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Scott Nyce / The Obscene Gardener of Filth

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This week’s Fire Friday Mix comes from the one and only Scott Nyce out of Dover, Delaware. Scott is a DJ legend of sorts around here and it has been a pleasure to get to know him and share the stage with him recently. He has a lot of passion for music and helping build the scene around here. Like myself (and prob just about every other DJ), he doesn’t seem to get much sleep, so you can catch him doing online ustream sets in the middle of the night at least once a week lately. This double-genre studio mix of dubstep and dnb goes hard and will surely help you kick your day in the face!

You can catch Scott Nyce live this summer along with myself, Drivepilot, Minnesota, Dirty Talk, Voodoo Farm, Bassdread, and HMAZZ at Dewey Beach Delaware’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival on Friday July 29, 2011. All of the details here: Dewey Beach EDM Fest.  So stoked about this show! Can’t go wrong with a rave at the beach :p


Scott Nyce was born in Newark, NJ and later moved to Delaware as a child. He has been a Drum and Bass DJ since 1997 and continues to be highly regarded as an institution in “The Delaware Underground.” As a small child, he was attracted to almost all things underground, obscure, and dark. Scott has been driven by a plethora of musical influences and discovered EDM shortly before turning 15. As he spent the next two years quietly jumping from party to party, trainspotting DJs and observing EDM culture, he became saturated in electronic music. At 16, he discovered the early sounds of Breakbeat Hardcore; the earliest form of Drum and Bass/Jungle. At 17, he decided to buy a pair of turntables, teach himself how to spin, and eventually throw his own parties locally. In about a year and half, Scott was being booked for shows in the Tri-State area and Canada. He has opened up and performed next to artists such as Ray Keith, DJ SS, Dieselboy, Storm(UK), and many others.
In the early part of 2000, Scott began producing everything from EDM to Ambient film scores. He continues to do so today. As a DJ, Scott has performed at events both big and small. He’s played everything from house parties to rental halls, beach parties and parking garages to major music and arts festivals. To date, he has branched out into other genres such as Dubstep, Glitch-Hop/Crunk, Electro, and Tribal House.

Scott Nyce – The Obscene Gardener Of Filth

1.The Headunit’s Shadow – Building Bass With A Grain Of Mash(intro)
2.Broken Note- Zound
3.Broken Note vs. Machine Code – Knuckle Dust
4.Kane Dubstep – Always Will(The Psychotic Murmur)
5.Addergebroed – Out Of Control
6.Triage – Pitbull
7.Bong – Nosnam
8.Doctor P – Big Boss (H3 Refix)
9.Rrrump – Chubby Decker(J. Rabbit Remix)
10.Jogo – Bunny Rabbit
11.Point Blank – West Side
12.Ajapai feat.Adroa – Decimation
13.Lonestar – Counter
14.Yohanne Simon feat.Nyree – Scream My Name(Balkansky Remix)
15. DZ- Untitled Facemelter
16.Dieselboy – Invid(Hulk VIP)
18.Encode-Magic Points
20.The Sect – Cyberman
21.Break Feat.Calyx&TeeBee – Don’t Look Down
22.Commix – Satellite Type 2(NRanges&Uberman Remix)
23.Flame – Ghostpunk
24.Hedj&Blokhe4d – Spirit
25.Xilent – Outer Inside
26.Telekenesis – Hate
27.Noisia – Friendly Intentions
28. Xilent – Step One
29.Hybris – Keeping Me
30.Alcrani – Earthbound

Make sure to follow Scott on Facebook so you don’t miss out on all of the late night u-stream sets: Facebook – Scott Nyce

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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₭ΞګΞK & Wubbεr Stumppεr Present – Dubz for Breakfast: Volume 4

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Mitch Kesek AKA KeseK and I cooked this up yesterday, hope you enjoy. 😉
Track list:
My part of the mix –
1. Cleveland Steamer – Listen to me.
2. d-Queue – Heaven (HEX VIP)
3. Pete Miles – Fuckin’ Psycho
4. DarkElixer – Filth Effect
5. MUSE – Unintended (Love and Light remix)
KeseK’s part –
6. I Killed Kenny – Don’t Mess Around with Me
7. Rook – Dentist Trip
8. Pedestrian – Reckoning
9. DarkElixer – Dubstep In 8 Bits
10. Distrikt – Crusty Flavours
More to come! 🙂

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Fire Friday Mixes / EA’s picks

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We had a lot of great submissions to the website this week.  Here are a few standout mixes for your listening pleasure this Fire Friday….

This first one comes from Dr. Knobz.  It’s a nice mix of glitchop and dubstep and includes some of my faves out right now. He also wants you guys to know that  him and Carly-D’s label, GruntWorthy, is going to be giving away a 20+ track compilation of free originals and remixes very soon.

Dr. Knobz – Nocturnum Mix

This next mix comes from Dirty Byrdz (Hexidecibel + Shiver) out of Seattle. They spent about 2 months getting the tracklist together for this one as well as waiting for tracks to come out or getting the ok from producers to use the unreleased ones. It includes a bunch of quality dubstep tracks and I think a found a few new faves in it.

Dirty Byrdz – Paper Chase

This next mix comes from DR. EW & JOHN BEAN who have been DJing in Philly for about 5 years now bringing heavy bass, dubstep, rap, hiphop and some thugstep to the scene. The mix is Terminator 2 inspired and has a lot of nice filth and thugstep in it. It was recorded live in Philly in December.  Wish I had made it out to that show cause that’s close to my hometown.  I started my day off with this one 🙂


-EA (

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