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Freddy Todd & Black Mic | Dopesauce

time October 27th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,

Freddy Todd has been experimenting with music since he could walk and is on a serious mission to emit some fresh resonations into your eardrums. Well, mission success. In his newest (and highly anticipated) release, Dopesauce, he collaborates with rhyme master Black Mic to produce five quality bangers that will please music enthusiasts across the spectrum. Having been a hip hop lover for years and more recently evolved into a bass aficionado, I am a huge fan of this work which seamlessly combines the two. The release is laced with heavy bass, drippy synth lines, and gripping hip hop; and also features rappers Fat Ray, Joe Mousepad, and Scorpion. The track “Dopesauce” has to be one of the fattest tracks I have heard in a while, I seriously can’t stop blasting it! Also a deserved shout to Ill.So.Naj for contributing the radical album art.

Drink up some of that “Swagger Syrup” – you won’t be disappointed.Cop the rap infused lazer-bass album here on Addictech via Daly City Records. Next I’m hoping to hear some SplaTTerboX, comprised of dynamic duo Freddy Todd and GRiZ.


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Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. | Honey, I Crunk’d Tha Kidz

time September 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E collaborate on two massive tracks for all of you to enjoy. It’s been some time since we’ve heard some new material from Reuben but damn he hasn’t lost his touch by any means. I saw his set at Sonic Bloom and damn I’m glad I came over despite Tipper being on the main stage. Freddy just put out another full release out recently that has everyone excited. These two power houses might have just messed around a few days and put this together but the result is an incredible two track EP. I’d love to see more of these appear. Everyone is traveling around hanging out while playing shows and sometimes results in a few colab tracks. I think I speak for everyone when I say that more people should be throwing these small EPs together and just throw them on Bandcamp or Soundcloud for the fans to enjoy.

Honey, I Crunk’d Tha Kidz and Space Cowboy are two extremely hype tracks filled with crunk’d up vocals. The energy that these two create is spectacular and perfect for any headlining slot. I’ve been droppin Space Cowboy and damn it goes off. I love the subtle intro it has and eventually builds into this bangin tune. Not to mention got to love the ’cause i’m a space cowboy’ sample!

Here is a preview for you all. It will be officially released on the 27th of September on Bandcamp. Expect much more from S.P.E.C.T.R.E and especially Freddy Todd.

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Top 10 tunes of the week!

time May 27th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

And for this week the picks are:
1. Helicopter Showdown & Boy Kid Cloud – Waiting [Clip]

2. I´m Not A Band- Trainthoughts (Affe Maria Remix)

3. Bitches – Charlie P Dubstep Remix


5. Captain PANIC! – Ultralisk (Dimensional Domination EP June 7th)

6. Markus Whaley – Stormlight (Omega Remix)

7. Mimi Page – Ill Be Waiting (GoldRush Remix)

8. Grateful Dead – Truckin’ (Freddy Todd’s Bootleg Retwist Tribute)

9. D-jahsta – Slug Bass (original mix)

10. Figure – Aliens (VIP EDIT)

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+verb | Solar Heat Traveler

time March 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

One of my all time favorite producers out there, +verb, has a release coming out! This release is being put out by Vermin St a great group of people behind it. This is everything you’d want in a release and few unique remixes along for the ride. There are three original tracks by Dominic and another three quality remixes. JerkOFF shines on this release with a such beauty. Playing this song never gets old. Seriously. It’s an instant classic in my book. We’ve also just begun because the rest of the tracks only show off some of the freshest beats done by +verb. The three takes of Puddleglum add the perfect amount of spice to an already original tune. Just when you’ve fallen in love jerkOFF in comes Freddy Todd to bring some extra hype with perfectly well placed samples.

+verb has so much more ahead and this is the perfect place to start checking out his material if you haven’t already. You can be sure to hear more from +verb as he begins gearing up for possible tour dates in the future. I know I’m excited to finally catch this guy playing out. He also has a ton more release where this came from. Be sure to check out his soundcloud and hear some of the amazing work he does. Big up to Vermin St for releasing this one. Top quality. This is officially due out this upcoming Tuesday! Be sure to pick this one up!

BUY: +verb – Solar Heat Traveler

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Bass From Above / Glitchdrop / Subsynthesis

time March 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and, two of our fave blog friends, released their debut compilation album today, “Bass From Above.” The album features new and unreleased tracks from some of our favorite artists in the glitch/bass scene. In order to make the album as high quality as possible they recruited the professional mastering services of Bil Bless (Bless Records) who did a fantastic job in making the album sound full, vibrant and cohesive. Bass From Above is a must have for your collection. You can stream and download all of the tracks for free from Bass From Above BandCamp. PLEASE consider donating for the download, as all proceeds will be given directly to the Japanese Red Cross to support our disaster relief efforts there and to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami throughout the Pacific. This is an extraordinarily charitable and generous cause and I hope everyone that enjoys the album will consider helping with the dire situation in Japan!

Track Listing

1. Protohype – Tetra Disaster
2. Pairadimez (iONik + r.e.g.) – Chinatown
3. The Candyman – Blue Dream (Feat. Chron Paul)
4. Elfkowitz – Candy Man
5. Wyatt Lamond – While Away
6. Billy Blacklight – Drop Synthesis
7. iONik – Droid
8. Robotic Pirate Monkey– Fritty
9. Richard Sweat – Fut The Wank
10. Omega– Bedtime Stories
11. Frequent C– Give a Little Back (Feat. Matty C.)
12. Sugarpill– Heart of Gold (Voc. Trina Ft. Ludacris)
13. Cloud-D – Paper Bass
14. Slim Thugz(Frequent C + The CandyMan) – Primitive
15. Stephan Jacobs – Look Into My Eyes
16. Freddy Todd– Lazer Tag
17. Unlimited Gravity– 2000ml
18. Project Aspect– Rage Til Ya Face Gone (Feat. Kruza Kid)
19. +Verb – Skyward Flying Beetle
20. GriZ (Formerly GK) – Taz-Bandana
21. Mimi Page – Black Valentine
22. Gladkill– In Two

And here’s a promo mix of tracks from the album mixed by Cory O.  Make sure to pick up his latest release, SpaceWork EP, via on March 28th.

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Freddy Todd | Neon Spectacle Operator

time January 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Freddy Todd is as legit as they come. His musical background as a kid has lead him to day. Freddy reps Detroit hard and is ready to show you whats up. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been waiting for a copy of this release. Neon Spectacle Operator debuts a grand picture of what Freddy has going on. This two disc LP is just the beginning and only another landmark day to embrace Freddy’s talent. There is no way I could list all my favorites because each tune slays with heavy bass lines and sullen melodies.

I assure you each and every tune on this LP will get you moving. The opening tune describes it perfectly with the sample, “I make it easy for you to bop to this.” Get ready for an incredible journey into bass, dubstep, glitch, idm, etc… Freddy will have you hooked from the start and just when you thought you had enough the 2nd disc starts up.

Be sure to check out Freddy at a city near you. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to spend a week-end with him and Elfkowitz when I brought them into Miami during summer of 2010. Super awesome dude to be around and from the moment of meeting him you know Freddy means business. He really knows whats up with music whenever he talks about it. It’s great to see this release finally appear a few days after Elfkowitz Prolific EP dropped. Detroit bringing it!

Pick up a copy of the album on Additech featuring collabs with some of the most talented producers in the game: Black Mic, ill-esha, Joe Mousepad, Lila Rose, Augusta Morrison, Elfkowitz, Unc and Athena Koumis.

BUY: Freddy Todd – Neon Spectacle Operator


Much respect and love to Freddy!
It’s finally out!

Big ups to Simplify Records.
2011 has been insane!

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Hot New Tracks / EA’s Picks

time January 3rd by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just wanted to share a few new tracks that I’m feeling.  I think you’ll dig em too 🙂

TKO (Toppsy Krett + Cory O) – God Can’t Save You From Me!

Bossasaurus-Light Pollution

Root – Kush

MODESELKTOR – Let Your Love Grow (Minnesota Remix)

Butch Clancy Dubstep – Electro Flex

Elfkowitz – Golden Fur

Freddy Todd – Grip Platter

Jobot – The After After Party

Profesher (Billy Blacklight) – Psyentific Eyedealism


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Freddy Todd | Winter Soulstice

time December 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Freddy Todd graces us with a special gift celebrating the change to Winter! There was a lovely lunar eclipse this past Winter Solstice I hope you all got to see. Good friend of mine Freddy released a FREE EP via bandcamp to celebrate and bring some new tunes into the world! Freddy is one of those producers that you just sit back and think damn! He’s an extremely talented drummer and can put together these tracks that absolutely explode. This EP has such a great variety of styles all lumped into a 3 track tease of what is to come. The first tune roars through memory lane and is such a banging glitch-hop track. The second tune makes this great transition into the third and favorite tune off this EP. It’s good to see another amazing friend of mine Elfkowitz on the last tune. Not long ago he told me Freddy was coming to visit and was going to bring sexy back with Freddy. It really came together nicely.

Freddy will be finally unleashing his major release through Simplify on Jan 14th! I’m beyond excited to hear the final list of tunes on it. It seems to have evolved quite a bit ever since I first heard it. If there one producer out there that straight up throws down and does some fun stuff it’s Freddy Todd! Much respect and love to you man! Sure we’ll run into each again soon!

Freddy Todd – Winter Soulstice
Freddy Todd – It’s so cold in the D remix
Freddy Todd, Elfkowitz, & – Fluttered

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Elfkowitz | Artist Spotlight

time December 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Elfkowitz has been my secret weapon for quite some time now. He is one of those producers you literally hide all the names and come up with funny names for tracks just so those lurkers who stalk your track selections. Ian is a close friend and only wish great success upon him. Truly ever since I brought him into Miami for a small show with Freddy Todd he’s been real cool and sharing his music with me so I can give some feedback. If I post about sick sessions and jamming to fresh new music chances are it’s cause listening to some of Ian’s tunes.

Right now Elfkowitz is making moves and getting the recognition he deserves. Expect his major release, Prolific, on Daly City. It’s coming out exclusively on Additech on January 11th and then full release on iTunes and all that jazz February 15th! Also be on the look out for two his tunes out on an upcoming Mindelixir presents compilation.

UPDATE: BUY Elfkowitz – Prolific EP

There isn’t enough to say how much of a cool cat this guy is. I’ll never forget when picked him up from the airport and he was rocking this tie dye shirt with The Grateful Dead hat on with a giant flower on it. I knew immediately it was homie! We had a great time chillen and throwing done some tunes with Freddy. He is one of the few producers I’ll randomly text just to see what’s up because he always puts out those positive vibes and has the freshest tunes out there.

Elfkowitz sound is simple yet not. His tunes have a certain presence that leaves room to have fun while playing. I know if I ever can tone it down and put the crowd in a trance I’ll bust out with a few of his tunes. The feel and expression shines in every single one of his tunes. As someone who is venturing into the idea of production Ian’s music has a great influence for the sound I’m looking for. If it were up to me I’d play entire sets like this but you know we need some raggers and trust me Ian has some up his sleeve to but you’ll get to check that out much later.

Nothing but LOVE and RESPECT for Ian. Pay your respects to him when you see him. He works real hard and deserves every big up out there! Glad to call him a close friend of mine. I am beyond stoked for our next adventure. We’re going hard in 2011 Dallas!

Check out his X-Mas remix track and a few of his originals!

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Monday MUST Listens / Buy!

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve put together a list of tunes on one single post. There are so many homies of mine that I want to help promote and get their names out there but I’m insanely busy and like to feature everyone with a specific post but you know what there’s too many tracks right now that it’s just best I give respect to the homies like this.

Stephan Jacobs & +verb (one of the biggest tunes right now)

Freddy Todd – His new album is going to BLOW UP when it comes out!

Elfkowitz – This homie is one of the dopest producers and chillest cats. His tunes always put me in a daze.

ill-esha – elysha is the sweetest person I’ve met all year. you can’t help but be happy around her and her music has the same affect =)

Samples – it’s mother effin Ben Samples. enough said.

Mochipet – This dinosaur is destroying it all over the land. This new tune will blast your face off.

MartyParty – Ummm if you don’t know about him I feel sorry for you. New tease from upcoming album.

Minnesota – This guy is going to BLOW up. Take my word for it.

Billy Blacklight – This guy is my favorite producer right now. Give him another couple of months and some more experience and I think he’s going to be huge.

NastyNasty – This man hold my favorite tunes at the moment and I don’t even know what they are called. His unreleased material is SEXY.

The Human Experience – This is the one producer which incorporates what I’m hoping to do when I begin production. Amazing.

BMF Productions – This tune is so big! I dropped this the other night and WOW! Big things ahead.

iONik – This guy right here has some serious love for the community and one hell of a producer. Looking forward to working with him in future!

+verb – this guy is an absolute champion and one of the realest around. he’s going to turn some serious heads. looking forward to seeing him play out finally in 2011!

Sugarpill – This guy is the man period. He’s one of my main mentors and always there for me when I got some questions. Ableton guru & amazing friend.

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