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Psymbionic | Parallels Part 2 – Eye [Gravitas Recordings]

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Psymbionic releases Part 2 of “Parallels” [Eye], on Gravitas Recordings on July 1st, 2014. This second part of “Parallels” explores a parallel genre to that of a heavier bass influenced feel for Part 1. It revels an atmospheric creation of downtempo/chill feels, an experiment that illustrates Psymbionic’s versatility, a dive into another realm – a pull into the Eye of the Storm. The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones, and through sounds, John Burchman, expresses a deep meditation of fulfilling low tempo frequencies, a whirlwind of cloud hypnotization. Clear and light sounding extraterrestrial communication reveals futuristic visions of new-world change, enlightened transformations, and exploration of versatility.  Versatility of production is rare, and when a product of rarity is illuminated, full-depth creativity is expressed giving the creator a sense of forward thinking and acceptance of change as important factor in culture in many fields of life- Psymbionic has done that with Eye.

Eye consists of 5 auditory chill out portals: “One Thing” ft Cristina Soto,”How Am I Not Myself” ft. Govinda, “S ilkscreen” ft. Soulular, “Sonder” ft. The Digital Connection, & “Silkscreen ( ill-esha remix ). One Thing ft. Cristina Soto is downtempo galore, a future chill trap experience ready to sooth your ear pineals.  Psymbionic’s rhythmic future bass composition and fluidity blends passionately with Cristina Soto’s mesmerizing vocals as she touches your heart chakra with her deeply thought lyrics, an angelic escapade.  How Am I Not Myself ft. Govinda is initiated by Govinda’s sensual frequencies resonating from string instrumentation of the violin.  High-pitched synthesizer and a lively melodic tempo on Psymbionic’s behalf symmetrically syncs up in addition, and a spacey future garage atmosphere is present.  This tune calmly sooth your present state of mind and will unblock passages of a forgotten memory.

Silkscreen ft. Soulular is a co-production between the two, a chill-step portal, a swim into infinity, a closer pull into the eye of the storm.  Souluar’s organic sound composition and spacey sounding downtempo dubs mesh well with Psymbionic’s signature melodic uplifts and glitch/bass exposure, this is the creation of two soulful producers joining forces.  Sonder ft. The Digital Connection is a spacey chill tale into the unknown, an epiphany within an epiphany.  This is a future bass mystery waiting to be revealed and is felt within electronica ambience.  Psymbionic’s signature sounds can be heard sporadically thoughout the tune, and a deep rhythmic glitch fusion of The Digital Connection follows through creating a liquid groove.  Silkscreen remixed by ill-esha is a glitch masterpiece full of limitless synth frequencies and melodies.  She produces a re-occurring glitch pattern which gives it a mind of its own, it’s a distinction of rarity illuminating the original production, an aftermath of chills down your spine.

Submerge into the eye of the storm and prepare for a lift-off into explorations of the sounds and tempos of the universe and beyond.  Psymbionic reveals a downtempo/chill side to his music production in variation and style.  Not only does he create variety in Part 2 of “Parallels”, but also a variety of styles  and collaborations of accomplished vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers.  John Burcham is a driven force of light that isn’t afraid to explore other dimensions of sound frequencies, a creative and fresh outlook.  Like a thread weaving together with other threads, and like sacred geometrical patters coming together, a flowing towards a creation of warmth is revealed as Psymbionic weaves sounds, textures, and rhythms together. This results in the creation of pulsating and radiating sounds meant to trigger brainwaves, and therefore release and cleanse energies, a fresh feel of relief.  The fact that this was written, mixed, AND mastered by John himself amazes me. As AfroMonk himself likes to put it, Keep it Fresh.

Join the Gravitas crew this Saturday, July 5th at‘s “Just A Chill Room” for Psymbionic’s DIGITAL album release party & Q&A! 

Listen/Download “Eye”: Parallels (Part 2: Eye) by Psymbionic


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Govinda – “Luminance” [Artist Spotlight]

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Govinda released “Luminous” on May 20th, 2014, which marks his 13th release – 11 albums, 1 remix EP, and a Vinyl release. The alchemist of sexy world bass music is back with a luscious 8-track album full of hauntingly sexy vibes and illuminations with incorporations of various collaborations of heart-felt and powerful vocalists out of this seemingly illusion-full world. Shane Madden has developed such an otherworldly beat that is triggering brain waves and pulses through the eyes and souls of others. Get ready for a dynamic touch to the heart chakra which will uplift you and magically reveal and unlock the mysteries of the universe and beyond. “Luminance” brings forth a powerful rush of eerie and sexy frequencies that are sure to run chills down your spine, twice. His live performances are a mastery of perfection as “time” moves forth.  I’ve experienced his live performances countless times since 2011, the night that we met and became friends at a Banjos to Beats show in Dallas, TX. He always creates a uniquely powerful audible/visual experience, whether it’s just him on the stage or with one of his enchanting dancers.  He has gained a momentum which is about to create a luminous explosion of energy through us, a forth-moving otherworldly universe to come.  Shane Madden currently resides here in Austin,TX and when not at home with his family, or traveling on tour, or cooking up new Sacred Middle Eastern yet psychedelic frequencies, you’ll find him exploring and dining around town as he is an adventurous lively character.

Luminance” consists of 8-tracks: “Light Arrives” (feat. Bee Born)”,”Panther”  (feat. Irina Mikhailova),”Possibilities” (feat. ill-esha), “Levitated Dancer”, “Break the Spell” ( feat. Sophie Holt), Gypsy Side Show” (feat. Susan Zuzka Allan), “Angel Freezing (Jacked Up Mix)”, & “Om Tare (re-thought remix feat. Irine Mikhailova). “Light Arrives” (ft. Bee Born) illuminates the theme of the album – vibrant luminous escapades full of alien-esque whomps and laser space beams full of depth and emotion. Shane’s production style and composition is very forth-moving and his dark yet lively rhythms are yet again illuminated by Bee’s harmonious and seductive vocals.  “Panther” (ft. Irina Mikhailova) teleports me back to a spiritual ancient past composed of seductive melodies and bass growls and roars. His dexterous violin playing skills blend well with his trip-hop frequencies which are poured through the light of his alien-being while Irina’s vocals resonate with his beat, making it a two-way street. “Possibilities” (feat. ill-esha) delivers a hauntingly breathtaking message of possibilities. Govinda’s experimental production style meshed with ill-esha’s powerful lyrics creates a never-ending momentum of synchronicities. What enhances it even more is her mesmerizing vocals which reveal limitless emotion and feels. The production level is beyond future…it presents possible time-travel, foreshadows, past-life regressions, opens up channels, and astral projection all through textured rhythms of never-ending weaving bass twists of infinite possibilities beyond Earth and Time. Waking life.

“Levitated Dancer” builds up a crescendo of thrills and chills of trip-hop whomps. The portal to the unknown has been unlocked. A deep rooted ancient melodic downtempo beat will ignite a sixth sense. Textures of psychedelic feels will make your heart pump endless light. Aums and Mantras add to the overall mythical theme as his violin adds a luminous story of it’s own, a sacred touch of otherworldly soundscapes sure to levitate you and create an out-of-body experience.  “Break the Spell” (ft. Sophie Holt) howls in next, a full moon full of squelches and squishes meant to cast a spell. An unparalleled frequency of dream-state forces induced to create within you a lucid dream, and a feeling of continuous crave. A burning desire of fire felt within having being blinded my the love of your prey. These deeply felt lyrics blend well with his composition. “Gypsy Side Show” (ft. Susan Zuzka Allan) is another perfect addition to Luminance as it continues to illuminate the shadows of the universe. Another forth-moving culmination of hauntingly beautiful melodies that will take you to another realm through angelic drones of light. Both “Angel Freezing” and “Om Tare”(feat. Irina Mikhailova) are re-visited tracks with a whole new set of beats and laser beams accompanied by textured tones meant to amplify and deepen the experience.  “Angel Freezing (jacked upmix) completely froze time and teleported me into a celestial atmosphere full of depth and intricate wobbly composition.  “Om Tare (rethought mix ft. Irina Mikhailova) is a auditory exploration of sensual mantras by Irina Mikhailova.  The violin gracefully warms up with the other transcendental melodies.

Govinda is a power of light full of brilliance and the dedication that he feels for progression of his sounds is endless.  He has developed a style so mysteriously fresh that will continue to bring forth existence of other realms.  When asking Shane about the story behind this album he responded with: “As for the story, I think this album is about finding my light inside then finding tones, textures and melodies that beam it out again.” “Luminance” surely reveals his intention and is also sure to bring forth frequencies that will even trigger your own light inside, which will teleport you beyond time and space, and back to your spirit origin. As he continues to continuously experiment trip-hop melodies and instrumentation such as the violin, he will continue to push boundaries in today’s conscious bass music.

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Psymbionic – “Parallels EP” – Part 1: “Storm” (Gravitas Recordings)

time February 25th by Sofia authorTags: , , , ,

Bass Master, Psymbionic, is back with a brand new spankin’ creation, deep music composition, a masterpiece of smooth and futuristic basslines filled with collaborations. This new full length album entitled “Parallels”, featuring the artwork of Joyce Su Design, is being released in a dual sense: Part 1 “Storm” and Part 2 “Eye”; this split release showcases two different parallel sound structures and is set for different release dates. Today, February 25th marks the release of Part 1 “Storm” and is out on Austin, TX’s own Gravitas Recordings, and, as always, is available for their motto vision: “free/pay-what-you-want” deal on bandcamp.

Part 1 of “Parallels” incorporates a super funky style meshed with rich heavy and distinct melodic basslines. Psymbionic’s 5-track release is an original creation and features the collaborative effort of like-minded hip-hop artists and producers/visionaries. The tracks are entitled: “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh, “Slither”, “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany, “Facade” ft. ONE4ALL (Gravitas), and a remixed version of “Slither” by the legendary VibeSquaD. I know it may be Winter still, but if you give your ear pineals a treat and listen to Psymbionic’s magic bass, you’ll be sure to warm up – each track is brilliant…talk about a unique and creative explosion- the perfect “Storm”.

John Burcham is definitely on his game and you’re able to feel his dedication/passion for music in this release…a year in the making, well worth the wait. I really dig how he continues to expand himself as a producer by incorporating different elements into his composition. For example, both the tracks “Continuum” ft. Jay Fresh and “Parallels” ft. Vokab Kompany expose rhythmical lyrics of well-respected hip-hop artists which blend wonderfully with Psymbionic’s production style, giving it an overall sense of accomplishment. The collaboration of “Facade” with Gravitas producer, ONE4ALL, is full of futuristic bass sounds and gives off a soothing dreamy upbeat vibe. “Slither” has a more heavy and whompy vibe to it making it an adventurous excursion- a bass blast off into space! The 5th track is legendary VibeSquaD’s remix of “Slither” and it’s definitely a heater- very trippy influenced vibes with a smooth, yet drippy melodic structure.

I honestly can’t wait until the release of Part 2: “Eye” of “Parallels” in April, which will feature a downtempo aspect. I’ve been listening to John’s music since 2011 and it’s sweet watching him grow, he definitely has developed a unique sound. He’s very dedicated to his music, is a very creative individual, and will continue to explore different musical elements. This Thursday, Ascension Shows in Austin, TX is hosting his album release party at The Parish (dual album release party with Ill-esha’s latest album, Open Heart Surgery), a show not to be missed if you’re in the ATX area.

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Phutureprimitive | Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 1

time April 10th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , ,

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from Phutureprimitive. He’s always been one of my favorites with his smooth, gorgeous signature sound. He always manages to lure me into a trance, whether chilling and listening, or experiencing his live performance. There is always attention to detail, with plenty of texture interweaved throughout each track. This is my kind of music. As much as I can appreciate the more recent evolution into eclectic, experimental, and trap (eh actually, not really with the latter) sounds, music like Phutureprimitive’s will forever be my go-to, almost like frequencies of comfort. I love the natural ebb and flow of his style. You don’t even have to try to dance to this music and can easily lose yourself in the deep yet soothing resonations. If you let it, it will take you on a sonic journey into another dimension.

I enjoy his newest release, Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 1, very much. It incorporates just that… both darkness and luminosity. It gets me thinking about equilibrium; for when you light a candle you also cast a shadow. In “Only You” he incorporates darkness with the wubby dubstep sounds, but then veers off into a bright effervescent hook. That range is quite satisfying to me! I absolutely love Phutureprimitive’s remix of Jillian Ann’s “Passes Away”. It also embodies both obscurity and beauty effortlessly. Then there’s his remix of The Human Experience’s “Dusted Compass”. He does a marvelous job of reworking an already beautiful song and making it his own. It’s common for remixes to sound chopped up and unincorporated, as if there are two songs in one. Not with this one. It sounds organic and elegant… meant to be. I’m excited for what Part 2 will bring!

Phutureprimitive is on tour with another favorite, Ill-Esha; be sure to check them out if they are making a stop near you! Both display breathtaking live performances so you don’t want to miss them! I am personally hyped to see them both at Lucidity Festival this weekend in Santa Barbara! Find their tour dates below or on Phutureprimitive’s website.
Get Phutureprimitive’s Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 1.

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”
― Mary Oliver




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Ill-Esha | Making Friends at Altitude Mini-Mix

time January 25th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,


Ill-Esha’s “Making Friends at Altitude” mini-mix sings to me, both literally and figuratively. It ebbs and flows so very nicely with her dynamic beats and soulful crooning. I find myself listening it to the car constantly because it gets me in the mood for anything; it’s 13:53 of BLISS! The mix tastefully intertwines her two EPs together, Imaginary Friends and Altitude Sickness. The releases are quite a bit different so I love how she manages to unite them into one graceful melody. You can tell that she mixed this with straight-up intention. There’s no denying Ill-Esha’s raw talent and determination to be on top of the game…. That’s a winning combination. I really love where the mix goes around 7:30 with “When The Bass Drops” (original w/ I-Cue, Envloop). Overall I am really impressed by this mix that really displays her aptitude for music of all types. There’s denying that Ill-Esha’s essence is overflowing with passion!

Now a mountain girl living in Denver, Ill-Esha is a kind and unique soul. If you ever get the chance to see her live, don’t pass it up. I have seen her countless times and not only has it never once been the same, it has also always blown my mind. Nothing quite compares to her stunning live singing combined with rad beats. I have been lucky enough to be graced with her presence twice on the shores of my home, Lake Tahoe (those are definitely my most memorable times seeing her). Once was for our summer parties called Boom Boom Lagoon on a crystal clear emerald beach laced with granite on the East shore, and another this summer at my favorite and most frequented beach in North lake called Moon Dunes. My birthday was the next day and Elle drank some tequila with me then announced happy birthday to me before playing an unforgettable sunset set. Absolutely killed it and had everyone at the beach dancing! Ill-Esha is for sure one of the most influential females in the bass music scene, and with excellent reason.

Grab Ill-Esha’s Making Friends at Altitude Mini-Mix here on SoundCloud for free! Jam that ish!


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ill-esha | Imaginary Friends

time October 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: ,

Elysha’s back with another release on Muti! This one is called Imaginary Friends. I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile and glad to finally see this one with a proper release. It’s a fun collection of tracks that she has put together. The one thing about ill-esha is that she has so much dynamic range. You can never know what to expect what she’ll do next. This time there’s a little sample of midtempo, glitch, funk, trap, glitch-hop, jazz, and soul. It’s all in there with a hint of her voice here and there. The overall sound of the release is warm. Its got those pretty synth lines and bass lines you can expect from her previous releases.

I’m a HUGE fan of Mood Swings and The Only Cure. The rest of the tracks are actually quite exciting but there’s no question which are my favorites. I totally love the name she gave this release. All the names of the tracks are well thought out and pair up quite nicely. I always think to myself how the internet has totally bred all these imaginary friends in a way. You network and meet all these people over the internet but never really hang out with them in person. It’s always interesting when you do. Thankfully whenever I’ve had the luck to kick it with her she’s been absolutely amazing. It’s always great when you get to share your friends music on here. It’s so amazing to have such talented friends all around the world like Elysha. Overall I’m a fan of this release and her music go grab it when it’s released.

If you’re in Sebastopol, CA be sure to check out the release party on November 1st. I highly recommend checking her out live if you get the chance. She’s a true performer and can find her singing live vocals in her sets. It’s always a treat to see her sing!

Here are some sample tracks to hold you over. They bring a LOT more heat than the album but will be sure to fit in nicely in your DJ sets…

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jOBOT | Until Tender

time October 17th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

jOBOT is back for more! After releasing a FREE ep, Gratitude, he’s releasing another one! I didn’t expect this but it makes a lot of sense. This EP is a lot more focused on the dance floor and it bumps.

The first intro track, Be You Auto, seems to have left off where gratitude ended but as soon as you’re getting all cozy the vibe of the track warps into hyper drive. It’s a great intro track that warms you up and blast you into a crazy funky tornado. There’s no end to it once you’ve been sucked in. I Can’t Keep Doing This takes you into a 8bit arp storm filled with wet bass all over the place. The balance and flow of this track has some dynamic range which will allow you to experiment with on it on all sorts of levels. Hundos picks the beat back up and sends you into a funky midtempo vibe. This track is where I feel Joe really shines and showcases his understanding of bass music. It’s weird, groovy, and fun but most of all, it’s a dance party. Until Tender is the title track and probably my favorite off this EP. It’s your signature midtempo bass track that makes you want to move. The textures of the bass really add a lot to the track. It’s as if Love and Light, Skrillex, and Opuio had a child together. Those wet bass lines mixed with electro disco thrash make for a great combination I’ve been hearing more often. Overall this release was not something I had anticipated but it comes at a great time where I’m spending a decent amount of time with midtempo dance moods.

I’ve had the luxury of having a few encounters around this dude. I purposefully use the term Dude because this guy is pretty much that. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve been around in this community. Always goofing around and making everyone laugh. Not to mention the guy is one of the prime players in the Steak Tribe. One thing that I’ve always found interesting about Joe is that he’s an exceptional bass player. It’s something I hear you have to experience yourself to fully grasp. I can’t wait till something comes of that. Another thing that I can’t help but mention is this guys spectrum of music. There’s a few tracks that I have of his back from the day and it’s some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve heard. This guy has one hell of a voice. I had the pleasure of seeing him play an early morning set at LIB 2011 thanks to ill-esha yelling at me to wake up and I’ll always thank her for that because it was one of the best sets I’ve experienced in a festival environment.

Be sure to keep a watch out for the release of Until Tender on November 5th!

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Intelepaths | Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Cover)

time May 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Intelepaths is a collaboration of the talented woman, ill-esha, and the homie, Unlimited Gravity. The two of them have had their own success working on their solo projects but a handful of events unfolded to have them work together on this new union.

They’ve put together a few tracks together that I’ve heard and blessed to be sharing this debut track. They’ve chosen Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me. The vocals Elysha put down on this one are incredible. If you haven’t heard of ill-esha sing live yet you’re missing out. Now add Ronnie dropping some vocals in the background of the chorus. The vibe and energy is just a small tease to what they have in store. I had to pleasure of playing one of their new tunes at Emissions this past week-end and hope everyone who hasn’t left to Symbiosis could grab this one. Freak Like Me is the perfect tune for any set. Who doesn’t want to find a freak out there =D

One of the things that Intelepaths reminds me about is how there is no limit to what you can do music. The EDM scene consist of instrumentals for the most part. The two of them bring so many pieces of the puzzle together to create a new blend of EDM. The vibes aren’t as focused on the dancefloor as much and creating beautiful music with good energy. Ever since I’ve been talking to Elysha about this collab I find such positivity and love behind it. Don’t expect crushing bangers with insane drops. Intelepaths represents the art of  playing live set with live vocals, beatboxing, looping, and free styling organic sounds. The true experience is seeing to joining forces of both of them in a live set environment.

There is a small EP that is in the works but there are no official dates as of now. What I’ve heard so far is fantastic and always get excited to share the music they’ve both created together. It’s great to hear tracks that include original vocals from both a man and woman.

There’s much more ahead for these two. Elysha relocation to the States has opened the door to a lot more shows and availability to work with other artist. Ronnie is finishing up school and ready to show everyone what he has been working on and accomplished with his MHSM family. Expect a lot of new things from both of them working together and on their own. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this.

Enjoy the first official Intelepaths tracks here from <3

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Disciples of Headtron Vol 1

time December 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Disciples of Headtron is a compilation made up by some of the members of the Headtron Agency. The roster includes: Sugarpill, Gladkill, Chris B, +verb, Russ Liquid, Goldrush, Stephan Jacobs, Jobot & Jupit3r. This past week they have recently just added a new member to the family, Griz!

The collection of artist that make up this team is lead by Alex Becket one of the best agents in the business. Headtron has only been around for merely two years or more and they’ve made such an impact in such a small amount of time that I can only imagine how busy Alex has been. The entire roster in some sort of fashion have played some of the biggest festivals and events in 2011. There isn’t a major event that you can’t find at least one or two members representing the Headtron family.

This compilation is a prime example of why they are such a driving force in the EDM community. There are even a few surprises that caught me off guard, Swordfight! I’ve heard much talk about this over the course of time but here is their debut! Another surprise is to find more Jobot tunes, especially one that features ill-esha! =O It’s great to have something unified and put together and this is only the beginning as this is Volume 1. I’m looking forward to Vol 2 already which I hope features more from them in particular More Champagne & Griz.

My favorites you ask? Sugarpill stole this one from everyone in my opinion with A Gift To. There is no question that tune is perfect to open up the release. It’s one of those moving tracks that you can listen to in any state of emotion. Russ Liquid’s Pars Lunae also blew me away. Chris B stepped up his game big time and only look forward to see what he and Boris have been cooking up. Also do I need to bring up how I’ve been dying for Jobot’s debut album?!

All in all I can’t wait for 2012 because this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more where this came from. Also big ups to Muti Music and Dov for putting this out. Be sure to grab it on release date Jaunary 2nd, 2012! Be on the look out for any of the Headtron members this year. I’ve had the pleasure of booking many of them in Texas and man do they deliver <3

Much Love & Respect to the Headtron Family!

1. Sugarpill – A Gift To
2. Swordfight – We Will Never Know
3. jOBOT & ill-esha – Fossils
4. +verb – Mileage
5. Gladkill – Insomnia
6. Stephan Jacobs – Groove Around You
7. Jupit3r – Shark Bark
8. jOBOT – Bottle Of Bumpy
9. ChrisB – It’s All Good
10. Russ Liquid – Pars Lunae
11. Goldrush – Katura

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Nico Luminous | Love Star Mix

time August 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

NicoLuminous has been slowly gaining more visibility and with good reason, his music is incredible. I first heard of him though ill-esha and after I heard his release on Street Ritual I was hooked. I’ll openly admit that I probably play way too much of Nico when I DJ out but too be honest his vibe and style is exactly a perfect mix of sexy bass music and dancefloor hype.

The first time I met Nico was at LIB and had the pleasure of catching a set from him at the Dr.Bronner’s Foam Tub area. He truly is one of the most positive people out there. He just has that good energy vibe and willing to help out with anything. I ran into him again at Sonic Bloom and finally got to catch one of his legendary beat-boxing performances. He has a utility belt with assorted guitar pedals that he uses as he is beat-boxing. It’s truly one of the craziest things I’ve seen. There is no doubt that his is going to be on top of the world soon.

NicoLuminous is prepping for his new release, Love Star, and man is it good! I’ve had the luxury of getting to preview it. This mix gives you a small taste of what is to come as well as great set to throw on while in any mood. I will say Nico has added a bit more hype to this one but its got that sensual vibe he has become known for. I’m stoked to be seeing him at the upcoming ArtOutside festival in Austin. Be on the look out for the official release of Love Star!

1. NicoLuminous – Speaker Box REMIX
2. NicoLuminous – Lumadrop
3. NicoLuminous – Love Star
4. NicoLuminous – Will Our Time Come Around?
5. NicoLuminous – Unpredictable by Jamie Foxx REMIX
6. NicoLuminous – Look at Me Now by Chris Brown REMIX
7. NicoLuminous – Tell Me You Care ft. Roisin Murphy
8. NicoLuminous – Bass Maze
9. NicoLuminous – Love Sets You Free
10. NicoLuminous – Sunrize in L.A.
11. NicoLuminous – Rock That
12. NicoLuminous – Love is Real ft. Beyonce & Sean Paul
13. NicoLuminous – Chunga’s Revenge by Gotan Project REMIX ft. Johanna Phraze
14. NicoLuminous – Y La Bassbox Harp ft. Luz Elena Mendoza

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