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Keep it Fresh! Turns 1 Years Old!

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Today marks the one year mark for this website. I can’t express what an amazing journey its been. Never had I imagined I’d have such a followership. Everyday it brings a smile to my face when I see how many visitors have come to the site. It just means that more people have found the site and interested in hearing new music.

I have to give thanks to all my friends and fans out there on the internet. Being able to share with the world all the amazing music out there with you is a honor. Much respect and love goes out to everyone I’ve featured on here.

Special thanks to Shilo of DanceFever5000 and Dr.Krank’s Music blog. They have been a huge inspiration for this blog.

Heress to another year of music!

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Dibiase | Machines Hate Me

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Dibiase’s debut full album, Machines Hate Me, is finally out! This has been one of the most anticipated albums for me this year. Towards the beginning of the year all I kept hearing about was Dibiase and all the amazing artists on Alpha Pup’s releases. Alpha Pup has not disappointed once and this one is no different. Dibiase’s sound is unique yet so familiar. Expect old school 8-bit sounds meshed with glitchy bass beats and over all positive energy.  It’s producers like Dibiase that get me excited because they are only pushing the bar further and further ahead.

I’m proud to see another LA producer emerge out into the world. All these brilliant artist have so much to share and give it seems that every day I question why I haven’t dropped everything and left to California. Much respect out to Dibiase for putting out a masterpiece and much love to Alpha Pup for providing the world with quality music that might of never been given a chance else where.

Dibiase – Machines Hate Me

1. Eternia
2. Phantom Power
3. Dusty Lungz
4. Atombreakin
5. Lumberjack
6. Neighborhood Watch
7. Skullcrack
8. Circuit Breakin
9. Clocked Out
10. Dubwreck
11. Price Is Righteous
12. Life Force
13. 3 Way Mirrors
14. Renegade Slap (Devonwho Collab)
15. Abstract

Enjoy the video for Skullcrack and get a small taste of what’s inside this beautiful 8-bit / chiptune masterpiece of an albums.

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R/D | Starve the Ego Remix | Drink the Sea Remixes

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R/D is a name you all should become familiar with if you haven’t already. You might have heard his remix he did of Fever Ray earlier this year which gained great hype. He also just put out an EP recently that I featured, Face of God EP. R/D is no new comer by any means. He’s been doing this for quite awhile but has come into light again with his recent glitch hop beats. He has been taking the US by storm playing Coachella this past year and Lightning in a Bottle.

R/D is back again with a new release to be featured on The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea Remix album. He has outdone himself with this remix but not a surprise as he is close friends with the members of The Glitch Mob. Random fact: Hes actually lived with edIT and Ooah. This release is due out this week and I wanted to share with you all this epic remix from R/D.

Here is another bonus to build hype for his next release.
R/D – Third Eye High Remix out September 20th 2010

The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea album has been chopped and skewed by many of the biggest names recently. They ran a remix contest that just ended. The prize was to have their remix be featured in the Drink the Sea Remixes release as well. Mindelixir was the winner and here’s his remix of Drive it Like You Stole It:

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NastyNasty | Interview | Puke Paint EP

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NastyNasty is one of the most respected artist in the glitch hop community. He’s an old timer and has inspired many along the years. September 14th, 2010 marks another big release from Jasper, Puke Paint EP on Frite Nite. He has been busy making tons of beats and during the Spring he worked on some new material after he returned from tour. This release seems to be coming straight from the heart. The EP literally bleeds emotions and screeching beautiful vocals glitched up make this one of his best releases since Knife Play in my eyes. Jasper describes it as “voices blasting forth colour into digital soundscapes”. I’ll never forget when I heard Sore Loser and ran to see which track it was. This release has tons of vocal expressions all over the place.

Much respect and love goes out to NastyNasty. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this cat. I was going to have him come into Miami for my birthday but things didn’t work out. Excited to get to see him live in Seattle for Decibel Festival and hear some of his new work on a big system. Eff all those haters Jasper, keep doing what you doing and know you’ve inspired many including me.

Jasper’s given permission to distribute one of the tracks off the EP, Newport. I happened to play it while at my Asheville gig and this track just slices through the crowd, masterpiece. Grab the free download, NastyNasty – Newport

2. Sore Loser
3. Toxenne
4. Newport
5. Bleeding

NastyNasty Interview

When did you start producing music at what age and what sort of medium
did you use at that time and how has it evolved into what you do
today? What other alias have you gone by?

I started producing music around age 19 making hip hop and jungle beats to rap on…i have pretty much come full circle except i no longer have the urge to rap. i have worked under the names Product, Hush…, Build128, Nails, Writhe and collaboratively with my friend So What as Quitter. i also have a few other aliases that i work under currently but the names are known to few for good reason…
Clearly you have lots of big releases to date but are there any that stick out to you the most while you were producing them and do youfeel a certain vibe when you create music?
In truth as of Right now NastyNasty only has 1 single, a beat tape/e.p. and a few remixes out right now However the e.p. I am about to drop on frite nite digital has got me quite excited. I have to feel something to be able to make music, I refuse to work if i am not inspired.

What do you currently use to preform? Is there anything you plan or wish to incorporate with your current setup?

Currently my setup is very basic, a Computer running abelton live 8 and an evolution x-session crossfader/dj controller. would like to incorporate either a triggerfinger or an lpd into the mix soonish.

Are there any interest you have besides music that totally captivate you? When you come home from tour or not working on music what is it in the world that makes you smile?

I’m totally obsessed with the science and the criminal mind…. More often than not i have episodes of NOVA or Gangland playing in the background while i work in the studio

Is there any place or city that you’d absolutely love to call your home or visit for a short time? Feel free to make a place up and describe it.

I’d really like to do some touring in europe, i think it’s kind of like a voyage to mecca for electronic artists.

Biggest influence, person you respect the most, and can call a friend in music?

My good friend and sometimes collaborator So What, he makes slap beats for days and is pretty much my pulse to the rap world…totally the kind of guy that reminds me why the word bitch really takes songs up a notch.

Who is your top musical influences that really hit you with emotion?

Man there are too many to name really…as cliche as it is to say aphex twin has always been a huge influence. Otis redding and sam cooke are constants, Danzig-Era Misfits are in heavy rotation….Astor Piazzolla…Lady GaGa… as far as “dudes in the scene right now” all my beat homies are doing really awesome things:

So What, EPROM, Starkey, Slugabed, Epcot, Salva, MiMOSA, Nit GriT, Lippe, Loops Haunt, Akira Kiteshi, Sduk, Hovatron, Dibia$e, Lazer Sword, Doshy, Shlomo

Best of luck to you with your career!

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+Verb | The Freebies of 2010!

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I’ll never forget meeting +verb in the chat room. He was always in and out of the chat and sharing links to his latest tunes. At first I’ll admit I was hesitant and didn’t really see myself using any of his tracks but he definitely had a unique sound that he was developing in every song.

Time progressed and I’d keep up with him on Soundcloud and chat with him whenever we were both in the chat. I’d say a couple months ago I left Soundcloud playing while doing work and was like damn what song is this I haven’t heard it and it’s solid. After that moment I realized wow +verb had figured something out but ever since then I’ve been looking forward to his every tune. You’ve really got to stay on top of him too because it’s release after release and if you sleep on it for too long it’ll probably disappear from his soundcloud. He has really evolved and I can tell only has just begun.

I’m real proud to say that I know this homie and that I run in the same circles as he does. He’s be a great person to know online and always so friendly. So friendly that he’s giving away a whole bunch of his tracks

Download +Verb’s –  The Freebies of 2010

Drank It All
Extend Our Awareness
Get On It
Hollow Be Thy Soul
Mead Bass Channel
RazR SancT
Slipping Away
Test Me
What’s Good
When Everything Worx

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Daddy Kev & Baths | Low End Theory Podcast 17

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This months Low End Theory Podcast highlights resident DJ Daddy Kev and special guest Baths!  Daddy Kev absolutely murks it with some of the hottest selections right now. This man is on top of the game and is responsible for some of the biggest things going on in LA. I can’t tell you how ill his set was at Lightning in a Bottle. It was something special to finally being able to see this legend play live. The best part is you can usually count on him being on the podcast eventually and this month he doesn’t disappoint.

Baths is the special guest this month and it’s just straight originals and remixes from him. Be on the look out for him because you can tell this guy is doing big things. I will admit I didn’t know much about Baths but after doing some research I’m really digging what he’s doing live. The video below is a small glimpse into what he does in his live show. It really encompasses what I’ve been wanting to do minus singing. He actually seems like a real down to Earth chill guy. Hope to run into him in the future and shake his hand on keeping it real. The whole name Baths idea I can totally relate except it’d be Showers, lol.

Download Low End Theory Podcast 17
Subscribe to the Low End Theory Podcast

Low End Theory Podcast 17 Tracklist:
Daddy Kev (mix)
00:00 Take “Horizontal Figuration [Tokimonsta Remix]” (Alpha Pup)
01:57 Lazer Sword “Web Swag” (unreleased)
03:42 EPROM “Psycho” (unreleased)
05:04 Blackpocket “Ur A Sta [DBridge Remix Instrumental]” (Fat City)
05:50 JBSL “The Flu [Dorian Concept Remix]” (Affine)
06:28 Onra “The One [Another Waajeed Remix]” (All City)
08:01 Dibiase “Neighborhood Watch” (Alpha Pup)
09:08 Fulgeance “London Falling” (Alpha Pup)
11:15 Robot Koch “Water and Solutions” (Mooncircle)
13:20 Electric Wire Hustle “Longtime [Instrumental]” (BBE)
14:59 Quincy Jones “Seldom Seen Sam” (Atlantic)
15:31 Teebs “Arthur’s Birds” (Brainfeeder)
18:20 Shadow Attack “They Gunna Get Me” (unreleased)
21:51 Oneohtrix Point Never “Nil Admirari” (Editions Mego)
22:38 Robot Koch “Devil Drums [Alex B Remix]” (FoF Music)
24:20 Virtual Boy “Mass” (Alpha Pup)

Baths (mix)
30:24 Baths “You’re My Excuse to Travel [Baths Redux]” (Anticon/unreleased)
32:23 Baths “Damnation” (unreleased)
34:46 Fol Chen “In Ruins [Baths Remix]” (Asthmatic Kitty)
36:10 Baths “Untitled” (unreleased)
37:47 Baths “Plea” (Anticon)
39:44 Baths “Plea / ♥ [Baths Redux]” (Anticon/unreleased)
41:30 Baths “Lovely Bloodflow” (Anticon)
44:02 Baths “Hall [Baths Redux]” (Anticon/unreleased)

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Eskmo | Cloudlight / Come Back EP

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Eskmo released mini EP out today! The EP includes the already hit Cloudlight. Eskmo has recently signed with Ninja Tune and is making a huge mark in the music community. He’s established his own label and has had releases on Warp, Planet Mu, and many others. His full length is due out on Ninja Tune in October 2010. This release features Come Back as well and a special remix from Lorn. The combination of Lorn and Eskmo is perfect. Eskmo chose wisely when he had Lorn do a remix. Lorn’s most recent album Nothing Else has been on rotation for me ever since I gave it a listen.

Be sure to check out Eskmo while he’s on tour. Good friend Sugarpill recently played with him and said wondrous things about his live set. He is on a few dates with the Bassnectar tour. I’ll be catching him at the Orlando show. I can’t wait to see Eskmo live.

1. ESKMO : Cloudlight
2. ESKMO : Come Back
3. ESKMO : Come Back (Lorn Remix)
4. ESKMO : Cloudlight (Instrumental)

Buy the release: Eskmo – Cloudlight / Come Back EP

Check out the stunning video for Cloudlight. It’s amazing what they’ve done to capture all the emotion and passion of this song visually. I absolutely adore this video and give a bow to the director of this short film which is what it feels like.

“Cloudlight, Floating and magically colorful pieces of sky.
Pieces of skylight.”

“Come back, I’m floating, Up to the Self.
Inside this. Without this. Self.”

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Lazer Sword | Self Titled Debut Album 11/2/2010

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Lando Kal (Antaeus Roy) and Low Limit (Bryant Rutledge) are Lazer Sword! We’ve heard so much about their new upcoming album and here’s more. The album is a self titled release and due out November 2nd, 2010. The first single off the album is Batman and currently being distributed freely! Batman will be pressed to vinyl with a handful of remixes including one from Rustie! There’s no official release date on the Batman 12″ but should be on look out for it real soon.

If you haven’t heard of Lazer Sword you must be sleeping because they just did a big US tour together to show off some of their new material and man is it bumping. I had the pleasure of opening up for them here in Miami at the monthly dubstep event, Get Low! It was a honor to see them rock out live on their MPDs. They put on one hell of a show, no CDs there. Both of them work extremely well together and the sets flow seamlessly. There’s a special art when playing with someone else. They are pushing the bar and experimenting with many sounds blended together to make their own unique sound. I’m looking forward to rocking out crowds with their new material and spread the music to you all very soon! Big ups to you both and keep pushing the music out! It was a real honor to have played along side them.

1. Batman
2. Batman (Lando Kal Remix)
3. Batman (Nguzunguzu Remix)
4. I’m Gone (Low Limit Remix)
5. I’m Gone (Rustie Remix)
6. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk

Download FREE version of new single off Debut album, Lazer Sword – BATMAN

2. Agrokrag
3. Surf News
4. I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk
5. Batman
6. Topflights ft. M Sayyid
7. 4Loko
8. Machine ft. Zackey Force Funk
9. Web Swag
10. Skybox
11. Def Work
12. FUBU
13. Owl Tats
14. Cosmic Ride ft. Myka Nyne
15. Beast’s Reprise

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Nit Grit | Burning Man ’10 Promo Mix

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Nit Grit is one of the biggest Cinderella stories of Dubstep. Danny has become easily one of the fastest rising stars in the underground dubstep movement. His styles are so diverse and comes from producing many different types of beats from drum n bass, IDM, glitch, and now dubstep. I’ll never forget when I found his soundcloud and it was quite bare of comments. I saw time go by and people flocking to comment on his new tracks. At the time he would release all his new tracks for free and they’d fly in days. Now it’s very different. Nit Grit blew up and signed to a label and has many upcoming releases. He story is a special one to anyone who is trying to make it to the top. I’m glad to see talent recognized.

It’s unfortunate that I was too late to book him for a Miami gig. I had date set and even saw he had posted the date on his Facebook. I was beyond hyped to hear he had finally put together a live set together since he never had DJed. Everyone told me he was excited to play and visit Miami. I had given the terms to the other talent I had booked and even sent an e-mail to him but got an e-mail back from his representative instead of directly from him and that’s when I knew… No go. It was ashamed I had waited to long but when I look to book an artist I’m looking for direct contact once that is lost I move along. No disrespect in any way it’s just that I do this for me and more for a personal friendship instead of as a business. Now that I’ll be relocating maybe I’ll get the chance to see him play. It doesn’t shock me to hear he rocks the crowd. Be sure to check him out when he comes to a city near you!

Track List:
The Awakening
Synthetic Heaven
Grit Shifter
Love songs

Pick up his new release, The Awakening EP.

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The Glitch Mob | MartyParty | Drink the Sea Tour

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I’ve never done an event review and always said I most likely would never write one but this time I’ll make an exception. I had been planning on writing a review of The Glitch Mob’s latest album and their new live setup but never got around to it because I felt it would cause up only more of a stir. The reason why I always said I wouldn’t write a review of anything is because I’m one of the most critical humans I’ve come across. While this may seem like a great thing it can actually get me in a lot of trouble especially on a blog that has a decent following.

I’ve seen The Glitch Mob three times with two of those events being a few hours apart from each other (Lolla & Smart Bar in Chicago). This was after Kraddy departed and the boys were using the Lemur as their main setup. The occasionally used a drum pad with drum sticks but usually only to close their set. The sets at this time were very similar to their infamous Crush Mode mix. They were high energy and in complete slay mode the entire show. I’ll never forget seeing them rock out like that!

The third time I saw them was when I flew all the way to California for Lightning in a Bottle 2010. Their album Drink the Sea had recently come out and they were tweeting and announcing they had an entirely new setup. Many people had harsh feelings and were skeptical of all this because I feel that many thought that the Drink the Sea album was quite radical from their earlier works. I personally felt that the album was extremely well put together but yes lacking on slay juice. Drink the Sea is an album I cherish tremendously and play it on vinyl on certain nights where I have a smoke and just sit back and enjoy the music in quite environment.

This is the reason I felt a bit offish about their new set when I heard them at Lightning in a Bottle. However I had been warned that they played an extremely laid back set at Coachella and had truly changed their live show dynamics. I personally didn’t mind their set at Lightning in a Bottle but I felt like I was ready for what they were doing and had been given the heads up. I just felt like it was a whole new experience where they skidded away from the slay stuff. Let me not paint a picture that it was all new chill material because it wasn’t. They played some of the old favorite and created a mix of both new and old. The problem I had was that it was a bit too extreme when going to chill laid back beats to the heavy high energy bass.  I appreciated what was going on but couldn’t help but thing man what are they thinking?! How can you not notice that you use to have crowd going wild the whole set and now just sit back and watch crowd barely bounce on some of these tunes. I feel like theirs a time and place for those tunes and big environments like that are extremely risky. They pulled it off and feel like they impressed many yet of course disappointed others who might of heard how they were before.

One thing that is worth mentioned about the LIB set was how they incorporated so much more into the live set compared to when I saw them in Chicago. They had edIT rocking his SG guitar, Ooah having two synth keyboards, and Boreta with some more drum pads. They incorporated more instruments without using the Lemur as much as they are known too.  They almost felt like a live band but yet didn’t. I have to tip my hat off though because that must take tons of practice and tons of extra work to re-work their whole set to include additional gear on top of their lemurs.

This past Monday I saw The Glitch Mob for the fourth time. I had no idea what to expect. Their new Mixtape had just come out which added a bit more to the Drink the Sea album. It flowed more like a mash up album and totally added more energy to the overall feel of the new tracks. It seemed as if the mixtape could of stand more on its own as an album as well compared to just a mix. After hearing the mixtape and posting it on the blog I wrote how who know what they will do with this. I even suggested that they could even be working these versions of the songs into their live set. They opened up with epic lightning system that they seem to be traveling with. Their setup seemed to be stripped down a bit and they all have an electric drum kit. Drums is definitely a new concentration in this new over-haul again. At the LIB show I felt like they were doing a little less but presenting in a way they were doing more since they using instruments people are familiar with. This time they clearly are going back to the Lemur. edIT is on the top of his games running complex patterns on the Lemur. Boreta is running most of the synth lines and hold down a good amount of affects on board. Ooah is just keeping a clean layer over edIT and doing some fresh work in all aspects of their sound. The three of them are live the whole time and it’s amazing to see it all over again. Every drum pattern, synth line, and sample is being controlled by them. It brought a huge smile to my face when I realized that they really were re-working the new tracks with the mash up version. It’s as if they had completely revamped things to bring more energy using the vocals of familiar hip hop/crunk vocals. One of the highlights of the night which gave me goosebumps was hearing the La Roux mash up from the Mixtape.

Overall their performance was flawless. My only concern was the lack of power on the speaker system. The sound was extremely low. There was someone who literally told me at the start of the set how low it sounds in the back of the venue. I said really?! He replied with I’m using my regular voice and you understand what I’m saying (we were in the front area of the pit). I feel like there could of been a lot more energy put out if the sound was bumping. Another thing I felt like was a bit weak was the crowd. Granted it was a Monday night but I felt a bit ashamed for S.FL. The crowd seemed like they had never heard these tracks before. Honestly I felt like most people weren’t moving or dancing as much because the beats were different style than what they were use too. It’s me over thinking everything probably but felt like if we took photos of every event on the tour and compared them to the S.FL show it’d be a whole different picture. I’m glad that they did make a stop in FL and that I was here to see it.

I want to say thank you to edIT, Boreta, and Ooah for putting on such a show. It takes a lot of work and energy to do a live show like that. I appreciated it beyond belief. I’m totally loving what they are doing now and hands down much respect for evolving so much.

I didn’t get into MartyParty’s set but let me tell you this guy doesn’t disappoint. It was amazing to see him bouncing around and jamming out. He was straight killing it. My only complaint is that his setup was at an angle and not facing the crowd. This might of been the case because The Glitch Mob’s gear was all setup behind him. Hearing some of his unreleased stuff on a big system was fantastic to relive. His set at Lightning in a Bottle had a lot going for it compared to the FTL show but he still rocked out. There’s a ton of new stuff he’s playing out and can’t wait to hear on the new EP due out soon. MartyParty continues to be one of the performers that I look too as a role model. I’ll even admit that half of the tracks he played were tunes that I played at Get Low w/ Lazer Sword. His track selection to me was absolutely perfect. He even dropped the Roxanne remix he did with Love & Light and the Beatles remix by L&L as well. I’m not going to lie I was disappointed when he dropped a Borgore tune but ohh well people eat that stuff up.

Thank you good sir Marty! Thank you for tweeting my post about you as well.
Much love out to you guys! It was great meeting you guys and seeing you in my home state.
Best of luck on the rest of your tour!

Also a big thank you to Def Owl and Chad for everything. It’s risky business to bring acts like these into the South Florida market. Thank you!

-Afro Monk

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