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oOoOO | Quietus Mix | Artist Spotlight

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oOoOO a new discovery! This evening I was randomly on facebook and came across a music link from Samples. I can always count on Ben listening to some headie music always. After I hit play I was totally blown away. Never had I come across such unique sounds as I was listening to in some time. Apparently it’s called Witch House or Drag. The past couple years its been glitch/glitch-hop for me and not so much chill stuff as I’d like till recently. The track was a remix by SF based oOoOO. I had never heard of the dude before but man what joy it has been since I hit play on soundcloud.

oOoOO is Christopher Dexter and has definitely made a name for himself. He has three releases out to date. The most recent self-titled release was pressed to vinyl and out on Tri Angle records. The release has been featured in Spin, xlr8r, and Pitchfork. It also was just put as #1 release on boomkat for 2010. Needless to say that’s quite impressive. I have no idea how I slept on this. This electronic chill pop dark style is exactly the sort of stuff I’ve been searching for to add depth to live sets.

November 2010 he released a special mix for Quietus. It is part of their mixes series and is officially came out as Quietus Mix 003: The Opaque Sounds Of oOoOO. I’ve been completely hypnotized by this mix. It’s a perfect blend of downtempo, pop, female vocals, goth, chill, experimental, etc… Check it out below. Hopefully I can get a copy to download.

[ Track list ]
1] Intro
2] Butterclock – Crush
3] Marina And The Diamonds – Oh No! (Active Child Remix)
4] Emily Reo – Metal On Your Skin
5] Jana Hunter – Its Not Your Stereo
6] The Angels- Cry Baby Cry
7] Visions Of Trees – Kings (Ooooo Remix)
8] Lata Mangeshka – Mohe Bhool Gaye Sawariya
9] Grouper – Make Me Over
10] Katy B – Katy On A Mission
11] Nico – Frozen Warnings Ft. Alicia Keys
12] Sonic Youth – Sweet Shine

Here are a few of my favorite tunes from his soundcloud:

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