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Bass Mtn Festival | September 13-16 | Stone Bear River Camps

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Bass Mtn Festival, held September 13-16 on the Yuba River outside of Truckee, CA, is exactly what everyone needs to wind down after the Burn yet stay funky and get down. If you weren’t at Burning Man… well, all the more reason to get that much needed bass fix with the fam! Bass Mtn is an intimate gathering designed to cultivate deep seeded friendships old and new. Rather than purchasing a ticket as a commodity like most festivals, participants get memberships for a tribe or family like arrangement that thrives on community and nurturing vibes. In its third year, this festival is going to knock everyone’s socks off with its attention to detail and unparalleled ambiance. Prepare for mind warping psychedelic bass and visuals, elaborate stage design, thought-provoking workshops, unbelievable art (both live and gallery), rejuvenating yoga, organic and delicious food, holistic soothing healing, and a soul-warming tea lounge. What more could you ask for out of a weekend in the stunning tree groves and crystal clear waters of the Sierra Nevadas? Nothing, if you ask me! It’s a weekend that is set up perfectly for pure bliss and connection…. All you have to do is show up with an open heart and mind.

Among the countless nooks there will be two stages, the Reflection Stage nestled in the pines and Crunk Creek Stage down by the undeniably refreshing waters of the Yuba River. Both will provide music blessing our eardrums with some of the best music I can think of, period. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down; add the overall atmosphere that will be Bass Mtn and we will be howling at the moon in exuberance! Love and Light have always been favorites of mine (and they’re just so damn loveable) and I can’t wait to get down to their bubbly womps. David Starfire has blown me away multiple times (the one that always comes to mind is BM 2012 when he played an incredible Beatles remix set at Fractal Nation). Knight Riderz will bring the dirty gangster bass that is sure to please. Andreilien will melt our pineal glands with his twisted bass lines. I’m always stoked to see Stephan Jacobs with his percussive dirty bass that is impossible to stand still to (check out his newest tunes on his Soundcloud…. I am DIGGIN’). Sugarpill will always be in my top 5… I can never get enough of his futuristic party bass and enjoyable demeanor. I might be most excited to see the ever-rising Digital Rust, whose productions are flawless and put me into a trance. Lately I’ve been so into the effervescent gangster bass that The Originalz have been putting out (and they’re the best peoples!). The homie Zeb always throws down super badass reggae infused bass sets that get you moving.  I could go on forever about how stoked I am on this stacked lineup that also includes a plethora of local talent, all such good peoples that deserve only the best.

Big ups to the Mindful Massive crew for working so diligently to make this event as beautiful as I know it will be. These guys are based out of South Lake Tahoe and have been killing it for three years; they started from just a seed that has been cared for with love and just the right amount of water to grow from a seedling and bloom brilliantly. If you’re ever in South Lake Tahoe on a Tuesday do not miss their Massive Tuesday event… they are constantly bringing in awesome talent and providing vibes and frequencies that will make you go home feeling better than ever before.

Check out the Bass Mtn website for information about the extremely reasonable memberships (note – memberships at the door are cash donation only, no ATM or cards accepted), music, directions, preparations, and more. See you in the woods… surround yourself with love and frequencies at Bass Mtn this weekend!


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Jake Robertz | Purity Ring – Obedear Remix | Exclusive

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Jake Robertz might be a new name you’ve never heard of until recently. I will tell you that you probably have heard tons of his music though. Jake formerly was 1/2 of Knight Riderz. Nick and Jake have gone separate ways and Jake has begun to pursue his solo career. It brings a smile to my face to bring you another Exclusive! After hearing his first EP, Something Inside, I was hooked. Knight Riderz the past two releases had gone a direction I personally wasn’t into considering how aggressive it got but hearing Jake’s new material cheered me up. He has a unique style that doesn’t really encompass the old Knight Riderz sound but has a chill vibe that I adore.

Jake’s Purity Ring remix is stunning! If you’re into 808s than you’ll love this tune! Not to mention the vocals add such depth to the tune that you can’t help but jam out to this one. After hearing his debut EP and this remix it should be obvious that despite parting ways from Knight Riderz he is still on the right path! We have already begun talks of a possible Afro Monk Records release in the near future!

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+verb | Solar Heat Traveler

time March 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

One of my all time favorite producers out there, +verb, has a release coming out! This release is being put out by Vermin St a great group of people behind it. This is everything you’d want in a release and few unique remixes along for the ride. There are three original tracks by Dominic and another three quality remixes. JerkOFF shines on this release with a such beauty. Playing this song never gets old. Seriously. It’s an instant classic in my book. We’ve also just begun because the rest of the tracks only show off some of the freshest beats done by +verb. The three takes of Puddleglum add the perfect amount of spice to an already original tune. Just when you’ve fallen in love jerkOFF in comes Freddy Todd to bring some extra hype with perfectly well placed samples.

+verb has so much more ahead and this is the perfect place to start checking out his material if you haven’t already. You can be sure to hear more from +verb as he begins gearing up for possible tour dates in the future. I know I’m excited to finally catch this guy playing out. He also has a ton more release where this came from. Be sure to check out his soundcloud and hear some of the amazing work he does. Big up to Vermin St for releasing this one. Top quality. This is officially due out this upcoming Tuesday! Be sure to pick this one up!

BUY: +verb – Solar Heat Traveler

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Knight Riderz | Mind Riddims EP

time January 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Knight Riderz is a Canadian bass duo that have been rising high and higher in popularity and with a good reason, their tunes slay! I’ve been a fan for quite awhile and been popping their tunes into my set. They just released a new EP, Mind Riddims, and it’s crushing charts. It’s hit #1 on the Additech chart already. My favorite tunes off it feature Juakali dropping some lyrics on the tune. Every tracks hit the subs like you can’t believe. You should def check it out and grab a copy.

Knight Riderz – Mind Riddims EP

Knight Riderz has been recieving support from some of the biggest names in bass music right now including Bassnectar, Starkey, DOV, Freestylers, and many more… Their Know Us remix just came out on Simplify and have other releases on ESL (Theivery Corporations label), Muti Music, Seclusiasis, Mad Decent, Made In Glitch, True Movement, & Discobelle.

Expect many more releases from them in 2011. There is no question that they are on a roll right now. Jake and Nick personally hit me up and we’ve been chatting for awhile. They asked me if I would help promo the new album with an exclusive bootleg to give away as an Afro Monk Exclusive. I of course agreed and even put some artwork together for it.

They remixed one of my favorite Radiohead songs, Street Spirit. Grab the FREE download here exclusively on the site for awhile.

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Speaker Humpin Remixes | Subvert

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Speaker Humpin is one of the biggest tracks of the year from producer Subvert. He’s band together some of the biggest names in bass music to create multiple remixes. The allstar line up includes Samples, ill-esha, Opiuo, Glitchy & Scratchy, Knight Riderz, Dov & Funk Monsta, & Mark Instinct. Every single one of these tracks has its unique take on the original.

Without a doubt this is one of the best remix packs of the year and some of the best people not only producers are on this one. I can’t tell you enough how much each of these tracks drop. You’re going to have to pick them up and see for yourself how the crowd eats them up. I’m paticularlly fond of the Samples and ill-esha takes. ill-esha’s has a MC ontop of the beat which adds some new flow to the track. Samples of course has that signature bass driven beat that I can’t get enough of.

1. Speaker Humpin (Samples Warp Reece Mix) 4:16
2. Speaker Humpin (Mark Instinct Remix) 5:06
3. Speaker Humpin (Opiuo Remix) 5:27
4. Speaker Humpin (Ill-Esha Remix feat. MC Think Tank) 5:02
5. Speaker Humpin (Knight Riderz Remix) 4:38
6. Speaker Humpin (Glitchy & Scratchy Remix) 4:53
7. Speaker Humpin (Dov & Funk Monsta Remix) 4:10

Be sure to pick up the release here: Speaker Humpin Remixes

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