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Robotic Pirate Monkey | Colors In Disguise

time December 5th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,

So first things first – how can you not want to give a listen to a group that calls themselves Robotic Pirate Monkey? This fun trio from Boulder, CO brings the heat in their 4th release, Colors in Disguise. The nine-track album is upbeat, unique, and all-embracing; it provides an easy listening, soundtrack of your life kind of feel. Sprinkled with vibrant melody, tasteful samples, and resonant bass, the dynamic album leaves you with a feeling of bliss and exuberance. I have already been consistently listening to and really digging Rio de Fuego, which they released quite some time ago. The rest of the album is nothing short of brilliant! I love the deepness of Moon on the Man; the pulsating bass had me grooving in my chair at work. I think that Pantone Polygamy might be my favorite overall as I tend to lean towards synthy vivacious tunes.

I caught these guys at Lightning in a Bottle 2010 and have to say I really enjoyed their live set. They seem like the kind of guys you’d want to kick back and crack open a beer or light one up with. I’m also stoked to see them again at SnowGlobe on New Years Eve – if you’re at the festival (which you should be – the lineup is insane), make sure you don’t miss Robotic Pirate Monkey!

Grab Robotic Pirate Monkey’s free new release, Colors in Disguise, here.

Here’s to amazing, FREE music!


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