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Two Fresh | Interview

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Two Fresh, the Asheville-based trio consisting of twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls alongside drummer Colby Buckler, is currently completing a string of tour dates all over the country and I had the chance to check out their performance this past Saturday in Tuscaloosa, AL. I’ve seen these guys play a few times now and they never disappoint; by bringing high-energy rhythms paired with dope basslines and phenomenal live drumming this group guarantees to remain a crowd favorite. Here I ask Kendrick Nicholls a few questions!

KZ: I’d like to start off by acknowledging the amazing community Asheville is building up right now. As some of the key figures in that scene, what would you say are the developments you’re most excited about? Who are you most proud to represent Asheville with right now?

Kendo: I’m really excited about bringing back the love of something
weird, I mean that in a way that, people will come out with no expectations. I feel like every time I go out now I get to see something that pushing the envelope.  I am most proud to represent our crew Labcoat (Bookworm + Jables + Peripheral + Shweez + Kendo)!  We’re getting recognition outside of NC, and hopefully inspiring others to be creative.

KZ: You just kicked off the Air Mail Tour; how’s it been so far? Are there any particular stops on this one that you’re particularly amped on playing, or that you haven’t gotten to play before?

Kendo:  The tour has been great.  We got to bring some of our favorite
acts out with us.  We’re really looking forward to Brooklyn and
Chicago, those are two of our favorite places to play.

KZ: As the creators of some of the most refreshing, genre-defying tracks being put out right now, I’m curious as to what your major pools of inspiration are. Not necessarily just other artists, but rather any source of an experience that led to your experimentation with sound.

Kendo:  the inspiration that drives us to keep making more, is just
the feeling of making something you never thought you would be capable
of.  Its the best feeling to stumble upon new techniques and to be
able to hear how that is different then your last work

KZ: Tell me a little bit about your other projects; what does Lab Coat have coming up that we should be gearing up for?

Kendo:  We have an album that will be released Feb 15th called “Air
Mail” on Elm and Oak  as well as 1320 Records. Also another
compilation from all the Labcoat members as well as close friends.

KZ: If you had to name only one goal you’d like to accomplish in 2011, what would it be and how will you get there? Why is this most important to you?

Kendo: The goal for this year is to keep our audience, eager for new
music,new art, and new inspiration. I feel its essential because
without that eagerness, we’d be listening to the same hits over and

You can see Two Fresh on their current tour alongside Mux Mool (whose Tuscaloosa performance was the first live set of his I’ve seen – definitely don’t want to miss out on this artist as well).

-Kate Zaliznock

Ps: Afro Monk will be opening up for the Dallas, TX date 2/3 so be sure to check that out if in the Dallas region!

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