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SIXIS❘Transhuman EP

time February 9th by Molly authorTags: , , ,

Sixis may be a new name to you, but the influence on and from his sound is closer to ancient. Heavily textured and deeply organic, Sixis’ music represents to me the holiness of the merger of technology and nature. Alien like pads, swampy bass, and rhythmic drums create a natural yet unique experience, encompassing the listener in a deep, hypnotic embrace- warming the soul, exciting the conscience.

Sixis is the moniker of Bay Area native to Pacific Northwest transplant (hey, like me!), Ben Taecker-Wyss. Ben is currently attending Evergreen State College (hey, like me!) to study music production on a serious level. His first official release, Transhuman EP, put out by Substruk Records, blends tangibly thick bass with earthy elements to create a powerful energy, full of movement and oozing with psychedelic creativity. His sound design is excellent and his music complex and interesting, reminiscent of early work of the legendary Heyoka. After extensive listening of his soundcloud, I can hear the improvement in his most recent work and am really looking forward to seeing what this up and coming artist has in store for us in 2013! Big ups, Sixis!

Love and Low Frequencies,

Purchase Sixis – Transhuman EP

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Moksha Art Fair 2012 | The Eagle Meets the Condor

time November 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

The Moksha Art Fair is one of the most unique events of the year in Miami. The event takes place during Art Basel week which is a big event all over Miami. Art Basel brings in thousands of talent artist from around the world. The main event takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center but you can find hundreds of galleries and events all around the city.

The Moksha Gallery is where you can find one of the most unique communities in Miami. You always hear about the culture and art of Miami but the one place I’ve found a true unique culture that promotes art and music is at Moksha.

I remember attending the 2009 Moksha Art Fair that featured Bluetech and Alex Grey painting live. It was one of the most memorable events I’ve attended in Miami. This year looks like it’s going to be something really special. The visual artist, musicians, and performing artist this year promises to deliver quite an event. I’m really looking forward to Govinda’s return and seeing Andreilien (Heyoka).

If you’re in town for Art Basel and looking for something more along the lines of a music festival, I recommend checking out this event. There’s plenty of speakers, artist, and music that will be sure to interest you.

Also be sure to check out the website I helped build for more information about Artist, Music, and Performing Artist.

Moksha Art Fair 2012

Grab tickets today and get 50% off. This deal ends Saturday November 17th!

BUY: Moksha Art Fair Tickets 2012

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Love & Light | The Light We Bring

time March 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Love and Light are back with a new release on Simplify Recordings. Ryan and Matt have been hard at work with this new release and have put together quite a tour of the States. This release shows off some of their new styles and techniques as they mature their sound. It’s great to see a release where most of the tunes have that whompy bass feel that reminds me a lot of Heyoka. The best part is that this arsenal of bass bombs are at a sweet sexy 200 bpm. It’s always great to have a good amount of variety in the bpm ranges.

I’m really looking forward to playing the two Texas shows in Austin and Dallas with them. Matt and Ryan truly have so much great energy online and always have been there to support me in anything. Excited to finally kick it with them in person. The videos and responses I’ve seen on this tour is unbelievable. It seems just like yesterday when they put out their first tune together. Get ready because they are just getting started and this dynamic duo has quite the future ahead of them.

Be sure to grab this release.
BUY: Love & Light – The Light We Bring

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Banjos to Beats | Dallas Promotions Team

time February 7th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

The day I found out I was relocating to Dallas, TX I shot an e-mail to many of my touring friends and asked whats up with Dallas in the music scene as regards to the type of music I’m into. What I got back from almost everyone who had a contacts in Dallas was get a hold of Josh Smith.

Josh Smith and Mandi Smith run Banjos to Beats. They’ve put together one of the most family oriented communities I’ve seen in a long time. The past events that they have done completely got my excited like a little school boy. Thanks to them and their efforts to push some of the most unique music out there Dallas has been a pleasure to live in. It’s a risky business throwing events but they’ve gone straight grassroots and succeed doing what they love.

This was clearly shown recently when Austin based Nadis Warriors were intown for a show and LiveNation dropped the ball big time on them. Josh made some magic happen and locked in Trees(best venue for sound in Dallas in my opinion so far) for a late night set with only about one hour and a half of promotion time. I showed up for support and the place had to have at least over 120 people there. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen and prime example of what this community is about.

I can’t show enough support for what Banjos to Beats has built and continues to build. They’ve taken me in as one of their own and even provided me one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had when I had just recently moved to Dallas. You can be sure to hear about Banjos to Beats if you are anywhere near Texas as all the acts you’re into if you read this blog are most likely coming into Dallas thanks to them. You’ll want to keep track of any upcoming events at their Facebook page.

Thank you Josh and Mandi Smith and all the others involved for doing what you do in Dallas. You guys are a major reason why I love to call Dallas my new home.
Thank you!

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events:
2/10: Waka Winter Classic – 2826 Arnetic
2/18: Fayuca / Ugly Lion – 2826 Arnetic
2/24: Dirtfoot / Mountain Sprout – Trees
2/25: Emancipator / Blockhead / Great Mundane – Trees
3/15: Daedelus/ TOKiMONSTA /Shlomo – Trees
4/8: Heyoka / Octopus Nebula – Trees
5/7: Manifestation Celebration – Dallas Museum of Nature & Science

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Heyoka | Mandelbass

time February 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Heyoka is one of those producers that I love and always excited to hear what he has cooked up. Mandelbass recently has been announced and it is another shining example of why Heyoka has made such a name for himself, diversity with his unique take. His sound and styles range from all sorts of places but you’ll know one of his tunes from a mile away with his signature whompy glitch effects.  He gives respects to the great mathematician and ‘creator’ of fractals Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

This release is absolutely stunning. It takes you on a magical glitch ride with beats flowing from all over the place. Just when you thought you had it all figured out you’re taken down deeper into the spiral fractal that is Heyoka. Some real experimental beats. Got to love it! A true master in the art of music.

Today the Heyoka show was announced here in Dallas April 8th! That only means be on a look out for Heyoka in your city as he goes out on a Mandelbass tour. He recently just put out a single off the Glitch This compilation they are giving away for a show he is playing for them. Check it out as you get a small taste of the latest work.

Expect the release of Mandelbass April 9th on Muti.

Heyoka Mandelbass Tour Dates:

2/10 – Diehard, NSW Australia Wytaliba Community Hall
2/11 –  Melbourne, No State Australia Mercat Cross Hotel
2/13 –  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Landcruiser Park
2/25 –  Durango, CO United States Abbey Theatre
2/26 –  Denver, CO United States Cervantes Ballroom
3/4 –  Bozeman, MT United States Filling Station
3/5 –  Missoula, MT United States Top Hat
3/10 –  Indianapolis, IN United States The Mousetrap
3/11 –  Minneapolis, MN United States EPIC
3/12 –  Portland, OR United States Refuge
3/22 –  Allston, MA United States Wonder Bar
3/25 –  Richmond, VA United States The Canal Club
3/31 –  Blacksburg, VA United States Awful Arthur’s
4/2 –  Asheville, NC United States Garage at Biltmore
4/3 – Atlanta, GA United States at King Plow
4/5 –  Fayetteville, AR United States George’s Majestic
4/6 –  Oxford, MS United States Proud Larrys
4/7 –  New Orleans, LA United States The Hookah
4/8 –  Dallas, TX United States 2826 Arnetic
4/9 –  Austin, TX United States The Parish
4/22 –  Milwaukee, WI United States Miramar Theatre

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Art Outside 2010 | Texas Festival

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Art Outside is a festival outside of Austin, TX. This year will be its 6th year going. The easiest way to describe Art Outside is a miniature Texas Burning Man. It’s a 3 day camping festival with tons of creative inspiring people. This year the event features over 300 artists, musicians, performers, and workshops. It’s large collection of people just coming together to share what they have to offer to the world.

There are world class performances, magical art installations, and unique artist from all around. Guests are encouraged to interact and share their passion and creativity for all that we call art.

This will be the first year I attend as I have just moved to Dallas, Texas in the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking this adventure. It seems like a great place to meet likeminded artist and inspiring people. I took a trip to Austin to meet the infamous Psymbionic who runs the only Glitch-Hop weekly in all of Texas probably. He will be doing a set at Art Outside and has welcomed me to join his friends at his camp. I’m looking forward to seeing the Octophonic sound stage featuring a eight speakers & 360 degree sound stage.

Another random thing that I’m curious to see is the life size mouse trap. It apparently is a huge replica of the board game. There is also a 2 ton acme-esque safe dropping from a 30 foot crane which is probably a sight to see.

Other random things to know about the festival are that there will be food vendors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will be vegan/raw friendly. There will be free filtered water areas. If you drink it’s a BYOB event so bring your own!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 22 – 24, 2010
Where: Apache Pass, 9112 N. FM 908, Rockdale, TX
How: $80 3-day Pass including Camping.

Music Highlights: Blockhead, Random Rab, Heyoka, Psymbionic, Brede, God-Des and She, Spoonfed Tribe, Brownout!, and more. Full lineup

Visual Artist Highlights: Jennifer Chenowith, George Kraus, Casey Warr, The Sound Cave Roadshow, Art of Such-N-Such, MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Michael Christian and Joe Santandrea. Full lineup

Here is a promo video for the event to give you a small taste of what is in store. It seems like Texas has quite the special event going on here. I can’t think of anything like this back home in Florida.

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New albums from both Heyoka & Timonkey.

time June 22nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , ,



Artist: Heyoka
Title: Cosmic Boogie
Cat # Muti066
UPC # 705105140209
File Under:
Glitch Hop / IDM / DnB / Electronica
In loving memory of Victor Olenev
01 Mowdery Pildew    3:03
02 Cabin Fever    4:37
03 Chaos Theory    5:22
04 Noises        4:55
05 Broken Bits        3:35
06 Fractalcore        5:31
07 Amenhostep    3:20
08 Mourning Would    4:13
09 Shlomsky        4:59
10 Slippery        3:31
11 Thingiemabob    3:29
12 Plasma        5:01

Buy at Addictech

Artist: Timonkey
Title: Future Perfect
Cat # Muti063
UPC # 705105140902
File under: Dubstep / Chillout
01. Be Humble    3:43
02. The Future    5:46
03. Dreamstep    5:37
04. Never Get Enough    3:29
05. Panther Beach 1    5:12
06. Open Road    4:52
07. Quantum Echo    4:18
08. Golden Throne    4:10
09. The Day Fungus Took Over    5:04
10. Let’s Get Surreal    3:18
11. Heavy Rain    3:39
12. The Fog Lifts    4:06
13. Hold Them Close    3:47

Buy at Addictech

Heyoka is keeping Muti Music busy just spittin’ out one release after the other. Where the last album “Marklar” went a bit much in the Dubstep direction for my taste this album comes out more diverse! Heyoka is mixing Breakbeats, Dubstep, Drum n Bass into a nice mix.

Timonkey’s “Future Perfect” is sadly way to much “ordinary” Dubstep for me to really enjoy it even if it’s mixed up with some Chill out tunes, thirteen track is a bit to much for me. But if you’re into Dubstep this might be the album for you!

Heyoka – Shlomsky by Muti Music

Heyoka @ Myspace
Timonkey @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Sub Swara Podcast!

time February 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Sub Swara is at it again bring some serious whomp!
He just released a new podcast and features tons of hot tracks right now.
Glad to see some Mochi, Heyoka, and Joker put together all in one mix.
This is quite a diverse set and can’t be more thrilled about mixes like this.
It’s become a time where you’ve got to throw in all sorts of genres into the pot.
Being a DJ you should be able to throw a little of everything.
Massive respect out to you Sub Swara!

Track List
1. Kraddy – Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
2. Heyoka – Micron
3. ??- Fair and Lovely Riddim
4. South Rakkas Crew – Holiday (Titles Riddim)
5. Mochipet – Alien Crunk Dub – (Audiovoid Remix)
6. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (Sub Swara Remix)
7. Breakage – Higher
8. Nuphlo – Homeland Insecurity
9. Joker – City Hopper
10. XI – Superwhatever
11. Starkey – Ok Luv
12. D1 – Jus Business
13. Syndaesia – Walk Away (Widdler Remix)

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Heyoka – Marklar

time January 26th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Title: Marklar
Format: CD Album
Cat # Muti049
UPC Barcode #: 705105138800

01 Boom 3:42
02 Neem 4:21
03 Particle 3:37
04 Micron 4:40
05 Fractalscape 4:50
06 Chem 4:11
07 Reptilian 4:34
08 Ned 5:15
09 Doodle 5:07
10 11th Dimension 3:39
11 Antsy 3:01
12 Borscht 4:39
13 Multiverse 3:49
14 Neutrino 6:41
15 The Big Trippy Thing 2:13
16 Mud 3:29
17 Cosmic Indigestion 4:42
18 Grit 2:17

Andrei Olenev the man behind the pseudonym Heyoka seems to be a very productive man, in two years he’s released three EP’s and now with “Marklar” he has released his second full length album.

For those who haven’t not yet heard Heyoka he produces a mix of down- to midtempo beats with lots of bass and some occasional dub and hip hop influences but still with some really nice melodies. Since the last album “Space Code” I think the sound has become a tad more dance-floor friendly which I think is a great development.

Andrei is becoming one of my favorite artist on the Muti cause this is the kind of music I want to hear these day, it really gets me goin’.

Be sure not to miss this one! I’m loving it!

Heyoka on Myspace
Muti Music
Muti Music on Myspace

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edIT vs Ooah Remixes live – Symbiosis – Heyoka Burning Man Promo

time September 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Right now if anyone was to ask me what my favorite artist are it would be easy…
1) Ooah
2) The Glitch Mob & PaNTyRAiD
3) Heyoka

Therefore I feel like it would be silly to have this blog and not mention or show off these guys talent.
This is live video taken from Symbiosis festival that just happened last week.
Videos like these make me want to book a flight to LA or SF and just not come back.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Live remixes of some of my favorite tracks by the two.

Now for another special treat… Heyoka!
This man has done no wrong.
His music has such groove and vibe that you can’t help but jam to this mix.
It’s short but ohhh soo sweet. Won’t lie that I heard it twice back to back when I first got this mix.
Go check out all his releases… They are BIG!
Click this link to download Heyoka’s Burning Man 2009 Promo Mix

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