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The 200th Post! Thank You

time July 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,

This officially makes the 200th post for! I can’t believe it. It seems like it wasn’t long ago that I started this site.

I want to thank everyone who has ever been to my site and checked out any post. I want to give a MAJOR THANK YOU to all the producers out there that have actually answered my messages and e-mails. All of the people who send me their unreleased music and keep me up to date with all the latest tracks. If it wasn’t for you guys there wouldn’t be anything to write about. Keep doing what you love and making that sweet music.

It has been less than a year that has gone live and it’s become one of the best projects I’ve ever done. I’m glad to have PBJ on board and have him part of the team. I plan to expand this site more in the near future and do a complete re-design. The next major project I’ll be embarking on is becoming a producer and starting a label. Lots of big news will come out of this week-end in Vegas.

I want to make a list of all the people who have helped me with this site. The ones who I love to help out and share their music with you. They’ve done nothing but hooked it up and be a friend and not just some other person online.

No particular order but this post is for you guys that I’ve met online!

Sugarpill, Shilo, Ben Samples, HipGnosis, Mochipet, Protohype, Mussck, Will Marshall, Great Scott, Richard Sweat, Lost in Bass, Freddy Todd, Pressha, Plus2, Willy Whompa, Stephan Jacobs, Kraddy, and all the others I’ve forgotten! Thank you!

You’ve all been a huge inspiration!

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Miami Glitch + WMC 2010

time May 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This past WMC Munkz and I together formed Miami Glitch and threw our first party!
We had tons of special guest in town and raged all week!

Here are some small clips from the week!

Many Thanks:
Shilo, Ben Samples, Fisk, HipGnosis, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Mochipet, Siren, Pressha, Mindelixer, Epcot, Stutterfly, JSB, & special thanks to Gooddroid!

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MusSck Interview – The Glitch Legend!

time March 1st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,


I’ve had the honor of becoming friendly with the Digital Ninja himself, MusSck! He was open enough to do an interview for the website and have to say without a doubt since I’ve entered this game he has be the realest of them all. This man has some serious love and respect! Here is the interview!

You’ve clearly have made an mark on what a lot of people call glitch music. Have you always gone by the alias Mussck? Where did it come about?

When I first started putting music on the net I had a 3 other aliases but like Myng said in the Digital Ninja LP description (MusSck was the diamond in the rough). in 2007 it was spelt (muse-sick) then figure another way how to pronounce it, I chosen this name because i wanted to flip to all sorts of musical genres in a glitchy environment.

When did you start producing music at what age and what sort of medium did you use at that time and how has it evolved into what you do today?

I’ve started making tracks when at 18, I’m still using the same music software which i first started off with (FL Studio) the equipment doesn’t make the music, you do as the individual. During the the years coming up i was thought by people that I call legends in my books;

Myng (Global Vortex / Glitch Hop Temple): 6 years ago I didn’t know how to structure my tracks but he believed and got my tracks played on Global Vortex Radio.

Subtitle (Briefcase Rockers) I sent him a demo before we met in London, during those couple of hours hanging out he taught me how to put soul in my music, now he calls me the Al Green of Glitch Ish ha ha ha.

Daniel Lambert (Global Vortex): I’ve been working with this guy for the last 5 years and learnt so much from him when it comes to trippy sounds and random patterns.

Thavius Beck (Mush): One of my favorite producers who works along as Subtitle as Lab Waste taught me how to put my stamp on remixes.

You have been hard at work with your college and putting things together for them. Can you tell us about what you do on a daily basis?

As soon as I arrive to the studio at the campus I edit loops, chop samples and make beats that’s what all I do in my classes, before the holidays I produced a press kit showcasing all my work including the students in my class from the music technology department to the head of creative studies letting her know that there’s so much we can do instead of remaining behind the scenes, so I am working on her latest project making themes which I can nominated for a college award for best composer at the end of the term.

Clearly you have lots of big releases to date but are there any that stick out to you the most while you were producing them and do you feel a certain vibe when you create music?

Whichever label or crew that I represent for in that current moment in time I put 100% within all my tracks, I am humble dude as well grateful to be in the position that I am in so I have to put in the work for my peeps.

What do you have planned for 2010? I know you have releases coming up on Cosby’s Car Crash Set and recently on Daly City Records. Have any other future plans?

Adopted By A Nes EP going to be release on Briefcase Rockers which should be out around my birthday (May 25th) also to release material on 7 inch hopefully, doing another project at college entitled Team Animation, all of my music is based around Japanese Animation, programs such Ergo Proxy / Death Note / Monster / Ghost In The Shell / Fist Of The North Star / Cowbow Bebop and the list goes on, so I am going to based music around this theme and release it as a part of my assignment, but apart from that I am just taking my digital journey into sound.

You reside in the UK and have talked to you about coming to the States. Is there a US tour coming together? I was disappointed to hear you had chance to come to Miami for WMC but were told to late. When can we expect a Mussck landing in the States?

I could of may it to WMC but there’s always next time, its legendary event so it’ll never die, I’ll be coming to the states in July first stop will be New York City to visit my family as well as peeps like Myng and Powerstrip Circus Crew, then heading down to DC to meet my other peeps B-rice / Jezika / Aligning Minds and HipGnosis.

Trying to save as much money as possible to head over other states but if I can’t make it next time for sure.

You seem to have some great artwork and feel to some of your album art. Do you take a certain theme or idea for having stuff put together on your releases?

Myng, Mochipet & Ill Cosby organize the artwork for the for the material which was going to be release, I am now working close with a good friend of mine in New York name David.Delmonaco who’s going to help me out with my artwork for my college project.

Where do you think music today will be say 5years from now? Do you feel the day and age of vinyl will be lost? What do you currently use to preform? Is there anything you plan or wish to incorporate with your current setup?

The world rotates in 360, things fade and slowly return back from the shadow that’s life for you, my current set up for now is a Rane TTM 57 SL DJ Mixer which I am happy with.

Now let’s get to know the real person behind Mussck. After being introduced to you recently you’ve been nothing but a great friend.

I am a dude that takes the day as it comes my friend, learn new things everyday either to do with music or life in general now I hitting the winter of my 20’s ha ha ha.

What is it that you feel us as humans need to do more when it comes to creating relationship with each other?

Remain loyal and work together on a personal and professional level its all to do with balance, flip different music genres together (music has colours it speaks many different languages)

When you meet someone for the first time what would you say would be a good topic starter or ice breaker that will lead into a great conversation? Would it involve music?

Just introduce yourself and remain true to yourself there’s no point acting like something that you’re not, when it comes to ladies you have to be a good listeners, most of the conversation I have is based around music though ha ha ha

Are there any interest you have besides music that totally captivate you? When you come home from school and not working on music what is it in the world that makes you smile?

Playing old school videos on my roms and watching Manga, just purchase an animation entitled Violence Jack haven’t seen that for years.

You’re located in the UK but is there any place or city that you’d absolutely love to call your home or visit for a short time? Feel free to make a place up and describe it.

The musical floating animated island which lay on the top of mind

If you had to describe love or what you feel as a human drives you to be complete content what would it be for you?

Someone who loves me for who I am.

Biggest influence, person you respect the most, and can call a friend in music?

Biggest influence my father he got me into music back in primary school as i was a troublesome child and had to do extra lesson (R.I.P.) as for friends in music; Myng / Daniel Lambert / Alex Blip / 8bitch / Tidy Kid / Subtitle / Thavius Beck / K-the-I??? Nobuko Hori / B-rice / Jezika / Aligning Minds / HipGnosis all the peeps on soundcloud the list goes on

Who is your top musical influences that really hit you with emotion?

The Soundtrack for Ergo Proxy

Anything you want to say to anyone or message you want to conclude with for your final words?

Shout to my labels: Glitch Hop Temple / Global Vortex / B.E.A.R. / Daly City Records / Car Crash Set and to all the people that showed me love from day one truly means a lot to me

The Random Black Guy at your service

Thank you Mussck it has been a pleasure ever since we’ve been in contact! Wish you the best of luck in the future and see you when you get to the States! Much love brother!

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Random Update by Afro Monk

time February 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

It’s been awhile since I write a legit post and not just a mix. The new addition to the Afro Monk team, Pierre, is doing a great job. I’m thrilled to have him onboard and having him contribue so much.

WMC is right around the courner and looks like its going to be unforgettable as usual. I can’t believe how involved I am with this one event. The past month I’ve shared e-mails with some of the most respected producers/DJs in the glitch game in my eyes.

My show has almost been on for a month now. I started off strong but now we working out all the kinks. My close friend Munkz has been joining me and dropping some dubstep bombs. I feel like it’s a great combo of glitch/IDM/trip-hop with the last hour having Munkz bring the dirty bass.

Overall things are moving along. I’ll be meeting some of the crew in 2 weeks in DC. I’m flying up to DC for a gig HipGnosis got. Looking forward to meeting him and a few others that will be there.

I’m on a total travel mind set right now. I hope to visit NY and possibily even play at an event there. Also considering a trip to Oregon to visit some close friends from My birthday is in the summer and most likely going to Vegas for Defcon and hope to somehow find myself on the bill to play out there. Another project I’ve been thinking of doing is throwing an event in Seattle. There is a group of guys up there as well. Let’s not forget Lost in Bass in Boston is always an option in the future.

It’s amazing the people I’ve met since joining the team. I’ve become close with people all over the world and hope to visit them all in the near future, even the Delicious Crew in New Zealand.

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Friday’s Fire Mix – HipGnosis on Glitch.FM

time October 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


Another Fire Friday mix is among us!  Be sure to check out last week’s mix and check in every Friday for a special mix.

This week HipGnosis brought some serious tunes to us on his weekly show. Glitch.FM continues to prove to me that this station is one of the freshest communities around. There is tons of talent around in the Glitch community but they’ve got some of the biggest names locked in and spinning every day.  Be sure to catch any of the live sets on Glitch.FM. You won’t be disappointed.

Big Up! to HipGnosis and the Glitch.FM gang!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to rock a show every week or do a pirate show here and there.

Between Zero and One – HipGnosis on GlitchFM recorded (10 21 2009)


Psychic TV – Drone Zone
kryptic minds – one of us
recue – korento
Psychic TV – united (sabres of paradise mix 1)
martin bros – dum (ill cosby mix) (carcrashset)
plastikman – helikopter
intrinsic – gibbous
scuba – hundreds and thousands
throwing snow – been a long while (ThrowingSnow)
swarms – never step on me (vishnu rmx) (vishnu)
skream – sublemonal
fever ray – seven (martyn mix)
scuba – klinik
helen austin – when we were young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Rmx) ( for original)
pericles – flatface
nasty nasty – no names
ellie goulding – starry eyed (jakwob rmx) (jakwob)
ill cosby – lo oyen (emvee rmx) (carcrashset)
dj fresh – hypercaine (nero dubstep mx)
hostage – hangin
hadouken – M.A.D. (detboi rmx)
vishnu – power of love v2 (vishnu)
cat power – deadman (dj belly mix) (djbellymusic)
dj belly – ooohh (djbellymusic)
plastikman- plasticine
psychic tv – united (sabres of paradise mix 2)
hostage – badman sound
the brown acid – try humanity (starkey rmx)
jokers of the scene – baggy bottom boyz (dz ravestep rmx)
the brown acid – try humanity (zomby’s vitamin e rmx)
big gigantic – polarize (
the scarlet harlots – backlash (raffertie rmx)
broken note – war in the making
kryptic minds – six degrees
quetzal – whompa ambush (Quetzatl)
calvin harris – not alone (doorly rmx)
sub version – soul jah boogie
m83 – we own the sky (udachi rmx)

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