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Guttstar | Speaker Seduction | Exclusive

time November 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

It has been awhile since the last Exclusive. I received a collection of new tracks from the homie Guttstar recently and fell in love with one of the tracks. I first became familiar with Guttstar when I heard Kastle’s remix of his tune. After that I made sure to reach out to him and connect. Turns out he is another brother in arms in the SEO game.

His original sound was a lot more focused around the lush pretty dubstep/luvstep vibe. I’ve always enjoyed what he has done musically and finally got to see it live at Emissions this summer. Stellar guy. It makes me happy to see that despite his direction moving more towards the whole trap game that he’s still making tunes like Speaker Seduction. The track has that purple luvstep feel to it but has hints of trap and that new sound we’ve been hearing a lot of.

There’s a lot of new music come from him so be on the look out. There’s even talks of a split EP with G Jones but nothing set in stone. We will see what happens with that but I’m hoping that Afro Monk Records will be releasing that ūüėČ If you haven’t already checked out his collaboration with G Jones (Disko Rekah remix), I highly recommend it.

Nothing but Love and Respect goes out to the homie Guttstar and hope you all enjoy this exclusive tune <3

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Satellite Respond | I Can Be (Drake Refix) | Artist Spotlight

time June 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Satellite Respond is Boris aka Gladkill’s new downtempo project. I’ve been eagerly been anticipating this to debut for over a year now. Ever since I found his first work, AlphaOne, I’ve been begging him to return to more of the IDM downtempo style vs the more bass influenced stuff Gladkill has evolved into. Boris is one of those producers that from the moment I heard his music I wanted more and would do anything to help promote. Hell this new project Satellite Respond sounds exactly like the type of music I hope to create. The emotion and energy it creates is what I hope to hear every time I hit play on a new track.

Briefly talking to Boris about the project he said that there’s a lot more of this stuff and reason why he decided to branch off and start a new alias. I’m all for this sound and hope that we’ll get to hear more of this. I’m really excited to see where this project goes. It’s a good look for music right now. I’m hoping to find more music like this for Afro Monk Records. This week-end Gladkill will be playing at Impulse Festival in Georgia and hoping to hear more of this project at his set. Go and find Satellite Respond on Facebook as it’s where you’ll also hear more about this new alias.

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Jake Robertz | Purity Ring – Obedear Remix | Exclusive

time May 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Jake Robertz might be a new name you’ve never heard of until recently. I will tell you that you probably have heard tons of his music though. Jake formerly was 1/2 of Knight Riderz. Nick and Jake have gone separate ways and Jake has begun to pursue his solo career. It brings a smile to my face to bring you another Exclusive! After hearing his first EP, Something Inside, I was hooked. Knight Riderz the past two releases had gone a direction I personally wasn’t into considering how aggressive it got but hearing Jake’s new material cheered me up. He has a unique style that doesn’t really encompass the old Knight Riderz sound but has a chill vibe that I adore.

Jake’s Purity Ring remix is stunning! If you’re into 808s than you’ll love this tune! Not to mention the vocals add such depth to the tune that you can’t help but jam out to this one. After hearing his debut EP and this remix it should be obvious that despite parting ways from Knight Riderz he is still on the right path! We have already begun talks of a possible Afro Monk Records release in the near future!

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Futexture | The Science of How Things Unfold

time April 28th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

I am honored and privileged to bring word on Afro Monk Record’s Debut Release. ¬†Futexture “The Science of How Things Unfold” ¬†combines top-notch production, with out of this world ¬†arrangements and the creativity to bring the listener to a higher dimension. ¬†No matter if you call this release IDM, FutureBass or Downtempo, Futexture, aka Danny Krantz, has taken the more sonically diverse elements of our genres and brought us a complete piece of work that will entertain the mind and tickle the ears. ¬†My first listen to this release was done after a long day kicked back with the cans on and a bit of a mood enhancer. ¬†Not only did the music grab a hold of me but it provided energetic boost to my whole body. ¬†Some would say thats just the herb, but thats what pure quality music should do to all of us! ¬†You should not just hear it, but experience it. ¬† I must congratulate both Futexture for such an amazing album that is sure to make quite a name for him, but also the founder of this blog, Mr. JM aka Afromonk for pushing through and bringing us his first debut release on the brand new record label. ¬†Now, with no more bullshit from me, ¬†I bring you the music!

I hope to hear Futexture’s sounds being dropped in the wee hours of the morning all summer long. Pick up this release Addictech!

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Anna Love | Artist Spotlight

time September 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Anna Love has become of my favorite people here in Texas that I’ve met. I honestly wrote her off the first time I saw her play but after following her online and getting to talk to her I realized that maybe I made a huge mistake. Just because I’m not impressed the first time doesn’t mean I forget and stop paying attention. After realizing what a misread I had on her I made it a point to invite her out to play a show for me here in Dallas. That set totally changed my outlook and knew that she had incredible talent and soon to be great artist.

Anna has been posting some of her own original work online and can’t be happier to see another Texas producer rise up. She might have been MIA from Texas for awhile but the way she is hustling with all her projects such as her monthly event in Austin, Broken Teeth, Tropical Bass, DJing, and producing expect to see her name a lot more often.

My favorite thing about Anna besides her music is her passion. The things she says and expresses online and off are inspiring. She has no fear and does what she does cause she wants to express herself. The most recent tracks she has posted online have sold me and hope to eventually add her to the Afro Monk Records roster. I’m glad I reached out to her and have become friends with her. Keep on it girl!

Check out some of my favorite tracks she has worked on:

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