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Wut chu k’no aboot ze Bleep Bloop?

time July 1st by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , ,

Bleep Bloop is the moniker that is Aaron Triggs, a bass music producer out of Northern California.

His style spans from Lazer Blap, Dubstep, and even to wonky-Glitch Hop, always pushing his productions further with every tune.

His sets are polytempo, fun filled sonic journeys comprised of original tunes, and remixes.

Bleep Bloop is signed to Gruntworthy, Lazer Town, and Prime Dub Records so look out for new original tunes on the regular.

We’ll start off with a free remix!

A full mix with unreleased material –

A free stream of his EP –

This is where you can purchase his EP on Addictech entitled, —> “Lazer Bouquet“. <—

For booking contact — Soundcloud — Facebook
httP:// — Twitter

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New Glitch and Bass Tracks / EA’s Picks

time March 15th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We get a ton of quality submissions to the website and unfortunately we often don’t have time to give them all a proper a write up with our full time day jobs, DJing gigs, and other various projects. I wanted to take the time to share just a few of the tracks that have come through that I’ve been enjoying as of late.  Make sure to check out their other sick tracks on too!

Sick drumstep track from Hirshee! I haven’t heard a bad song from this producer yet:

New Remix from Eskmo:

New glitch-hop track from Cory O from the upcoming SpaceWork EP:

Every track that “A Girl and a Gun” is featured on is straight up fire!

New track from Profesher (Billy Blacklight):

Massive dubstep remix from Hot Mess:

If you’re into chill electronic music, def grab the new ep from Stumbleine featuring this beautiful track:

This new remix from Quartus Saul is a banger!

NastyNasty just released this face melter for free download:

This track from Shower Beer Graveyard is def a baby making remix, ha!

The Polish Ambassador has been bangin out sick glitch-hop remixes left and right!

Sick new track from Fractal Sky!

New one from Robokop!

The drop on this FEED ME  remix is redonculous!

Funky new track from the one and only Jobot:

Grab this new free track from Goldrush featuring the vocal stylings of Anneka:

Love this downtempo/glitch “Radiohead” remix from The Polish Ambassador:

Some dope futuristic luvstep right here courtesy of Nicoluminous:

Nice melodic dubstep remix from Carly-D:

This track is bonkers! The samples they used are clutch!

Some sexy spanish vocals on this one!

New track from Minnesota!

Another nice melodic dubstep remix from Akira Kiteshi:

Here’s a nice melodic glitchy track from producer, 1990:

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Sugarpill – Mind Machine EP

time March 15th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Sugarpill is a glitch/bass producer out of Los Angeles. I’ve been bumping his latest release “Mind Machine EP” in my car a lot lately.

My fave track off the ep is “Peeing on the Seat” which opens at a slow burn, combining 808 snare rolls, a glitched out Hammond, and a deep bass line before the drop where party moves into full throttle with heavy lazer bass, soaring synths, and one of the more colorful hiphop vocal samples used in recent memory. Here’s previews of the tracks from the release:

You can grab a copy of his debut ep for Simplify Recordings through Mind Machine ep

He also has just posted this dope track which is coming out March 20th on the Bass from Above compilation through and  I highly recommend you grab this free release which features brand new tracks from some of the best glitch/bass producers on the scene right now.  Straight up fire! Grab it here: Bass From Above

If you want to know more about this talented producer, check out the interview Kate did with Evan (aka Sugarpill) last month: Sugarpill Interview

-EA (

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Atmospheric tunes from Collapsed Lungs

time March 10th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Here are some amazing tunes from Dubstep producer, Collapsed Lungs.
Find mixes and more HERE.

Collapsed Lungs – Vibrations

Collapsed Lungs – Doobah

Collapsed Lungs – Crystalline

Collapsed Lungs – Zorb

Wubber Stumpper

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time February 28th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Obsession brings enlightenment.
Will “Dubzilla” Bauer from Davis, California is a madman! His great love for bass music is bringing him to great heights in production. From making remixes like his Dub Fx – Fly With Me (Dubzilla remix) to making bangers like his tune entitled, “Skittles”, which have samples from the movie, “The Hangover”. Stay locked, I see more from him in the future for sure.

Enjoy the free download!

Dubzilla – Skittles

More at his SoundCloud, keep locked cause there’s more on the way!

Wubber Stumpper

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Bleep Bloop KILLING IT!

time February 25th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Bass dipped in liquid question marks and rolled in lazers.Swans Reflecting Elephants.This is the noise your face makes when it drips off.”


Ella Fitzgerald feat. Chick Webb and His Orchestra – When I Get Low I Get High (Bleep Bloop’s Remix)

Free download! :)

More at his

Hailing from Healdsburg, California – Aaron Triggs AKA Bleep Bloop – bringing fresh, bass-filled tunes with style.

Definitely will be seeing more from Mr. Bloop, keep an eye out.



Wubber Stumpper

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₭ΞګΞK & Wubbεr Stumppεr Present – Dubz for Breakfast: Volume 4

time February 18th by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Mitch Kesek AKA KeseK and I cooked this up yesterday, hope you enjoy. ;)
Track list:
My part of the mix -
1. Cleveland Steamer – Listen to me.
2. d-Queue – Heaven (HEX VIP)
3. Pete Miles – Fuckin’ Psycho
4. DarkElixer – Filth Effect
5. MUSE – Unintended (Love and Light remix)
KeseK’s part -
6. I Killed Kenny – Don’t Mess Around with Me
7. Rook – Dentist Trip
8. Pedestrian – Reckoning
9. DarkElixer – Dubstep In 8 Bits
10. Distrikt – Crusty Flavours
More to come! :)

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Splatinum – Der Schplatzl 2010

time April 16th by Pierre authorTags: , ,


Der Schplatzl 2010
Daly City Records

”Der Schplatl is the serum that binds the DNA of Lil Jon and Daft Punk into a swirling mutation of bass lines and radiant harmonic crescendos.” With a presentation that starts like that how can you go wrong?

Splatinum deleivers a great album with dance friendly bass music. The physical release includes 16 tracks including two remixes from Mochipet and one from Sleepy Eyes of Death.

I get a real good vibe from this album it’s both funky and bassy. As I quoted above a Daft Punk for the bass underground scene!

Daly City Rec @ Myspace

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Inaudible – Coporate Propaganda

time March 4th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: Inaudible
Title: Corporate Propaganda
Cat # Muti054
UPC # 705105139609
01: Corporate Propaganda 4:24
02: Dog Logic 4:49
03: Storm Therapy 5:49

Now we’re talking, Inaudible really shows how Gltich Hop should sound!
First of all I can’t understand how Dov keeps finding all these gems and releases them via Muti Music, the quality of all his releases is very high.

Inaudible hails from Great Britain and I must say that’s it’s a rather new name for me, I’ve seen the name around but I believe this is the first time I had the opportunity to listen to his music. On “Corporate Propaganda” Inaudible gives us three hardhiting tunes yet the bear a real melodic and groovy sound to them, just as as I want this music to be. The music resembles a bit of that The Glitch Mob is doing both as a band and as soloartists.

This could very well be one of 2010′s best electronic release cause I utterly and truly love the sound that Inaudible and presented to his audience.

Muti Music
Inaudible @ Myspace
Inaudible @ Soundcloud

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Fire Friday Mix – Amina’s – The Gathering Live

time November 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Another fireeee mix for you on this beautiful Friday.
This mix I’ll be honest, I haven’t even heard the whole thing yet and listening to it now as I put this post together. This Friday’s mix is from a FL resident, Amina.

I’ve been hanging out with a friend for awhile spinning records and just jamming. One of the times we hung out I was telling him about Glitch and he’s like yo I know this one dude you have to totally meet check out this mix while we in the car. I heard the mix and what I heard was exactly what I wanted to do as a DJ. I never caught the dudes name but knew he was in West Palm Beach. Not till recently did I catch wind of this new cat these ppl discovered and how they describe he style as all over the spectrum of music from dubstep, uk funky, glitch, etc… I was like damn someone who drops the glitch, hell yeah!

Last night I find out that the two are one in the same. Without hesitation I present you with this mix! Hoping to meet this guy real soon and hopefully catch one of his sets this week-end!


The Gathering Live by Amina

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