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Skytree – Mineral Logic

time December 17th by Sofia authorTags: , , , , , , , ,


Skytree releases Mineral Logic EP on TIMEWHEEL on 09/22/2015, it’s an experimental 5-track mineral-journey through Earth’s atmospheres.  This release screams out psychedelia, transcending vibes through crystal healing, and originality – its feels are enchanting, and full of great depth.  I met Evan back in 2012 in Austin, TX for a festival we brought him out to, Alloveus, back when we used to throw events/gatherings.  I do have to say….I’ve been following Evan’s music ever since, and he continues to impress…he’s an ever-evolving artist.  He is consistently creating and pushing through into the music industry, and because of that, I have mad respect for Evan.

Layers of intricate patterns, fresh composition, percussive leads, psychedelic grooves, rhythmic beats, experimental fusions, and illuminating synth makes for a journey into the now and into a place far away from human existence, it’s Universal. Choric Lumina’s angelic vocals fuse in beautifully with Evan’s production, making for a unique collaboration, it’s like the Earth created these Gems in sonic formation.  The first collection of new, original Skytree material since 2014’s Cirrus Sapiens, Mineral Logic is a melodic dream state.  Aligning a visual aspect is the artwork and photography by Hayley Carloni.

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time August 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , is changing the game for online social media. If you haven’t heard of you should probably be warned it’s VERY ADDICTING. The site is fairly new and currently still in Beta from my understanding but quite complete as is already.
Ever want to DJ and play music for others? gives you the opportunity to do just that. There are rooms that you can join that have a specific theme or you have the option to make your own. The rooms can have up to 5 DJ spots when created. Create or join a room that suites your mood.

Once you’re in a room you’ll notice there are tons of fun avatars of people with points and fans. Depending on how many DJ spots there are you’ll find people on the stage with one person having a spotlight on them showing that they are playing a song. The name of the song and artist scroll across the screen of the stage giving you the option to add the song you’re listening to any of the more popular music social sites to share or buy.

The bottom of the room you’ll find a meter with a Lame button and Awesome button. This is where the whole social media thing comes in. You’ll be able to vote Lame or Awesome for each song playing. Every time you hit Awesome the DJ who is playing the song gets 1 point. Now if you hit Lame the meter will tip closer to the Lame side. No points are deducted from the DJ if someone hits Lame but if the meter gets too close to Lame it will skip the song.

The major success and appeal of the site is that you can create your own custom que of music from the existing library that has hosted by Medianet. You can search a particular song or artist and a list of music related to your search appears where you can preview the songs and easily add the song to your que list. Now this is where it gets good. If you’re a producer or have songs that are not contained in the library you have the option of uploading your own music!!! That is right! You are limited to 40mbs and MP3 format but besides that you can upload your own music, works in progress, or favorite song not listed in the library. A huge concern is that if once uploaded will the song be added to the library. The answer is NO BUT keep in mind that any user can add the song you play to their list. I’ve uploaded a few dubs that I have and realized later that others have added it to their list. No one can download it but I can see how some artist and people might be upset that some of their unreleased music is being played. The major plus of the que list is that saves everything you’ve added to your list including the MP3 you’ve uploaded so you can have a giant list of music ready to go for whatever room you’re in.

The more points you get from people hitting Awesome allows you to unlock some sweet new avatars. Also keep in mind that you can tell who Awesome’d the song you are playing by seeing who is bobbin’ in the room. There’s nothing like the rush you get from seeing the whole room just bobbin’ to your tune. You can also become a fan of someone in Right now it doesn’t mean much but the feature enables notifications to your e-mail about when someone you’re a fan of takes a DJ spot in This allows you to know when someone you follow is in a specific room so you can go listen to them DJ.

The last thing I want to mention about is how there are Owners and Mods for rooms. If you create a room you’re allowed to Boot people from the room or remove them from the DJ spot. The owner of the room also sets the room description and creates the rules. The mod of the room is usually the owner of the room but if the owner leaves the room the person who has been in the room the longest is assigned as the mod. If the owner returns he still maintains authority without having to worry about it. If the mod leaves the room it is passed on to the next person who has been in the room the longest.

Why is so addicting?! The chat room, hearing new music others play, seeing what people enjoy, talking crap to people who play terrible music, networking with other similar likeminded DJs or producers, and most of trying to acquire as many points as you can and flex your musical taste. I’ve been recommending to everyone I know because it’s a great way for producers to connect and network with their fan base. I run a run a room on that has guest appearances by Mexicans with Guns, +verb, Ben Samples, Elfkowitz, Michael Menert, Protohype, Subsynthesis, etc… Overall it’s a great way to connect with other people who enjoy the same style of music. My room is: Glitch / Chill Dubstep / IDM you can generally find me in there throughout the entire week while I’m at work. Come out and check it out! Be warned though… Only rule implemented is NO BROSTEP! So no aggroo basslines! Keep it chill for the most part so we can all jam and enjoy music while we work or hanging out online.

Things I’d like to see added to
iPhone APP
Owner/Mod can skip a song
Avatar add-ons: hoola hoop, poi, glowsticks, etc…
More Avatars

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Sloth Logic tunes UNLEASHED.

time March 21st by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , ,

NiT GriT is gracing us with his tunes from his older project entitled – Sloth Logic.
He also has another IDM project entitled – Lay Awake, definitely worth a look.

Big up to Danny, enjoy the free tunes everyone.

Download them here.

Wubber Stumpper

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enabl.ed | Saccharine Morning

time February 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

I’m proud to bring you info on the new enabl.ed release Saccharine Morning. This is one of the first upcoming releases that I’ve completely been taken back by. Why? It’s IDM, yeah that music tons of you make fun of by saying “ohh because other music isn’t intelligent” or “IDM sounds so elitist”. Guess what who cares what it’s called but thank God there is a genre that encompasses this type of sound. It’s been awhile since I’ve followed IDM but as of the past few weeks I’ve been venturing into the deep abyss that surrounds sounds like this along with glitch, beats, and ambient.

Global Vortex brings you this stunning release. It’s great to see a label putting out something like this. It’s not often you run into quality production like this along with much press behind it. The good people of Global Vortex sent this over and glad they did. It fits perfectly into what my style is evolving into. You can expect that entranced fun state when you hear every track. Enabl.ed brings some serious emotions into this one and hope you all check it out.

The single drops today and the full release is February 18th!
If you are remotely interested in IDM I suggest you check this out.

BUY: Single

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Slippery – Miami’s Glitch Night! Fridays at Club Cinema

time April 15th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,


Miami Glitch presents the return of Slippery! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our WMC event, Slippery. We’ve teamed up with the crew who does DOWN at Club Cinema for a monthly event!

DOWN was a weekly event on Sundays at Cinema but officially switches to every Friday now. They will remain downstairs bringing you the best in Dubstep. Every last Friday of the month Slippery will be taking over the upstairs area for some banging Glitch Hop, IDM, and BASS!

April 30th 2010 marks the beginning of all these upcoming changes.

DOWN will be bringing in Richie August from Chicago. He has been doing some big things and has teamed up with Claw to form Hulk. It will be a special treat for Miami. The full line up downstairs includes: Richie August, Gooddroid, The Reazin, Grey Ghost, Ashworth, Chuck Nasty, Somejerk, & Bunnyfuzz.

Slippery will be treating Miami with a Dub Hop duo residing in Phoenix, Protohype. Protohype brings a sound that mixes typical dubstep with some glitchy crunk hop hop beats. They will not disappoint! Mr. Feathers will also be doing a special set for the night. He is excited to take up the challenge of doing Glitch Hop something he has never played before. The full line up includes: Protohype, Mr.Feathers, Afro Monk, Claro, The Munkz, El Topo, and C85.

Upstairs will also feature live art from Miami’s own Kazilla! She has been causing quite a stir with her lovely painting skills. Don’t miss out on this special event!

Hopefully this will mark a special time where Miami will have a new restructured weekly spot to check out all sorts of fresh new bass music. When Slippery isn’t upstairs doing the glitch-hop stuff Miami Glitch will also be running a unique lounge night. We hope to bring you a chill laid back groove while we play some hip hop, trip-hop, downtempo, and many artist from the infamous Ninjatune label. Our mission is to bring something new and different. Starting a lounge trip-hop night has always been a goal of mine and hope we can bring you a fresh new weekly hang out spot.

Here is a short 10min mini mix put together by Claro to show you all what type of sound you can expect to hear at the event!

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Adam John – Moments

time March 15th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , ,


Artist: Adam John
Title: Moments
Cat # Muti055
UPC # 705105139401

1. Tear This Up 4:02
2. Fog 3:48
3. Fall In 4:07
4. Patient 4:26

People might know Adam John better as the Drum ‘n’ Bass producer Kid Kryptic, whilst I don’t so s it is with a fresh set of ears I can take in the music.

If Adam has a past in the DnB scene this EP is far from that sound. On “Moment” Adam delivers a downtempo I.D.M./Glitch sound but still with a lot of atmosphere and melodies. It seems like Muti Music has changed sails a bit and with the latest couple of released moved a away a bit from the “usual” Dubstepish sound that one is used to hear from this label.

“Moments” is a mellow and dreamy Glitch (Hop)/I.D.M EP, it’s nice to see how Muti develops and gives us listeners something we’re perhaps not used to, it has been a “strange” year for Muti and I’m lovin’ every day of it.

Muti Music
Adam John/Kid Kryptic @ Myspace

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Afro Monk & Munkz – Show 2/15/2010

time February 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Alright here is this weeks show!
We definately ran into some technical difficulties at the start. The audio didn’t kick in till a 1:45 into the recording.

Also the cable going into the laptop got lose a couple of times and reason for stops in audio. We are working on getting a new cable and Mic setup.

Munkz started off this week’s show with some trippy IDM. Solid track selection! Got to love the dark eeriness of this mix. Towards the end he stepped it up a notch. Unfortunately we still working to perfect the switch between us but you’ll know when my half starts when you hear a certain Phil Collins track =D

My half focuses more on the glitch hop side of things. Started off with a few lovestep tracks since I thought it would be appropriate since it was the day after Valentines day. Wanted to do some more lovestep but so much new stuff to drop that wanted to bring to the table.

Next week we’ll be a lot more prepared!
It’s only going to get better from here on out!

Munkz & Afro Monk – Liturgy of the Hours on 2/15/2010

Hope you enjoy!

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Afro Monk’s First APC Mix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Since early December I’ve been working real hard. I decided to put all my free time into learning Ableton and using the APC40.

I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task but with great support from some friends online I was guided in the right direction.

I was invited to play at a house party and had made a promise by the time that party I’d be ready. I spent countless hours finding the right tracks that would fit. This party was most likely going to consist of people who have not heard much glitch so I consintrated on the glitch hop style.

After many nights of watching videos, having discussions with other DJs, asking for help, and overall just playing with Ableton I decided I had reached my goal.

The only problem was the party was moved to my house and I hadn’t been sleeping for the past 2-3 weeks more than 5hrs. I have been treating my body like crap and staying up late prepping tracks for the APC40. When it was time to preform I couldn’t for more than 20mins. I felt horrible but I wasn’t going to preform when completely burnt out and it’d come out liek crap. Also I realized I was missing something quite important, a laptop stand. Bending over the laptop and APC was killing me after 20mins. I had been sitting down when practicing and working on my laptop.

I was disappointed with myself in the end but knew I’d record something. A few friends came over later to play some Fifa. I figured this would be the perfect time to record while they were playing. Not to mention see how they’d react to the music while playing a game. To my surprise everyone was digging it.

I have over 3-4 mess ups that I’m quite frustrated with but it’s a learning experience. Never had I played an entire set through with the APC. After going through a whole entire hour set I know what definately not to do and where to be careful. There are even some new tricks I picked up while in the zone. This was more of a trial and error mix.

Check it out and feel free to give some feedback. The reason I’m posting this now is because it’s a preview of the type of stuff I’m working on. Come January I’m going to modify the overall feel a bit to more of a IDM feel instead of hip hop feel.

Miami, it’s time someone has a try at this glitch thing. Hopefully this will be the start of something fresh! Wish me luck because I’ll need it!

Afro Monk’s First Mix with Ableton & APC40

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Venetian Snares, Wisp, & Dino Felipe – Miami Oct 24th 2009

time October 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

venetian snares

All you need to know is that this Saturday one of the Godfathers of Breakcore will be in town, Venetian Snares.

Along side him he brings one of the most creative IDM producers, Wisp. The combination of these two isn’t all that is in store in West Palm Beach. Dino Felipe a FL resident will be openning it all up.

Saturday will be quite an experience. It’s not often you find an event playing experiemental, IDM, and breakcore.

Venetian Snares, Wisp, & Dino Felipe
Saturday October 24th, 2009
Respectable Street Cafe
518 Clematis St
West Palm Beach 33401
$15 advanced – $20 at door

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