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Summer Solstice Relief Album

time April 25th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

One of the main motivating factors for me getting involved with Afromonk was to actively take part in the amazing community of talented individuals behind this music we all love.  When I talked to the folks over at Be Green Records about their upcoming 2012 Benefit release I knew this was the kind of project I had to get behind.  Not only am I excited to listen to this compilation of talented producers, but I love Be Green’s vision, that when we  collaborate with our friends we can create the change we need in this world.   He are a few words from the folks over at Be Green Records/Glitch FM.

“Music and art has enriched each of our lives so much, we have chosen to use it as a medium to do positive things.  By collaborating with like minded individuals, we are able to do so much more as a community and to give back to the world around us.  Focusing on feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing medical care for those most in need, is our primary intention. We believe we can achieve this when we all come together.”

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World,” is one of the most inspiring quotes the creators of Be Green Records have ever been influenced by.  And personally, through meeting countless individuals who want to help and just don’t know what they as one person can do, is the inspiration for this album.  Many people gathered together, each doing just a little, does affect huge change, and since we are all passionate about music – we thought this would be the best way we could benefit from both worlds.

Also, looks like they are still taking submissions from producers and visionary artists.  Get involved!   Look for this release on the summer Solstice 2012.

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Sounduo | I Would Do Anything | Exclusive!

time December 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Sounduo, is the greatest act I know in the Florida region. I can say that with tremendous confidence. I was lucky enough to interview them a few months ago when I lived in Dallas and thrilled to hear of such an act had finally appeared in the Miami area.

Now that I’ve moved back to Miami everyone has been asking me how things are out here. The truth is I knew I was signing my death note for my music career moving out here. The Miami bass scene targets more of the mainstream dubstep fans and not so much of the glitch-hop west coast scene. Don’t get me wrong Miami Dubstep is alive and thriving but it’s quite different from what I’d consider myself part of. The first week-end I was in town I heard about Archnemesis playing a show, which totally blew me away because I had never heard of anyone like Archnemesis coming into town since I left the city. Turns out that Sounduo was opening for them for a few dates in FL. I was thrilled to finally hear and see these guys play live.

WOW. These guys are incredible performers and have their own unique sound which mixes their dub, reggae, and bass roots together into a great package. Zach absolutely crushes it on drums live and Will is behind many controllers playing live keys during many of their songs. They play all originals and can expect them to glitch it up just how we all love and even some massive bass drops. Needless to say I was impressed and consider them one of the best live acts with a drummer in the game.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to become friends with these guys and man they’re totally legit. They’ve got a lot ahead of them and have a great outlook on everything all around. I’m honored anytime they come over to jam out or play live on my show. They truly give me hope for the Miami local scene in regards to what I’d consider myself part of. The Archnemesis show showed me some light for this city. There was a super chill crowd and even could pick out about 5-6 Grassroots California hats in the crowd which usually is a good sign.

Overall these are guys you want to keep your eye out for. Their debut release is due out on Made in Glitch which makes me really happy to hear. I assure you everyone who fancies most of the music we post on here will love their upcoming release. Now for the real treat. They contacted me recently that they were working on a tune specifically for the site. It has been awesome getting to know them and playing beside them in my studio and we’ve gotten to discuss what sort of sound I enjoy and am trying to accomplish. The track they send over totally took me by surprise. It’s EPIC. A 7min long tune that sends chills down my body just because after hanging out with them they’ve created something so perfect that fits exactly what I would want to represent

I’ll also be working on some new stuff with them in near future, which makes me scream with excitement.

Much love to Will and Zach!
Expect that Made in Glitch release soon!

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Ali Berger | 110 Love EP

time December 4th by Mr Ed authorTags: , , , ,

Ali Berger is only a junior in college and already killing it.  His new Ep 110 Love which will be released on Dec 5th on Street Ritual Records has been on constant repeat this week as my motivation to move into my new home.  Resulting in a few unexpected dance parties!   This celebration of funk, delivers 4 sexy tracks with flavors of glitch hop and old school electrofunk!  If your looking for Rhodes synths, amospheric pads, classy wobbles, and a solid drumbeat to match there will be something here for your fancy!  I have yet to catch a live show, but from what I hear his live PA shows are a funky mixup of on-the-fly arrangements, remixes, and mashups.  With his sound starting to blow up hopefully I will be able to catch a show in the next year.  Until, then we can hear him on his frequent visits to Glitch FM where he rolls with the Lost In Bass crew from Boston

Here is what Ali had to say for himself after I chased him down this week!

How long you been producing?

I remember finishing my first few tracks (ones that I never released) in 2008, but  I had messed around before then. i really got serious in 2009.


Ableton Live. I’ve been using it since 2006 when I was doing bad but fun electric bass live looping jams.

Whats your setup for production?

I have a Windows laptop with a some free VSTs I like and Ableton Suite 8. My main controller is a Novation 25SL mk2. I also have a bunch of hardware that I don’t use very often–a Korg EMX, an Akai S2000, a Roland VS-880, and a Roland Alpha Juno 1. I did do seven tracks over the summer using only that hardware (they’re at, and I’m probably going to go back to that workflow for another project some time.

Performance setup?

My laptop, the Korg EMX for live synths and sequencing, the 25SL for channel volumes, filters, and effects, and a monome 40h kit that I built, which I use for clip launching in Ableton. I wrote a script for it that makes it act like two 4×6 APC40-style grids. When I perform I play a live set, so all my tracks are in 4 stems and separated into different loops for the different sections of the song. I have two sets of four channels in Ableton, so I can have two of my tracks going at once, mix different parts from different tunes, apply effects, etc.

Play any other instruments?

I used to play electric bass. I can still groove on the bass, but now I mainly play piano–I’m taking jazz lessons for school, which is a lot of fun.

What inspires you to make this music?

Funk! Hearing anything that grooves makes me want to make tunes.

Favorite artists at the moment?

Lately I’ve been really into Addison Groove–he has a cool way of performing live and there are a lot of videos of him online. I’m also a huge fan of Space Dimension Controller. Eliot Lipp’s new album with Jasia 10 is great too; it was his Beamrider EP that really introduced me to this kind of music and he’s been killing it since then (and before then too).

Major influences?

When I started playing bass I was listening to Larry Graham, Parliament, Average White Band… all kinds of funk, basically. I’ve been looking for ’80s-ish synth-based stuff over the past 6 months, listening to a lot of Trouble Funk, Techmaster P.E.B., and The Time, to name a few artists. I also love Rhodes pianos. Anthony Smith, the keyboardist from my favorite band (Global Funk), used that sound a lot with that group and I use Rhodes sounds in pretty much every track. Global Funk is easily the #1 influence. At the end of high school I spent 2 months listening to just the first hour of ONE of their live shows. As in I barely listened to any other music. Positivity, groove, and most importantly honesty really drew me to Global Funk and I try to put all of that into my music.

Best moment of last year?

Probably opening for Eliot Lipp in Boston. I was just going to see him play, but then when I got there the promoter said their first opener cancelled and asked if I wanted to play. I was all over it.

Your favorite track at the moment to get the crowd moving?

Since I do the live set, it’s usually one of mine… right now it’s probably “Honey, I’m on acid”. (  It’s the first track where I really felt comfortable at 130bpm. When I play it live I have a 303-type acid bassline synth going and I get to go crazy with the filter/LFO stuff.

Tour plans/release plans for the next year?

I’m actually only a junior in college, so that takes up a lot of time, but I will be making a huge effort to get booked in CA somewhere (hopefully several places), and I have to play at least one festival. I have a couple in mind that are within reach. And I’ll be playing around Boston a lot, as I always do. As far as releases, I have at least one single I’m gonna finish soon, and I really want to do a full-length concept album. I need to have a solid plan for the album and I think I’m getting close. It will involve outer space and some kind of psychological journey, I can promise that much.

What are your plans for nye?

Chilling with friends in NJ!

What are your tricks for getting creativity juices flowing?

If I don’t have ideas, I try not to force myself to work on tunes. Whenever I do that I make bad music. Sometimes I stand or dance around while I’m producing, to feel more live energy. I try and hear in my head what would make the track groove harder. Also, usually I start a track with a musical idea (like a bassline or a chord progression or a sound, beat, whatever) and try to go as far as I can with that. Then when I run out of ideas I need something non-musical to direct where the track’s gonna go. A story, or some idea of what the track is really about. Then that tells me what sounds or arrangement things I need to do to finish it.

Your From Boston,  Jersey originally  (same here)   How is the east coast bass scene?

I was actually really surprised when I came to Boston at how great the scene is here. It’s not really good for kids under 21, but I quickly figured out some ways around that. There are a bunch of weeklies that put on glitch hop/bass music/dubstep/live electronica: Music Ecology, The Drop, The Monday Mix, and Wobble Wednesdays. Music Ecology also just started a new night called Genesis, which I think is on first Saturdays. All the people running these nights are friendly and awesome. People come out and support, and there are a lot of nights in nearby cities too. The scene isn’t huge, so pretty much everybody who makes or plays electronic music knows everybody else who does. That makes it really easy to meet people. I love the scene out here, basically.

Anybody else you are working with?

No collaborations going on right now, but I have a lot of people I want to sit down with to work on tunes and some of them will happen this winter for sure. That’s all I wanna say right now 🙂

Im picturing big things for this young producer in future years and appreciate the time he took to answer some of my questions.  Go grab the EP on December 5th at Addictech!

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Sugarpill | Madeup Places

time August 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Sugarpill, the one person I owe the most to in my musical career. Evan is the first DJ I ever caught live on and from that moment on Evan and I have been friends. We’ve had endless conversations over IRC and multiple Q&A sessions online via gchat. He is one of the first people I ever met in real life before this all blew up and traveled all around meeting others. I’ve always been routing for Sugarpill since I met him because of all he has done for the community and continues to do. Two years ago I knew right away that Evan would rise to the top but he hadn’t put the time into production but time into the community. He always said to me and has resonated so much with me was “You’ll start making music when you know exactly what you want to hear but can’t find it”. He’s right but the problem is I get sent so much music and constantly on the hunt for music that it’s filled me with enough to be satisfied and in turn also giving my time to the community as well.

Fast forward to 2011 and you’ll notice just like I have how much Evan has produced in the recent year and what quality of work. I remember the days of wanting to support him and playing his one Busta remix just because I wanted to play something from this upcoming legend despite knowing it wasn’t the best work around. Times have changed since way back when. Now it’s almost impossible not to find myself listening or playing one of Evans tracks. After putting in tons of hours and hard work into the community Evan has begun his climb to the top of most well known producers in the glitch-hop community. He has had his fair share of fame already, headlining big festivals, joining Headtron, and much more but don’t think for a second he’s going to take a step back now. Expect this producer to put even more time and dedication to his art. Evan might be in law school, mastering tunes for many, touring around States, and being an overall active member in the scene he somehow finds time to make original music on top of all that.

Madeup Places is an incredible diverse piece of work. You hear Sugarpill’s signature soul behind every glitch and bass line but you can tell his sound is maturing and flexing. Despite being a bit more aggressive than I’d like you can still hear how fresh and unique his take is on brostep and heavier basslines (FrownyFace). Don’t get me wrong even though it gets a bit aggro on some tunes it’s got its moments that leave you stepping back and thinking WOW. This is exactly what happened with I first heard the final master of Zone 4. This is a must buy for anyone who follows glitch-hop or dubstep. The amount of sub bass and range this release has is the TITS!

Thank you my friend Evan. You’ve been one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Your dedication, hard work, integrity, and soapy (   .   Y   .   ) are unmatched.

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Bird of Prey | LIVE on

time March 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

This week I’ve got a Fire Friday Mix for all of you from, Bird of Prey. I haven’t done much coverage on this artist but he is one hell of a talented producers. After hearing this mix I’m really looking forward to be meeting him next week at SXSW and sharing the line up with him on tons of showcases that I’ll be playing.

This mix is one of those mixes that you may not really know what you’re getting yourself into but man does it whomp. There are some really great original tracks on here that shine! It’s also great to see a producers just gliding through a set so smoothly. Everything just has a great natural flow to it.

This was streamed and recorded live on The bass stream radio guys have been crushing it and having tons of amazing special guest. I’m really glad they save these so others can enjoy in the future. I have heard so much about Bird of Prey but it’s great to sick back and listen to this mix. Truly looking forward to seeing Torin drop some original tunes now.

If you are around Austin, Texas next week and will be at SXSW i’ll be putting something together for everyone. There’s a LOT going on! I will be there representing for TONS of showcases. Expect a major post tomorrow with a break down of everything.


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Afro Monk | (eye) <3 Glitchy Luvstep

time February 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

(eye) <3 Glitch Dubstep is a new mix that I did LIVE on The first 45minutes didn’t record nor stream and had all sorts of issues. This mix starts from that mark and decided to keep going for a full two hour session.

This mix was done completely freestyle and not planned out. My intention was to go through as many tracks that I’d consider “Luvstep”. It was Valentines Day and figure I’d give my interpretation of luvstep after so many people ask me what I consider sexy or luvstep when mention it in conversation. I also stayed away from all the tracks most people would use. I’m tired of hearing Von D or Skream tunes being called that when their is so much more out there than the usual tracks we can all name off the top of our heads. I dug a bit deep and hope you all enjoy.

I made this one downloadable so you can all enjoy at anytime. It’s two hours so figure it’d be best for this one. Don’t expect a tracklist to appear because it’d take me forever. I have so many songs in front of me while I play and just go with the flow.

Also wanted to mention to please keep me in your prayers. My eye was hurting me throughout the day and when got home started on this mix after a nap. I should of taken my contact out but didn’t till I finished the 3hr set. I woke up the next day with my eye completely red and praying it’ll be fine. I goto the doctor tomorrow. The things we do for the things and people we Love.

Please share this. I wish music like this would be pushed more. This was put together as a response to all those filth mixes put together. That’s why I went 2 hours to show that there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t heavy.

Much Love to you all <3

(eye) <3 Glitchy Luvstep by AfroMonk

– JM

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Elfkowitz | Mans World | Exclusive

time February 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

In a Mans World… It Would Mean Nothing… Without A Woman…

Happy Valentines Day from <3

This is my gift to all you lovers. Elfkowitz’s Mans World. This is one I’d like to hold on to a bit longer but thought it would be the appropriate time to give away. I’ve been dropping this one for awhile and glad to give it all to you exclusively via the site. Elfkowitz right now is one of the best producers. He might not be a common name or massively well known but get ready because if you’re into heavy bass and sexy melodic vibes with a chill vibe to them, he’s doing it proper.

Enjoy this and remember to keep it sexy. This song is probably my 2011 anthem and overall life outlook. I took up DJing to fill that void of not having a woman. Yet doing all this writing, DJing, promoting, networking, traveling, etc… it really feel like it’s all for nothing till I have a woman to share this all with. I’m a big fan of Californication and last night there was a quote from one of the characters who is filthy rich and never got married. What is all the success in the world without having a woman or family to share it with… Couldn’t have heard truer words.

Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight with loved ones.

Tonight I’ll be doing a special 2hr Luvstep set on

If you’d like to tune in catch it 10pm-12am CT

Elfkowitz – Mans World ( Exclusive) by AfroMonk

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time February 2nd by John-Michael authorTags:

If anyone ask me if I have any affiliations what they get every time it’s It’s because it’s a family and where I began.

I never forget the moment I found and was like WHAT?! The station is what you think it is. It’s glitch/glitch-hop for the most part. Yes, there’s dubstep and even some brostep but most of the music played on there is all the new stuff us DJs find and play in the glitch community. We are pushing the homies on here. I know I am at least if you haven’t checked out any of my mixes they are usually live sets I did while playing on the radio. truly is the only place you can get all the music you listen to 24/7. Well that is to assume you listen to the music I mainly post on here. If you take a look at the roster you’ll be surprised to see some of the freshest cats play on here and from all over the world. Every show has its own taste and feel. Ultimately we are now looking for some additional DJs to do shows. We are looking for people who are interested in doing their thing on the radio and become a close part of this community. Seriously at heart is a small community part of this big bass music world. The chat room has some regulars and usually will have tons of industry people stopping by just to say whats up or hear and share some of the latest tunes out there. The chatroom can get fairly active and probably find the homies talking about some of the most random things besides music.  I use to spend many hours just hanging out getting to know some of the close friends that make music now. I’ve built a lot of friendships with people because of it and also know when I see a DJ it’s family.

The shows are two hour slots every week. To be honest I think they are even allowing slots every other week now. Straight up I recommend doing it every week especially if you’re ready to take DJing to a serious level. Call it a way to keep in shape as a DJ. It forces you to practice or prep for shows at any time. Any DJ who can prep new tunes every week for either a one or two show means you’re really on your A game. You’ll be wanted to keep it fresh every time people tune into your show.

People tune in. They really do. You’ll be surprised how come people will come in and ask what tune you’re playing or just give you props and see whats up. This is also a great way to have a regular radioshow where you can talk about things going on in the music community, play some of your favorite music that you think others would enjoy that relates to this stuff, or just have an outlet to do interviews and feature certain mixes. Just please remember this isn’t or It’s called for a reason. This isn’t to say that all of us play glitch every tune but keep it in mind. The mid-tempo, glitch-hop, wonky, glitchy idm, odd weird shit stuff are definitely preferred at least if I had to recommend any of you personally.

Send in a mix or example show and see how it goes. Please keep in mind to look at what current slots are OPEN. Doing a radioshow is a commitment and something you should be ready to do. It’s not hard to get setup. My biggest piece of advice is to get one or two of your friends together at someones house and do the show together. If you got a few friends that are interested you only have to do pieces of the show together. Every Monday usually I invite some friends over that I think would play an appropriate set for the show and grab a few beers, smokes, and maybe some food to treat the guest. It’s always good times just sitting back hanging with people.

For more details go here: Recruitment

To apply directly here: Apply for

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Afro Monk | Winter is Passing

time January 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Decided that last nights live mix should be online. There are some issues here and there since was hijacking my audio stream and sending it out to server but ohh well it’s all about sharing music with you. I had a real good time recording this mix. It showcases more of what I’ve been doing in live sets. There is more of a chill feel to this one but that’s sorta the mood I was in last night. Lately my live sets at clubs have been way more hype but this is the sorta stuff I’ve been listening to on my free time when just hanging out.

Expect anything when I’m playing out live though. The middle of the mix I just wasn’t feeling to progressive build I had started and brought it back down to how I was feeling. All I play really depends on how I’m feeling in the moment. I have no problem forcing drastic bpm changes. It’s always going to be about where I want to go.

Hope you enjoy!

Afro Monk – Winter is Passing

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Konekta | Fugees Ready Or Not VIP Remix

time December 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Konekta is quite unknown right now but homie makes some fresh beats. He has been on the move but he recently has just settled into California with his lady Devi. They both are great friends and host a weekly show. They happen to go on right after mine =)

I use to rock this Fugees ready or not remix a whole bunch. Almost played it out too much but I absolutely loved it. Konekta hit me up that he had a special VIP remix he wanted to share with everyone and figured we just give it away as an exclusive. This was supposed to be my Black Friday give away but things have been hectic.

He recently hit me up yesterday to share with me that Devi and he are teaming up on a collab project, Free Crush.  It’s great to hear a couple working together on something. On that note another producer that you all know if you read this blog and his girlfriend are working on a DJ/VJ collab. Yeah get ready for that announcement later in 2011…

Now enjoy this FREE exclusive of both Fugee’s Ready or Not Remixes

Konekta – Ready or Not VIP Remix
Konekta – Ready or Not Remix

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