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time November 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

It has been slightly over a year since I’ve taken up DJing. I’ve fallen so madly in Love with music and decided it’s time to finally moving over to production.

I have no musical background what so ever. I’ve never played an instrument in my life nor know much about notes, keys, riffs, etc… What I do know is that I want to learn! There is nothing like the feeling when you hear a song while you have your headphones on or playing out and you just get tingles. I want to be able to create something that represents me.

I know I can throw myself into software and figure it all out but I much rather find a teacher and mentor who can guide me through the process and teach me the most basic of basic. I just found out where the drum rack is in Ableton and had no clue before. I’m a complete newb.

I’m ultimately looking for someone to help me get started and help me progress from making a simple beat to learning music theory and how to write some sexy synth lines. As much as I may be a supporter of glitch-hop and dubstep I hope to make downtempo, trip-hop, and sexy chill glitch tunes. The one album that really hits home and would be the closest thing to what I hope to achieve when I sit in the studio is Ooah’s Of Porclain. There are others but I think everyone is most familiar with that album.

I am currently located in Dallas, TX and recentely relocated here. I just got a house and extra room to build a studio. I have a Mac Book Pro, 2 powerful PCs, Mackie MR8s, APC40, M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Prosonus Firebox, 2x Vestax 2300 Pros, Numark NS7, and basic 2-channel Numark mixer. I’m going to be buying an Akai MPK 88 to learn how to play piano, I really wanted fully weighted keys to get more of a feel when playing. I heard it makes quite a difference from producers I love.

I am willing to pay to be taken under someones wing. I’m not sure how sessions would work since chances are I don’t think anyone who I chose will be in Texas unless Bil Bless finds this and is willing (in my dreams). I think Skype would be best. I just can’t wait any longer for ill gates, illmethodology. I’m looking for someone who has been producing music for quite sometime and has some experience in teaching. Looking for someone as to the likes of Steve Nelepa but affordable LOL. After all I’m looking for someone who has basic knowledge in teaching. If I know you through e-mail and already been in contact and willing to do week-end sessions I’d consider flying you in for week-end and do in person stuff and possibly set up a show while in town.

Please contact me at if you are interested or have any recommendations on videos/sites/etc… on where to start as complete newb please let me know.

PS: If you read this Dylan, Steve, or Bil I love you and much respect to what you have sparked. Also if anyone knows them personally please let me know I’d be curious if they have any time for this.

PSS: I’m looking for someone who also has official releases and plays out live fairly regularly. You want to find someone who has found some sort of success and has wisdom to share on how they got there. Not saying someone who hasn’t released anything or doesn’t play out isn’t talented but you don’t want someone who is teaching you have no experience in this.

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