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Lucidity Festival: Universe | April 11-13 | Live Oak Campground

time February 20th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

What happens when you fuse together festival masterminds, transcendent melodies, awe-inspiring art, sage healers, and inquisitive imaginations in an extraordinary wooded location? A complete synergy that is Lucidity Festival: Universe. This joyful jubilee, held at Live Oak Campground in the Santa Barbara hills on April 11-13, will be sure to please all revelers in attendance. Now in its third year, Lucidity Festival has sprouted from its primary seed and blossomed into an immersive and thriving ethos. Everyone is a participant in this open-source journey; all you need bring along is a sense of curiosity, an open heart, and intentions set on growth and awakening. We will cultivate harmony and collaboration and nourish our souls in unity. Expect the unexpected and be ready to experience a formulaic chaos like none other. Lucidity will be a pleasant reminder for our spirits not to take life so seriously while embodying our truest essence. Prepare for mind warping music and visuals, elaborate art and stage design, thought-provoking workshops, rejuvenating yoga, delectable organic and locally-sourced food, holistic soothing healing, and soul-warming connection.

Tipper. Need I say more? I will never tire of Dave’s intricate and lush soundscapes; seeing him at the Lucid Stage may very well be the highlight of my experience. Love and Light’s bubbly thwomping bass is sure to please. The Human Experience’s “prismatic” stunning melodies will be happily soaked in by listeners. I am beyond excited to witness Haywyre’s performance as I have yet to be graced with his presence. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down. Other favorites on the Lucid Stage bill include Bird of Prey, Mr. Rogers, Digital Rust, Nominous, 2Nutz, Mumukshu, Soulular, Nanda, Alia, and the homie Irieyes. The Alive stage incorporates some most excellent live vibrations with incredible lyricist Eligh, the ever-enchanting Quixotic acrobats, and the positively energetic Poor Man’s Whiskey. The Rainbow Girls will bring some boisterous fun into the mix. Cello Joe will grace the stage with his unique “Classical Hip Hop”.  The party will be continually thriving at the Audiowaska Stage; we’ve got passionate, genre-paving Trevor Kelly, effervescent and melodic MiHKAL, hyphy Stylust Beats, and many more.

Partake in one of Lucidity’s seven villages and its respective archetype; there’s the Vivacious Jaguar of the Goddess Grove, the Courageous Dragon of the Family Garden, the Humble Tiger of Warriors’ Way, the Wild Monkey of Nomads’ Nook, the Loving Dove of Lovers’ Nest, the Wise Owl of the Healers’ Sanctuary, and the Playful Coyote of the Tricksters’ Playground. These niches will each be alive with their unique mood and identity.

Art will be much of the fabric of Lucidity Festival, weaving together a story between the music and the environment, the people and Gaia. With aesthetics ranging from luminous textured installations to obscure and thought-provoking creations, your eyes will feast on the art that is intertwined so seamlessly into the gathering.

Workshops & Healing
Learning is a perpetual process. Expand your mind and senses to ideas unknown before and leave the woods a different and more enlightened being than as you came. Workshops at Lucidity will be inspiring, uplifting, meditative, interactive, creative, informative, empowering, musical… you name it. Don’t miss your chance to grow and perceive together with Wisdom Keepers in the most stunning of outdoor classrooms. Nothing is beyond our cognizance. I can’t wait to practice yoga among the trees with amazing instructors. Healers will also aid in the well-being (mind and body) of participants.

So the Lucidity saga continues, full to the brim with synchronicity and a beautiful sort of pandemonium. Awaken your senses to the visceral thrill of letting go completely among the timbers and sunshine of the rolling Santa Barbara hills. Discover the exquisite divinity that resides within you and all beings alike. Get your tickets for Lucidity here; please contact me at if you would like a discount code.

~~Tara Dactyl~

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Bass Mtn Festival | September 13-16 | Stone Bear River Camps

time September 11th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Bass Mtn Festival, held September 13-16 on the Yuba River outside of Truckee, CA, is exactly what everyone needs to wind down after the Burn yet stay funky and get down. If you weren’t at Burning Man… well, all the more reason to get that much needed bass fix with the fam! Bass Mtn is an intimate gathering designed to cultivate deep seeded friendships old and new. Rather than purchasing a ticket as a commodity like most festivals, participants get memberships for a tribe or family like arrangement that thrives on community and nurturing vibes. In its third year, this festival is going to knock everyone’s socks off with its attention to detail and unparalleled ambiance. Prepare for mind warping psychedelic bass and visuals, elaborate stage design, thought-provoking workshops, unbelievable art (both live and gallery), rejuvenating yoga, organic and delicious food, holistic soothing healing, and a soul-warming tea lounge. What more could you ask for out of a weekend in the stunning tree groves and crystal clear waters of the Sierra Nevadas? Nothing, if you ask me! It’s a weekend that is set up perfectly for pure bliss and connection…. All you have to do is show up with an open heart and mind.

Among the countless nooks there will be two stages, the Reflection Stage nestled in the pines and Crunk Creek Stage down by the undeniably refreshing waters of the Yuba River. Both will provide music blessing our eardrums with some of the best music I can think of, period. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down; add the overall atmosphere that will be Bass Mtn and we will be howling at the moon in exuberance! Love and Light have always been favorites of mine (and they’re just so damn loveable) and I can’t wait to get down to their bubbly womps. David Starfire has blown me away multiple times (the one that always comes to mind is BM 2012 when he played an incredible Beatles remix set at Fractal Nation). Knight Riderz will bring the dirty gangster bass that is sure to please. Andreilien will melt our pineal glands with his twisted bass lines. I’m always stoked to see Stephan Jacobs with his percussive dirty bass that is impossible to stand still to (check out his newest tunes on his Soundcloud…. I am DIGGIN’). Sugarpill will always be in my top 5… I can never get enough of his futuristic party bass and enjoyable demeanor. I might be most excited to see the ever-rising Digital Rust, whose productions are flawless and put me into a trance. Lately I’ve been so into the effervescent gangster bass that The Originalz have been putting out (and they’re the best peoples!). The homie Zeb always throws down super badass reggae infused bass sets that get you moving.  I could go on forever about how stoked I am on this stacked lineup that also includes a plethora of local talent, all such good peoples that deserve only the best.

Big ups to the Mindful Massive crew for working so diligently to make this event as beautiful as I know it will be. These guys are based out of South Lake Tahoe and have been killing it for three years; they started from just a seed that has been cared for with love and just the right amount of water to grow from a seedling and bloom brilliantly. If you’re ever in South Lake Tahoe on a Tuesday do not miss their Massive Tuesday event… they are constantly bringing in awesome talent and providing vibes and frequencies that will make you go home feeling better than ever before.

Check out the Bass Mtn website for information about the extremely reasonable memberships (note – memberships at the door are cash donation only, no ATM or cards accepted), music, directions, preparations, and more. See you in the woods… surround yourself with love and frequencies at Bass Mtn this weekend!


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jOBOT | Until Tender

time October 17th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

jOBOT is back for more! After releasing a FREE ep, Gratitude, he’s releasing another one! I didn’t expect this but it makes a lot of sense. This EP is a lot more focused on the dance floor and it bumps.

The first intro track, Be You Auto, seems to have left off where gratitude ended but as soon as you’re getting all cozy the vibe of the track warps into hyper drive. It’s a great intro track that warms you up and blast you into a crazy funky tornado. There’s no end to it once you’ve been sucked in. I Can’t Keep Doing This takes you into a 8bit arp storm filled with wet bass all over the place. The balance and flow of this track has some dynamic range which will allow you to experiment with on it on all sorts of levels. Hundos picks the beat back up and sends you into a funky midtempo vibe. This track is where I feel Joe really shines and showcases his understanding of bass music. It’s weird, groovy, and fun but most of all, it’s a dance party. Until Tender is the title track and probably my favorite off this EP. It’s your signature midtempo bass track that makes you want to move. The textures of the bass really add a lot to the track. It’s as if Love and Light, Skrillex, and Opuio had a child together. Those wet bass lines mixed with electro disco thrash make for a great combination I’ve been hearing more often. Overall this release was not something I had anticipated but it comes at a great time where I’m spending a decent amount of time with midtempo dance moods.

I’ve had the luxury of having a few encounters around this dude. I purposefully use the term Dude because this guy is pretty much that. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve been around in this community. Always goofing around and making everyone laugh. Not to mention the guy is one of the prime players in the Steak Tribe. One thing that I’ve always found interesting about Joe is that he’s an exceptional bass player. It’s something I hear you have to experience yourself to fully grasp. I can’t wait till something comes of that. Another thing that I can’t help but mention is this guys spectrum of music. There’s a few tracks that I have of his back from the day and it’s some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve heard. This guy has one hell of a voice. I had the pleasure of seeing him play an early morning set at LIB 2011 thanks to ill-esha yelling at me to wake up and I’ll always thank her for that because it was one of the best sets I’ve experienced in a festival environment.

Be sure to keep a watch out for the release of Until Tender on November 5th!

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Jillian Ann | Music Just for my Lover to play guitar to Live Mix

time October 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a Fire Friday Mix. Now that the Afro Monk team is back and posting on a daily basis I figured it’d be best to start this weekly tradition again. This week we have a mix from the lovely Jillian Ann.

This mix is way HEAVIER than I anticipated but really helped me get focused at work this morning. Jillian explains a bit about her intentions with this mix, “I did for my lover to play guitar to late one night so I could seduce them into bed after… it worked”. I personally don’t see how this is love making music but it’s definitely super intense and bass heavy. The main reason I wanted to post this mix is because I’m a huge sucker for female vocals and she caught my attention awhile ago on the track she collaborated with Love & Light, Know Us. The other reason is that this site gets a lot of traffic dubstep keywords and I don’t really have that much heavy/brostep post on here. If there’s any sort of heavy stuff it at least has to have sexy female vocals and Jillian Ann accomplishes this.

I’ve personally never interacted with Jillian but I’ve seen her around and we share tons of mutual friends but something about her just never made me go say hello. As beautiful as she is there’s no question she has this certain look and presence to her. The photography of her is absolutely stunning but always has a mysterious dark emotion and feel to it. I have tons of respect for her as she makes numerous post about her emotional state and raw feelings online. It’s not easy to express yourself freely online and she does it quite openly. She’s definitely one of the few female vocalist that always make me pay attention to the track just because she’s on it.

Overall if you’re into female vocals, heavy bass lines, and dubstep this is something you should grab!

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Digital Rust | Dark Horse EP

time October 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Digital Rust is back! It has been awhile since we’ve heard much from him. His new EP, Dark Horse. The release consist of 3 great tracks and a free download. I recently reached out to him since I saw his name appearing a bit more and seeing his name on a few festival line ups. He let me know that he had this release coming out and sent me a few previews. A few weeks ago I play a show down here in Miami with Govinda and prepped a funky mid tempo set. We all know about names like Love & Light, Opiuo, Tipper, etc… but Digital Rust is another name that should not be left out if you’re thinking organic bass driven music.

Digital Rust’s last EP, Loophole, is something you should definitely check out as well. I’m hoping this EP is a signal that there is a lot more to come from him. There are quite a few people doing the whole mid tempo set but the reality is that not many of them have the lasting appeal. I totally believe that this guy has what it takes as a producer and am keeping a close eye on him. My love for funky midtempo has returned and can’t express it enough how this music is perfect for opening, dancing, jamming, and over all just have a great time. This tiny collection of music by Digital Rust is all that and will have the dance floor electrified.

BUY: Digital Rust- Dark Horse EP

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Desert Dwellers – DownTemple Dub: Remixed

time March 20th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Desert Dwellers are super excited to release their newest release that has been fully funded by their fans through a kick-starter project!  DownTemple Dub: Remixed will be released on April 3ed thanks to a huge rally from fans and friends helping to promote this project.  This is just one more reason why our community is such a blessing to be apart of.  Everyone benefits in this situation, new music, new live show.  Now the music.  Desert Dwellers put together a release filled with otherworldly down-tempo and psy-chill grooves.  Some of today’s top producers took classic Desert Dwellers yoga dubs and remixed them into another dimension.  Combining sounds of the future with the roots of years past this release is perfect for sitting back and allowing your mind to drift far from daily life.  Prepare for a sonic exploration into higher dimensions!  Remixes from Love & Light, Aes Dana, Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Duke Mushroom, Eastern Sun, Drumspyder, Androcell, and Earthrise SoundSystem.

Grab Love and Lights remix of More than Anything!

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Love and Light | Galactic Booty Activation

time November 4th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

Love and Light’s freshest release positively lives up to its name, Galactic Booty Activation. You can’t listen to this funky composition from Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson without feeling the need to shake that ass! While you can clearly sense their signature sound shining throughout the release, they blend in an assortment of other musical flavors. The album effortlessly integrates crunky, glitched-out beats with wubby bass, tasteful samples, and instrumentals, making for a vibrant and compelling listen. My favorite tracks are Ninja Brothas Motha and their collaborations with Samuel Wexler (Structural Liberation – I love the buildups & instrumentals) and Zebuel Early (Making Waves – I enjoy the rock influences).  Zeb is a fellow Tahoe local and proponent of the bass scene here so I was stoked to see his name on the album. This is without a doubt Love and Light’s most solid release yet! Let Love and Light empower you with the sensation of pure bliss; grab the Simplify Recordings album here at Addictech.

Matt and Ryan have made it their goal to transmit their genuine compassion for humanity via uplifting, genre-paving music. People are catching on so the pair is deservedly blowing up – they have been touring the nation and popping up on coveted lineups. That being said, if you have the chance to catch these two live, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. The energetic duo originates from Reno, NV; as I am native to the Lake Tahoe region I have been fortunate enough to see, or rather experience, countless Love & Light sets. I can honestly say that of the multitude of shows that I have attended, Love and Light offers the most consistently astounding live experience – I have yet to be disappointed. They never seem to suffer from “off-nights” as most DJs do every once in a while. It’s not only the duo’s spine-tingling music that triggers the masses into motion, but also their undeniable energy and passion for creating a sense of togetherness. While they are undoubtedly stirring up emotion in their listeners, you can tell that the audience is having the same effect on them. You can FEEL the music and the soul that they devote to it. Check out Love and Light and get that galactic booty activated!

Might as well say what’s up to all you Afro Monk readers and introduce myself. I’m Tara, also widely known as Taradactyl. I’m passionate about bass music and the community that surrounds it so I’m honored to become part of this project 🙂
I promote and attend most of the countless shows in the Tahoe/Reno area and also make it to many CA festivals. Come say what’s up!


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Stephan Jacobs | Emancipator Remix

time April 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Stephan Jacobs is interesting in his fans to help him out a bit. He is getting ready a lot of shows ahead and his laptop is on verge of dying due to all the changes. After talking to him a bit he told me that as he is gearing up a whole new live setup with some new toys and now running solely WAVs instead of Mp3s and his laptop is starting to give up.

Stephan decided that he’d put some of his work hard work up for sale to help raise the money for a new laptop. He is selling some of his NI Massive patches that he has built. Any starting producer or even experienced one could get a lot of value out of this $15 package. This is a way to help a fellow musician out as well as gain some knowledge on what one of the rising stars has been doing.

Not only has he decided to sell this product he put together but he’s also giving away his Emancipator – When I Go remix as a sign of good faith. This track explodes and has such great depth to it.

Be sure to be on the look out for Stephan as he embarks on some exciting shows such as Coachella next week and Lightning in a Bottle at the end of May. I’m looking forward to catching up with him as it seems like awhile now. Also word on the street is he has been working closely with Love and Light on some tunes… Who knows what’s ahead with that… A collab EP, tour, etc… ? The world may never know but expect something…

BUY: Stephan Jacobs Massive Patches

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Love & Light | The Light We Bring

time March 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Love and Light are back with a new release on Simplify Recordings. Ryan and Matt have been hard at work with this new release and have put together quite a tour of the States. This release shows off some of their new styles and techniques as they mature their sound. It’s great to see a release where most of the tunes have that whompy bass feel that reminds me a lot of Heyoka. The best part is that this arsenal of bass bombs are at a sweet sexy 200 bpm. It’s always great to have a good amount of variety in the bpm ranges.

I’m really looking forward to playing the two Texas shows in Austin and Dallas with them. Matt and Ryan truly have so much great energy online and always have been there to support me in anything. Excited to finally kick it with them in person. The videos and responses I’ve seen on this tour is unbelievable. It seems just like yesterday when they put out their first tune together. Get ready because they are just getting started and this dynamic duo has quite the future ahead of them.

Be sure to grab this release.
BUY: Love & Light – The Light We Bring

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₭ΞګΞK & Wubbεr Stumppεr Present – Dubz for Breakfast: Volume 4

time February 18th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Mitch Kesek AKA KeseK and I cooked this up yesterday, hope you enjoy. 😉
Track list:
My part of the mix –
1. Cleveland Steamer – Listen to me.
2. d-Queue – Heaven (HEX VIP)
3. Pete Miles – Fuckin’ Psycho
4. DarkElixer – Filth Effect
5. MUSE – Unintended (Love and Light remix)
KeseK’s part –
6. I Killed Kenny – Don’t Mess Around with Me
7. Rook – Dentist Trip
8. Pedestrian – Reckoning
9. DarkElixer – Dubstep In 8 Bits
10. Distrikt – Crusty Flavours
More to come! 🙂

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