local DJs that help represent our city of bass.

This is for all you DJs that have repped Dubstep and play out in the clubs!
This is a list of local DJs that I know of that actually have been playing out in recent months.
Please let me know if you want to be added to this list.


Juan Basshead

This is one of the head honchos of the club we use to love Laundry Bar aka Black Sheep. He is one of the main reasons Miami has been blessed with some of the biggest names in Dubstep and Drum & Bass. He use to go by Burn but has converted to the new alias of Juan Basshead. Basshead comes from his established label with A-Sides that has put out some big records. This man does it all. He brings his own style of music into every set leaving tracks stuck in our heads and showing all of us was the meaning of dubplate really is, EXCLUSIVE SHIT! He’s world renown pretty much haha and friendly with some of the biggest names in the Dubstep scene. Despite all that and the fame he’s one of the most down to Earth guys and straight forward people. Juan doesn’t really put out many mixes out but you can be sure to catch him spinning at almost every big Dubstep event going on in the city, even outside of Miami sometimes! He recently was on the UM radio station promoting Get Low and Basshead Records…

otto von shirach

Otto Von Schirach

This guy is a mastermind. One of the oddest people from what I can tell and that’s a compliment. I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking to him but have caught him numerous times live. He is a pioneer in the genre of Breakcore and has put out TONS of material out. He’s one of those guys who travels all around but makes it know that he is from Miami. His live performances are nothing sort of amazing. It’s more of a show than a DJ set when he has Peasant with Feathers alongside. He has been a huge contributor bringing new and diverse sounds to Miami. I’ll never forget the two nights I’ve caught him with Venetian Snares. Another big artist he has worked with is Modeselektor on their album Happy Birthday! Despite his major involvement in breakcore you can catch him spinning Dubstep at Get Low events. Be sure to check out any of his albums and latest release on Basshead Records.



This guy is one of the first names I heard of when I started a search for Dubstep in Miami. He is one of the few producers of the dubstep sound and remember listening to Sobriety back when it was first put on his myspace. This man brings a serious passion for the music and is always hard at work. He currently represents Digital Felons and works on tons of projects. You can be sure he’ll always be up to date on the latest news in music. He also runs a new blog Pattern Awareness where you can find out all the latest scoop. SomeJerk has opened up for some of the largest names that have come around town. His sets are electrifying and just keep getting better and better every time I catch him spinning. If he’s not up there blasting tunes he’s on the dance floor throwing down skanking hard. Be sure to catch him at any of the dubstep events like Stank Love, Digital:Insight, Takeover, etc…



Another lover of all types of electronic music Gooddroid. She plays from Dubstep to UK Funky and will have you dancing it up all night. She’s no stranger to dubstep playing in almost all the venues that have brought the Dubstep sound to Miami. Her sets are full of every style and sound out there especially the dub feel. I’ll never forget her set at Vagabond for Get Low with N-Type. She closed it off with 16Bit – Shallow remix, first time had heard that track be dropped in a big system. I def need to make time to catch more of her sets life considering she’s been busy spinning at new events such as Drum & Dub and Dubbed Out.



Don’t know much about this dude besides that he seems to be running the sound control stuff at the Get Low nights. Only have caught some of his sets but he brings the fire tunes. He is sure to be a regular at the Get Low events and hitting up tons of other locations around town lately repping Dubstep tunes. I’m sure this is only the start for him and will continue to play out.


Damaged Goods

I’ve recently caught Damaged Goods set at White Room when Skream & Benga came. Damn to be honest right now this guys set is what impressed me most of that night. It was just solid track after solid track. Don’t get me wrong Juan, Skream, and Benga brought it but Damaged Goods set is the one that stood out too me. After doing some research it seems like he is no stranger to playing out and playing along side big names. This is one DJ that I got to make sure I check out whenever he plays out, although many places he has spun at I avoid. He seems to be a resident for the new night, Arcade, at White Room.



I don’t know much about this cat except that he does throw down dubstep tunes. It seems like his styles are quite diverse and comes from a hip-hop scratching feel. He seems to have a base in Orlando but came over to Miami. He is part of the Collective squad, he is bringing the night back to the News Cafe. Seems like another Jazid in the making where there will be live painting on nude women and live art with Escher bringing the beats. This is def a night I got to check out.


El Topo

This guy is one down mofo. He produces all sorts of tracks and runs a small label here in Miami. I’m a big fan of some of his tracks and hope to see more come out of him. He’s one of those guys into all sorts of stuff such as anime, gaming, and just about anything fun. Haven’t had the chance of catching any of his DJ sets but hope he gets the chance to play out one of these days. He proforms with a mask on so should be exciting.


George Young

This man is on the grind and trying to show not on Miami whats up but all over the world. You can probably find him in the studio right now working on some beats. He represents Digital Felon and can catch him playing Dubstep tracks but also that Drum & Bass business. He brings heavy energy and his own unique style throwing his own tracks in his mixes. You can catch him throwing down at most events thrown by him and Digital Felons either spinning or on the mic MCing.

This is a work in progress and will be adding some more in the near future… Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to be on a list like this along with these fellow DJs. Right now I’m taking a step back away from Dubstep and diving into a new sound from the West Coast. Big Up to you ALL who play out and show Miami what’s up with Dubstep…

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Miami Dubstep – Get Low at Vagabond

time September 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I’ll never forget the first event I attended where I heard dubstep live, ViRam WMC event and caught Plastician’s 2 hour set. Never had I imagined Miami had such a hidden movement. That night wiped me out for days… We didn’t leave the club till around 5am after Evol Intent closed the night off…

This is when I knew Dubstep was alive in Miami. Months past as I saw all the events going on but never ended up going for undisclosed reason… 2009 brought me back into the scene. Boy was I surprised to see how much stronger the community had grown. Old and new familar faces. After the closing of Black Sheep on South Beach it seemed like things were going to change but no one knew if it was going to be a hamper to the community. Little did we know this was going to bring to light a new event all bassheads would look forward too, Get Low!

The first Get Low brought in talent of Dj Lord of TriLLBaSS! His scratching skills tore through the crowd and hyped everyone for the monumental night which put Get Low on the map. The Vagabond blew up with a new sound that was new to the block. Miami Dubstep had a new night to show off it’s talent and whompy bass orginating back from the old Miami Bass days. The sound was new but everyone felt nostolgic when they felt the low frequences blasting through them. Dj Lord didn’t let up and showed us how a Public Enemy DJ gets down.

I unfortunately missed the 2nd Get Low but boy did the third one KILL it. Get Low 3, Mr. N-Type came all the way from the UK to muder the place. That night was WILD. I actually ended up injuring my foot real bad and paid terribily considering hours later I’d be flying out to Chicago for Lollapalooza. N-Type absolutely showed Miami what was up dropping exclusive dubplates everywhere. The sounds of Benga’s iTunes was a big moment knowing that he was one of the few who was dropping this track. After his set I made sure to introduce myself and give him a huge Big Up for a killer set. He simply replied, “Sure you are a bad man, you were skanking the whole time I saw you”. HAHA Miami Dubstep represent! After flying into Chicago word got out that Get Low broke Vagabond’s record attendance for Thursday. This was a huge statement! Miami Dubstep and Get Low is just getting started…

Joe Nice is one man that lives up to his name! I was disappointed when he missed that night at ViRam but wouldn’t have that memory of 2hr set from Plastician. There is a reason Joe Nice is probably considered one of the biggest American Dubstep DJs, this man is seriously nice as can be. This man only touches wax and the type that you probably won’t see for months. He brought it hard yet with such hypnotic vibes. Bigg tunes from Skream, Calbrie, and Untold dropped. Be sure to check this guy out on his montly radioshow. He’s always cracking jokes and participating in the chat room.

The last to hit the Get Low stage was legend Mala from Digital Mystikz. I had the pleasure of catching Skream and Benga the night before and catch Mala for a short chit chat. It is clear where this man pulls the music from… He’s deep. Talk about a guy who has some dubplates and hypnotic sounds in the bag. Mala showed Miami has repeatedly show this town about meditation on bass is and he didn’t hold back this time at all… Highlight of my night was seeing him drop a record and seeing the word “Tron” on the label spin around… Won’t forget the first time hearing Tron on a big system… Thank you Mala for an unforgetable night. That is one way to put these Get Low events… unforgetable.

Think that line up was big? Ha, Miami get ready because some of the next people lined up for future Get Low’s are MASSIVE. We’ll be seeing Borgore all the way from Isreal bring his filfthy hard whomping bass style to Miami. It’s going to be a sight to see him drop his track “Love” after at the last Get Low it went absolutely mental when it got dropped…  The serioussss sounds of Noah-D will be most likely be in our near future. This man is no stranger to Miami so expect an set of big tunes just for Miami. The big event which has been highly anticipated is one of the member of the Purple Trinity, Joker. Don’t sleep on that because Joker has done no wrong ever since his began releasing his tunes. He doesn’t come alone either. MC Nomad is coming along for the ride to show Miami how he gets down on the mic. It’ll be big to catch Nomad live after listening to him along side Plastician for the past 2 years almost every week.

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