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Lokid – Fear of Heights EP

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Lokid, a glitch-hop producer out of Paris France just released his latest ep, “Fear of Heights.” This is a really fun ep and well produced.  Def throw this one on at your next party. I’m digging the M.S.D. (Mon Saigneur Demoiseau) dubstep remix of the title track a lot too!

You can download and stream the album for free from

Lokid’s Facebook:

Much respect!

EA (

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Asa / Sweeter Things EP

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Asa is a dj and producer out of Southampton, UK. I’d say that he is probably my favorite producer right now when it comes to the chill side of glitch and dubstep music. The detail that he uses in his production is absolutely mind blowing and the composition is stunningly beautiful. When I’m having a stressful day, I’ll throw on my headphones and listen to Asa’s music and it instantly calms me and puts a smile on my face. His upcoming  “Sweeter Things ep” is due out March 14 via all major online download sites. Here’s previews of the tracks and you can pre order the release now via i-tunes: Sweeter Things ep – pre order

He has a few amazing remixes that he is working on too. Here’s a preview of his Adele remix:

And, here’s a preview of his Garden Walls remix which he says will be a ten minute long piece when it’s finished:

Make sure to follow Asa on his facebook too as he is constantly posting updates on his various projects and even music from other producers that he has worked with or is a fan of.

There are a couple of full version previews of tracks from the album up now at his bandcamp page and he will be uploading more leading up to the release date.

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Beatstroke – Tigerstroke

time March 11th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , ,


01: Diplo vs Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (BEATSTROKED!!!)
02: Brown, Gammon vs The Shangri-Las vs Nancy Sinatra – Remember These Boots (BEATSTROKED!!!)
03: Sub Scape vs The Knack – My Sharona (BEATSTROKED!!!)
04: Flux Pavillion vs Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster (BEATSTROKED!!!)

Beatstroke is a new project from Bassobese who’ve just recently released a EP with four mash ups. Go to his bandcamp site and download the EP for free.

Beatstroke @ Bandcamp

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Purple Bird Music

time February 2nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , ,


I just wanted to give you a heads up about the newley set up label Purple Bird Music has their three first releases on their site for free download.

I really haven’t had the time to listen through the EP’s properly but from what I’ve heard they all sounds really interesting, and hey! They are FREE (big up to the label)

The three releases are as follows:
Dead Geoff and Misterthumbs – “The Opposables”
Chi’ Akai –  “The Epoch EP”
Natural Ingredients – “Excess EP”

Download the EP’s here: Purple Bird Music

Purple Bird Music @ Myspace
Purple Bird Music @ Twitter

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