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NICO LUMINOUS – Love is Waiting

time December 31st by Sofia authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


NICO LUMINOUS self-releases “Love is Waiting” on December 9th, 2015 and it’s a fresh trip hop, chillout, and bass innovation through conscious, soul ,and downtempo production fused in with stylistic intention.  This is Trip hop for Lovers.  Still fully embodying full West Coast Hip-Hop spirit, this full-length album composed of 13 tracks, Nico brings back a fresh feel through classic bass lines, funky whistling melodies, lyrical depth, artist collaboration, minimal drums, and romantic-felt magic.  I met Nico back at Art Outside ’13, as he was “scoping out the scene” before his set.  Since then, I’ve been following his music!  Hand painted Art Work by Hanz Haveron.  feel good songs

West Coast musical artist Nico Luminous is a gifted DJ/Producer/MC/Beatboxer/Vocalist who takes a fun and soulful approach to creating electronic music. Bouncing drum beats, sparkling chord pads, futuristic bass synths fused with organic elements create his unique brand of “Glitch-a-Delic Soul Whomp”. Based in Los Angeles, Nico’s high energy performances and releases keep him travelling every weekend to a new city or festival. With a residency at the monthly “The Big Bass All Star Variety Show” in Hollywood as well as spots on KXLU radio and many other events this year in California, Austin, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, Costa Rica and Canada. Nico is blazing a trail everywhere he goes and word is traveling fast about his signature party rocking style.   He’s the only artist today performing with a wireless effects and looper pedal belt that seamlessly incorporates into his all original DJ sets. Influences of Hip Hop, Dub, and Dancehall are laden throughout and the music has an irresistibly uplifting vibe.

Check out “Moon Buddy Cadillac”, self-released by Nico Luminous himself 11/11/2014

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Voodoo Farm / Artist Spotlight

time May 14th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Voodoo Farm is the music project of NYC-based producer/DJ/filmmaker Liam Dirlam. The sound is described as “Electronic Dancerock” and infuses styles of Electro House, Dubstep, and Hip-Hop using live instruments, vocalists, and machines. Voodoo Farm’s first single, “Bangers & Cash” was placed on rotation on at MTV, VH1 and SpikeTV… also considered for mtvU’s “Best Freshman Video Award” in September 2010. They have a bunch of dope remixes that they’ve done recently that are up for free download at Without fail, every time I drop one of their tracks live, there is always someone who will run behind the DJ booth to see what I’m playing, haha.  Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for their awesomeness. Check out the remixes below and grab the free downloads (alternative download links posted within the descriptions of the tracks on soundcloud). Also, each of the songs has a fun video to go along with them and you can check them all out at

Wiz Khalifa ft. 2Pac- Roll Up (VOODOO FARM Remix)

Outkast ft Lady Gaga – Wheelz of Steel (VOODOO FARM Remix)

The Doors – People Are Strange (VOODOO FARM Remix)

Download (right-click save as): Adele vs. Jay Z vs. Biggie – Rolling in the Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)

Dirlam and Robert E. Corrigan JR (Muscle Car Chronicles) are now working on a REMIX/B-SIDE album that will drop this summer for free.   Their second full-length album will be finished in September. I’m stoked to be sharing the stage with them this summer in Dewey Beach on July 29th! If you’re on the east coast, you should def check out this event: Dewey Beach EDM Fest

Make sure to like Voodoo Farm on Facebook:

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Supersci releases a free track from the upcoming album

time May 28th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Fellow Sundsvallian Hip Hop group Supersci just now released a free downloadable track from their upcoming album “Timelines” called “Snap out of it”.

The northern melancholy is still present in their sound and the sample with the keyed fiddle just takes my viking soul to a higher place, the beat is produced by Arka and Erik L from Flyphonic Beats (also key members of Supersci)

Download the track here (@ Supersci’s homepage)

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Glitchy & Scratchy – Broken Logic

time March 31st by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: Glitchy & Scratchy
Title: Broken Logic
Cat # Muti056
UPC # 705105138602

1. Glitchy & Scratchy – Speech Therapy 4:38
2. Glitchy & Scratchy – What Frank Said 5:52
3. Glitchy & Scratchy vs Myles Away – Tokyo Tonight 7:06
4. Glitchy & Scratchy – Brain Saw 4:08
5. Glitchy & Scratchy – Embeddit 4:25
6. Glitchy & Scratchy vs 24-Bit – Me + 1 5:46

At first when I listened to ”Broken Logic” I was kind of disappointed case I though it was to slow and anonymous but after a few spins I was really hooked. Glitchy & Scratchy has been around for a while now making a name in the Glitch Hop underground with various tracks and mixes.

What makes these guys a bit different from all the other Glitch Hop acts is that Glitchy & Scratchy implements some chiptunes/8bit-tunes into their music but still keeping true to their bass roots for a real good “soundscape”.

Another great release from Muti Music!

Take a listen to the third track “Tokyo Tonight” here:

Glitchy & Scratchy vs Myles Away – Tokyo Tonight by Muti Music

Glitchy & Scratchy @ Myspace
Integrated Grime Unit @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Free the Robots – Ctrl Alt Delete

time March 3rd by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Free the Robots
Ctrl Alt Delete
Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Mar-30-2010

01. Sci-Fidelity
02. Turbulence
03. Jupiter
04. Orion’s Belt Buckle
05. Wandering Gypsy
06. Select/Start
07. Voices
8. Granite Rock
9. Mental Universe
10. Global Warning
11. The Eye (feat. Ikey Owens)
12. Turkish Voodoo
13. Inter Arma

Finally it’s here, the very much anticipated debut album from Free the Robots. The first track blast off with Free the Robots version of instrumental Hip Hop, really love this 60ies space/spooky sound that he’s implemented in this track, stuff like that really strings a note within me.

Mixing Hip Hop beats, some Jazzy tunes and electronics this album sound really contemporary and just right in time, perhaps a little to much 2010 cause it’s nothing really innovative and most of this stuff you hear on this album you’ve heard before, but it’s still a real good album, a bit to long maybe.

A real interesting feature on this album is the guest performance of Ikey Owens from The Mars Volta, adding some of his groove to the track “The Eye”.

All in all a great album but I guess cutting out a few tracks wouldn’t have hurt. I see no reason at all why you should get a hold of this album when it hits the streets!

Alpha Pup Records
Free the Robots @ Myspace

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The Delta Mirror – Machines that Listen

time February 23rd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Shoegaze goes electronica? The Delta Mirror mixes these two genres with a very good result. ”Machines that Listen” is The Delta Mirror’s debut album but they’ve been working since the late nineties TDM started out as a Hip Hop duo but when Karrie K joined in on bass guitar their sound started to evolve.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Shoegaze genre but I like some of the albums from Slowdive and a few others but when you mix it with some electronic tuneage things can get really interesting like in this case.

I’ll keep it short this time, this was a real good album even if the lyrics seems a bit pretentious the music is still real wicked.

To be released 03.16.2010 on Lefse Records

The Delta Mirror @ Myspace
Lefse Records

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Nocando – Exploits and Glitches [Video]

time February 11th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,

Check out this brand new video from Nocando!

Noncando on Myspace
Alpha Pup Records

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Nocando – Jimmy the Lock

time January 26th by Pierre authorTags: , , ,

Artist: Nocando
Title: Jimmy the Lock
Label: Alpha Pup Records

I’m pretty sick ‘n’ tired of hip hop these days but every once in a while there’s one album that really rocks my socks and that time is now! Nocando has really dropped a bomb with his debut album. Alpha Pup Rec is in my book a label that always come up with some 100 % quality stuff and they definitely don’t disappoint me this time either.

Nocando hails from L. A. and some might recognize his name cause his won the Scribble Jam battle 2007. Usually I’m more into the east coast sound when it comes to hip hop but this one really redefines what you’re used to hear from west coast I guess one big reason for Nocando’s sound comes from the producers he’s chosen to work with namely Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Thavius Beck, Th’ Corn Gangg, Free the Robots, Maestone, & Daedelus. I can’t say that I recognize all the names but Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots & Daedelus are three of my favorite names when it comes to the more instrumental scene (Glitch Hop, Dubstep, call it what ever). A few guest rappers has been invited aswell; Busdriver, Iron Mike Eagle, Nick Diamonds and VerBS .

With these guest and these producers I guess this will be on of the best albums this year regardless what genre we’re talking about.

Noncando on Myspace
Alpha Pup Records

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Heyoka – Marklar

time January 26th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Title: Marklar
Format: CD Album
Cat # Muti049
UPC Barcode #: 705105138800

01 Boom 3:42
02 Neem 4:21
03 Particle 3:37
04 Micron 4:40
05 Fractalscape 4:50
06 Chem 4:11
07 Reptilian 4:34
08 Ned 5:15
09 Doodle 5:07
10 11th Dimension 3:39
11 Antsy 3:01
12 Borscht 4:39
13 Multiverse 3:49
14 Neutrino 6:41
15 The Big Trippy Thing 2:13
16 Mud 3:29
17 Cosmic Indigestion 4:42
18 Grit 2:17

Andrei Olenev the man behind the pseudonym Heyoka seems to be a very productive man, in two years he’s released three EP’s and now with “Marklar” he has released his second full length album.

For those who haven’t not yet heard Heyoka he produces a mix of down- to midtempo beats with lots of bass and some occasional dub and hip hop influences but still with some really nice melodies. Since the last album “Space Code” I think the sound has become a tad more dance-floor friendly which I think is a great development.

Andrei is becoming one of my favorite artist on the Muti cause this is the kind of music I want to hear these day, it really gets me goin’.

Be sure not to miss this one! I’m loving it!

Heyoka on Myspace
Muti Music
Muti Music on Myspace

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