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The Weeknd | Echoes Of Silence

time December 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Yes, this is a review a few hours after this was released. I haven’t done a review in awhile and figured this would be fun to do after the first listen. I’d like to big up Ben Samples for being the way I found out within the hour. Thanks.

I watched that scroll bar fill up and my heart was pounding hoping that some how he could match or even top House of Balloons. As the top list made by everyone start crawling in for 2011 it’s obvious House of Balloons was one of the biggest releases of the year. If you haven’t heard about The Weeknd yet… GO DO IT. We’ve been two releases deep and this one is the third.

Opening track is something I didn’t expect at all but classy. Montreal begins and it seems like he’s just warming up. The lyrics are on point as usual. He’s definitely putting himself out there. There’s going to be a theme it feels like it. Shits blown up and he knows things are different. It’s pretty gangster and fresh R&B styles. It’s not so much on that grind stuff but it’s got its feel. We continue… Outside. Alright this is starting to warm up real nice. We might have a monster brewing with this guy. Everyone is talking Drake but there’s no question my response is The Weeknd whenever he comes up. I’ve been so bitter at where music has been going in the electronic scene and I’ll proudly wave The Weeknd as the hero of 2011 not Skrillex. You want to know what people say how EDM is on the map now because of everything has happened. Sorry dude the person you should be thanking is The Weeknd. That’s how I feel, straight up. XO / The Host is solid but still waiting for my Wicked Games baby making hit. This is great but not perfect. I know I’m going to jam them because hell House of Balloons becomes something you just hear in your head and want to freshen it up sometimes. The transition of XO / The Host is interesting. It’s pretty extreme. I’m going to chop this track up is what’s on my mind. The tracks starts winding down and ohh boy this is it…. This is what I wanted. Thank you for that massive crossover.

Initiation starts off and you think the whole album is going to go somewhere else. It does but not what you might of expected. I’m started to get a bit worried and questioning myself. This isn’t going as well as I hoped but it’s not bad. Not bad at all but just not hitting the spot for my personal taste. Same Old Song seems like a title I’d lean towards to be what I’m search for on this listen. BINGO. Same Old Song has hit the spot and man it’s perfect for how I’m feeling. Sold. This is the one tune I’d bump. The end of the track is hilarious. It’s Christmas!!! hahaha. The Fall sweeps in as your finish laughing to yourself. Another bump n grind tune?! It resembles a lot of what made us all fall in love with this guys style for. The track is almost over but it shoots off into next level business as it hits half way point. The emotion and rawness is there. This one is another instant classic. What sets this one apart is the closing. Damn. Chop that up son. Man, this one is going to be fun to play live. Makes me want to setup my gear to mess with it. Could he deliver another one? Please keep this vibe. Next delivers. All my doubts have vanished. This release has approval written all over it after this streak of fire. Next is going to be an anthem. Lots of babies will be made to this one. Echoes Of Silence closes this one off this release perfect. This is the sort of music I’m in love with right now. Expect this sorta thing from me when you hear something… beautiful piano work.

The Weeknd you’ve officially done it again. Thank You.
I don’t care what anyone says this is the energy I’ve been waiting for.
The reason I’m so critical and harsh with a lot of things I hear is because there’s music like this being made. Drake’s new release was alright but nothing stood out. This release has a few that you can’t help but go back to and think damn that’s real. Thank you for one of the best Christmas presents sir.

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence

The Weeknd – Same Old Song
The Weeknd – The Fall
The Weeknd – Next

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