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Sonic Geometry – “Let’s Restart the World” EP (Uxmal Records)

time February 22nd by Sofia authorTags: , , , , ,

Yesterday, Sonic Geometry released a new EP: “Let’s Restart the World” under UXMAL Records. This two track release is a perfect example of Andy Beyer’s continual exploration into diversifying and expanding his sounds – never failing to create and twist musical boundaries, ultimately creating his own sound. A little background, Sonic Geometry emerged in Boulder, CO in 2009. The definition of a very creative and unique artist emerging from today’s conscious bass music movement. Andy blends live glitch performances with heart-felt live electric guitar playing and has performed in multiple states across the Mid-West, the South, and the East coast.

These two extended tracks are entitled “Lets Restart the World” and “Sacred” and display a chillout vibe. “Let’s Restart the World” takes me into a journey, an unknown place, a vision for the future. The melodic introduction sets forth the theme for the rest of the track, it ignites a powerful vibe, which, in turn, meshes wonderfully with his rhythmical guitar sequence. A psychedelic, yet funky upbeat is also heard and felt, which reveals a depth of space and composure. Sonic G’s signature sound is very live and the blending of sounds and instrumentation smoothly aligns with the downtempo beat. This track lifts me up and makes me feel like a space traveler entering a magical exploration of limitless possibilities.

“Sacred” is like a Shamanic experience, a ritual, which can initially be heard through the element of Andy’s vocals. This chillout track also features passionate live guitar playing. This combination of signature beats/mid tempo breaks, followed with a funky yet rock-n-roll groove transmits magically. This hypnotizing twist is very unique and soothing…it’s like star dust particles being exposed into space for the very first time.

This is only the beginning for Sonic Geometry as he continues to develop his sound and image. I met Andy back in 2009 right as his musical project was coming to light and can verge that he pours all of his love and soul into his music. He is constantly pushing and promoting himself as a musician, and will continue to do so. Keep an eye out for this multitalented live electronic performer, he’s definitely on to something.


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time June 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Downtempo, Trip-hop, Future Garage, and Chill Out Online Radio, is my new project that I launched. It’s an online radio station that focuses on obviously future bass but as well as downtempo, trip-hop, chill out, future garage, deep house, soul, funk, etc… Ultimately the goal was to create a stream of music that plays 24/7. The music on the station will be crowd sourced by taste makers like yourself.

There will be LIVE radio shows as well as a new unique format for listeners to get involved. Playlist Shows are time blocks for individual users to host their own show that features some of their favorite tracks that they want to share. All that is required is sending in your 15 tracks (minimum) every week or every other week. Those tracks will stream on the station for your designated time slot. You can get creative and record yourself talking and submit those sound bites along with the tracks.

One thing that I want to stress is the fact that this station will focus on playing CHILL music. There will be no raging dubstep, electro house, trap, moombahton, etc… Expect music to vibe too at any hour of the day.

As time progresses I hope to create unique playlist for each hour of the day. Right now I’ve been uploading some of my favorite tracks randomly and have the station play them. Eventually there will be set types of music for certain blocks of the day if there isn’t a scheduled live show or playlist show.

Now I welcome you to go check out!
Get involved and apply for a show!

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Afro Monk | Alien Sessions

time September 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

DOWNLOAD:Afro Monk’s Alien Sessions

I’ve put together this mix series for all those people who crave for music to jam to on their headphones. I wanted to create something that you can put on when you want to sit back or lay around with relaxing music.

The internet is filled with so much dance music and club bangers. I’m tired of it and too be honest I know that there’s so much good music that is overlooked at times because they aren’t meant for the dance floor. I’ve looked back at all the mixes I’ve done and wasn’t content with it and felt like I needed to do this. I want to be remembered for creating something that is for the chill music lovers.

Right now I’m at a weird place in my life where I’ve become burnt out on bass music and even typical club music that is expected when you go out to a show. This is my way of showcasing where my heart has been. I hope the day will come where I’ll be able to find bookings on the regular where this is type of music I’m asked to play vs the banging hits.

I can’t thank you all enough for even downloading this collection and reading this. I want YOU to know that I am grateful. This is for YOU and no one else. Share this and enjoy it with your lovers and friends.

- JM aka Afro Monk


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Lounge Temple

time January 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

I’ve been working on a new project for 2012 and it’s about time I share it with you all! The past few months I’ve become a bit more critical than usual. Bass music hasn’t been doing what it use to do for me. My relocation back home to Miami has changed a lot of things especially my life style. When I lived in Texas I was always out with friends, partying, DJing, traveling, etc… Now I spend most of my time relaxing enjoying the ocean breeze on my balcony. My nights consist of digging for more music and that peaceful state of mind. I’ve grown up and feel like an adult. Music now plays a different role for me now.

It’s not that I’m disappearing now but expect much of my focus to go in this new direction. Lounge Temple is ultimately Afro Monk 2.0 with its primary genres being downtempo, trip-hop, and future bass. It’s a lot more laid back and lounge like.

Not only will the site be something new i’ll be exploring but also have a supporting weekly lounge night here in Miami. I’ve been offered an industry night at The Stage here in Miami. It offers a great environment as well as chance to start something entirely different from your typical club rave night. Gooddroid and I will be playing lounge music ever Sunday night! Chilled Out Sundays starts up February 19th, 2012!

For more information and your chilled out needs go to:
Lounge Temple: Downtempo, Trip-hop, & Future Bass Blog

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Mimi Page | Artist Spotlight

time January 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

About two weeks ago my good friend Stephan Jacobs came into town to help me get a kick start into the production game. After a brief overview of some basics I discovered what I adore is playing piano and writing a melody. Mimi Page’s sound is everything I hope to reach one day.

Ethan, owner of Subsythesis, an amazing friend and overall lover of music turned me onto Mimi Page. He told me to check her out and my mouth dropped when I checked out here music. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The piano work and downtempo feel is totally what has been capturing my heart versus the heavy bass lines lately.

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about her and don’t have much to say other than I love her music and her voice. Majority of the post I write I’m very familiar with their music and/or the person. This is something entirely new I’ve never heard and excited to hear more music from her.

Mimi, thank you for sharing your music. You’ve totally made a fan out of me from just hitting play once.


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Tipper | Broken Soul Jamboree | Stream Free

time October 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Tipper’s upcoming release Broken Soul Jamboree is streaming for FREE! Right now you can get a preview of the sexy new album by one of the biggest names around. Tipper has glided through so many genres and mastered such a unique sound that this album seems to capture all the world has in this release.

The official release date is November 15th and sure to be a great success. Truly a diverse chill fun downtempo album this developed into. I’ve listened to it a handful of times already while at work the past couple days.

Much respect to Tipper!

Tipper’s Broken Soul Jamboree Stream

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