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Mindelixir | Doomsday Ticket

time June 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Mindelixir is a name that many of you should be familiar with. Bill is a great friend and has been making some serious waves on the East coast. He recently just put out a full LP on Daly City Records and has been hustling harder than everyone I know. Besides working hour after hour in the studio he manages a team of minions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mindelixir has been a rising power in the bass community and not be be underestimated. At the end of this month marks his one year anniversary of his legendary Bass Church monthly event. Bass Church is one the largest monthly events if not largest bass events in the States.

This is Mindelixir’s second full length EP and boy does it roll deep in diversity yet keeps the same organic flow and style. Ever since I’ve listened to it for my first time I’ve been impressed. 1492 instantly became my favorite track after a full listen. It has a unique melodic sound that appeals to my personal taste. I recently told Bill that it was my favorite and how I even throw it into sets sometimes. It was funny to hear that he said he’s never even played it out but our live styles are quite vastly different. The other track that really stands out and took me by surprise was A Man and a Woman. The track features a vocal sample that balances it heavy bass lines. If there was any track off this album that I can see being rinsed out it’s definitely A Man and a Woman. The rest of the tracks work off each other to create a journey into the mind of Mindelixir.

The one thing that I want to emphasize the most about this release is how much intrigue time and attention to detail this release has. Bill is a hard worker and puts his all into writing an album. While he is known for being one of the most explosive DJs out there his original work showcases the soul and work he puts into his music.

This marks one of his last releases that solely has been written in Reason. Expect his sound to evolve even more as he transitions to Ableton and the world of VSTs. There is much more ahead from Mindelixir as he continues to build his following, monthly event, and production. Expect to see his name a lot more and coming to a city near you as he can be found at many of the East coast festivals and other major events. His live sets are truly the highlight of any evening.

Nothing but respect and love goes out to my great friend, Mindelixir! I can’t wait till the next time we cross paths which might be sooner than later. You  can always expect a great time whenever Bill is around!

1. 1492
2. Doomsday Ticket
3. Aruba
4. Bassfunk
5. Captivation
6. Dubfunk
7. Galvanic Response
8. Nomura’s Invasion
9. Roadblock
10. Water hoarding
11. A Man and a Woman
12. Game Over
13. Gutfunk
14. Jabber Hockey
15. Collective Paranoia

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