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ill-esha | Only Fair | Kickstart Video Fund!

time March 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

ill-esha is working on possibly making a music video for her track, Only Fair. She had decided to launch a kickstart campaign to help fund the project. The bar is set to $3,000 and it needs YOUR help! The video above goes into detail what she is hoping to accomplish with this video. We all know it’s a hard time to produce top quality products and with the decrease in album sales and labels lacking the budget this is her way of giving back a piece of herself in this video.

There are many benefits to contributing to this project based on how much you donate. What many of you don’t realize is that if the project does not hit its goal you will be refunded however much you have donated. Please spread this project as much as you can as I know that if there is anyone who has put in the time and effort into the community it’s Elysha.

I spent the past couple of days with her and every moment my faith is restored in where the music is going and seeing a loving heart behind the music. There’s so much music out there and seems to lack soul and seeing her preform and being around her you can just feel it. I hope you can give a little to this project and see it manifest itself into reality. Once the song is released all the profits made from commercial sales will be donated to the emergency relief effort in Japan.

For more information: ill-esha // Only Fair Kickstart

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