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Lightning In Your Ear | The Do Lab Album

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The Do Lab is one of the most recognized orginizations in the music scene on the West Coast and spreading around the world. The Do Lab’s headquarters is located in downtown Los Angeles and is comprised of some of the best event producers, artist, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, and many musicians.

The Do Lab hit its 10 year mark in 2010 and has been part of some of the most memorable events on the West Coast. Their annual Lightning in a Bottle festival has become one of the largest festivals around. I had the pleasure of going for the first time this year and it’s completely changed my life.

Lightning in a Bottle isn’t the only event they are part of. The Do Lab also has ties with Coachella Music Festival, Ford, Audi, Red Bull, The Virgin Music Festival, Speakercraft, Esquire Magazine, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Stop Aids Organization, and more! Many of their events give back to the community and supply funds to charities such as CriticalBeats.

The Do Lab: Album Release – Lightning in Your Ear

I have just received word that The Do Lab will be putting together a collaboration album which features tons of artist highlighted at Lightning in a Bottle. All the proceeds from this album will be going to CritcalBeats which is a charity that is supporting the preservation of the rain forest and indigenous culture all around the world. Artists featured on the “Lightning in Your Ear” Compilation include:┬áThe Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, The Very Best, MartyParty, Nico Vega, Adam Freeland, and many more…! I’m proud to present a 100% exclusive track on the upcoming release from none other than Beat Antique!

Beat Antique – Les Enfants Perdus

Big Thank You to The Do Lab, all the artist who make this possible, and all those who help support the music and arts!

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