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The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer & Lorn – Low End Theory episode 15 Podcast

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Low End Theory Podcast Episode 15

This weeks Fire Friday Mix goes to none other than The Gaslamp Killer and Lorn. It’s that time of the month that I love! Low End Theory Podcast are something that I look forward to listening too. It’s always a refreshing feeling to hear sets from some of the greatest on the West Coast. I wish I could of gone to Low End Theory last week while I was in LA but had to leave to get back to work. People on the West Coast have no idea how spoiled they are to have such talented DJs as residents. The Low End Theory tracklist is something worth killing for but at the sametime I completely understand why they do not release it. Nothing like the feeling of hearing a fresh track on the podcast and doing everything possible to hunt it down.

Low End Theory Podcast 15 | The Gaslamp Killer & Lorn

Be sure to check out Lorn’s new album, Nothing Else, that is due out June 7th! 2010 is the year of Brainfeeder! Check out the video for Tomorrow by Strangeloop.

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Low End Theory Podcast – Nobody – Take – Episode 14

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The latest from Low End Theory is here. The new episode features mixes from Nobody and Take!

This one has become one of my favorites already. My only complaint is that I want moar! This episode is filled with so much bass weight. Just when you are chillen enjoying a tune BOOM it blows you away with low as you can go frequences. The tracklist is something to be desired. Big up to Daddy Kev, Nobody, Take, and all those who are part of the Low End Theory family. I’d kill to have a weekly even like this on our coast. Hopefully we’ll have them pay a visit to Miami in the future =D

Now follow the link to enjoy the new Episode!

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Dj Nobody & Free the Robot – Low End Theory Podcast!

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Nobody  Free the Robot Low End Theory Podcast

This week LA’s finest club Low End Theory drops a new podcast mix for us! This podcast features Dj Nobody & Free the Robots.

Get ready for some serious BASS! I have yet to listen to any of these podcast and be disappointed. I pride myself on keeping up to date on all the things that come out of West Coast glitch hop scene but never am I able to figure out all the tracks that are dropped. It is my dream to one day step foot on those scared bass grounds of Low End Theory. Soon LA soon!

If you aren’t too familar with Low End Theory it’s a weekly event that goes on in LA. It features some of the hottest and most innovative producers and DJs. You can found on hearing some next level stuff every week. The residents could be headliners in any other city in the world: Daddy Kev, Nobody, GASLAMP KILLER, D-Styles, & Nocando. Expect lots of surprise guest on line-up like Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Ras G, & TokiMonsta, etc…

Low End Theory

To download the 10th edition of the Podcast click here.

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Low End Theory Podcast Episode 9

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If there is one event that I wish I could attend right now it’s Low End Theory in LA. All the allstars are out there and preform on a weekly basis. Low End Theory might be the deciding factor when move out to California in future to be in LA over SF.

What’s wild is that it pops off on a Wenesday. I see all the flyers and event announcements about Low End Theory. One thing that is great besides the event itself is its podcast series.

They are on episode 9 now. Their eposide 8 was explosive and preview of the newest Glitch Mob material. Episode 9 brings us tons of new beats from Daddy Kev and Dibiase.

Be sure to check out all the Podcast from The Low End Theory! Some serious work on these mixes at

Listen to new Episode 9!

Big up LA and the whole Low End Crew…
I’ll be out there soon enough!

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