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Elfkowitz | Rent Money | September Exclusive

time August 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Elfkowitz over the years has become a close friend and someone I’ve always pushed to everyone. The attitude and perspective he brings to the music industry today is unmatched. He works hard and has been putting in his time. The time is near for Elfkowitz as his name begins to be recognized more and more amongst some of the best in the game.

The life of an artist is tough and while it may seem a bit odd to put out a release called Rent Money to help fund his actual rent money it’s brilliant and only shows you the true colors of Ian. He is no bullshit and one of the most humbling people to be around. Life can be tough and paying rent sometimes can be stressful. When I got the text from him about posting this release I was in Austin and had to sigh because I was taking my break from the blog and knew it’d be awhile till I got around to this post.

It has been awhile since Rent Money came out but I assure you this release contains some of the freshest beats that will remain timeless in the development and evolution of Elfkowitz work. I reached out to him asking if he had anything new he’d like for me to share along with Rent Money and pulled some strings and giving me the honor of releasing another exclusive track for the blog. I hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do and give it some loving. I’ve been testing it out the room and everyone has been asking when it’ll be available to download. HERE IT IS! Be sure to check out my room as Elfkowitz does make frequent visits to drop some freshies!

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time August 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , is changing the game for online social media. If you haven’t heard of you should probably be warned it’s VERY ADDICTING. The site is fairly new and currently still in Beta from my understanding but quite complete as is already.
Ever want to DJ and play music for others? gives you the opportunity to do just that. There are rooms that you can join that have a specific theme or you have the option to make your own. The rooms can have up to 5 DJ spots when created. Create or join a room that suites your mood.

Once you’re in a room you’ll notice there are tons of fun avatars of people with points and fans. Depending on how many DJ spots there are you’ll find people on the stage with one person having a spotlight on them showing that they are playing a song. The name of the song and artist scroll across the screen of the stage giving you the option to add the song you’re listening to any of the more popular music social sites to share or buy.

The bottom of the room you’ll find a meter with a Lame button and Awesome button. This is where the whole social media thing comes in. You’ll be able to vote Lame or Awesome for each song playing. Every time you hit Awesome the DJ who is playing the song gets 1 point. Now if you hit Lame the meter will tip closer to the Lame side. No points are deducted from the DJ if someone hits Lame but if the meter gets too close to Lame it will skip the song.

The major success and appeal of the site is that you can create your own custom que of music from the existing library that has hosted by Medianet. You can search a particular song or artist and a list of music related to your search appears where you can preview the songs and easily add the song to your que list. Now this is where it gets good. If you’re a producer or have songs that are not contained in the library you have the option of uploading your own music!!! That is right! You are limited to 40mbs and MP3 format but besides that you can upload your own music, works in progress, or favorite song not listed in the library. A huge concern is that if once uploaded will the song be added to the library. The answer is NO BUT keep in mind that any user can add the song you play to their list. I’ve uploaded a few dubs that I have and realized later that others have added it to their list. No one can download it but I can see how some artist and people might be upset that some of their unreleased music is being played. The major plus of the que list is that saves everything you’ve added to your list including the MP3 you’ve uploaded so you can have a giant list of music ready to go for whatever room you’re in.

The more points you get from people hitting Awesome allows you to unlock some sweet new avatars. Also keep in mind that you can tell who Awesome’d the song you are playing by seeing who is bobbin’ in the room. There’s nothing like the rush you get from seeing the whole room just bobbin’ to your tune. You can also become a fan of someone in Right now it doesn’t mean much but the feature enables notifications to your e-mail about when someone you’re a fan of takes a DJ spot in This allows you to know when someone you follow is in a specific room so you can go listen to them DJ.

The last thing I want to mention about is how there are Owners and Mods for rooms. If you create a room you’re allowed to Boot people from the room or remove them from the DJ spot. The owner of the room also sets the room description and creates the rules. The mod of the room is usually the owner of the room but if the owner leaves the room the person who has been in the room the longest is assigned as the mod. If the owner returns he still maintains authority without having to worry about it. If the mod leaves the room it is passed on to the next person who has been in the room the longest.

Why is so addicting?! The chat room, hearing new music others play, seeing what people enjoy, talking crap to people who play terrible music, networking with other similar likeminded DJs or producers, and most of trying to acquire as many points as you can and flex your musical taste. I’ve been recommending to everyone I know because it’s a great way for producers to connect and network with their fan base. I run a run a room on that has guest appearances by Mexicans with Guns, +verb, Ben Samples, Elfkowitz, Michael Menert, Protohype, Subsynthesis, etc… Overall it’s a great way to connect with other people who enjoy the same style of music. My room is: Glitch / Chill Dubstep / IDM you can generally find me in there throughout the entire week while I’m at work. Come out and check it out! Be warned though… Only rule implemented is NO BROSTEP! So no aggroo basslines! Keep it chill for the most part so we can all jam and enjoy music while we work or hanging out online.

Things I’d like to see added to
iPhone APP
Owner/Mod can skip a song
Avatar add-ons: hoola hoop, poi, glowsticks, etc…
More Avatars

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Spooky Jones & Fast Nasty | Hypno Roll

time May 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Spooky Jones & Fast Nasty combine forces and put out a four track EP. The first two tunes are actual done together as they blend both their sounds and style into a heavier than usual sound. It’s great to see friends and different style of producers come together to make tunes. There are a lot of advantages to working with others but also some downsides to it. These two might have made the best two tracks together but it’s sure a step in a new direction for them.

The last two tracks are solo tunes. Spooky Jones shines in Red Desert as it’s easily my favorite off this EP. You can hear some real passion behind this ones and leans towards that melodic bass that I enjoy thoroughly.  Spooky Jones track has clean crisp energy behind it. This would be the one tune I’d use if looking for a little heavier side with dance floor characteristics. The release is due out May 30th on ALR. Be sure to be on the look out for it!

All in all it’s great to see producers working together experimenting with each other and putting out a release. There are many collaborations that are starting to gain popularity. Expect a few more of these collab EPs in the near future. The one I’m most excited about is the Mimi Page and Elfkowitz EP. Incredible so far.

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420 Remixes / Happy Holidaze

time April 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hey, what’s up! It’s EA.  I’m a lil late on posting this as I was celebrating a bit too hard last night, haha.  But, check out these 420 inspired tracks from some of my fave producers. All of em are free downloads!

StylesP Method Man Red Man Bob Marley are all Chillin at Mochipet’s House for 420 with Freda Payne

Dr. Dre-Let Me Ride (SplataLighT RemiX) Splatinum and Love and Light

Warren G featuring Nate Dogg – Regulate (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Afroman – Because I Got High (Elfkowitz Remix)

Download: Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (Paper Diamond Remix)

Much love!

-EA (

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Doshy | SpaceDrifter

time April 1st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Doshy!!! I don’t care what anyone says this guy is one of the baddest in the business. This guys beats are straight up some of the most original and unique tracks ever. I’ve been meaning to post his Remix EP for awhile now but been so backed up. Today he unleashed a FREE EP!!! Just when he treated us to a preview of the new NastyNasty EP on Robox Neotech, the label he runs. He bust out with this release

You would think I would be posting about Jasper’s new release but straight up this shit is way too ill. Every track is incredible! I’ve listened to this 3 times already. This might be one of my top 3 releases of 2011 already. I’m always blown away by his work and got excited reading his post about possibly giving away a few tunes but damn that was quick. Doshy, THANK YOU! Hook it up with a promo copy of the new NastyNasty =P

If you haven’t heard of Robox Neotech I feel bad for yah son! Their releases have some of the freshest wonky/glitchy/IDM out there. Their recent catalog is pretty much all I listen to in the car besides Elfkowitz & Gladkill.  Much Love the whole Robox Neotech family! I can’t thank you guys enough for the work and risk you put into pushing this sort of sound. Ok enough ass kissing but damn they deserve it and needs to be heard!!!

DOWNLOAD!!! Doshy – SpaceDrifter

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Bass From Above / Glitchdrop / Subsynthesis

time March 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and, two of our fave blog friends, released their debut compilation album today, “Bass From Above.” The album features new and unreleased tracks from some of our favorite artists in the glitch/bass scene. In order to make the album as high quality as possible they recruited the professional mastering services of Bil Bless (Bless Records) who did a fantastic job in making the album sound full, vibrant and cohesive. Bass From Above is a must have for your collection. You can stream and download all of the tracks for free from Bass From Above BandCamp. PLEASE consider donating for the download, as all proceeds will be given directly to the Japanese Red Cross to support our disaster relief efforts there and to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami throughout the Pacific. This is an extraordinarily charitable and generous cause and I hope everyone that enjoys the album will consider helping with the dire situation in Japan!

Track Listing

1. Protohype – Tetra Disaster
2. Pairadimez (iONik + r.e.g.) – Chinatown
3. The Candyman – Blue Dream (Feat. Chron Paul)
4. Elfkowitz – Candy Man
5. Wyatt Lamond – While Away
6. Billy Blacklight – Drop Synthesis
7. iONik – Droid
8. Robotic Pirate Monkey– Fritty
9. Richard Sweat – Fut The Wank
10. Omega– Bedtime Stories
11. Frequent C– Give a Little Back (Feat. Matty C.)
12. Sugarpill– Heart of Gold (Voc. Trina Ft. Ludacris)
13. Cloud-D – Paper Bass
14. Slim Thugz(Frequent C + The CandyMan) – Primitive
15. Stephan Jacobs – Look Into My Eyes
16. Freddy Todd– Lazer Tag
17. Unlimited Gravity– 2000ml
18. Project Aspect– Rage Til Ya Face Gone (Feat. Kruza Kid)
19. +Verb – Skyward Flying Beetle
20. GriZ (Formerly GK) – Taz-Bandana
21. Mimi Page – Black Valentine
22. Gladkill– In Two

And here’s a promo mix of tracks from the album mixed by Cory O.  Make sure to pick up his latest release, SpaceWork EP, via on March 28th.

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Elfkowitz | Mans World | Exclusive

time February 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

In a Mans World… It Would Mean Nothing… Without A Woman…

Happy Valentines Day from <3

This is my gift to all you lovers. Elfkowitz’s Mans World. This is one I’d like to hold on to a bit longer but thought it would be the appropriate time to give away. I’ve been dropping this one for awhile and glad to give it all to you exclusively via the site. Elfkowitz right now is one of the best producers. He might not be a common name or massively well known but get ready because if you’re into heavy bass and sexy melodic vibes with a chill vibe to them, he’s doing it proper.

Enjoy this and remember to keep it sexy. This song is probably my 2011 anthem and overall life outlook. I took up DJing to fill that void of not having a woman. Yet doing all this writing, DJing, promoting, networking, traveling, etc… it really feel like it’s all for nothing till I have a woman to share this all with. I’m a big fan of Californication and last night there was a quote from one of the characters who is filthy rich and never got married. What is all the success in the world without having a woman or family to share it with… Couldn’t have heard truer words.

Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight with loved ones.

Tonight I’ll be doing a special 2hr Luvstep set on

If you’d like to tune in catch it 10pm-12am CT

Elfkowitz – Mans World ( Exclusive) by AfroMonk

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Fave New Dubstep / Glitchop Tracks / EA’s Picks

time February 9th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hey friends! There’s so much good music flying around these days, it’s ridiculous! Here’s a few of my new faves. Make sure to follow these producers on Soundcloud cause they keep pumpin out the sick tracks left and right!

And I am absolutely in love with this one….

Wow! There’s so many more.  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so check back tomorrow and I’ll post some more 🙂


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Freddy Todd | Neon Spectacle Operator

time January 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Freddy Todd is as legit as they come. His musical background as a kid has lead him to day. Freddy reps Detroit hard and is ready to show you whats up. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been waiting for a copy of this release. Neon Spectacle Operator debuts a grand picture of what Freddy has going on. This two disc LP is just the beginning and only another landmark day to embrace Freddy’s talent. There is no way I could list all my favorites because each tune slays with heavy bass lines and sullen melodies.

I assure you each and every tune on this LP will get you moving. The opening tune describes it perfectly with the sample, “I make it easy for you to bop to this.” Get ready for an incredible journey into bass, dubstep, glitch, idm, etc… Freddy will have you hooked from the start and just when you thought you had enough the 2nd disc starts up.

Be sure to check out Freddy at a city near you. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to spend a week-end with him and Elfkowitz when I brought them into Miami during summer of 2010. Super awesome dude to be around and from the moment of meeting him you know Freddy means business. He really knows whats up with music whenever he talks about it. It’s great to see this release finally appear a few days after Elfkowitz Prolific EP dropped. Detroit bringing it!

Pick up a copy of the album on Additech featuring collabs with some of the most talented producers in the game: Black Mic, ill-esha, Joe Mousepad, Lila Rose, Augusta Morrison, Elfkowitz, Unc and Athena Koumis.

BUY: Freddy Todd – Neon Spectacle Operator


Much respect and love to Freddy!
It’s finally out!

Big ups to Simplify Records.
2011 has been insane!

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Hot New Tracks / EA’s Picks

time January 3rd by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just wanted to share a few new tracks that I’m feeling.  I think you’ll dig em too 🙂

TKO (Toppsy Krett + Cory O) – God Can’t Save You From Me!

Bossasaurus-Light Pollution

Root – Kush

MODESELKTOR – Let Your Love Grow (Minnesota Remix)

Butch Clancy Dubstep – Electro Flex

Elfkowitz – Golden Fur

Freddy Todd – Grip Platter

Jobot – The After After Party

Profesher (Billy Blacklight) – Psyentific Eyedealism


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