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Denver ‘010 Comic | Soul Outsider Records

time December 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Homie Strange Flow is one creative dude. He’s been working on some awesome ideas and been bouncing off me to see if I can help. One of his projects is Soul Outsider records and part of it is a small comic he has done with a friend. It’s funny as hell and high recommend it. It’s somewhat a depiction of random things that happened to them while in Denver. They hoped to capture some of the lingo and musical references in todays culture.

He randomly sent me a link to the new episode. He said to check out what was on the wall. Low and behold they’ve put up an Afro Monk poster. I laughed my ass off and couldn’t be more humbled. Much love man!

Be on the look out for Strange Flow he has been making moves and has had great success with his first edition of Grungestep Vol 1.

Here is a link to episode 5.

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Grungestep Vol 1 | Soul Outsider Records

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I was recently contacted by homie Strange Flow. He sent over a compilation called Grungestep and felt like this totally needed some love. I asked him to write up something for this post considering he helped a lot on this. Be sure to check it out. It’s completely FREE and features some big names on it such as ill Gates, Figgy, Dual, & more!

Here is what Strange Flow had to say:

It started out as a joke, coming up with funny names for sub-genres, and someone said ‘Grungestep,’ and although it seemed like some throw-away joke, something about the phrase stuck in my head, and I started to think about how alot of what was going on in the early 90s (the grunge years) is really directly comparable to whats going on now, (the dubstep era)..

as far as some of the cultural things happening right now, musically there’s this huge 80s revival thing going on, with flourescent colors and this “hey, it’s the weekend, let’s get fucked up and party! party! party!” atmosphere, and…I mean, even though it’s fun to dance and escape and just have a good time, at the same time there’s this real feeling that some of the super-happy dancefloor pop doesn’t REALLY reflect ALOT of how people are feeling in America right now… and just as grunge was, in many ways, a reaction against some of the shitty hair-metal and 80s electro-dance-pop, so too is there a real reaction boiling against the “huge-80s-throwback-party-facade-thing” going on now in music.

The whole thing with this “grungestep” compilation is not to single handedly try and change the world or bring grunge music back, it’s just one (of what will be thousands) of cracks in the dam that will, inevitably, alter music – and help start to reflect a generation that might be getting rather sick of what’s going on, if by no other way than just by changing the atmosphere for a minute, getting a breath of fresh air… and beyond that, you can’t deny that it’s fun as hell to listen to a dubstep remix of Smells like Teen Spirit, you can’t deny how fun that is! I know alot of people, myself included, feel like rock music has some explaining to do.. i mean there’s definitely some good stuff coming out here and there, but to alot of people rock really doesn’t have as much power and impact as it used to, which is why (as explained on the website for the compilation) we are trying to “take rock hostage,” and violently turn against the music narrative that Rolling Stone tries to shove down our throats..

The album draws from an incredible pool of talent in the electronic music community, with artists such as ill Gates, Figgy, Dual, Mycho, Sidereal, Archie Cooper, sAuce, KidTraxiom, and StrangeFlow, the album flies freely between dubstep and glitch hop, with songs and artists that alot of people will remember from the 90s being remixed… It has an extremely new sound to it, and yet familiar, as well.. I guarantee there has never been a compilation quite like it.. And it’s great to see people reactions to it, it’s kind of like fire, there have been a ton of plays and downloads of the album and the tracks, just in the first day – and that’s before it even hit almost any blogs at all! A lot of it spread just through word of mouth! So, I’m really excited to see where it’s going, and to be certain, this is NOT the last the world will be hearing of Soul Outsider Records, this is the beginning, and, one day soon, these fun-as-hell grungestep remixes are going to lead to something massive..

And judging by the reaction to Vol. 1, there will probably be a Vol. 2 🙂

-Strange Flow

<a href="">Grungestep Compilation (Vol. 1) by V/A</a>

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