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Warp 9’s New Album “In Search of StarBass Alpha” (Adapted Records)

time May 5th by Sofia authorTags: , , , ,

Warp9’s latest EP – “In Search of Starbass Alpha” was recently released under Adapted Records and is the definition of a futuristic 70’s disco party – a funky galactic extravaganza blast into outer space, a future bass atmosphere that will leave you feeling groovy. Warp9’s level of production skills and original funk truly makes for a unique creation who sure knows how to blend frequencies and therefore his audience never fails to get the funk down.  Adam Schechter has been creating under this project for 10 years now, and he falls under the record label and production company called “Massive Ideas” based in Miami, FL. Do you want to journey into a funkadelic escape into outer space? Well now is the time – ready, set, lift off!

This galactic album consists of five spaced-out grooves: “Planet Funkatron”, “AstroDisco”, “Inter-Jah-Lactic”, “Star Gazing”, and a remix of “AstroDisco” by Funkanomics. This search begins in “Planet Funkatron”, which gives light to the theme – “funk”, and exposes it’s main elements – bass, melody, and rhythm which ignite a powerful dancing get down! Soon after you will find yourself having an “AstroDisco” dance party all over outer space, maybe even dodging laser beams and asteroids in the continuation of the search of StarBass Alpha. “Inter-Jah-Lactic” is definitely a favorite, it has a reggae vibe to it, also, hence the “Jah” in the title and the Jamaican vocals and melody in the beginning of the galacticness. Ever wondered what going “Star Gazing” will sound and feel like? Well, Warp9 shows us how to star gaze which ultimately leads us closer to our search. The remix of “AstroDisco” by Funkanomics gives it more of a mid tempo approach, slowing the get down and gives off those funky fresh bass lines and brass instrumentation.

These funky beats and melodies will uplift your mood and transform you into a space creature venturing light years away into the cosmic truth. Each track is crafted with twisted bass lines and the sound design in each escape builds up a hurricane of unimaginable sounds, giving its listeners the ultimate brain massage. This album is filled with love and brilliance, and Warp9 has a major intention for us, finding Starbass Alpha and having a grooving time while getting the FUNK down!

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Mr. Bill | Focus

time April 30th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Aussie Mr. Bill’s latest album “Focus” pretty much knocks my socks off. It is so masterfully thought out and crafted. This album embraces a variety of deep yet glitchy, swaggy yet moving, complex yet simple, and aesthetically-pleasing yet entirely unique sounds. I always had Mr. Bill on my radar to an extent, but since hearing this album I am without a doubt interested in what else he has to express through his production.

On a Monday back at work after a raging weekend in the sun, I can definitely say that I could use some cheering up, and this album did it for me. Focus is elaborate and beautiful and allowed me to clear my mind. The album guides listeners through sundry soundscapes with marvelous blips and tasty melodies; it truly pushes the envelope.

I am now kicking myself for passing up the chance to see Mr. Bill live in Nevada City last month where he also hosted an Ableton Live workshop. No doubt that both events would have been inspirational. I’m not sure how many other times I’ll have the opportunity to catch Mr. Bill, but if I do I will not surpass it!

Grab Mr. Bill’s album “Focus” here on Addictech.

Also, there will be [Re-Focused Part 1] & [Re-Focused Part 2] coming soon – with remixes from Kalya Scintilla, Circuit Bent, Blatwax, Whitebear, Kursa, and more. Pretty psyched for that!


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