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Love and Light | Galactic Booty Activation

time November 4th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

Love and Light’s freshest release positively lives up to its name, Galactic Booty Activation. You can’t listen to this funky composition from Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson without feeling the need to shake that ass! While you can clearly sense their signature sound shining throughout the release, they blend in an assortment of other musical flavors. The album effortlessly integrates crunky, glitched-out beats with wubby bass, tasteful samples, and instrumentals, making for a vibrant and compelling listen. My favorite tracks are Ninja Brothas Motha and their collaborations with Samuel Wexler (Structural Liberation – I love the buildups & instrumentals) and Zebuel Early (Making Waves – I enjoy the rock influences).  Zeb is a fellow Tahoe local and proponent of the bass scene here so I was stoked to see his name on the album. This is without a doubt Love and Light’s most solid release yet! Let Love and Light empower you with the sensation of pure bliss; grab the Simplify Recordings album here at Addictech.

Matt and Ryan have made it their goal to transmit their genuine compassion for humanity via uplifting, genre-paving music. People are catching on so the pair is deservedly blowing up – they have been touring the nation and popping up on coveted lineups. That being said, if you have the chance to catch these two live, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. The energetic duo originates from Reno, NV; as I am native to the Lake Tahoe region I have been fortunate enough to see, or rather experience, countless Love & Light sets. I can honestly say that of the multitude of shows that I have attended, Love and Light offers the most consistently astounding live experience – I have yet to be disappointed. They never seem to suffer from “off-nights” as most DJs do every once in a while. It’s not only the duo’s spine-tingling music that triggers the masses into motion, but also their undeniable energy and passion for creating a sense of togetherness. While they are undoubtedly stirring up emotion in their listeners, you can tell that the audience is having the same effect on them. You can FEEL the music and the soul that they devote to it. Check out Love and Light and get that galactic booty activated!

Might as well say what’s up to all you Afro Monk readers and introduce myself. I’m Tara, also widely known as Taradactyl. I’m passionate about bass music and the community that surrounds it so I’m honored to become part of this project 🙂
I promote and attend most of the countless shows in the Tahoe/Reno area and also make it to many CA festivals. Come say what’s up!


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