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Summer Solstice Relief Album

time April 25th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

One of the main motivating factors for me getting involved with Afromonk was to actively take part in the amazing community of talented individuals behind this music we all love.  When I talked to the folks over at Be Green Records about their upcoming 2012 Benefit release I knew this was the kind of project I had to get behind.  Not only am I excited to listen to this compilation of talented producers, but I love Be Green’s vision, that when we  collaborate with our friends we can create the change we need in this world.   He are a few words from the folks over at Be Green Records/Glitch FM.

“Music and art has enriched each of our lives so much, we have chosen to use it as a medium to do positive things.  By collaborating with like minded individuals, we are able to do so much more as a community and to give back to the world around us.  Focusing on feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing medical care for those most in need, is our primary intention. We believe we can achieve this when we all come together.”

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World,” is one of the most inspiring quotes the creators of Be Green Records have ever been influenced by.  And personally, through meeting countless individuals who want to help and just don’t know what they as one person can do, is the inspiration for this album.  Many people gathered together, each doing just a little, does affect huge change, and since we are all passionate about music – we thought this would be the best way we could benefit from both worlds.

Also, looks like they are still taking submissions from producers and visionary artists.  Get involved!   Look for this release on the summer Solstice 2012.

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Seied-Be Green Records 1st Release!

time October 16th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Our friends at Be Green Records just tipped us off to a their first official release, 2 tracks from the Denver based Bass master, Seied!  I was lucky enough to get to preview these tracks today, and I could see why they  jumped at the opportunity to release these tracks.   Bugz In My Headphonez and Skewed Up have been secret weapons by some of the best performers out there, but now they are cleaned, polished, and perfected to be released to the world.  Cherry on the cake,  they have been mastered by Bill Bless.  Constant repeat around my home today!

Just a quick word about Be Green Records,  These guys are really on to something.  If you don’t know about them be sure to check the website out.  This sustainable label is founded by artists for artists. They understand the artist’s they work with and work hard to distribute their music in the most sustainable and green way possible.  On top of that 33.3 % of all their profits go back into non-profits.  I must say that would make the folks at Occupy Wall Street proud.

Just to get you even more excited for the upcoming release listen to Seied’s last release  Subdimensional Harmonics out now on

Holographics-Seied & Diverse


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