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Sissy Ross | Artist Spotlight

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Sissy Ross is one those hidden gems that I believe deserve more attention. I became familiar with her when I was living in Dallas for awhile. She played a few Silent Discos that I was at and never really gave much attention too for some reason. I had added her on Facebook and started to see her make really inspirational post as well as posting AMAZING music. I finally took the time to check out one of her mixes online and totally was blown away. I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop if you believe it or not but I decided to check out a few of her mixes and realized how wrong I was assuming what it would sound like.

Sissy has a way of incorporating so many different genres and styles together. This is the reason I had to post something about her. She blends jazz, swing, funk, hip-hop, etc… all into her sets. It really disappoints me that I didn’t really get to connect with her while in Dallas. She recently started a new weekly event on Thursdays that I’d love to have down here in Miami. The mix below is actually a promo mix she put together for it.

All in all Sissy is someone who inspires me greatly as a DJ and human being. She is always post things on Facebook that I have to Like and listen too. Not to mention she has also caught the Electro Swing bug and posting songs I adore. It’s not very often you find people who constantly post new music that impressed with. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her mixes on Mixcloud!

I wish her the best of luck with everything. Hoping she continues to put out fresh new mixes on a regular basis even if she does run off to law school. She’s definitely my DJ crush right now. She’s cute, smart, plays great music… What more could you ask for?! Ha.
Definitely check her out and follow her!

Sissytape take 5 edition by Dj Sissy Ross on Mixcloud

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Anna Love | Artist Spotlight

time September 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Anna Love has become of my favorite people here in Texas that I’ve met. I honestly wrote her off the first time I saw her play but after following her online and getting to talk to her I realized that maybe I made a huge mistake. Just because I’m not impressed the first time doesn’t mean I forget and stop paying attention. After realizing what a misread I had on her I made it a point to invite her out to play a show for me here in Dallas. That set totally changed my outlook and knew that she had incredible talent and soon to be great artist.

Anna has been posting some of her own original work online and can’t be happier to see another Texas producer rise up. She might have been MIA from Texas for awhile but the way she is hustling with all her projects such as her monthly event in Austin, Broken Teeth, Tropical Bass, DJing, and producing expect to see her name a lot more often.

My favorite thing about Anna besides her music is her passion. The things she says and expresses online and off are inspiring. She has no fear and does what she does cause she wants to express herself. The most recent tracks she has posted online have sold me and hope to eventually add her to the Afro Monk Records roster. I’m glad I reached out to her and have become friends with her. Keep on it girl!

Check out some of my favorite tracks she has worked on:

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Banjos to Beats | Dallas Promotions Team

time February 7th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

The day I found out I was relocating to Dallas, TX I shot an e-mail to many of my touring friends and asked whats up with Dallas in the music scene as regards to the type of music I’m into. What I got back from almost everyone who had a contacts in Dallas was get a hold of Josh Smith.

Josh Smith and Mandi Smith run Banjos to Beats. They’ve put together one of the most family oriented communities I’ve seen in a long time. The past events that they have done completely got my excited like a little school boy. Thanks to them and their efforts to push some of the most unique music out there Dallas has been a pleasure to live in. It’s a risky business throwing events but they’ve gone straight grassroots and succeed doing what they love.

This was clearly shown recently when Austin based Nadis Warriors were intown for a show and LiveNation dropped the ball big time on them. Josh made some magic happen and locked in Trees(best venue for sound in Dallas in my opinion so far) for a late night set with only about one hour and a half of promotion time. I showed up for support and the place had to have at least over 120 people there. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen and prime example of what this community is about.

I can’t show enough support for what Banjos to Beats has built and continues to build. They’ve taken me in as one of their own and even provided me one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had when I had just recently moved to Dallas. You can be sure to hear about Banjos to Beats if you are anywhere near Texas as all the acts you’re into if you read this blog are most likely coming into Dallas thanks to them. You’ll want to keep track of any upcoming events at their Facebook page.

Thank you Josh and Mandi Smith and all the others involved for doing what you do in Dallas. You guys are a major reason why I love to call Dallas my new home.
Thank you!

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events:
2/10: Waka Winter Classic – 2826 Arnetic
2/18: Fayuca / Ugly Lion – 2826 Arnetic
2/24: Dirtfoot / Mountain Sprout – Trees
2/25: Emancipator / Blockhead / Great Mundane – Trees
3/15: Daedelus/ TOKiMONSTA /Shlomo – Trees
4/8: Heyoka / Octopus Nebula – Trees
5/7: Manifestation Celebration – Dallas Museum of Nature & Science

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Manifestation Celebration | Dallas 2011

time December 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Manifestation Celebration 2011 Dallas, Texas

May 7th, 2011 Dallas, Tx
A Night at the Museum:
The Alex Grey Experience
@ Dallas Museum of Nature & Science


Alex Grey
(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Allyson Grey
(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Daniel Pinchbeck
(Q&A, Signing)

Maestro Don Jose Campos
(Opening Ceromony, Closing Ceromony, Signing, Shamanic Intiation during Nadis Warriors Set)

Rick Strassman, MD
(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Mitch Schultz
(Q&A, Meet & Greet)

Jamie Janover
(Discussion: Unified Field Theory)

Peter Gorman
(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Rose Hahn
(Discussion: Divine Feminine, Signing)

Alberto Roman
(Poetry, Translator for Don Jose Campos)

Michael Garfield
(Live Painting, Discussion)


The Nadis Warriors (w/ Jamie Janover & Don Jose Campos)

Language Love
Afro Monk
& more TBA!


Full Screenings of:
2012: Time for Change

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

They will be using multiple projections of Alex Grey’s art to fill the 79 foot Imax screen. All exhibits will be open to the attendees.

To ensure a pleasant and intimate evening for our attendees, only 1,000 tickets total will be sold for this event!!!

Insiders are reporting that there are less than 200 tickets available! This event will SELL OUT! Come join us on this amazing experience of pure artistry all around!


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Glitch and Bass Sessions | Afro Monk & Soupa | 12/7/10

time December 7th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Glitch & Bass Sessions is officially back! I’ve looked for the past two months for someone to join me on who would suite the show well. This past Friday Bass Science (Matt B & Devin) rocked it out here in Dallas. After the show we moved over to an after party spot where I got to here a homie play the whole night. His name… Soupa aka Soupa Nasty!

After hanging out for awhile I was like wait tune, tune, and tune! Homie was crushing it droppin the glitchy bass tunes of cats like Samples, NastyNasty, Project Aspect, etc… I soon realized this guy! He was willing to come out and do the show with me this week. Hopefully he’ll become a regular. We had a good time testing the waters out.

We had a B2B setup going where we could jump back and forth quite easy. First time ever really heard him play closely considering Friday night I was outside just hanging out with tunes in the background slightly. He totally blew me away dropping Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, and others. He was throwing some tunes over mine and experimenting. This is only the beginning. Give us some time and I’m sure we’ll be rocking a crazy duo act possibly.

So grateful to have finally found someone who rocks similar tracks and style.
He’s totally going to keep me on my toes and make sure have only the freshest shit.
Glitch & Bass Sessions is here and we going to send some glitch bass weight to your speakers Dallas.

Mondays 8pm-10pm PST / 10pm-12am CT / 11pm-1am EST LIVE on
Glitch & Bass Sessions with Afro Monk & Friends…

First Thursday of month Glitch & Bass Sessions Live @ The Cavern Upstairs in Dallas.
January flyer will be out soon… Bringing in a homie.
Expect someone new every month =)

DOWNLOAD: Glitch & Bass Sessions – Afro Monk & Soupa – 12/7/2010

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