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Art Of Fact | Bodies of Water [MalLabel Music] | Exclusive

time June 10th by Sofia authorTags: , , , , ,

Art of Fact releases his first release, “Bodies of Water”, on MalLabel Music today, Tuesday, June 10th. Taylor Willis is a glitch hop and psy dub producer based in the West Coast, more specifically Eugene, Oregon. He comes from a background full of classical and jazz instrumentation from early on in his childhood, as early as 12 years old. Art of Fact’s “Bodies of Water” will take you on a liquid journey through textures and rhythms deep within his sacred being that will arise frequencies of deep blue energies taken from the depths of the Ocean, the depths of the unknown sought to rejuvenate, cleanse, and invoke the third eye. Mysteriously weaving and blending sonic waves of beaming escapes and triggers, Art of Fact develops a chill sound soaked with emotion, truth, and visibility. These futuristic yet ancient grooves will leave you feeling liquified, consciously clear and will freshen you up. Spirals and twists of thoughts and questions will light up through sonic glitches and bass whomps directed to think outside the box, to read between the lines.

“Bodies of Water” consists of 5 original tracks: Liquid Dreams, Moonshine Showers, Rasta Rain, Velvet Dew Drops, and Charco, and 3 remixed versions of “Velvet Dew Drops” by Bless the A.M. Remix, Devin Kroes, & SOULULAR. “Liquid Dreams” is glitch hop heaven full of whomp depths and feels. It has a magical appeal to it, a very upbeat and rhythmic vibe full of beaming melodic beats that will vanish and re-appear giving the ultimate brain massage. “Moonshine Showers” is like an atmospheric venture into the oceans of the world, dives of exploration into the unknown discovering mystery and unraveling and unlocking myths. These discoveries are surrounded by an elegance of rhythm and unique composition of glitches and wurbbles which create an uplifting environment. “Rasta Rain” is like an ancient reggae groove full of proper hip-hop feels. These glitchy textures of waves and rains will ignite a cleansing effect, jah mon! “Velvet Dew Drops” slithers in next, a different body of water of 85 bpm is revealed assuring a quality of melodic perfection suited for deep meditation. This track will open up channels of luminous vibrations within you and those channels will reveal a sense of clarity, an acceptance to a new understanding that will ultimately direct new thought.  “Charco” is a mysteriously brilliant glitch hop extravaganza that will awake and levitate new possibilities. Splashes and Squrbbles of glitch and crescendo sounds exists within this story. A journey into the caves of the depths of the oceans dedicated solely in finding emotion and staying in tune.

The last three tracks are remixes of “Velvet Dew Drops” by three West Coast Bass producers: Bless the A.M., Devin Kroes, & Soulular. “Velvet Dew Drops” remixed by Bless the A.M. has a tempo of 90 bpm and it’s a neuro funk rejuvenation of technological escapes. “Velvet Dew Drops” remixed by Devin Kroes drops to a 113 bpm feel of conscious melodic bass music that will uplift, twist, and magically transcend you into a new dimension full of rich bubbling bass soundscapes. “Velvet Dew Drops” remixed by Soulular took me into a phenomenal level of luminous yet sacred geometrical bass frequencies and sexy psychedelic vibrations that will produce chills down your spine.

Art of Fact is the truth and is in fact like an artifact, the real deal. This EP is full of thematic diversity composed of dreamscape vibes of reggae, hip-hop, and avant-garde jazz blended with glitches and psydubs. Remember to catch your breath as you’re about to enter depths of the unknown, a vivid world of new thoughts. Mysteriously intertwining textures through watery glitches, and alien-esque escapades, a new life of sound is found within bass wurrbles of water. A portal has been opened, as if you’re about to enter some sort of existence beyond outer space, a feels of unlimited epiphanies, an enlightenment.

Bodies of Water:

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Jake Robertz | Purity Ring – Obedear Remix | Exclusive

time May 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Jake Robertz might be a new name you’ve never heard of until recently. I will tell you that you probably have heard tons of his music though. Jake formerly was 1/2 of Knight Riderz. Nick and Jake have gone separate ways and Jake has begun to pursue his solo career. It brings a smile to my face to bring you another Exclusive! After hearing his first EP, Something Inside, I was hooked. Knight Riderz the past two releases had gone a direction I personally wasn’t into considering how aggressive it got but hearing Jake’s new material cheered me up. He has a unique style that doesn’t really encompass the old Knight Riderz sound but has a chill vibe that I adore.

Jake’s Purity Ring remix is stunning! If you’re into 808s than you’ll love this tune! Not to mention the vocals add such depth to the tune that you can’t help but jam out to this one. After hearing his debut EP and this remix it should be obvious that despite parting ways from Knight Riderz he is still on the right path! We have already begun talks of a possible Afro Monk Records release in the near future!

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Sounduo | I Would Do Anything | Exclusive!

time December 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Sounduo, is the greatest act I know in the Florida region. I can say that with tremendous confidence. I was lucky enough to interview them a few months ago when I lived in Dallas and thrilled to hear of such an act had finally appeared in the Miami area.

Now that I’ve moved back to Miami everyone has been asking me how things are out here. The truth is I knew I was signing my death note for my music career moving out here. The Miami bass scene targets more of the mainstream dubstep fans and not so much of the glitch-hop west coast scene. Don’t get me wrong Miami Dubstep is alive and thriving but it’s quite different from what I’d consider myself part of. The first week-end I was in town I heard about Archnemesis playing a show, which totally blew me away because I had never heard of anyone like Archnemesis coming into town since I left the city. Turns out that Sounduo was opening for them for a few dates in FL. I was thrilled to finally hear and see these guys play live.

WOW. These guys are incredible performers and have their own unique sound which mixes their dub, reggae, and bass roots together into a great package. Zach absolutely crushes it on drums live and Will is behind many controllers playing live keys during many of their songs. They play all originals and can expect them to glitch it up just how we all love and even some massive bass drops. Needless to say I was impressed and consider them one of the best live acts with a drummer in the game.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to become friends with these guys and man they’re totally legit. They’ve got a lot ahead of them and have a great outlook on everything all around. I’m honored anytime they come over to jam out or play live on my show. They truly give me hope for the Miami local scene in regards to what I’d consider myself part of. The Archnemesis show showed me some light for this city. There was a super chill crowd and even could pick out about 5-6 Grassroots California hats in the crowd which usually is a good sign.

Overall these are guys you want to keep your eye out for. Their debut release is due out on Made in Glitch which makes me really happy to hear. I assure you everyone who fancies most of the music we post on here will love their upcoming release. Now for the real treat. They contacted me recently that they were working on a tune specifically for the site. It has been awesome getting to know them and playing beside them in my studio and we’ve gotten to discuss what sort of sound I enjoy and am trying to accomplish. The track they send over totally took me by surprise. It’s EPIC. A 7min long tune that sends chills down my body just because after hanging out with them they’ve created something so perfect that fits exactly what I would want to represent

I’ll also be working on some new stuff with them in near future, which makes me scream with excitement.

Much love to Will and Zach!
Expect that Made in Glitch release soon!

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Ben Samples | Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – Motivation (Screwed) Afro Monk Exclusive

time September 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Afro Monk Exclusive - Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne Motivation (Samples Screwed)

Ben Samples has hit the legendary status that I knew he would become years ago. I got this in my e-mail a few days ago and was asked to put it out. I figure I post this because lately I’ve been telling the people close to me how hip-hop is what is doing it right now in sets. We all know how quickly Dubstep has been rising but the truth is most of the crowd wants something they know and can sing along too.

This track is a perfect example of what is working right now. Grab a sexy R&B track which has someone spitting on it and add some bass, rearrange some pieces, give it your signature sound and you’ve got a hit. Truth is we all know the top DJs and Producers are the ones who can play things people have never heard and also the hit they all know. The balance or mixture of these two things is exactly what works at clubs, bars, house parties, etc… You want to appeal to the masses but have a unique take on it so they remember you. Ben Samples understands this and has continuously proven that this works. I can’t tell you how many sets I’ve seen where someone uses one of his remixes or originals and the crowd goes nuts. Why? Well even when I drop one of his tunes I get that feeling this is what people want me to be playing yet get some additional bass and version they might not know but can predict whats going to happen so they can still follow the beat and dance too.

I hope you enjoy this and throw this one into your playlist. It’s great to hear something along these lines after his releases of heavy bass dancefloor remixes of some of the classics. After listening to this the first time on my phone when I received it I smiled and knew that this would instantly become a track I’d be hearing quite often at shows.


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LoBounce | Cassie – Me & U Remix | Exclusive

time August 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

LoBounce takes a classic track that most the population will remember. After staying in close contact with LoBounce and giving him some feedback on all the new work, I decided to ask for an exclusive. The moment I heard the Cassie – Me & U remix I knew it was the one I wanted. He gives such new dynamic range to an already fresh beat.

If you’re looking for a sexy glitch hop tune that has some luvstep feel to it this is the one you’ve been looking for! I know I dedicated to my lady when I first dropped it.

I assure you this will not be the last you hear of LoBounce and will be wondering how he blasted off so quickly. This track will answer that in the future. LoBounce has become easily one of the most played artist in my sets and can’t wait to hear more of the new material. Look out Chicago cause he going to be launching off from there.

Much Love and Respect to my homie LoBounce!

DOWNLOAD: Cassie – Me & U (LoBounce Remix) Exclusive

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Elfkowitz | Mans World | Exclusive

time February 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

In a Mans World… It Would Mean Nothing… Without A Woman…

Happy Valentines Day from <3

This is my gift to all you lovers. Elfkowitz’s Mans World. This is one I’d like to hold on to a bit longer but thought it would be the appropriate time to give away. I’ve been dropping this one for awhile and glad to give it all to you exclusively via the site. Elfkowitz right now is one of the best producers. He might not be a common name or massively well known but get ready because if you’re into heavy bass and sexy melodic vibes with a chill vibe to them, he’s doing it proper.

Enjoy this and remember to keep it sexy. This song is probably my 2011 anthem and overall life outlook. I took up DJing to fill that void of not having a woman. Yet doing all this writing, DJing, promoting, networking, traveling, etc… it really feel like it’s all for nothing till I have a woman to share this all with. I’m a big fan of Californication and last night there was a quote from one of the characters who is filthy rich and never got married. What is all the success in the world without having a woman or family to share it with… Couldn’t have heard truer words.

Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight with loved ones.

Tonight I’ll be doing a special 2hr Luvstep set on

If you’d like to tune in catch it 10pm-12am CT

Elfkowitz – Mans World ( Exclusive) by AfroMonk

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Knight Riderz | Mind Riddims EP

time January 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Knight Riderz is a Canadian bass duo that have been rising high and higher in popularity and with a good reason, their tunes slay! I’ve been a fan for quite awhile and been popping their tunes into my set. They just released a new EP, Mind Riddims, and it’s crushing charts. It’s hit #1 on the Additech chart already. My favorite tunes off it feature Juakali dropping some lyrics on the tune. Every tracks hit the subs like you can’t believe. You should def check it out and grab a copy.

Knight Riderz – Mind Riddims EP

Knight Riderz has been recieving support from some of the biggest names in bass music right now including Bassnectar, Starkey, DOV, Freestylers, and many more… Their Know Us remix just came out on Simplify and have other releases on ESL (Theivery Corporations label), Muti Music, Seclusiasis, Mad Decent, Made In Glitch, True Movement, & Discobelle.

Expect many more releases from them in 2011. There is no question that they are on a roll right now. Jake and Nick personally hit me up and we’ve been chatting for awhile. They asked me if I would help promo the new album with an exclusive bootleg to give away as an Afro Monk Exclusive. I of course agreed and even put some artwork together for it.

They remixed one of my favorite Radiohead songs, Street Spirit. Grab the FREE download here exclusively on the site for awhile.

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Konekta | Fugees Ready Or Not VIP Remix

time December 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Konekta is quite unknown right now but homie makes some fresh beats. He has been on the move but he recently has just settled into California with his lady Devi. They both are great friends and host a weekly show. They happen to go on right after mine =)

I use to rock this Fugees ready or not remix a whole bunch. Almost played it out too much but I absolutely loved it. Konekta hit me up that he had a special VIP remix he wanted to share with everyone and figured we just give it away as an exclusive. This was supposed to be my Black Friday give away but things have been hectic.

He recently hit me up yesterday to share with me that Devi and he are teaming up on a collab project, Free Crush.  It’s great to hear a couple working together on something. On that note another producer that you all know if you read this blog and his girlfriend are working on a DJ/VJ collab. Yeah get ready for that announcement later in 2011…

Now enjoy this FREE exclusive of both Fugee’s Ready or Not Remixes

Konekta – Ready or Not VIP Remix
Konekta – Ready or Not Remix

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Gladkill | Metric – Twilight Galaxy Remix

time November 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Boris Gladkill is pretty much in my top 3 favorite producers right now at this moment. Today is Thanksgiving and was given this track to give away. This is all for you and special thanks to Boris for hooking it up on this and being able to share it with you all! Boris is one of those producers that you just look forward to seeing something new appear with his name on it. His style is so pure. If anyone ask me what luvstep is all I can think of is Gladkill.

Thanksgiving has been amazing so far and hope you’re all stuffed with food. I was blessed to wake up to a text inviting me over to eat a Thanksgiving meal. I’ve just moved to Dallas, Texas and didn’t end up going home. First time in awhile. Thank you everyone who actually reads these post. I can’t give you all enough thanks for the support! Thanks to this music community I’m with beautiful people and welcomed into their home. Big ups to Banjo to Beats here in Dallas. THANK YOU.

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy family and friends today. Tomorrow be safe on any Black Friday adventures you might be off too. Much respect to Boris for this and be sure to support him. He just put out an amazing release Ghostwork. Hopefully things will work out where get to meet him and melt peoples faces off.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for everything.

Much Love!

DOWNLOAD: Gladkill – Metric – Twilight Galaxy

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